Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena and John sit at home together. Marlena calls it a Christmas miracle and talks about being so grateful to have him home. John says he still can't figure out how Rafe and Carrie pulled it off and thought to go after that evidence. Marlena says to just be happy to be home. Marlena talks about how happy Carrie is and how Sami invited them to their vow renewal. Marlena says now Sami knows John is innocent. Will arrives and says he just wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas and welcome John back. John invites him in but Will doesn't want to interrupt their celebration alone. Marlena insists and brings him in. Marlena invites Will to join them for dinner. She tells Will that Maggie sent over lots of food so Will agrees to stay and Marlena hugs him.

Rafe and Sami return home as Rafe carries her in where he has it decorated. Sami says she can't believe Rafe's day since he spent all day working and then saved John but still showed up to renew their vows and helped wrapped presents for the kids. Rafe calls himself the luckiest guy in the world to have a wife like her and kisses her.

Bo sits at Jennifer's working on putting Ciara's bicycle back together after removing the training wheels as Hope walks in and asks him how it's going. Bo claims he will get it done but Hope doesn't think he can. They talk about fixing it for Ciara's Christmas as Bo continues to insist he can fix it.

Brady and Madison lay together at Madison's. Madison gives Brady a Christmas card with a star inside to represent his mother. Brady calls it an amazing gift and kisses her. Brady wants to get Madison a star too and then they kiss again. Madison points out her present so Brady gives it to her to open.

Will sits with Marlena and John playing a word game together. Marlena thanks Will for including them in the vow renewal. Will states that it wasn't how he wanted to spend Christmas Eve and that Sami didn't care. Marlena questions that but Will doesn't want to talk about Sami. Marlena worries about Will and wonders where his anger is coming from. Will states that he's not angry but Sami is just a hypocrite. John tries to change the subject but Will brings up Sami's vows. Marlena tries to stop him and Will points out that Sami hasn't forgiven Marlena. Marlena thinks Will should give Sami a second chance but Will says that she doesn't deserve one.

Rafe and Sami sit together as Rafe talks to her about the way he decorated and they have champagne. Sami thanks him for getting into renewing their vows. Rafe says he'll do whatever to make her happy and they toast to each other then kiss.

Madison opens her present and inside is a framed photo of her and her mother when she was young. Madison wonders how he found that because she thought all her pictures were lost. Madison thanks Brady and hugs him. Madison tears up and says she never cries but can't believe Brady did this. Brady explains how he remembered Madison saying she lost all her pictures. Madison recalls searching the internet but never finding a picture of her mother and thought she'd never have one. Brady tells Madison that her mom was beautiful and he can tell she adored her. Brady talks about how much they look alike. Madison says there are people she's known forever that wouldn't do this for her but after knowing Brady for a few months, he got her what she's wanted for half of her life more than anything. Brady tells her that he just wanted to make her happy so she tells him that he makes her very happy.

Bo continues working on Ciara's bicycle. Hope suggests that he admit that he can't do it. Hope tells Bo to find another bike just like it that's already assembled. Bo worries about finding one so Hope decides to make a call to get one.

Rafe pours more champagne as Sami comes back into the room in a new dress that she bought for tonight. Rafe tells her how beautiful she is and kisses her. Sami begins to undress him but Rafe stops her and suggests they save the best for last on their wedding night. Sami agrees and kisses him again. Sami brings up thinking about their vows. They tell each other that they loved what they said. They talk about marriage being about commitment. Sami apologizes for not making being married to her easy. Rafe tells her that he loves her and being married to her is the best thing in the world then kisses her again. Sami says tonight was beautiful even though she wanted to do it at St. Luke's. They talk about how great it was to do it in front of the Horton town square. Rafe tells her not to worry after all they have been through this year and asks if Sami is worried about anything. Sami hurriedly says no and wonders why. Rafe brings up how urgent she was to renew their vows and then asks if it's about EJ.

Hope tells Bo that old man Sherman has a bike to sell them and he will put this bike back together for someone who needs it. Hope and Bo then exit together.

John finishes a phone call with his financial advisor Charlie. John tells Will and Marlena that his assets won't be frozen much longer and they are working on a plan to pay everyone back. Will thinks the police should still find out who stole the money and make them pay it back but John feels he owes them for trusting him. Marlena tells John that he's amazing. Marlena says she wants to enjoy their freedom by going out for a walk with no security or ankle monitors. They agree to have a normal life tomorrow morning and then kiss. Marlena and John talk about spending the night together and then look over at Will as he was still there.

