Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami works while eating at the Brady Pub. Kayla comes up and asks if she's okay. Sami tells her she is just distracted and then asks Kayla why she didn't tell anyone she was coming to town. Kayla says it was a spur of the moment decision to come with Joey. Kayla explains that she's helping Caroline at the Pub and is glad to hear Will and his friends are okay. Austin arrives and greets Kayla. Kayla goes to get him a drink. Austin sits with Sami and says he can tell she's mad at someone and wants to know who.

At Sami & Rafe's, Carrie gets Sydney to sleep and Rafe thanks her. Rafe continues working on his computer on John's case. Rafe explains Carrie that he had the photo of John at the cafe in Paris enlarged and looked at it some more. Carrie talks about what they need to do to prove John's innocence with the doctored photo but Rafe stops her and tells her that he was wrong as John was at the cafe.

Chad and Gabi sit together studying together at the Town Square. Chad talks to her about missing a few classes with the whole web site issue. Gabi offers to help him catch up and thanks Chad for saving her life. Chad asks Gabi what she's thinking about. Gabi tells him that she's been thinking a lot lately about her life and her future as well as Will. Chad asks if she has second thoughts about breaking up with Will but Gabi insists that it's over and she's ready to move on.

Abigail and Melanie arrive at Abigail's home. Abigail opens an envelope that has her award inside. Melanie tells her how sorry she is that they couldn't make the ceremony and congratulates her. Abigail says it feels like it was a lifetime ago after all that happened. Melanie calls it crazy how things change in an instant. Abigail says you realize you don't have all the time in the world. Jennifer comes in so Abigail tries to talk to her but she is distracted. Abigail asks Jennifer what's going on so she informs her that Daniel broke up with her.

Carrie tells Rafe that she doesn't understand since they were so sure and now all they have is the witness that already left. Carrie worries that she can't get a judge to reopen the case now. Rafe tells her not to be disappointed because John was at the cafe but at a different time than the prosecutors say he was.

Jennifer says that it's okay because things happen like this. Melanie wants to go check on Daniel but Jennifer thinks she should give him some time. Jennifer says there's no one to blame because the whole dating thing was hard for Daniel. Jennifer gets that Daniel got tired of waiting. Abigail tells Jennifer that she's sorry. Jennifer tells her to feel sorry for Daniel because he put his whole life on hold for her. Jennifer says she loves Daniel but knows it's not fair to him and hopes they can remain friends. Melanie can't believe it. Jennifer doesn't want to think of Daniel not being in her life anymore.

Sami tells Austin that she's upset because she and Rafe wanted to renew their wedding vows on Christmas Eve but found out that they can't. Austin asks which one of them committed the mortal sin which upsets Sami. Austin apologizes for the joke. Sami explains that she just really wanted to do this so much. Austin points out that she and Rafe just got married so he wonders why they are rushing to renew their vows.

Jennifer asks Abigail if everything is alright between her and Chad. Abigail says Chad is great and they are really happy together but she thinks she might have met someone else. Jennifer is surprised. Abigail says she doesn't mean met for the first time but she's recently been spending time with this person and he makes her feel amazing. Abigail says she and Chad are great so she doesn't even know, all she knows is that she likes being with this other person a lot. Jennifer says it makes sense as she is in a total tailspin. Jennifer assumes she and Melanie are still in total shock. Jennifer tells Abigail that she's not trying to diminish her feelings but doesn't think she should make any big decisions. Jennifer talks about her decisions and how she might want to go see Marlena to talk about everything in her life. Abigail suggests she might want to see Marlena as well. Jennifer asks Abigail who the other guy is that she has feelings for.

