Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/23/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/23/11

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Victor and Maggie decorate their Christmas tree at the Horton home. Victor kisses Maggie as Melanie joins them. They talk about having the turkey for dinner and discuss how they wish Daniel was joining them. Victor realizes that Daniel wouldn't want a night with the Hortons after breaking up with Jennifer. Melanie worries about Daniel spending Christmas alone.

Jack and Jennifer walk with Abigail through the town square. They talk about JJ and being happy to be together on Christmas.

Bo and Hope walk with Abe and Lexie as well as Ciara and Theo at the Town Square. They send the kids to play. Bo informs Abe that they hope to have a break in John's case. Hope brings up Abe's speech tonight. Abe then spots EJ and Nicole kissing in the distance. Lexie states that she refuses to allow EJ to ruin Abe's speech.

Marlena sits at home looking at old photos and has a flashback to an old Christmas with John. Will then arrives and greets her with a hug wishing her a Merry Christmas Eve. Marlena wonders what he's doing there instead of at Sami and Rafe's vow renewal. Will informs her that he came to get her to go with him. Marlena reminds him that she wasn't invited and doesn't want to crash the party. Will invites her and tells her how much he wants her to be there since he doesn't care what Sami thinks.

Austin goes to Sami's as Sami is freaking out about having so much to do to get ready. Austin says he's there to help her. Austin reminds her that tonight is supposed to be happy. Sami shouts that she is happy but wants it all to be perfect and hopes no one is late. Austin tells her that Rafe and Carrie may have a break in John's case. Sami worries that John is going to ruin everything like he always does.

Carrie and Rafe inform the judge of what they have found with the internet being shut down at the time the records show that John made these transactions. The judge asks Carrie what she suggests and she says she wants the guilty plea overturned with all charges dropped since John deserves to be set free tonight.

Lexie confronts EJ and Nicole at the town square. She tells EJ that she's not going to let him upstage EJ again. EJ reminds her that it's Christmas and asks Lexie if she wants to bring Abe and Theo to the house later to celebrate Christmas. Lexie laughs it of. EJ points out that it's Christmas so Theo could come get his presents. Lexie tells EJ that he wouldn't have entered the race if he cared about being a family then walks away.

Marlena sits with Will and tells him that she's touched that he wants to include her but she doesn't want to ruin Sami's special time. Will insists that she's not ruining since he and the kids want her there. Will thinks Marlena should be with her family on Christmas eve. Will tells Marlena that if she's not going to go then he won't go either. Marlena jokes with him about being stubborn like his mother but Will says he's nothing like Sami.

The judge asks Carrie why John would plea guilty if he was innocent. Carrie explains that he was trying to protect his family. The judge says he will let them know as soon as there is a decision.

Abe talks to all the kids at the Town Square and introduces Santa Claus. All the families gather and watch as Santa tells a story to the kids.

Will and Marlena arrive at the Town Square together. Will thanks her for coming. Marlena asks if they will see Gabi tonight. Will says no since she's spending the holidays with her mom. Marlena asks how he is doing. Will claims that he's great and over it. Marlena reminds him that she's a psychiatrist and asks him again.

Melanie and Abigail walk together in the town square. Melanie asks where Chad is. Abigail tells her that Chad and Sonny are working at the soup kitchen for the holidays. Melanie asks Abigail what she got Chad for Christmas. Abigail says she got him the video game that Melanie suggested. Melanie comments that she's sure he will love it.

Will admits to Marlena that she was right. Will says he thought he and Gabi could make it work but he thinks he just loved the idea of them more than he loved her. Marlena praises his insight. Will says he had a lot of time to just think lately. Will tells Marlena that he's been having these feelings for awhile now and he can't get rid of them no matter how much he tries. Marlena asks what type of feelings he means. Will decides now is not a great time and wants to go find the rest of the family so Marlena agrees and they walk on. EJ then walks by the area that they were talking at.

Johnny and Allie run up to Marlena and Will, excited to greet Marlena. Sami walks up and questions what Marlena is doing there. Will says she is his plus one. Sami tells Will that he should have asked her. Austin takes the kids away so that they can talk. Sami says she didn't want to have to say this since it's a special night for her and Rafe and didn't want anyone to ruin it. Sami tells Marlena that she didn't ask her to come because she doesn't want her there and wants her to leave. Will asks Sami what is wrong with her since Marlena is her mother. Sami tells him not to speak to her that way. Marlena tells her not to take it out on Will. Sami says she's upset at Marlena and can't even look at her. Marlena wishes her luck in her event and tells her she looks stunning. Sami starts to just storm off but Will stops her. Will reminds Sami that she said she wanted to do this in front of her family. Will tells Marlena that if she's leaving, he's leaving. They start to leave but Sami stops them and says she didn't realize how important it was to Will so it's okay for Marlena to stay. Sami asks her to please not make her regret it and Marlena says she never would. Sami then walks away.

Austin sits with Sydney, Allie, and Johnny as Abigail comes up. Austin tells the kids how Abigail is a very good friend of his. Abigail wonders where Carrie is so Austin informs her that she's working. Sami comes up and thanks Austin for helping her. Sami takes Sydney and Johnny while Allie stays with Austin and Abigail. Austin goes to get Abigail a cup of hot cocoa to join him.

Rafe and Carrie wait on the judge. Rafe worries about how long it's taking and he has to get to Sami. Carrie says he can go and she can wait but Rafe doesn't want to go before they get the news. They talk about wanting to free John. Rafe reminds Carrie that they can keep it between them that Stefano was ever involved. Carrie helps Rafe put on his tie for the vow renewal. Carrie then gets a call from the judge. Carrie is surprised and says she doesn't believe it.

