Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Madison go into the office together where Sami is working. Brady and Madison talk about their date until Sami interrupts to talk to Madison about work. Brady leaves to let them talk. Sami then questions Madison getting mad at her for being late but then taking the morning off to sleep with Brady.

EJ and Nicole go to the DiMera Mansion. Nicole looks at Kate's Countess Wilhelmina products on the table. Nicole tries some of the lotion as Kate walks in. Kate and Nicole argue. Kate brings up Nicole's past with EJ and doesn't think she can be a DiMera. Kate doesn't want to be Nicole's mother in law again. Nicole threatens her until EJ breaks things up and asks what they are doing.

Rafe and Carrie walk through the town square together, talking about showing John the latest evidence with the photo. Carrie says she won't give up on the case. Rafe talks to her about hoping that Hope can convince Stefano to exonerate John using the IOU to Alice. Carrie mentions that she knows John would never accept a favor from Stefano.

John talks to Marlena from his cell about how the DiMera's whole plan must have been to take his company. John yells about his frustration with being locked up. John says the one thing he can do is dissolve Basic Black so that Stefano can't get involved. John says he will be the one to pay the people back even if it costs every cent that he has.

Madison tells Sami that her and Brady's personal lives are none of her business. Madison reminds Sami that she's her employee so she makes the rules. Sami points out that Brady is her step-brother and owns the company which makes the situation uncomfortable for her. Madison assures Sami that her relationship with Brady won't affect Sami or the company. Madison tells her to let it go but Sami calls it personal. Madison stops her and says she gets how she feels. Sami reluctantly agrees to let it go. Sami then tells Madison that she's making a huge mistake and will regret it.

Rafe and Carrie meet with Marlena. John is brought in to join them. John informs them of their meeting with the DiMeras. Carrie is surprised that she didn't know. Rafe figures that Stefano had someone working the investigation from the beginning. Carrie and Rafe show the Paris photo to John and tell him that they discovered for sure that the date stamp was altered. Rafe says they can prove the photo was taken a long time ago.

Madison and Sami continue to argue about Madison's relationship with Brady. Sami worries that Brady will break her heart. Madison promises she can take care of herself and orders Sami to focus on her job. Sami tells Madison that she's doing her job. Sami says she won't be in the middle when Madison and Brady's relationship goes south. Madison tells Sami that if she feels so strongly about it, maybe she should find another job. Madison threatens to fire Sami if she doesn't keep focused on her job.

EJ tells Nicole and Kate to stop fighting. Nicole doesn't want to put up with Kate. Kate calls it her house so she will do what she wants. EJ corrects her that it's Stefano's house. EJ tells them that they are going to have to learn to live in peace. Kate thinks Nicole won't be there long. EJ hopes Nicole will stay for the rest of her life. EJ then tells Nicole that Kate has every right to be there. EJ asks them to bury the hatchet. EJ wants them to be civil for him and for Christmas. Nicole agrees to do it for EJ. EJ thanks her and asks Kate. Kate agrees. EJ calls it an early Christmas present. Kate exits to go Christmas shopping. EJ talks to Nicole about understanding that Kate can be difficult but she will have to learn to ignore her. Nicole calls ignoring Kate impossible. EJ says he can't ignore Nicole and then kisses her.

Rafe explains to John that whoever doctored the photo of him didn't do their work. John begins to have flashbacks to being at the cafe and realizes that it explains why he remembers being there. Marlena hopes John can be exonerated. Rafe steps out to call Sami and Marlena steps out to call a patient. John tells Carrie that he's hanging in there but needs to make a move of his own that he will need Carrie's help with.

Rafe calls Sami and asks how it's going. Sami says she'll tell him later and asks how he's doing. Rafe says he's at the station with John and was thinking about her so he wanted to tell her that he loved her. Sami says she loves him too and they hang up as Sami looks upset. Sami has another flashback to being with EJ and then storms out of the office.

EJ pours Nicole a drink and shares it with her. Nicole reminds EJ to keep the bar stocked if they are going to be spending the holidays with family. Nicole asks about his meeting with John. EJ explains that John balked at the offer to buy Basic Black. EJ calls John a broken man so he thought he would take the offer. Nicole brings up that John thinks they set him up. EJ goes to check his messages. Nicole then says she never brought it up before but she is curious. Nicole asks EJ if the rumors are true that EJ or Stefano had something to do with John's situation. Nicole asks EJ if he's responsible for embezzling the money. EJ questions if she really thinks he's capable of something like that so she responds that she does.

Carrie asks John what he needs her to do. John says he wants to repay all the people even if he has to liquidate his company and leverage everything he's got. Carrie questions where this is coming from as Marlena returns to the room. John explains that he can't let the DiMeras take over Basic Black. Carrie informs him that he's not in a position to repay anyone right now.

Brady runs into Sami at the Town Square. Brady tells Sami that he wanted to ask her what she's thinking after speaking with Madison. Brady asks where Sami gets off getting into their personal lives. Sami thinks Brady and Madison are not a good fit. Brady tells her that's not for her to decide and she's the last person he would take relationship advice from. Kate arrives and overhears their argument. Brady tells Sami that she works for him and Madison so she doesn't get a say in their relationship. Sami tells Brady that if their relationship doesn't work out, then Madison's going to take it out on her. Sami talks to Brady about how much her job means to her. Brady tells her to keep her focus on her job. Sami asks what's going to happen to her if his office fling blows up. Brady calls it typical of Sami to always make it about her and asks when she's going to change.

Madison sits in her office working when she gets a phone call. Madison talks about turning her phone off because she was tired then shuts the door. Madison says she's handling her business and doesn't need the person to come to Salem. Madison says she has to run but promises to do better about keeping in touch.

