Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/28/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/28/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope lay in bed as Hope reads the book of poems that Bo gave her for Christmas and comments on how romantic it is. Bo pretends to fall asleep and then jokes with Hope about it. Bo and Hope talk about the book and then kiss in bed.

Brady and Madison play a video game together at Madison's room. Madison wins the game which surprises Brady since she had never played before. They joke around about it and then kiss. They lay in bed together and decide to make love before work.

Rafe and Carrie go to John and Marlena's. John goes to take a shower and says they will liquidate his assets when he gets out. Carrie asks if they should tell John that Stefano was involved in getting him free. Marlena says no because she doesn't know how he will react.

Kate goes to Sami's and asks her if she is going to come to work for her or not.

Bo and Hope finish making love and lay in bed together again. They talk about spending the day together. Hope comments on Ciara being out with her new bike. Hope kisses Bo and then tells him that she's starving so Bo gets up to go make food while Hope remains in bed and goes back to her book of poetry. She pulls the key that they found in the memorial plaque out of the book and looks at it.

John talks with Carrie about liquidating his assets. Rafe suggests John try and wait since they can try to find out who set him up before he gives up his company. John says he can't ask the people to wait since he owes them for trusting him. Rafe reminds him that it's going to wipe him out. John thinks they can rebuild and they knew the necessary sacrifices. Marlena tells John that they have everything they need.

Bo returns to Hope in bed with food and comments on knowing that she will be distracted by the key. They talk about what the key could mean. Hope feels that Alice wanted them to find the key. Hope wonders why Alice kept all these secrets and thinks everything they have found is leading up to something big so she won't let it go. Bo tells her that he called the man who made the memorial plaque and he promised to make a new one. Hope then kisses Bo.

Kate tells Sami that she's offering her an incredible career opportunity. Sami still thinks something is up. Kate insists that there is no secret agenda. Sami says she won't settle until Kate tells her why she wants to work with her after all their history. Kate says she is selfish and wants the best. Kate brings up Sami's work for Mad World. Sami worries that she's bargaining with the devil. Kate gives Sami her word. Sami asks Kate why she's doing this when she hates her. Kate admits she did not take kindly to Sami hurting her sons. Sami understands and says she wouldn't have forgiven herself either. Kate reminds Sami that she's helped her before and put her relationship with Stefano at risk to do it. Sami questions why she did. Kate points out that Sami is the mother of her grandchildren so they are family whether they like it or not. Kate tells Sami that she sees herself in Sami. Kate thinks they are more alike then they might want to admit. Kate tells Sami to either embrace it or ignore it.

Brady and Madison lay together in bed. Madison points out that they are late for work. They agree that it was worth it and don't care about being late. They kiss some more and Madison thanks Brady for reminding her that there is more to life than work.

Kate tells Sami that this is her last pitch to her. Kate admits that Sami is good and could even be great as a businesswoman. Kate states that hiring her is the last thing she would want to do. Sami tells Kate to just take back her offer and pretend it never happened. Sami thinks they couldn't work together since they can't stand each other. Kate tells her she's right and doesn't think she could ever like Sami but she does respect her. Kate thinks she would respect her even more if she worked for her. Sami still doesn't believe her. Kate reminds her that she would double her salary. Kate says she will guarantee it in Sami's contract and she can add incentives for doing more. Kate tells Sami she will have freedom at her job. Sami comments on Madison being a control freak. Kate says she's not one at work and that's why she pays her employees so well. Sami brings up that Rafe isn't working so she really needs the money. Kate asks if they have a deal. Sami shakes her hand and accepts her offer. Kate asks her how soon she can give notice to Madison. Kate offers to baby-sit so Sami can go tell Madison that she quits. Sami hopes she doesn't regret this and Kate says the same.

Mr. Brown, the man that made the Horton memorial plaque, meets with Bo and Hope. He tells them that he couldn't believe the plaque broke but already has a new one being made. He informs them that the replacement cost was in the purchase agreement which surprises Bo and Hope. Hope asks Mr. Brown about the hidden key and if he has any idea how it got there. He admits that he put it there and is glad it didn't get lost. He says he was told to put the key in there. Hope asks if it was Alice that told him to put it in.