EJ and Nicole walk with Johnny and Sydney. Johnny asks EJ if he's coming to the vow renewal but EJ says he won't be. EJ and Nicole take the kids to give them presents. Sami tells them it's okay as she goes back to Will. Will tells Sami that she should let EJ stay at the wedding since they get around so well together lately. Will comments on Sami renewing her vows after only one year but thinks that could be a record for Sami since it's her fifth marriage. Will tells Sami that sooner or later, Rafe will figure out who Sami is like he did. Sami wants him to talk to her and tell her what's going on. Will says he will tell her and he'll tell everyone here.

Bo and Hope sit together and Bo gives her a present for her birthday. Hope opens it and inside is the book of poetry that Bo gave her on her 18th birthday. Hope thanks Bo and kisses him. Bo then surprises her with another gift for their anniversary which is a necklace. Bo puts the necklace on her and thanks her for being his wife. They say their I love you's and then kiss again.

EJ and Nicole sit together. Nicole comments on EJ not overshadowing Abe. EJ credits the Christmas season and talks about John. EJ says he has his kids and Nicole so life could never be better then he kisses Nicole.

Will tells Sami that it bothers him that Sami thinks she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants without caring about who it affects. Will says he won't let Sami do that anymore and won't let her hurt more innocent people. Sami claims to not know what he's talking about but Will insists that she knows exactly what he's talking about. Will starts to bring up what Sami did but Rafe arrives and stops them from fighting. Will tells Rafe that he was just telling Sami how she doesn't deserve him. Rafe calls Sami the best thing to ever happen to him. Rafe reminds Will that it's Christmas and they need to be a loving family but Will storms off. Sami tells Rafe that she's glad he's there since she didn't think he would make it. Rafe assures her that he wouldn't miss it for the world. Sami asks what happened at work. Will tells her that there is something he needs to talk to her about and they walk on together.

Marlena walks through the town square and spots the mistletoe which causes her to think back to John kissing her under the mistletoe. John then arrives behind her and shocks her. Marlena excitedly hugs him and kisses him. Carrie and Austin join them as Marlena wants to know how it happened. John informs her that all the charges were dropped thanks to Rafe's evidence so it's all over. Marlena calls it a Christmas miracle. John thanks Carrie for saving his life and hugs her.

EJ and Nicole walk up and wonder how John is there. Bo and Hope approach them and comment on how upset EJ looks that John is back and free.

Abe joins John and tells him how happy is he that he is free.

Austin and Carrie walk together and Austin calls her amazing for going above and beyond for John. Carrie reminds him that she had help and feels it was all worth it to see John and Marlena together. Carrie and Austin kiss as Abigail walks by and sees them.

Lexie approaches Abe and asks if it's okay if they go to Stefano's after the vow renewal. Lexie says she knows she said she was done but was thinking about Theo. Abe tells her that she doesn't have to explain since it's Christmas and they then kiss and hug.

Bo and Hope congratulate Marlena and John and wish them a Merry Christmas. John thanks Bo for helping get him free. Hope calls it amazing luck as they don't want to let John know that Stefano was involved. John says it's not quite over until he finds out who was behind it all and repays everyone. Rafe and Sami then join them so Bo and Hope leave to go check on the kids. John wishes them a Merry Christmas and Rafe says the same. Rafe invites John to their vow renewal ceremony. Sami adds in that they want them both to be there. Sami states that she's happy Rafe proved John's innocence. John calls Rafe a hell of a man. John tells Sami that she's done good. John says he never would have believed he would be standing here with his family. John tells them that they would love nothing more than to attend the ceremony.

Hope and Bo return to the Horton home and look at the tree together. Hope comments on Alice always saving the day and helping them free John. Bo calls Alice an amazing woman as they talk about how much they miss her. Bo insists that Alice is always there with them. Julie and Doug arrive as Julie brings them champagne. Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail then join them with Ciara, Maggie, and Melanie. Doug makes a Christmas toast to all their friends and family and to Alice and Tom for bringing them together by always reminding them what family and love are truly about. Bo and Hope toast and kiss as Maggie kisses Melanie.

Sami and Rafe begin their renewal of vows. Abe begins the ceremony. Rafe begins saying his vows and says how he knew she was the one for him from the first day he saw her. Rafe talks about meaning what he said about promising to cherish her. Rafe states that they are better and stronger than ever. Sami holds back tears as Rafe calls her his everything. Rafe promises to spend the rest of his life making her happy because she makes his life worth living. Sami then begins saying her vows. Sami calls Rafe her better half and says her best decision was marrying him. Sami says Rafe makes her a better wife, mother, and person. Sami promises to be that person forever and remain loyal, devoted, and honest. EJ arrives and stops to watch the ceremony. Sami promises to spend her life loving him as Will tries not to laugh at it. Sami tells Rafe how much she loves him. EJ turns and walks away. Abe continues the ceremony and asks them to remember to continue to cherish and respect each other like Tom and Alice taught them. Abe then finishes by reintroducing Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Hernandez. Rafe kisses Sami as everyone applauds.

Will watches as Sami plays with the kids. Marlena joins Will and talks to him. Marlena convinces Will to go to Sami so Will goes over and hugs Sami then quickly walks away.

John, Austin, and Carrie all congratulate Rafe and give him hugs.

Sami approaches Marlena and John. Sami welcomes John home and hugs him which surprises them as Sami then walks on. Marlena then hugs John.

EJ and Nicole return home. EJ then opens the door as Abe, Lexie, and Theo arrive.

Melanie, Victor, and Maggie open presents for Christmas.

Doug takes a family photo of Bo, Hope, Julie, and Ciara.

Jennifer, Jack, and Abigail sit together looking at an old family photo album.

John and Marlena sit together in front of the Horton town square Christmas tree and John then kisses Marlena.

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