EJ tells Nicole that she must think he's capable of anything. Nicole thinks he means that he wouldn't tell her even if he was responsible for John's situation. EJ says he wants an honest and open relationship with her but certain things are better not to know. Nicole says she understands what it's like to be with a DiMera. Nicole tells EJ that she has a few rules of her own. Nicole reminds him that she is his PR director and while it would be helpful to know everything but understands that it may not be possible. Nicole tells EJ that in their personal lives, secrets and lies destroy them. Nicole says no matter how bad they want it to work, Kate would be right so they should just give up now if there are lies and secrets. Nicole tells EJ to tell her now if there's anything he wants to tell her. EJ thinks back to being with Sami and tells Nicole that there is something he wants to tell her.

John asks Carrie why it can't be his choice to pay the people back. Carrie reminds him that his assets are frozen. Marlena and John question the civil hearing. Carrie says they can present his proposal to the judge but EJ will likely oppose so they might not have a decision soon. Rafe returns as John mentions the DiMeras wanting to buy him out. Rafe questions the DiMeras wanting to look like heroes. Marlena knows EJ wanted to turn that into becoming mayor. John shouts that won't happen because he will never make a deal with a DiMera.

Sami tells Brady that she's not trying to be difficult. Brady accuses her of thinking about herself. Brady suggests that if she's worried about their relationship, she should get another job. Brady walks away as Kate approaches and asks Sami about her problems.

EJ tells Nicole that he is a changed man so from this point forward, he will be honest and never hurt her. Nicole questions if he means it. EJ tells her to trust that he loves her. Nicole admits that she does and loves him too then hugs and kisses him. Nicole starts to go back to working but EJ tells her that she's done enough work today. Nicole questions what's going on. EJ suggests an early Christmas present. EJ tells her that he arranged a massage for her. EJ tells Nicole that she's worked very hard and deserves a break. EJ tells Nicole that the massage therapist is upstairs so she can go have it now. Nicole thanks him with a kiss and say she needs it after her morning with Kate. Nicole then heads upstairs.

The guard comes to bring John back to his cell. John thanks Rafe and Carrie for everything. They tell John that they aren't done yet and that he needs to not give up hope. John is escorted out. Marlena asks Rafe and Carrie what else is going on. They tell her that they were going to bring it up to John until he had shouted off the DiMeras. Carrie says it could get John out of jail. Marlena wonders why they didn't tell him so Rafe informs her that it could mean he would have to make a deal with the DiMeras.

Madison sits at the Brady Pub as Brady arrives and joins her. Brady apologizes for being late and tells her about running into Sami at the Town Square. Brady informs Madison that their relationship is the one subject that Sami is not allowed to bring up anymore. Madison thanks him. Madison admits that Sami has been an asset to Mad World. Brady agrees but doesn't think it justifies her sticking her nose in their business. Madison understands where she's coming from. Both agree that they don't want things to end between them.

Sami tells Kate that she doesn't need her to add to her bad day. Kate tells Sami that her day wasn't great either. Kate promises that she didn't come to worsen Sami's day. Kate admits she overheard Sami's argument with Brady. Kate says she knows how stubborn Brady can be and she knows Madison is a nightmare. Kate says she also knows Madison unloaded on Sami. Kate says she knows that Sami is in a tough spot. Sami admits that she is. Sami brings up taking Kate's good advice to stand up for herself but that lasted two days so now she can either suck it up and let Madison walk over her or quit which isn't an option since she has to support her family. Kate says she's aware of that which is why she thinks she can do something for her.

Nicole lays down for her massage. EJ walks in which surprises Nicole as she doesn't know it's him since she thought EJ would have hired a female therapist. Nicole insists that it's fine and her massage begins. Nicole then begins to realize it's EJ and flirts with him pretending to think it's a different man.

Rafe and Carrie explain to Marlena about the IOU to Alice from Stefano that they have found. Marlena is surprised that Alice had anything to do with the DiMeras. Carrie and Rafe inform Marlena that they could use it now and potentially get John out of jail.

Sami questions if Kate is offering to help her. Kate wonders why that is so unbelievable since she helped with the kids the other day. Sami thanks Kate and says she appreciates it but thinks it would be better to not take her help. Kate thinks it would be a shame for Sami to let Madison and Brady hurt her career. Sami asks her why. Kate admits that Sami has potential and has been on a roll. Kate praises Sami for getting Anthony Morrison for Mad World. Kate says she understands why she wouldn't want her talents undermined. Kate tells Sami that she wouldn't be if she joined Countess Wilhelmina. Kate then walks away to continue shopping, leaving Sami surprised and confused.

Brady tells Madison that Sami doesn't have a point but knows people don't do workplace romances for a reason. Madison understands it will take time since they are both strong willed people. Brady tells her they are in the honeymoon part of their relationship where everything is perfect. They agree that it's perfect. Brady tells her not to worry about Sami since they don't have any issues. Brady says they both know all about their history and past. Brady tells her that this is how it should be.

Nicole continues to flirt with EJ as if he's another man doing the massage. EJ gets upset until Nicole takes the cover off her eyes and jokes with him about knowing it was him. Nicole tells EJ to give her the massage and EJ kisses her back onto the bed.

John paces back in his cell and sits down in frustration saying "damn you, DiMera"

Marlena is surprised to hear about Alice's IOU and tells Rafe and Carrie that she knows John wouldn't agree to a deal with Stefano. She doesn't want her family in debt to Stefano. Rafe and Carrie try to convince her and bring up that it could be John's only hope. Rafe says the photo proves a lot but might not be enough. Carrie asks Marlena if they make a deal with the devil and use the IOU or not.

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