Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/27/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/27/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel practices karate with Quinn at the health spa. Brady arrives and joins Daniel. Daniel tells Brady that he's just working off some stress. Melanie and Maggie then arrive and watch Daniel practice. Brady greets them as Melanie comments on Quinn as an instructor. Melanie tells Daniel that she saw the surgery schedule and wants to know why Daniel is not on it. Daniel looks over at Maggie so Melanie wonders if Maggie knows and wants to know what's going on.

John and Marlena awake in bed together and kiss. John talks about being home and being free. John says he has his good name and reputation back and now people know he didn't defraud his investors. John thanks Marlena for never giving up on him and they kiss some more.

Stefano comes into the living room at home and talks with EJ about John being freed. EJ points out that they are calling John's release a Christmas miracle. EJ wants to know how it happened. EJ says he was so careful to not leave tracks and wonders how someone found the information to clear John. Stefano shrugs it off and suggests EJ must have went wrong somewhere.

Jack and Jennifer clean up wrapping paper from Christmas at home. They joke together and Jack talks about the good things of Christmas including being home with his family. Jennifer agrees that it was an amazing Christmas. They talk about wishing JJ could have been with them. Jennifer looks at their family Christmas ornaments and Jack states that they will always be family unless Jennifer doesn't feel the same way.

John and Marlena lay together in bed and John recalls thinking he'd never have this again while in jail. John says he had faith that it would all be okay. John states that he still doesn't know how exactly it happened. Marlena explains that Rafe and Carrie realized the photo had been altered so they questioned the timing. John calls it humbling to know that so many people helped him. John wonders if his release ruined Christmas for EJ and Stefano as they laugh together.

EJ questions Stefano thinking he went wrong somewhere. EJ reminds Stefano that he called his plan brilliant. Stefano says he's been proven wrong. EJ doesn't understand how they came up with the evidence to clear John. Stefano suggests EJ ask them. EJ says he will find out where he went wrong and will not rest until he does.

Jennifer tells Jack that she does feel the same way and they will always be family. They talk about being blessed to be back in each other's lives. Jennifer states that she knows that they aren't where Jack wants and she can't promise him anything. Jack assures her that he's not pushing and just worries that he will mess things up again. Jennifer tells him that they are fine. Jack then surprises Jennifer with another present.

Daniel tells Melanie that he's just taking a break from surgical rotation. Melanie is upset that everyone knew but her and starts to worry that Daniel has MG. Daniel tells her that his test was negative but he doesn't know what's happening. Daniel assures Melanie that he's waiting on test results and has Lexie doing everything she can. Daniel says he can't do surgery until he finds out what it is. Melanie wants to know why Daniel didn't tell her. Daniel tells her that he didn't want her to worry and wanted to protect her. Melanie tells him to stop because she wants to know if anything is wrong with him. Melanie worries about it being something bad so Daniel tells her that they will get through it together as a family.

Stefano tells EJ that John's defense must have been as meticulous as he was. EJ states that he could not have known that the French government shut the internet off. Stefano suggests that's where EJ went wrong as they took full advantage of an opening. EJ thinks it couldn't have been anyone on John's legal team. EJ states that someone else must have pointed them in the right direction. Stefano asks EJ what he's going to do if he finds out who it was. EJ informs Stefano that he will take care of it personally and they know what that means.

Jack's present to Jennifer is tickets to Hawaii for them and the kids. Jack informs her that he already got rooms for all of them. Jack says he's not pushing her. Jennifer calls it a wonderful thought but reminds him that she's working on Abe's campaign and Jack will be starting work at Salem U. Jack says he already looked into all of that and found a time that is good for all of their schedules. Jennifer looks at the tickets and says Jack did. Jack knows it's in the future but promises Jennifer that he's not going anywhere. Jack says he hasn't made family time in the past so now he's trying to make up for it. Jennifer calls it thoughtful. Jack asks if Jennifer is saying yes to the family vacation. Jennifer says yes so Jack hugs her while Jennifer looks uncertain.

Melanie tells Daniel that he will be fine. Daniel suggests that it could just be stress. Daniel says they will deal with it after they find out. Daniel promises to let her know as soon as he knows. Maggie and Brady rejoin them. Maggie wants to sign up for something and praises the spa. Brady mentions that Quinn had to make a call so Melanie says she will see him later. Maggie hugs Daniel goodbye and then exits with Melanie. Brady offers to train with Daniel but he declines. Brady asks if he wants to talk about what's bugging him. Daniel says no but then agrees to. Daniel asks Brady what he would do if he suddenly couldn't do the one thing he dreamed of doing for his entire life.

Abe prepares to make a statement at the Brady Pub with reporters all around. John and Marlena arrive and join Abe and Lexie. They talk about the last time John was in the Pub. John thanks Lexie and Abe for staying by his side. John tells Abe that he couldn't have made it without his friendship. Abe tells John that no one is a better friend than him. John tells him the same and says he will never forget what he's done for them. Abe introduces the reporter to John that is covering the press conference. John hopes the DiMeras are watching and remarks that it will make their day.

Stefano tells EJ not to waste his day trying to figure out who helped John. EJ calls it unlike Stefano. Stefano suggests that EJ should try to figure out what he's going to do now that John is free. EJ insists that he can do both. Stefano thinks EJ might not be good at multi-tasking. EJ thanks Stefano for pointing that out. Stefano states that just because John is free does not mean the game is over. EJ agrees and says all it means is that the rules have changed. Stefano calls EJ a capable man and reminds him that he's a DiMera so he's confident that he has it in him to turn this back into his favor. EJ says ok and steps away as Stefano sighs.