Madison talks to Brady about her picture with her mom. Madison kisses Brady and continues talking about her mother. Madison thanks Brady for allowing her to remember her mother and then they kiss again. Madison puts the picture on her end table next to her bed to wake up next to it. Madison then gives Brady another gift which is 2 tickets to a ski resort in Switzerland. Brady excitedly tells her they will be going together. Brady then gets a message on his phone that John is out of jail and the charges are dropped.

Hope and Bo walk through the Town Square. Bo jokes with Hope about thinking old man Sherman has a thing for Hope. Hope convinces Bo that she is just persuasive. They talk about getting Stefano to help free John and continue walking.

Will and Marlena finish playing another word game. Marlena says she hates to see Will so upset but Will claims he isn't and is fine. Will says it's just a hard time with his mom right now. Marlena comments on knowing it's hard for Will at home. Will says he has no problem with Rafe or the kids. Marlena brings up Will being busy with college and that she knows Will was hoping to move out. Marlena tells Will that they have space. Will asks if she's saying she wants him to live there. Marlena tells him he can stay as long or as little as they like. Will asks if she's going to help him get away from Sami but Marlena explains that she wants to give him perspective to help him get back to Sami. Marlena says they are one of his options. Will thanks her. Marlena tells her that he can step back and get some distance then try to fix it. Will wishes that Sami was more like Marlena. They call each other amazing. Will wonders if John would be alright with him living there. Marlena reminds Will that John is all about family. Will thanks Marlena and hugs her.

Sami asks Rafe why he would think that EJ had anything to do with renewing their vows. Rafe talks about EJ trying to break them up and having to work hard to stay together. Rafe recalls what the DiMeras did by creating the Rafe clone. Rafe tells Sami not to feel guilty about that since it's not her fault. Rafe brings up that it drives him crazy to think that because of EJ, Sami slept with someone else. Rafe says he knows Sami would have never done that otherwise. Sami explains that she wanted to renew their vows to remind them that she's never going to take him for granted. Rafe tells her he knows and kisses her. Rafe says tonight's about them and that's all that matters since they are celebrating. Rafe tells her he loves her and she means the world to him. Rafe says his love is unconditional and nothing that EJ does will ever come between them. Sami starts to cry and says she's so lucky as Rafe hugs her.

Bo and Hope get the new bike for Ciara and walk through the Town Square. Hope jokes with Bo and makes him give her the bike. Bo and Hope then joke around and play together. Bo chases her but he ends up slipping and falling down, accidentally knocking down and breaking the Horton Town Square memorial plaque.

Rafe and Sami kiss on the couch and Sami begins to undress Rafe as they then make love.

Brady and Madison go to John and Marlena's to visit them. John talks about being happy to see them. Brady and Madison mention putting together food to bring to the women's shelter. Marlena brings up all the food they have so she takes Madison to pack up some food to bring there as well. Marlena talks to Madison about how good it is to be spending the holidays together. Will comes back in and greets Brady. Brady wishes him a Merry Christmas and they tell Will to help pack the food. Brady and John talk about being together for the holidays. Brady talks about how happy he is with Madison. Brady tells John about how he talked to Madison about his mom. Brady says now they can make up for lost time and they hug as Marlena and Madison walk back in with smiles.

Bo and Hope look at the broken plaque. Hope thinks they are to blame for breaking it and that it's not replaceable. Hope wonders how something so solid broke. Bo insists that what it symbolizes isn't broke. Hope worries that it's a bad omen. Bo reminds her that Alice is always sending them messages. Bo picks up the plaque and realizes something then tells Hope that she's not going to believe this.

Brady, Madison, Marlena, John, and Will all take the food and get ready to go to the women's shelter but Madison gets a phone call and stays behind. Madison says she got their gift and thanks them. Madison says things are busy now and she won't be able to get away but thanks the person. Madison wishes them a Merry Christmas then hangs up and exits with Brady.

Sami and Rafe lay together sleeping on the couch after making love. Sami wakes up and gets up while looking back at Rafe. Sami walks over to the window and looks outside then looks back at Rafe while trying not to cry as she looks up at the Christmas tree.

Will, Brady, Madison, John, and Marlena return as they forgot to get a pie. Will points out two stars in the sky through the window. Brady and Madison talk about it together and wish on it. John tells Marlena that she can make a wish on it too but Marlena says she has everything she wants and kisses him.

Bo finds a key hidden inside the Horton plaque. Hope suggests it could be a message but wonders what it could open. Hope looks up at Alice's ornament on the Christmas tree and smiles as Bo stands at her side.

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