Sami tells Austin that the holidays are a symbol of hope and promise so that's why they want to renew their vows. Kayla walks by and tells Sami that anytime is the right time as long as they do it. Austin agrees with Kayla. Austin says he has to go meet Carrie at the hotel while Sami has to get home to Rafe and the kids. They say they will see each other soon as they get up. Austin then tells Sami that he's really proud of her because she became a super career woman and also really turned herself around. Austin says Sami has become who he always thought she could be. Sami is glad that someone else feels that way. Austin reluctantly agrees that maybe Rafe brings out the best in her. Austin tells her to remember that the best is always there as they exit together and Kayla watches on.

Rafe explains to Carrie that the photos he found on a website were a couple of years old. Rafe says that the cafe had windows before the owner installed a new awning. Carrie realizes that the photo must be old and all they did was change the date. Rafe says they got lucky since they messed up by never removing the shadows. Rafe tells Carrie that they are on their way to clearing John.

Gabi and Chad continue studying at the town square. Gabi assures him that he knows everything and will ace the test. Gabi calls it weird that they are in college since it seems not long ago they were in high school dating. Chad tells her that she put up with a lot of crap from him. Gabi says she learned a lot dating Will and knows a relationship can survive a lot with the right person. Gabi talks about looking for the right guy.

Jennifer continues asking Abigail who the other guy is. Abigail says she's said enough as it is and calls it unfair to Chad to talk about it with them since she has no intention of ever telling Chad. Melanie questions her decision. Abigail wonders why she would tell Chad since as far as he's concerned, things are solid between them and they still love each other. Abigail says she would rather die than hurt Chad. Abigail calls it unreal since she never thought she could have feelings for two people at the same time. Jennifer adds that she didn't think she could do it either but it happened. Abigail compares it to Jennifer being miserable and heartbroken over Daniel so she doesn't want that to happen. Abigail says she can't stay away from this other person and might not want to since she thinks about him all the time. Abigail says she didn't plan this but it just happened. Jennifer suggests it could be something very real.

Austin returns to his hotel room looking for Carrie but she is not there. Austin says he's not surprised. Austin reaches under the bed and pulls out a present he had for Carrie then lays it on the bed.

Carrie tells Rafe that this will definitely help John's case so she can't wait to tell him and Roman. Rafe offers to come along and Carrie wants him to. Rafe tells her that even though he's not being paid, it's still fulfilling and he's so grateful. Carrie tells Rafe that she can't thank him enough for what he's done. Carrie hugs Rafe as Sami then walks in and sees them.

Jennifer tells Abigail to be careful. Abigail doesn't know where any of it is coming from and wonders if it's because of all the recent drama. Jennifer suggests it could be about her and Chad and not the other guy at all. Abigail doesn't want to hurt Chad when he's never hurt her and always been good to her other than accidentally kissing Melanie but that didn't count. Abigail doesn't know what to do since telling him and not telling him both feel wrong. Abigail asks what she should do. Melanie thinks back to her talk with Chad where he admitted the kiss was not a mistake. Abigail tells Melanie that she is her best friend and needs her advice on what she should do.

Chad thinks back to being locked up with Melanie and kissing her as Gabi wonders what he's thinking about.

Rafe greets Sami with a kiss as she comes home. Rafe says he has big news since he and Carrie got a big break in John's case. Carrie credits Rafe for it. Sami calls it great and says she's happy for both of them. Rafe tells her that once John is exonerated, there won't be any more guns or anything. Rafe tells Sami to thank Carrie because she was amazing with Will and the kids. Sami talks about nobody calling her and wishes she was there. Rafe explains that he wanted to find out everything for sure before calling her. Carrie says she is going to meet Austin as Sami mentions that Austin is waiting for her already. Carrie thanks Rafe again and says she knew what she was doing when she hired him. Carrie then exits. Rafe tells Sami that the kids are in bed and Will is not there. Sami asks how Rafe got the kids to bed while working. Rafe tells her that Carrie read to Sydney. Rafe offers to get her food but Sami says she ate at the Pub while working and saw Kayla. Rafe asks if she's alright. Sami asks him why he would ask that. Rafe notes that she seems ticked off. Sami admits that she is. Rafe asks if it's because of Carrie. Sami informs him that her bad news is that the church is not available on Christmas Eve so they won't be able to renew their vows.

