Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up in Madison's bed and rolls over to find her gone. Brady looks around wondering where Madison went and calls out for her. Brady starts to get up as Madison returns with room service. Brady admits that he thought she took off so Madison asks if he was getting ready to leave too.

Bo and Hope sit together at the Brady Pub as Hope stares at the courtesy note from Stefano to Alice. They talk about still having more questions than answers. Neither of them believe what Stefano says. Bo and Hope don't think Stefano would express his gratitude in that way to a Horton. Bo decides they are going to have to find out on their own.

Carrie tries to call John but can't get in contact with him so she asks to talk to Roman but he is not in. Carrie hangs up and sits with Rafe at Rafe and Sami's. They talk about the way John is being treated. Rafe suggests that John must just be exercising or getting fresh air. Carrie says she will call again in 15 minutes because she has to talk to him. Carrie wants to tell John that someone set him up and they can finally prove it with the photo.

John and Marlena are brought to a room in a station and wonder what they are there for. Marlena wonders who they will be meeting with as EJ and Stefano then arrive.

Madison asks Brady if he has time for coffee. Brady tells her to stop. Madison brings up that Brady wasn't even going to leave her a note. Brady points out that he thought she took off and that's why he was getting dressed. Madison apologizes to him. Madison jokes with him about why he would think that. Madison admits that she did think for a moment to avoid the whole morning after. Madison calls their night together pretty much perfect. Madison says she came back because she realized that she doesn't want to leave Brady. Madison tells him to work with her as she tries to change. Brady tells her to be careful what she changes because he's a big fan of many aspects of her so he doesn't want her to change too much. Brady kisses her but Madison says she has to go. They continue kissing anyways and end up kissing back onto the bed.

Rafe tells Carrie that he's impressed by her and everything she does to try and help John despite his guilty plea. Carrie insists that she can get the plea thrown out. Carrie says she just has to convince John that it's worth pursuing. Rafe tells Carrie that John is lucky to have her in his corner. Carrie tells Rafe the same since he stood by him despite hardly knowing him. Rafe calls it instinct. Carrie thanks Rafe for finding the shadows in the photo. Rafe says they are a great team. Carrie brings up that she heard Rafe and Sami can't renew their vows on Christmas Eve. She asks if they are going to postpone but Rafe tells her that he thought they should do it under the big tree at the Town Square so it would be like Tom and Alice are looking down on them. Carrie calls Rafe a romantic guy and says Sami is a lucky woman.

John tells EJ and Stefano to leave. Stefano and EJ joke about John's incarceration. Stefano says he just came to see how he was holding up. Marlena asks what they are doing there. EJ informs them that they have a proposition. John tries to call for a guard but EJ tells him that it's in his best interest to listen to what they have to say.

Brady and Madison finish making love again. Madison starts to get up to go to work but Brady stops her and suggest she not go to work today. Madison comments that she's never taken a day off. Brady tries to convince her to stay but Madison thinks she would be worrying constantly. Brady suggests that she can leave the work to Sami. Madison asks Brady what they would be doing if she stayed. Brady kisses her and convinces her to take the day off. Brady gets up to take a shower and says they are going to make the most of her day off.

Bo and Hope arrive at Rafe's to see Rafe and Carrie. They tell Bo and Hope that they can prove the photo of John was altered. Rafe shows it to them and points out the shadows. Rafe and Carrie explain that John was at the cafe but not at that time. Hope thinks they all know who falsified the time and Carrie agrees that it must have been Stefano.

Marlena wants to call John's lawyer but EJ and Stefano insist that they should listen. John tells them to go for it and sits down. EJ brings up that John's company is in trouble and it could go under because of the scandal. EJ calls it a mess. John asks what his point is. EJ says the point is that the people who stand to lose in this situation are the investors and employees. EJ informs him that they will lose their jobs after John loses the civil suit and then his company will disappear. Stefano claims that they are trying to salvage what's left of John's reputation. EJ calls it a chance to save his company. John asks how he would do that and Stefano responds that he would sell Basic Black to him. EJ shows him the agreement to sign. Marlena questions why he would do that. EJ informs them that if he signs it, he will be willing to drop the civil suit.

Brady and Madison walk through the Town Square. They stop at the Horton Christmas Tree and kiss. They then hang their Christmas ornaments onto the tree. Brady and Madison stop to take a picture with Santa Claus. They return to Madison's hotel room with a Christmas tree and begin decorating the tree.

Marlena questions why EJ would want to drop the lawsuit. Marlena says EJ would have to stop trying to get the people in his campaign. John thinks he doesn't want the suit to proceed since he's the one that set him up to look guilty and stole the money from the people. EJ calls him delusional. John tells him that this will all come out if he continues pushing forward but knows EJ thinks he can use the company to give the people their money back. Marlena pokes fun at their idea. Marlena thinks EJ would try and buy the mayor's office. John tells them that he will see them in hell.