Madison and Brady go to the office where Sami is. They greet Sami but can tell something is wrong. Sami tells Madison that she needs to talk to her. Madison thinks she's referring to the sales numbers but Sami says she hasn't looked at them and things have changed. Sami then informs Madison that she quits.

Carrie continues to tell John about liquidating the assets. John brings up how he assumes Stefano set him up. Rafe assures John that he won't stop trying to help him. John praises Rafe for proving him innocent and wonders who would ever have thought to look at the internet outage. Rafe, Carrie, and Marlena look at one another so John notices that they look uncomfortable and wants to know what's going on. Marlena decides she should tell John about it alone. Rafe asks if she's sure and Carrie adds that they are here to help but Marlena assures that it's okay. Rafe says they will talk later and Carrie apologizes to John as they then exit. John asks Marlena what Carrie is sorry about. Marlena tells John that he was right to praise Rafe and Carrie for their hard work but they had some help.

Mr. Brown tells Bo and Hope that it was not Alice that told him to put the key in the plaque but her attorney and it came from very specific instructions. He says he was never supposed to talk about the key but Hope wonders what the key is for. Mr. Brown says he never knew what it was for and exits as they thank him for his help. Bo comforts Hope as Hope says she is not okay since Alice was the most upfront person she ever knew but now has all these secrets. Hope wonders what Alice could have been hiding.

Madison questions Sami quitting. Sami says she appreciates all she has done for her but wrote up a formal resignation letter. Brady questions Sami quitting. Madison offers to give her time off if she needs it but Sami says she doesn't need it. Sami tells her that it wasn't easy for her. Madison gets upset as Brady tries to calm her down. Madison tells Sami that she was supposed to be the head of a new campaign and now she's just going to walk away. Sami tells her that she will give her two week notice and help her get set up. Madison asks Sami where she's going since this was supposedly her dream job. Sami then tells Madison and Brady that she found a better job and will be working at Countess Wilhelmina. Madison and Brady can't believe it as Brady asks if she's really going to work for Kate. Sami responds that she is.

Kate remains at Sami's and spends time with Johnny. Johnny says he misses EJ and Stefano. Kate tells him that she will be sure to tell them and then gets a call from Stefano. Kate tells Stefano that she's babysitting Johnny while Sami is giving Madison her notice right now. Kate tells Stefano that everything is going exactly as they planned.

Marlena reminds John that his innocence was never in doubt in her mind and the nightmare they went through never should have happened. John asks what she's trying to say. Marlena says she couldn't face life without him and couldn't give up. John asks her what is going on. Marlena explains that Bo and Hope found an IOU note to Alice so Hope thought she could use it to free him and it worked. John questions what kind of card it was. Marlena claims it was just someone powerful but John continues to ask so she admits that it was Stefano.

Bo and Hope walk through the town square talking about how Alice keeping secrets doesn't make sense. Bo points out that she has in fact kept secrets. Hope continues to think Alice is guiding them but wonders why she didn't tell them before. Hope worries that Alice would be mad at her for going after the secrets. Bo reminds her of what Stefano said that some secrets are never meant to be uncovered.

Sami and Brady argue about Sami working for Kate. Madison joins in after Sami mentions that Kate is doubling her salary. Madison points out that she gave Sami her career and never thought she'd jump to the competition for money. Brady accuses Sami of stabbing Madison in the back. Sami says she's sorry but Madison tells her to just go and doesn't even want her two week notice. Madison refuses to give Sami anything else. Madison states that she should've fired Sami when she had the chance. Madison tells Sami to just leave and not take anything with her. Sami claims that she appreciated the opportunity. Madison tells her she has five minutes to get out or she's calling security and then storms out of the office. Brady questions how Sami could do this to Madison.

