Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/11

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Jack comes to Jennifer's. Jennifer says she's not in a good mood and working on Abe's campaign. Jennifer calls EJ a jerk for railroading John. Jennifer says Nicole is playing dirty so she's going to fight fire with fire. Jennifer wants to think like a DiMera. Jack tells her that she can't because she's too good of a person which is one of the things he loves about her.

Melanie and Daniel sit together at the Town Square. Melanie tells him that she knows he's worried about the MG test. Melanie tells him she's sorry for what happened with Jennifer but Daniel doesn't want to talk about that. Daniel talks to her but Melanie zones out and thinks back to kissing Chad. Melanie tells Daniel that she's fine physically but not sure about mentally.

Chad and Abigail to the health spa. Chad talks about self defense being a good idea. Abigail wonders if they could've done better when they were held captive if they knew self defense. Chad talks about wishing he could have done more to help Melanie. Gabi comes up and informs them that she is the new receptionist at the spa. They talk about all three signing up for the self defense school. Abigail takes a sign up sheet to go fill it out. Gabi tells Chad that she owes him for saving her life and she'll do whatever he needs. Abigail then runs into Austin. Austin jokes that they've got to stop meeting like this as Abigail looks at him.

Jennifer tells Jack to stop flattering her. Jack says he came to check on Abigail. Jennifer notes that she seems to be okay. Jennifer worries about any after-effects for the kids. Jack mentions that he is still going to therapy. Jack brings up that Abigail didn't call him back so he worried that she lost her phone. Jack wants to make sure that she has a phone. Jennifer brings up that things would've been so different for Jack if he had a GPS on his phone. Jack says he knows Jennifer would have tracked him down and saved him then they would be together. Jennifer says things just got complicated. Jack talks about how much thinking he did in Afghanistan. Jennifer tells him that they can't live in what-if's or change what happened. Jennifer says she won't punish Jack for his past as she's worried about her, Abigail, and JJ with the year that they didn't know where Jack was. Jack realizes he can't change that and Jennifer is dealing with the aftershocks of what he did. Jack wants them all to heal. Jack insists that he has fundamentally changed. Jack says part of the change is making her understand how much he cares about his family. Jack thinks Jennifer needs to eat but Jennifer insists that she needs to work. Jack then convinces her to go get something to eat.

Austin asks Abigail how she's doing. Abigail admits she had nightmares about being taken but she woke up thinking about how Austin saved her and felt safe again. Austin says he's glad they ended up okay. Abigail thanks him. Quinn comes out to take Chad and Abigail to self-defense class. Austin talks with Quinn about the spa. Austin is interested in getting a gift card for the spa. Quinn offers Austin a tour so Abigail eagerly decides to tag along and go with them. Chad tells Gabi that they should ask Melanie to sign up with them.

Daniel tells Melanie that he's seen what can happen when someone goes through being kidnapped. Melanie calls her feelings complicated and thinks about kissing Chad again. Melanie tells Daniel that she just keeps thinking about the decisions she's making. Daniel tells her to make every moment in life count. Daniel comments that he thinks the days of Melanie hurting others is over. Melanie admits that she did something that she has to tell someone about. They go back and sit together to eat. Daniel asks Melanie about her deep secret and promises not to judge her. Melanie thinks back to the first time Chad kissed her on Halloween. Melanie tells Daniel that it's just that she applied for a second job at the spa. Daniel questions this being her life changing decision. Melanie says she thought he'd be mad since it's not medicine but she's still keeping her job. Melanie comments that Daniel was dumb to let Jennifer go.

Chad asks Gabi if they should tell Will and Sonny to sign up for the self defense class. Gabi thinks Sonny would love it but feels like Will has been distant. Gabi says that she and Will couldn't make things work when they didn't know what the problem was. Chad figures something must be wrong with Will and says it's probably for the best that they broke up since Gabi won't have a problem finding someone else. Gabi comments that all the good ones are taken.

Abigail and Austin finish their tour as Quinn steps away on a call. Abigail tells Austin that she was thinking about taking his class next semester at Salem U. Austin thinks it would be great and comments that he's thinking about having Carrie come in to guest lecture which Abigail doesn't like. Quinn comes back to Austin and Chad goes with them. Gabi goes to Abigail and comments that Austin is really hot but Abigail claims to not have noticed.

Daniel talks to Melanie about their personal lives. Melanie says she was at Jennifer's and saw her crying earlier. Melanie thinks Daniel could take out Jack. Daniel brings up Jennifer and Jack's family history. Melanie suggests that they could have a future. Melanie tells Daniel that she's sorry no matter what happens. Daniel hugs her as Melanie then heads to the spa for her job interview. Daniel sits back down as Jack and Jennifer then arrive together. Jennifer greets Daniel and asks how he's doing. Daniel admits he's doing bad and asks her. Jennifer says she should be working but got hungry. Jack shows Jennifer the menu and starts to suggest they leave but Daniel decides he will leave. Jack tells Daniel that he's a decent guy and did the right thing by helping him the other day. Jack says it doesn't change that they are competing for the same woman so he will not back down because they belong together. Jack says he bets right now that Jennifer will pick him. Daniel informs Jack that it won't be him and realizes Jennifer hasn't told him. Daniel decides to leave to let them work it out. Jack asks what's going on so Jennifer tells him that she and Daniel are no longer together.

Melanie arrives at the Spa and greets Chad, Gabi, and Abigail. Gabi tells her that Chad signed her up to the self-defense class which surprises Melanie and Abigail. Gabi and Abigail talk about classes to pick as Chad steps aside with Melanie. Chad tells her that he hopes she doesn't mind. Melanie thinks it's a good idea and admits she's been having nightmares. Melanie brings up thinking about talking to Marlena about it and Chad says he's been thinking the same. Melanie tells him that she's sorry about the other stuff that happened. Abigail comes back up and asks what she's sorry about.