Rafe continues talking to Bo and Hope about how John has said for years that Stefano's been against him. Carrie explains how the setup was so convincing that everyone was doubting John. Hope says she thinks she has something that even Stefano can't overcome.

Brady and Madison talk about the Christmas tree. Madison tells Brady about her childhood and how they couldn't always afford Christmas. Madison talks about helping to raise her siblings. Madison says they mostly stopped celebrating the holidays once they were older and had money. Brady offers to go all out and make Christmas special for her this year. Madison agrees that it would be nice.

Stefano tells John that his ego is clouding his judgment. EJ calls John's theory entertaining and creative but the police or FBI have no evidence of it. Stefano tells John that the people are going to find out that he turned down the offer to save their jobs. John tells Stefano that he's good because if he accepts the offer then they would get his company and he'd still go to prison but if he doesn't accept it then they still go to the press. Stefano tells John that there is no better alternative for him but for his former employees there is. Stefano tells John that it's over for him but does not have to be for his employees. EJ tells John to do the right thing. John says he refuses to do business with them.

Bo and Hope show Rafe and Carrie the IOU courtesy note from Stefano to Alice. They talk about how Stefano must have been scared to death about losing EJ. Hope wants to find out if Stefano still stands by it. Bo thinks Stefano would be too superstitious to say that it doesn't mean anything. Hope wants to collect on it in Alice's name to force him to exonerate John.

Brady and Madison continue talking about Christmas. Brady tells her about his childhood Christmases. Brady talks about his mom and his sister Belle. Brady feels he never looked out for his sister the way Madison did for her siblings. Brady says he and Belle are good now as she has her own family.

Rafe and Carrie talk to Bo and Hope more about trying to get to Stefano. Hope wants Stefano to think about what happens next time EJ gets hurt. Rafe points out that Stefano's promise was to Alice and nobody else. Hope wants to try and sell him on the idea that it's something Alice would have wanted. Bo suggests it could be why Alice saved it all these years to use it against Stefano. Carrie and Rafe agree that they have nothing to lose since the photo evidence could take weeks or months. Hope really thinks she can get Stefano to honor his promise to Alice.

Marlena asks EJ and Stefano why they are still here. EJ points out that John will lose his company anyways. EJ says they could save his company. Marlena tells them to leave her out of this. Stefano tells John that it's no place for self righteousness after robbing the people. John denies it so EJ brings up his guilty plea. Marlena tries to explain that John plead guilty to protect his family. Stefano wonders what the people will think when they find out John refused to save his employee's jobs. EJ warns John of what could happen to his family. John yells at Stefano to leave Marlena out of it. They continue to argue as EJ tries to tell them that this is their only option. Stefano claims that they just want to help the little people. Marlena pokes fun at it and tells Stefano to just pay back the money he stole then leave them alone.

Brady and Madison finish decorating their tree and are happy with it. Madison thanks Brady and calls it an amazing day. Brady then kisses Madison.

Rafe goes over everything with Hope, Bo, and Carrie again. Rafe don't think Stefano will exonerate John without implicating himself. Carrie explains how Stefano wouldn't have to implicate himself and thinks they would still be better off than they are now. Rafe worries about letting the DiMeras walk again. Carrie just wants John to be freed. Hope brings up how Stefano is and says he better honor his promise to Alice or else.

John asks Stefano how he set him up. EJ and Stefano both call John delusional. John wonders if Stefano got to one of his employees or planted someone. Marlena thinks it make sense. John brings up a secretary that was signed who was gone right before the FBI contacted him. John accuses them and thinks the secretary was theirs. John says he put it all together now. Marlena tells them to forget it since they will never have control of John's company. Stefano thinks John is putting his ego above his employees. Marlena thinks John is keeping his employees from the DiMeras. EJ tells them that their money is what will feed these people. John thinks they will start manipulating the people. Stefano compares their reputations and says John is the one serving life in prison. Marlena thinks justice would be for EJ and Stefano to be in prison and thinks it could still happen. EJ claims that they didn't do anything. Marlena points out that they are both beginning to sweat. EJ and Stefano laugh it off. Stefano says John has brought this all on himself and it's a beautiful thing to watch.

Madison finds a present under the tree and asks Brady where it came from. Brady jokes with her about it so Madison tries to open it but Brady takes it and says that they open presents on Christmas day. They joke around about it and end up kissing in bed again.

Hope thinks the letter to Alice can take Stefano back to a time when he was scared for EJ's life and needed Alice. Hope wants to sell him on the idea that it's what Alice would have wanted. Rafe says he's never seen that side of Stefano. Hope says Alice is the one who could show that side.

EJ tells John that their offer expires in 24 hours but John tells them no again. Stefano tells John that he's making a very big mistake. John responds that they will see. EJ and Stefano then exit. Marlena tells John that he did the right thing. John hopes that he did and hugs Marlena.

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