Rafe gets coffee for himself and Carrie then congratulates Carrie on starting her own firm in Salem. Rafe talks about being glad that she's staying in town. Carrie says she and Austin made the right decision and she was so glad they got John out before the holidays. Rafe tells Carrie not to worry because it's good that Marlena is telling John the truth. Carrie thinks they should've stayed to explain their choice. Rafe thinks Marlena will be able to explain it but Carrie feels that John won't be able to accept that the man he hates more than anyone helped set him free.

Marlena tells John that she knows it's a huge blow but it was against John spending his life in prison. Marlena says she knew John would have made the same choice if it was her in prison. John begins to pace back and forth. Marlena explains that Stefano just gave them a little clue and that was it. John says it's Stefano that is the reason why he is here and it doesn't make a difference if it was directly or not. John questions how Marlena could do this without telling him. Marlena says she knew he would say no and she wanted him home. John shouts that he's home and now he's tainted. John brings up that Stefano never does anything without a price and doesn't think anything good will come of this. John wonders how long he'll be free if Stefano comes looking for payback. Marlena tells him that Stefano can't do anything to him now. John states that it's just a matter of time until Stefano ruins their lives for good. John tells Marlena that she should've known that better than anybody. John questions how Marlena could do this to them.

Carrie gets an e-mail on her phone about some potential office space for her firm. Rafe offers to go with her. Carrie asks if he has the time and Rafe jokes with her that it's all he has. Carrie asks if Rafe has been thinking about other job options. Rafe tells her that he enjoyed working with her on John's case so he's thinking about starting his own PI firm. Rafe likes the idea of not having to answer to anyone else but knows it will be hard to get clients. Carrie asks if Rafe thinks he could answer to her. Carrie suggests they could be partners. Rafe is surprised by her offer. Carrie says she's been thinking about it a lot as she needs a good in-house investigator and knows he's the best. Rafe tells her he would definitely consider it but has to talk to Sami about it first so she doesn't think he's making a big life change without her. Rafe talks about them going through stress lately but now everything can get back to normal. Rafe states that this is good and will only get better.

Brady questions how Sami could do this without talking to him. Sami claims to be looking out for his family and that it's business not personal. Sami thinks Madison would've done the same thing but Brady says she wouldn't have since she has loyalty and integrity. Brady says Madison is the woman that Sami should want to be. Brady calls Sami a disappointment. Brady accuses Sami of lying to him and says she only looks out for herself. Brady orders Sami to get out so she exits.

Kate sits with Johnny as he wonders when Sami will be home. Kate says it'll be soon as Sami won't take much longer at all.

Hope tells Bo that they have to find out what the key opens. Bo says it's not a house or apartment key but looks like a safe deposit box key and Hope thinks it could be to a locked desk drawer.

Marlena and John continue to argue about Stefano's involvement. Marlena reminds John that he's free now but John thinks he will be in debt to Stefano for the rest of his life. Marlena points out that it was Stefano's debt to Alice. Marlena says she would've dealt with the devil to get him out of prison so John responds that it's exactly what she did.

Bo tries to call Alice's attorney but she's out of town for the holidays. Hope can't stand not having the answers. Bo says they know why she was involved with Stefano by saving EJ's life. Hope brings up how many times Alice could have used the IOU with Stefano but didn't. Bo thinks it's good because they got to help John. Hope and Bo talk about it being a challenge and how they will work on it together. They agree that Alice would love that they are working together. Hope says they will be together wherever this leads and hugs him.

Madison returns to Brady at the office. Brady tells her that Sami is gone and he's sorry about it. Madison tells him that it's not his fault since she hired Sami. Brady is upset about what it's done to Madison and hugs her.

Sami returns home and Kate wants to get started working right away.

Rafe tells Carrie that Sami won't have a problem with them working together especially since John is out of the equation. Carrie hopes so. Rafe assures her that it's great and they toast to the future.

Marlena tells John that she knows he understands why she did what she did and why he's upset. John doesn't want to talk about it anymore. John decides that he's going to deal with the mess and puts his jacket on. John stops Marlena and tells her that she's done enough. John then storms out of the house.

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