Jack is surprised by Jennifer saying she's not dating Daniel anymore. Jack gets happy and talks about how amazing it is. Jack says he feels sorry for Daniel but can't blame him because he was up against fate. Jennifer tells Jack that he's talking too much because she has more to say. Jennifer informs him that Daniel is the one that broke up with her. Jack calls him an idiot but Jennifer points out that he had good reasons to do it. Jack still calls him a fool. Jack holds Jennifer's hand and says now there is nothing standing in their way.

Daniel goes to the Brady Pub and sits at the counter. He's surprised to see Kayla. Kayla explains that she came back to help Caroline in the Christmas rush. Daniel asks if it's too early for a beer and a shot. Kayla talks to him about numbing his sorrows and says he came to the right place.

Jack talks to Jennifer about how long he's waited for this. Jennifer calls it different and says just because Daniel decided he didn't want to be with her, it doesn't mean everything is fixed. Jack says he didn't mean it that way. Jack admits that he can see why she loved Daniel. Jennifer corrects him that she still does love Daniel.

Abigail asks Melanie what she's sorry about. Melanie explains that she freaked out on him while they were kidnapped so she was just apologizing for everything she said. Chad tells her to just let it go. Abigail adds that she was freaked out too and understands if she's upset. Abigail apologizes for interrupting their conversation. Melanie gets that she had an intense experience. Abigail doesn't know if she should talk about it or move on. Chad suggests they move on and agree to go to lunch. Abigail asks Melanie to come with them but Melanie informs them that she has a job interview here at the spa. Abigail wishes her luck and then leaves with Chad. Gabi tells Melanie that Quinn will be right out and asks if she's alright. Melanie insists that she's fine but Gabi notes that she doesn't look so good and wonders if something's up. Quinn comes back and takes Melanie to tour. Quinn says to Austin that they will take care of Carrie when she gets his gift card. Austin talks to Gabi about the spa. Gabi asks Austin about being friends with Abigail. Austin says yeah and talks about knowing her since she was a little girl. Gabi comments that Abigail is all grown up now. Gabi gives Austin his gift package and gift card for Carrie as he then exits.

Kayla sits with Daniel and tells him that Jennifer is a great girl but understands if it's not meant to be. Kayla and Daniel joke together as Austin then arrives and greets Kayla. Austin orders a cheeseburger and what Daniel is having. Kayla introduces Austin and Daniel to each other. Kayla asks them what they think about adding a flat screen TV over the bar at the Brady Pub. Daniel and Austin both agree that they should during baseball season. Daniel and Austin instantly become friends over their mutual love of baseball.

Jack questions Jennifer still loving Daniel. Jennifer says she understands why Daniel didn't want to go any further but it doesn't change her feelings. Jack thinks Daniel sees that they are meant for each other. Jennifer doesn't think that was his reason. Jack insists that it's true. Jack brings up how connected they are. Jennifer says they are connected but that doesn't mean they pick up where they left off. Jennifer brings up Jack leaving for Afghanistan without telling them. Jack vows to solve their problems and never leave her again because he loves her. Jennifer says she loves him too but love for them is not enough to make a marriage work and she won't go into it again unless she's sure because she can't face seeing this fail one more time. Jennifer decides she needs to go back to work and heads home.

Quinn finishes talking with Melanie and says they will work around her hospital job but will give her as many hours as possible. Gabi gives Melanie a W-2 form to fill out. Quinn welcomes her and exits. Gabi comments on them working together and says Melanie will be busy with 2 jobs. Melanie thinks that's just what she needs.

Chad and Abigail go to the town square. Chad goes to get them lunch. Abigail reaches into her purse and pulls out Austin's hat. She thinks back to Austin letting her keep it and saying it looked better on her than it does on him.

Daniel and Austin continue talking about baseball. Daniel tells Austin that he has season tickets and he can be his guest. Austin thanks him and says the beers will be on him. Austin gets a phone call and steps away as Jack arrives. Kayla greets Jack and asks if she can get him something. Daniel turns around and offers him a beer. Daniel says they can talk baseball over a beer and says he knows they will be running into each other in this town so they might as well be chill about it. Jack joins Daniel at the counter. Daniel asks how he's doing. Jack says he seems to be okay and thanks him for calming him down the other day. Jack says Jennifer told him what happened and he thinks Daniel is being an idiot. Daniel tells him that he does hope they are very happy together. Jack tells him to hold off on the congratulations since Jennifer hasn't made any decisions yet.

Melanie joins Abigail at the town square and tells her she got the job. They talk about being excited for her. Melanie asks where Chad went and Abigail says he went to get lunch. Abigail asks Melanie about her telling Chad she was sorry again. Abigail thinks Melanie was trying to cover for what she was really sorry about. Abigail admits she was worried that Melanie was going to tell Chad about the other guy she has a crush on.

Jennifer continues working at home and finishes then sits down in frustration.

Austin rejoins Jack and Daniel. Austin talks to Jack about having to deal with this like a man and realize he can watch sports whenever he wants while he's alone. Jack wants to talk about something else. Daniel signs the bill and worries about his hand shaking.

Melanie tells Abigail that she would never tell Chad something she told her in confidence. Abigail says she knew she was her best friend. Melanie asks what's going to happen with her and Chad because of her other crush. Abigail says she isn't sure her crush is going anywhere. Chad rejoins them and Abigail tells him that Melanie got the job at the spa. Chad asks her to join them but she leaves to the hospital to check her hours. Chad and Abigail sit back down together while Melanie stops behind the wall thinking.

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