Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel checks x-rays at his hospital office until Victor and Maggie arrive. Daniel explains that he was consulting on a case with Lexie. Maggie asks about Daniel having someone else do her friend's surgery. Daniel tells them not to worry but Victor says they are worried about him. Maggie then worries that she gave Daniel her myasthenia gravis disease.

Hope, Bo, and Rafe make calls and try to find out evidence of John not having internet access. Bo says they just need to find one instance to prove it and free John.

Austin joins Carrie at the Town Square with coffee. Carrie talks to Austin about her work and says she's going to have to meet with Hope, Bo, and Rafe again soon. They talk about both praying for a Christmas miracle. Austin spots Chad and they greet him. Chad talks about doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Chad shows Carrie the earrings that he bought for Abigail. Chad talks about losing the necklace he bought when they got kidnapped. Austin jokes with Carrie about buying a new toaster and Carrie talks about wanting to get their new house. They encourage Chad that Abigail will love the earrings. Carrie comments on an old saying that guys only buy jewelry when they are guilty. Austin says they have nothing to worry about as Chad thinks back to kissing Melanie.

Abigail joins Melanie at the Brady Pub and startles her. Abigail sits with her to talk about the other guy that she has a crush on. Abigail talks about feeling bad since Chad is such a good guy. Abigail comments that the other guy barely knows she's alive but whenever she's around him or thinks about him then her heart beats faster. Abigail calls it crazy and says she has to forget about the guy. Melanie questions whether or not she can forget. Abigail doesn't know if she can but wants to try. Abigail says she keeps thinking it's crazy in her head but her heart beats faster. Melanie suggests she listen to her heart but Abigail insists it will never work out since there are too many things in the way. Melanie offers to listen but Abigail feels she shouldn't talk about it. Abigail wonders what her crush matters if he doesn't like her back. Melanie comments that it seems like she's keeping Chad around just because he's a sure thing. Melanie apologizes and says she has just had a lot on her mind like her dad. Melanie tells her that Daniel is not doing great after breaking up with Jennifer. Abigail comments that breaking up at Christmas time sucks.

Chad tells Austin and Carrie that he does feel a little guilty about his friends being in trouble over the web site. Chad credits Austin for saving Abigail's life. Austin shrugs it off and says anyone would have done that. Carrie calls Austin a hero so Austin points out that Chad's a hero too. Chad tells Austin that he was there for Abigail so he'll do anything he can to repay him. Carrie kisses Austin and leaves to go back to work. Austin talks to Chad about his love for Carrie. Chad comments that they are both really lucky to still be in love after all these years.

Rafe, Bo, and Hope find a bunch of transactions made on the same day but they can't find a provider to back up the evidence. Rafe wonders if it isn't the right thing that Stefano led them too. Hope thinks Alice's IOU got to Stefano and believes that he was trying to give them something they could use. Bo wishes they had something to use. Rafe then states that he can't believe he didn't consider this before and now he has it.

Daniel tells Maggie that he does not have MG. Maggie is relieved and admits she had been worried. Maggie explains how Melanie told her right away after her test results and then heard Daniel canceled the surgery. Maggie talks about her friend really wanting Daniel to perform the surgery but Daniel insists that he can't. Maggie wonders why he would stop doing what he loves if he does not have MG.

Austin talks to Chad about marriage. Chad tells him about how miserable his mom and the guy he thought was his dad seemed together. Chad asks Austin how you know for sure when you found the right one. Austin tells him to look for someone who fits him since they will go through changes together but when he finds the one, he should hold on forever because it's a very rare thing. Chad comments that he knows what he means.

Abigail talks to Melanie about how she always thought they would be together with Jennifer and Daniel until Jack came back. Melanie tells her it's okay to be happy that her dad is back. Abigail tells her that she's the best friend that she always wanted but now things are weird. Melanie assures that they are good so Abigail thanks her and says she tells her everything and knows that Melanie won't tell anyone or let her down. Abigail hugs Melanie and wishes her a Merry Christmas before leaving to continue shopping.

Carrie joins Rafe, Bo, and Hope. Bo and Rafe explain what they have found now on the transactions. Rafe explains how the government cut off the internet during demonstrations being done. Rafe says he's trying to find out for sure. Rafe decides to call someone he knows at Interpol and says he could be John's best chance.

Daniel, Victor, and Maggie return home. Daniel tells them not to worry but Maggie insists on worrying about her son. Victor tells Daniel to talk to them. Maggie knows Daniel wouldn't take himself out of surgical rotation unless something was wrong. Daniel admits that he has had tremors lately and assumes it's just stress-related. Daniel informs them that he's out of rotation until he gets a proper diagnosis. Victor offers to fly in the best specialists. Daniel tells Maggie that it's definitely not MG. Maggie hopes it can be treated. Daniel states that he believes in the power of medicine. Victor gets that he's telling them to calm down so Maggie agrees to because as far as they know, there is nothing to worry about.

Carrie, Hope, Bo, and Rafe wait on Rafe's friend to call back. Bo takes Hope to the kitchen to find something to eat. Carrie praises Rafe for once again coming up with something to help John. Rafe hopes it works out. Carrie tells him how much that she appreciates how much he's putting in. Carrie comments on Rafe and Sami renewing their vows tonight so he must be busy. Rafe responds that Sami is all over that and all she thinks about anymore. Rafe states that he's happy to be renewing their vows but Sami's been more concerned with it than the kids at Christmas.

Austin talks to Kate on the phone and promises that they will bring gifts by for Christmas. Abigail arrives and sees Austin then tries to walk by but Austin hangs up and calls her over.

Melanie runs into Chad at the Brady Pub. Chad invites her to have a coffee with him but Melanie says she had a lot and has to go. Chad thinks they need to talk about what happened so Melanie agrees.

Daniel continues talking with Victor and Maggie. Daniel says he has no idea what the tremor is. Maggie comments on how much Daniel has gone through recently. Victor reminds Daniel that he can still practice medicine without doing surgery. Maggie asks about if Jennifer knows but Daniel doesn't want her to know because he hates pity. Victor asks if he's still coming for Christmas but Daniel says no since he wants to spend a nice quiet day all alone instead.

Carrie asks Rafe if he's talked to Sami about why she's so anxious to renew their vows. Rafe says she's given her reasons but he thinks something else is going on. Carrie comments on a lot changing for Sami with having a new job and new responsibilities so maybe she wants to show him that he means the world to her. Rafe says she doesn't have to prove it. Carrie suggests maybe she wants to show that her marriage and family survived Johnny's disappearance. Rafe says it's all true but the timing is off with Christmas and Will going through things right now. Rafe thinks now is not the time to make Will come to a ceremony like this and Sami would've seen that before.

Austin tells Abigail that he was going to call her to check on her since the kidnapping. Abigail assures him that she's fine. Austin says she doesn't have to say that. Austin wants her to talk to him if she's having a hard time with what happened.

Chad comments to Melanie about not seeing her much lately and when she is around, he's with Abigail. Melanie says she got a second job so they might not see each other much but Chad reminds her that she's Abigail's best friend. Melanie states that she understands their kiss only happened because they were freaked out. Chad says it happened and he doesn't know what to do about it because he doesn't want to hurt Abigail but he really doesn't want to hurt Melanie either. Melanie doesn't think they have to say anything to Abigail since what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Melanie says she knows that everything that happened doesn't mean anything.

Daniel apologizes to Maggie for not thanking her for inviting him to Christmas. Maggie and Victor assure that they understand with what Daniel has been through this year. Maggie advises Daniel to think about combating the worst case scenario. Victor says he would just pretend it's not happening. Daniel insists that he will get through this but isn't sure who he will be after he gets through it. Maggie says he will still be the same caring man he is now.

Hope and Rafe continue to wait for Rafe's friend to call back. Carrie comments on needing to go to lunch with Austin but she didn't want to leave before they found out any more. They encourage Carrie to go so she hugs everyone and exits. Rafe steps out of the room as Bo comments on Hope not eating when she's nervous. Bo thinks there's been something on her mind ever since they left Stefano's. Hope admits it was Stefano bringing up her past with John.

Austin tells Abigail that she can't just blow off what the two gamblers did and he worried about her. Abigail admits that she tries to play it down with her parents. Austin tells her that she can talk to him about it. Abigail says Austin already saved her life and doesn't have to do any more. Austin tells Abigail an old saying that when you save someone's life then you become responsible for that person. Abigail comments that she doesn't want him to be responsible. Austin tells her that he was there for her and he's there if she needs anything. Abigail smiles and thanks him, saying that it means a lot.

Melanie recalls to Chad thinking they were going to die together so they said stuff they would never say. Melanie says she won't screw up anything since she knows how much he loves Abigail. They talk about the times that they have kissed. Chad comments on kissing and Melanie responds that now that they have kissed they don't have to again while they continue to look at each other.

Austin and Abigail sit together at the Town Square. Abigail shows him how to use a discussion board on his phone where he can post assignments for his class. Abigail explains to Austin the importance of online in class. Austin thanks her. Abigail mentions Austin saving her life again. Carrie then arrives for lunch and kisses Austin. Carrie greets Abigail. Carrie and Austin talk about exchanging Christmas presents while Abigail looks upset. Austin and Carrie kiss again so Abigail decides to leave. Carrie stops her though and offers Abigail to join them for lunch. Abigail then agrees to stay.

Maggie tells Daniel not to make up his mind about Christmas dinner now since he could still come at the last minute. Daniel thanks her. Victor tells Daniel to know that Phillip will be staying in Chicago with Parker. Daniel thanks them for caring. Maggie says she'll never stop worrying. Maggie tells Daniel that he can share anything with her. Victor adds that they would do anything to help him. Daniel thanks them again as Victor asks what Melanie thinks and then realizes that Daniel hasn't told her about it.

Melanie tells Chad that they will put everything behind them. Chad says he's glad they talked and are on the same page. Melanie promises to never tell Abigail since she's been through so much. Chad then shows Melanie the earrings he got for Abigail for Christmas. Chad brings up getting her the necklace but doesn't want to talk about that night anymore. Melanie says that Abigail will love the earrings. Chad just hopes Abigail likes them and has a good Christmas. Melanie and Chad both agree that they are good now.

Bo asks Hope why she's still thinking about what Stefano said. Hope brings up last Christmas when she didn't think Bo loved her but now they are a family again. Hope says she doesn't want to be reminded about bad times. Bo tells her that they have been through too many bad times but have made it through and are stronger than ever since they are still together and that will never change. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and kisses her. Hope apologizes for bringing up what Stefano said. Bo says they will forget about Stefano and have the best Christmas ever. Rafe's phone then rings so he hurries back in the room to answer it from his Interpol friend. Rafe starts to write down the message that he gets.

Daniel wonders why he would tell Melanie. Maggie brings up that Melanie would want to know. Victor thinks he needs people to talk to about it. Daniel compares it to if Victor was in the situation. Daniel doesn't want to upset Melanie in case it's nothing since she has been through enough. Victor wonders about Melanie finding out that Daniel's not doing surgery. Daniel agrees to tell Melanie after he gets the test results but doesn't want to spoil her Christmas. Maggie mentions that Melanie is coming over for Christmas dinner so Daniel agrees to think about it. Maggie tells Daniel that she'll say prayers and continues to invite Daniel to Christmas Dinner. Victor wishes Daniel a Merry Christmas as Maggie hugs Daniel. Daniel then exits and Maggie hugs Victor.

Chad and Melanie exit the Brady Pub together. Chad asks her what she's doing for Christmas. Melanie says she will open presents with her dad and then go to Victor and Maggie's. Chad talks about spending it with Abigail. Chad says he's glad they talked so there are no misunderstandings. Melanie says they are clear that he loves Abigail and what happened between them never happened. They joke about it together as Chad then walks away. Melanie watches on looking sad and comments that it's the right thing to do.

Carrie tells Abigail about how she and Austin met at Salem U. Austin and Carrie talk about being in love so Abigail gets up and says she has to continue Christmas shopping and walks away. Abigail stops and looks back at them.

Rafe finishes his phone call saying he owes him for being sure about the dates. Rafe hangs up and informs Bo and Hope that the French government did shut down the internet due to a terrorist attack at the same time that John supposedly made the transactions. Bo and Hope rejoice with Rafe as Rafe declares that it looks like John is going to have a great Christmas after all. Bo hugs Hope and kisses her as they wish each other a Merry Christmas.

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