Melanie tells Abigail that she doesn't know since she and Chad are great together so she has to do what's right for her. Abigail agrees and says she made it sound so simple but she can't even think about being without Chad. She thinks her other feelings have got to mean something. Jennifer asks Abigail if the other guy feels the same way about her.

Carrie arrives at the hotel and tells Austin that she is sorry that she was working with Rafe. Carrie doesn't want Austin to think she wasn't thinking about him. Austin insists that he's fine. Carrie brings up that he wanted to go Christmas shopping tonight. Austin says she wanted to and he just agreed to go. Austin tells her that there's nothing wrong with loving Christmas. Carrie admits that she misses Christmas in Zurick and hugs Austin. Austin agrees that he will miss it as well. Carrie hopes they can get their own place by next year. Austin surprises Carrie with a present. Carrie opens it and is surprised to see their Christmas album from Zurick. Carrie tells him that she loves him and kisses him. Carrie tells Austin that he always knows what she needs and makes her the happiest wife ever then hugs him again.

Rafe tells Sami that she's sorry but they can still renew their vows after the new year. Sami thinks that wouldn't be the same. Rafe thinks it would be better since they could invite everyone. Sami wanted to do it before Christmas as a new start but now it's ruined. Rafe says he's sorry that she's so upset but he's fine with waiting and is sure the kids will be too so he doesn't get why she is in such a big rush to do this.

Carrie and Austin sit together as she says she can't believe he did this as it's the sweetest present ever. They talk about wanting all their things back. Austin says he wanted to make sure he got their album for Christmas since they can't get their own place yet. Carrie loves it and says she won't need anything else as they look through the album together. Carrie finishes to save looking at the rest for Christmas. Carrie suggests they go out for a bit tonight and make a donation to the hospital. Carrie thinks they could also hang an ornament on the Horton tree in the Town Square and can also do some Christmas shopping. Carrie then kisses Austin.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she's not sure how the other guy feels yet and it's complicated so she doesn't want to say anything. Jennifer suggests they get out and go look at the lights and Christmas tree at the Town Square. Melanie agrees so Jennifer goes to get ready. Abigail points out that Melanie has been really quiet. Abigail blames herself for going on about herself. Melanie understands that she's going through a lot. Abigail can tell that something's wrong with Melanie. Abigail tells her that Chad told her what it was like for them to be locked up together and wondering if they would make it out alive. Melanie tells her that she was scared. Abigail says she's glad it was Chad that was with her. Melanie says Chad was great and brave. Abigail calls Chad amazing and says she loves him but if they are for real, she wonders why she's having these other feelings and doesn't know what to do.

Chad tells Gabi that he can't keep his mind on studying anymore. Chad thanks Gabi for helping and suggests they call it a night. Chad apologizes for being distracted but says they will talk some more. Chad then leaves.

Sami tells Rafe that she's sorry and hates herself for acting this way. Rafe hates to see her upset when she doesn't need to be since they can renew their vows anytime, anywhere. Sami doesn't want to wait. Rafe wonders why since they are happy and committed and everyone knows it. Sami thinks it started at the town square and hearing all the talk about Tom and Alice. Sami likes to think Alice would be proud of who she is now. Sami talks about how amazing their marriage was after all those years and she wants that. Sami says her and Rafe's wedding was special and perfect but she wants to say her vows in church with all their family and friends so she can be a good wife to him. Rafe says he sees that every day but Sami wants to go out of her way to show him. Rafe suggests that they renew their vows at the Town Square so they can be right by the Hortons. Rafe thinks that will be blessed by God and the Hortons then they can spend their lives trying to be as happy as Tom and Alice. Sami is surprised that he would do that for her. Rafe suggests they can do it at the church on one of their anniversaries. Sami says they are no words to say how much she loves him. