Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Melanie shop for Daniel getting Maggie a Christmas card. They talk about it being the first time Daniel having to get a card for his mother. Maggie arrives and joins them so Daniel hides the card. Maggie greets them with hugs and talks with Melanie about doing their Christmas shopping. Maggie wonders what to get Victor when he doesn't need anything. Melanie goes with Maggie to look at different tables. Daniel stays behind as his hand starts shaking and he begins to worry.

Lexie looks at x-rays in her office as Stefano enters and comments that he could have a broken heart since he misses her. Stefano says the distance between them is not good for them. Lexie tells him he should have thought about that before they tried to unseat Abe as mayor. Stefano doesn't think they should let politics come between them but Lexie blames it on his actions. Lexie tells Stefano that he doesn't have a broken heart but a locked heart filled with secrets and lies.

Hope talks with Marlena about Alice's IOU to Stefano while Bo, Rafe, and Carrie watch. Hope asks Marlena for permission to use it but Marlena questions going behind John's back. Hope thinks it's their best shot but Marlena is skeptical about whether or not it will work. Bo explains that John is only here until EJ's civil suit is over and then he's being sent upstate. Marlena is surprised that the transfer was approved. Rafe explains that Carrie is on the phone trying to see if she can find out more about it. Bo informs Marlena that the prison that John will be going to is one of the worst around and they won't be able to protect him once he's inside.

Lexie asks Stefano why he thought coming here would change anything. She tells him that he is wasting their time. Lexie asks if he really thought her reaction would be any different. Stefano knew he was taking a chance but figured he would take a shot following his appointment. Lexie asks him about his appointment and if he's alright. Stefano insists that he's fine. Stefano says this is why he came by since he knows what is truly in her heart and that she is still part of the family. Stefano brings up how Lexie dropped everything to be there when Johnny disappeared. Lexie points out that anyone would have shown compassion for their nephew missing even if they didn't deserve it. Stefano tells Lexie that he has a heart filled with unbreakable love for her. Lexie doesn't know what he expects her to say to that. Stefano says she doesn't have to say anything but just realize that she will have to deal with her love for him and their family. Stefano states that their bond will always be there.

Marlena tells Bo that she doesn't need to be reminded what John is going through. Bo apologizes for upsetting her. Marlena understands they are trying to plead their case but going to Stefano is not an easy decision. Marlena says it's all about John since he's the one in jail away from his family during the holidays. Rafe adds in that they all know it isn't fair. Marlena tells them that they don't know that every day all John thinks about is the people that have lost everything. Hope thinks Marlena could put an end to his suffering. Marlena says that if John knew about the IOU, he would say to tear it up and pretend it never existed since he would never accept help from Stefano or forget the past. Marlena states that even if it meant his freedom, taking Stefano's help would kill John. Hope asks if she needs more time but Marlena says she knows what she has to do. Marlena looks at the IOU and tells Hope to take it and use it to save John. Hope tells her that she won't regret it. Marlena says she knows John will never understand why she did it and he'll be angry and disappointed in her. Bo points out that he will be free. Marlena questions the price of it. Hope adds that it's out of love. Marlena doesn't think John will understand. Hope assures Marlena that she made the right decision. Marlena steps away to have a moment alone. Carrie asks Rafe what happened so Rafe tells her that Marlena is going to let them use the card. Carrie excitedly hugs Rafe. Hope tells Bo that now all they have to do is get Stefano to stick to his promise so they don't let John and Marlena down. Hope says they have to make this happen.

Lexie tells Stefano that she wants a relationship with him and wants to get past what's gone on between them since he is her father. Lexie holds back tears and saysshe knows Stefano loves her but pulls away. Lexie says Stefano comes here and offers all his apologizes knowing that she will forgive him and then when she does, he goes and does as he pleases again. Lexie tells Stefano that she saw the news with all the accusations EJ made about Abe. Lexie thinks even EJ forgot that Abe is her husband and her family but they still went after him. Lexie tells Stefano that because of that, she will not forgive or forget. Lexie tells Stefano that she's inherited his optimism but also the instinct to protect who they love. Lexie informs him that when he goes against Abe, he goes against her. Lexie tells Stefano that until he realizes that, they have no relationship. Lexie then says goodbye to Stefano so he exits her office.

Melanie and Maggie return to Daniel. They get Daniel to take a picture of them in front of the Christmas tree. Maggie reminds them that they have to continue shopping but Melanie notes that she's done with her shopping by getting everyone a gift certificate to the health spa since she works there. Maggie doesn't think Victor would enjoy that so Melanie agrees to continue shopping with Maggie. Melanie asks Daniel if he's joining them but Daniel claims that he has to check on a patient. Maggie tells Melanie to help her pick out the perfect gift for Daniel as they walk on together. Daniel stays behind and continues to worry about his hand shaking.

Maggie and Melanie walk through the Town Square shopping. Melanie suggests that Daniel is easy to shop for and they joke around together until Melanie looks at their picture that Daniel took and notices that it's blurry. Maggie suggests they could have another or take one with Daniel as their first family photo. Maggie worries about forcing Daniel to be a family just because it's Christmas but Melanie insists that Daniel has warmed up to the idea. Maggie hugs Melanie and tells her that she loves her.

Daniel goes to Lexie's office. Lexie tells Daniel that she got his test results back. She informs him that it's good news so he can relax. Daniel is surprised. Lexie tells him that he carries a genetic marker but is not affected with the MG disease so he and Melanie are in the clear. Daniel is confused and wonders what else could be going on. Daniel asks Lexie for doctor-patient confidentiality.

Hope and Bo go to see Stefano at the DiMera Mansion. Hope shows him the IOU and says they are cashing in a favor. Stefano says they already talked about this. Hope explains that this isn't about the past anymore but the present. Bo brings up that Stefano doesn't make a promise like that easily. Hope tells him that he is honor-bound to make good by the promise. Stefano asks what she expects him to do so Hope tells him that he's going to free John Black. Stefano tells her that it's nothing but a piece of paper so it's not a get out of jail free card. Hope yells at him that they all know John is innocent and he has the ability to exonerate him. Stefano responds that he doesn't have to do a thing. Hope brings up why Stefano gave the card to Alice as it was out of gratitude for saving EJ's life. Hope tells him not to act like it was a meaningless gesture. Bo adds that they know what they are asking him to do. Hope thinks what Alice did for EJ is so much more. Stefano tells them that even if it's worth what they think, it was given to Alice and not Hope. Hope points out that the card says courtesy extends to the bearer which she is now. Hope tells Stefano to do this and then the debt between their families will be gone. Stefano says Hope overestimated his reach since John already plead guilty so nothing can be done to save him. Hope says that unless someone with power and influence like him steps up.

Maggie and Melanie sit together and look at pictures. Maggie comments on not knowing anyone who loves being a surgeon as much as Daniel.

Daniel explains to Lexie that he has been getting tremors and assumed it was MG until he saw the test results. Daniel says he can't explain what is happening to him if it's not MG. Daniel tells her that they come and go with no explanation. Lexie suggests he tells Maggie and Melanie about it but Daniel wants to know first. Daniel thought the test results would tell him but it just gave him more questions. Lexie reminds him that it's good that he does not have MG. Daniel agrees that he's lucky but he still knows nothing about what's going on with him. Lexie says she will do whatever he wants her to do and run any test she can. Daniel thinks he may need her to do more than that since he may need her to cover for him at the hospital. Daniel explains that he's a surgeon but he can't do it if his hands are shaking. Lexie understands. Daniel informs her that he's going to pull himself out of surgical rotation since he can't risk that. Daniel worries that he could lose his career and a patient could lose their life if he risked performing surgery. Lexie thinks Daniel is being very brave but he feels he has no choice. Lexie says she knows what being a surgeon means to him. Lexie tells Daniel that she is sorry since it must hurt.

Melanie and Maggie sit together at the Brady Pub. They talk about taking a break from shopping. Maggie comments that Melanie is very upbeat and positive just a few days after her terrifying experience. Maggie asks if Melanie put that all behind her so quickly or if she wants to talk about it. Melanie admits that it's been hard. Melanie tells Maggie that she made an appointment to talk with Marlena. Maggie thinks it will be very helpful for her. Melanie recalls fearing she would die when she was kidnapped but she didn't. Maggie senses that there's something still that Melanie hasn't told her that happened. Melanie then admits that there is.

Marlena brings all of the documents she has of her time with John to Rafe and Carrie. Marlena is glad they are so positive. Marlena wishes she believed that Stefano would stand by his word. Marlena then gets a call from Salem U since they offered her a job. Carrie is surprised to learn that. Marlena informs them that they offered her a job to head up the psychiatrics. Marlena says she can't think that far ahead. Carrie encourages her to accept the job and brings up that Austin got a job there too. Marlena agrees that it would be nice. Rafe tells Marlena not to worry since Hope and Bo will call soon.

Stefano questions the lengths which Hope and Bo are willing to go to help John. Stefano wonders what's in it for them. Stefano says they could do anything they wanted with the IOU card like help their own family but instead they are putting everything into helping John. Bo tells him to stop trying to change the subject. Hope states that John is family. Stefano brings up the feelings Hope and John had for each other in the past. Stefano points out that John's marriage never got in her way before. Bo gives Hope a dollar and explains that they had a bet on how long it would take before Stefano went there. Hope tells Stefano that she's tired of the games and wants an answer on if he's going to help John.

Melanie talks to Maggie about Chad being with her when they were caught. Melanie tells her that when they are in that type of situation, they say things that they would never say otherwise. Melanie admits to Maggie that she told Chad that she has feelings for her but it feels wrong since he's dating Abigail. Melanie points out that she doesn't want to hurt Abigail since she's her best friend. Maggie asks about what Chad said. Melanie admits that Chad felt the same way. Melanie tries to blame it on thinking they were going to die. Maggie asks what they are going to do about it. Melanie says they haven't had any time to talk alone. Maggie mentions that Abigail's life will be affected if they act on their feelings but Melanie feels it would be selfish of her. Melanie states that she doesn't know if she can stop her feelings for Chad and she doesn't know if she wants to.

Daniel and Lexie arrange for Daniel to be covered for in the schedules. Daniel comes across one surgery that he was asked to do. Daniel states that if he can't operate then his career is over. Lexie tells him to have faith in modern medicine. Daniel agrees to stay positive but feels it will be easier when he gets answers. Lexie insists that they will get answers.

Marlena asks Rafe about how Will is doing. Rafe says he's shaken up from the web site but thinks he's doing alright. Marlena asks how things are at home. Rafe feels like Will is avoiding Sami to cut down on the fighting but it doesn't cut down on the tension. Marlena admits that Will has talked to her a bit about it so Rafe asks what he said. Marlena says it was nothing specific but feels like Will is sorting out complicated feelings that have been going on for a while. Rafe wishes he would talk to them about it so they could help but he doesn't think that will happen. Marlena offers to invite Will to move in and stay with her since it could help Will and Sami both cool off but she's afraid that it could cause friction between her and Sami. Marlena says she's just thinking about Will and would like her family to be happy again.

Stefano tells Hope that the answer is no, he will not help her or John. Stefano says he will take care of as far as Alice is concerned. Hope questions why. Stefano says helping John is impossible. Hope thinks Stefano has the power to do it. Bo points out that he knew Stefano would pull something like this. Bo says Stefano doesn't care that Alice saved EJ and that a real man would do anything he could to repay a debt like this. Stefano tells them to leave. Hope tells Stefano that she knows him too well. Hope says his family and code of honor mean everything to him. Hope tells Stefano that he can act like he's just brushing it off but they both know his promise to Alice is something he must absolutely honor.

Daniel comes to the Brady Pub to join Maggie and Melanie. Melanie hides the gift they got Daniel. Daniel asks them what's going on. Melanie says he can't ask that around Christmas. Daniel refuses to ignore it and sits with them. Daniel begins to question them if it's a present for him. They all joke around about hiding the present. Maggie decides that Daniel doesn't have to wait until Christmas so Melanie reluctantly gives it to him. Daniel opens them and inside are medical cuff-links. Daniel thanks them as Maggie calls him the best surgeon she's ever known.

Carrie tells Marlena to stay positive as Marlena worries about how their future ended up in Stefano's hands again.

Stefano tells Hope that he's not sure that he can access the information she wants. Stefano says what she asks requires more and he does not have it. Stefano explains that it's not something they can turn on and off. Hope wants to know what he's talking about. Stefano declares that they are done. Bo stops him and says he hasn't told them enough. Stefano states that is how it will have to be and then exits the room.

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