Jennifer comments to Jack about how she always wanted to go to Hawaii and can't tell the kids. Jack wants to tell them but Jennifer wants to wait and finish putting the Christmas ornaments up. They agree to keep the tree up as Jack exits the room and Jennifer looks back at the Hawaii tickets. Jennifer then picks up the Christmas ornament with Daniel's name on it before putting it back in the box while looking sad.

Daniel talks to Brady about how he wanted to be a surgeon since he was five years old. Brady encourages him to stay positive. They talk about Daniel having other options. Quinn rejoins them and tells Daniel that he can change his life.

Melanie and Maggie return to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie explains how she found out about Daniel's condition by accident. Melanie is still mad that Daniel didn't tell her. Melanie says she can't be there for Daniel if she doesn't know what's going on. Maggie says she worries about him too but he has both of them so they have to believe it will be okay. Melanie thinks none of the possibilities are good. Maggie says they will deal with it as a family because love always wins in the end and then hugs Melanie.

EJ tells Stefano that he's right and he can take anything thrown at him and turn it around. Stefano tells him to take action because his window of opportunity is getting smaller. Stefano turns on the TV so EJ can watch John's first statement with Abe at the Pub. Stefano then turns it off and tells EJ that voters are going to flock back to Abe after hearing from John so it's going to take all of EJ's cunning to get the voters back. Stefano tells EJ to think fast because the clock is ticking.

Maggie sits with Melanie and has tea. Melanie says it feels right to have so much fun with her Grandma. Maggie says having her and Daniel as her family has made it the best holiday she's had in a long time. Melanie asks her about her first Christmas with Victor. Maggie states that the last few holidays have been hard but she can honestly say Santa brought her everything she could wish for and more. Melanie tells her that she deserves to be happy and in love. Maggie then asks Melanie about her and Chad but Melanie tells her there is nothing.

Quinn, Daniel, and Brady stretch at the spa. Quinn compares changing his life to Daniel having to change his. Daniel points out that it was Quinn's choice. Brady brings up Taylor and Quinn talks about coming back to Salem to reinvent himself. Quinn talks about now doing what he loves and made the spa to make peace with himself. Quinn leaves them as they continue to talk. Brady encourages Daniel that if anyone can change his life around it's him.

Abe thanks everyone for coming at the Pub and introduces John to make his statement. John states that he is a free man again with the charges dropped as his legal team proved without a doubt that he did not defraud anyone. The DiMeras watch on TV at home. John says he was sickened when he first heard the accusations because he considers his investors his family. John says he already planned to repay his investors before he was arrested. A reporter asks John who he thinks framed him. Abe interrupts and points out that the Salem PD are investigating it. John continues talking and Marlena intervenes to say she knows they are watching and when they attacked John, they attacked her too. Marlena says they have spent all this time hurting her family and friends and will spend the rest of her life making sure that the person that hurt John and robbed people end up paying for it.

Jack and Jennifer continue taking down the Christmas decorations together. Jennifer ends up under the mistletoe so Jack points out that it's a tradition and doesn't want to risk bad luck. Jack tries to reach over from the stepladder to kiss her but he falls over and through the Christmas tree.

Brady asks Daniel if he's told Jennifer about his condition. Daniel doesn't want Jennifer to feel sorry for him. Daniel says he knows giving up on her wasn't easy but he made up his mind. Brady calls Daniel an ass for letting Jennifer go and thinks she's a fool for taking Jack back.

Maggie continues asking Melanie about Chad. Melanie says she was going to tell him how she felt but ended up saying she didn't mean it because of Abigail. Melanie thinks she'd be a bad best friend but Maggie wonders if Chad has feelings for her.

John continues his speech, talking about having control of his assets again. John says that until the investigators locate the billions stolen, he will liquidate all of his assets to pay back every investor.

EJ and Stefano watch John's speech and comment on how now he's going to be a hero. EJ says not for long and heads out of the mansion.

Jennifer helps Jack up from his fall. Jennifer worries about Jack's head. Jack comments on how much he falls. Jennifer says he's always been a mess but makes her laugh. Jack points out the mistletoe and says they have one more chance then kisses Jennifer.

Melanie tells Maggie that Chad said the same thing about having no feelings because of Abigail. Melanie says there won't be a her and Chad. Maggie hugs her and tells her how love can get so messy. Melanie says she will get over Chad because he loves Abigail and not her.

Daniel and Brady finish up at the health spa and prepare to sign out. Brady offers to go out to eat but Daniel's phone rings with his test results.

John continues his speech as EJ arrives at the Brady Pub and congratulates him. Marlena wonders what EJ is doing there. Lexie assumes he's trying to upstage John. John thanks EJ for his congratulations. EJ says he just wanted to add that once John replenishes the money, he will be happy to drop the lawsuit. EJ says he can admit if he was wrong. EJ states that if he or his family caused him any harm then he apologizes. Stefano watches from home as EJ speaks next to John. EJ talks about how he couldn't believe it when he first heard about John. John says he was framed and set up but they will find out who was behind it and when they do, they will pay. EJ applauds John as Stefano watches with a smirk.

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