Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Madison makes an announcement from her office through the computer about their new men's line. Madison finishes saying she looks forward to working with everyone in making Mad World a force. Madison then asks Brady what he thought. Brady thinks the numbers on the men's line are way beyond what he expected. Madison thanks him and they agree that Brady made a great decision in buying Mad World.

Rafe calls Sami from the Brady Pub. Sami asks if he's coming home but Rafe informs her that he's working with Carrie on John's case and picking up food to bring back to Marlena's. Sami comments on Rafe paying for the food. Sami brings up how she was paying the bills and they only have $62 in their account plus they have to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. Rafe tells her not to worry. Rafe suggests canceling their vow renewal if she's concerned. Sami wants to keep it since that won't cost anything. Rafe promises to set up his job search after the holidays. Sami remarks that he'd have more time to look for a job if he wasn't working for free on John's case. Rafe reminds her that he's trying to help her family. Someone knocks on the door at Sami's but Rafe wants to continue talking. Sami tells Rafe that she's just stressed out because of the holidays and bills. Rafe assures her that everything will be fine and they say their I love yous then hang up. Sami answers the door to see Kate. Sami wonders what she wants so Kate tells her that Santa's come early and she's here to change her life.

Marlena brings Carrie more files as she continues working at Marlena's. Carrie can't believe that John wants to liquidate everything he owns to pay back the money. They both talk about knowing John is innocent. Marlena says it makes her sick to see John in jail when Stefano should be rotting there. Carrie comments on thinking they would've heard from Hope and Bo by now. Marlena doesn't think Stefano will stand by his promise to Alice. Carrie brings up that family is everything to the DiMeras. Bo and Hope then arrive as Marlena hopes for good news. Marlena asks how it went with Stefano. Marlena assumes that Stefano refused to help but Hope responds yes and no.

Brady calls Madison the total package when it comes to business as she's good at everything and is creative as well. Madison asks if he's saying all this just because they are sleeping together. Brady comments that what's between them is more than just sleeping together. They joke around about dating. Brady tells her that he's serious and calls what she's accomplished, amazing. Madison recalls being told to take risks which is the key to her success so Brady questions who the guy is that told her the advice.

Sami questions Kate. Kate says she didn't come to fight but to change her life. Sami mocks Kate. Kate thinks Sami is just holding a grudge. Kate brings up how she helped with the kids so she thought they were getting along better. Kate wants to see the kids but Sami tells her they are with Caroline. Sami tells her to get to the point and say why she's there. Kate says she's here to talk about Countess Wilhelmina. Sami brings up working for Mad World and they are direct competition. Kate responds for now which makes Sami question her. Kate offers Sami a job to work for her at Countess Wilhelmina.

Marlena asks Bo and Hope what happened. They explain that Stefano said he couldn't help John because it was beyond his power. Hope points out that as they were leaving, Stefano said he was not sure he could access the information and that it requires something he does not have which is not the kind of the thing they can turn on and off like a faucet. They wonder what it means. Hope thinks Stefano was trying to honor his promise to Alice in his own way by giving her a clue to help John.

Madison tells Brady that it was just an old colleague of hers who liked to give advice but it isn't important. Madison then asks Brady about his success. Brady blows it off on just being born a Kiriakis. Madison asks if he always dreamed of taking over the business. Brady says it all kind of fell into his lap in a way since he had other plans when he was a kid. Madison wants to know what he wanted to be when he was a kid. Brady admits that he wanted to be an astronaut. Madison comments on not expecting that. Madison jokes with him about it until Brady says he thought he could find his mom when he was a kid.

Sami asks Kate why she would work for her when they hate each other. Kate says smart business people don't let personal malice get in the way of business. Kate calls Sami a talented and savvy business woman. Sami mocks her. Kate insists that she's sincere and wants her to be a part of her team as an executive. Sami thinks Kate just wants her to burn her bridge with Madison and then Kate will fire her so she's out of a job. Kate questions if she really thinks she's that evil. Kate tells her to put her personal feelings aside and look at it objectively. Kate points out that she wouldn't want her kids on the street. Sami accuses her of trying to get the kids back to EJ and Lucas. Kate explains that she just wants her company to be at the top and she thinks Sami is the person to help her do that.

Rafe comes to Marlena's and is filled in on the information. Rafe sits down and comments on Stefano's cryptic clue. Marlena wonders if Stefano was trying to keep his promise to Alice. Bo assumes it's his own way. Rafe wishes Stefano would have made it a little more clear. Hope points out that nothing with Stefano is easy. Bo says they are going to play the game with him and figure this out. Marlena states that when they figure it out, John will be a free man

Brady explains to Madison how everyone told him that his mother went to Heaven and was looking down on all of them. Madison says she's sorry that he never got to know his mom. Brady recalls being just three months old when she died so he had no memories of her. Brady says he used to stare up at the sky and talk to her. Brady talks about being a kid and wishing he could be an astronaut to go up in space and find his mom. Madison gets teary-eyed as Brady says he can't believe he's talking about this in his office. Madison hugs him and says she's glad he did.

Kate tells Sami that no one knows her better than her and she's seen how determined and hard working she is. Sami says their goals are usually complete opposites. Sami thinks Kate is just obsessed with Mad World and fears that she will lose. Kate vows to bury Madison and Mad World with or without Sami. Sami tells Kate that there is no way she will give up a steady job to work for someone she can't stand and doesn't trust. Kate comments on Sami not being able to pay her bills and offers to double her salary. Sami asks her what is going on.

Marlena comments that Stefano could access anything he wants. Marlena wonders what Stefano could mean by being unable to access the information. Bo suggests that what he's talking about isn't something that Stefano can't access himself but maybe something that John couldn't access. Carrie then announces that she thinks she knows.

Brady and Madison go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady shows Madison the telescope he had that Victor got him when he was little. Brady calls it the best Christmas present he ever got. Madison asks him to look at the stars together so they look through the telescope. Brady tells her a story about the stars. Brady then shows Madison the star that they used to name after his mom. Madison says she's touched that he shared all this with her. Brady calls it easy with her and then kisses her.

Kate tells Sami that she doesn't have an agenda. Sami thinks she always does and begins to think EJ is behind it since he gave Kate funding for Countess Wilhelmina. Kate calls it her idea and says EJ knows nothing about it. Sami starts shouting about EJ always ruining her life. Kate brings up that she thought they would put the past behind them after almost losing Johnny. Sami worries that EJ said something to Kate but Kate says she just assumed they would get over things for their son. Kate wonders why Sami freaked out over it.

Carrie explains that she thinks Stefano was talking about something John didn't have access to in order to commit the crimes such as something to make the transactions. Bo thinks they went over everything. Rafe brings up that it required something more than what Stefano had. Rafe asks about passwords in John's work. Hope thinks they are still missing the big clue. They continue to go over what not something you can turn on and off like a faucet means. Rafe suggests they write down everything that comes to mind. Marlena and Carrie prepare coffee as Marlena comments that it's going to be a long night. Marlena tells Carrie that she's grateful for her work. Carrie says it's the least she can do after all they have done for her. Carrie credits Marlena raising her. Carrie says she knows her mother Anna loves her but Marlena is like a mother to her. Marlena feels the same way towards her and is proud of who she has become. Carrie calls her a role model. Marlena wishes Sami felt that way. Carrie insists that deep down Sami really loves her. Marlena feels like every time the worst is behind them, something else happens. Carrie assures her that they will get their one day. Marlena comments on being glad that Sami and Carrie are on good terms. Marlena comments on being glad the days of them fighting over the same man are behind them as Carrie then exchanges looks with Rafe.

Madison offers to tell Brady something personal like he did. Madison admits that she had her own little astrology thing going on when she was little. Madison says she used to wish on the first star in the sky that her father would come back. Madison talks about wanting things to be happy again with her family when she was a kid. Madison recalls her mother working hard just so they could eat. Brady understands that Madison had to take care of everyone. Brady wipes her tears as Madison states that her wish never came true. Brady tells her that he's sorry but she says not to be because it made her who she is and then Brady kisses her again.

Sami tells Kate that she is freaking out because she always thinks EJ is going to try to hurt her. Kate tells her to calm down. Kate promises she will have no contact with EJ if she works for her. Sami wonders why she would want her to. Kate reiterates that she has no agenda and just thinks she's a great executive. Sami asks what's in it for her. Kate brings up the doubled salary. Sami comments that she really likes working at Mad World. Kate mocks the idea and brings up how Madison has no respect for Sami and treats her like crap. Sami brings up the times they worked together in the past turning bad. Kate states that this isn't blackmail this time. Kate wants to believe they have both changed since then and respect each other. Kate brings up how she took care of the kids the other day. Kate talks about how she struggled to when she raised her kids so she knows how difficult it can be. Kate asks Sami if she will accept her job offer.

Brady asks Madison if she ever blamed herself for her father leaving. Madison admits that she did all the time but never talked to her siblings or mom about it. Brady talks about wondering the same things about his dad. Madison compares their dysfunctional upbringings and calls it a Christmas miracle that they turned out sane and rational. They toast to being sane and rational and then hug.

Sami tells Kate that she's been burned by her too many times so she's not willing to take the risk. Kate tells her to put her feelings about her aside and recognize that it's an amazing opportunity for her family and for her marriage. Kate states that money problems are the leading cause of divorces. Sami insists that her marriage to Rafe is solid and they are renewing their vows on Christmas Eve. Kate thinks a lack of funds can strain their relationship. Kate brings up Sami's kids and how the doubled salary would go a long way. Kate tells Sami that she needs to take the job and warns her not to let her stubbornness get in the way of her future and family.

Hope begins to wonder if Stefano was just playing with them. Rafe has doubts about Stefano helping John. Bo says they can't give up since they are one piece away from solving it. Hope wonders what it could be. Bo questions what else John would need to access the funds to make illegal transactions. Hope begins to walk through the process. Rafe suddenly declares that the one thing John would need to make the transactions is the internet.

Brady and Madison lay together on the couch and Brady suggests they go upstairs. Madison says she has a better idea and wants to go for a walk under the stars. They get up and kiss then exit together to take a walk. They stop at the door and kiss again as Brady heads upstairs to grab their coats.

Kate tells Sami not to be indecisive and asks her if she wants the job. Sami says she can't make a decision this important that quickly especially with their history. Sami says she will think about it but has holiday shopping to do. Kate reminds her to give the offer serious thought. Sami agrees to. Kate tells her not to share their conversation with anyone. Kate tells Sami not to let the offer pass by and then exits.

Rafe brings up what if the internet was down in John's area when he was supposedly making the transactions. Bo wants to contact his internet provider and compare the times and dates. Carrie wonders if he could have used a cell carrier. Rafe says they will have to check the cell tower too. Marlena thinks it could be far-fetched. Rafe thinks it is what Stefano was getting at. Carrie thinks it would be a huge break in the case and would mean all of John's records were falsified. Rafe says they can then prove he was being deliberately set up. Marlena declares that if this is it then they can finally prove John's innocence as Hope hugs Bo.

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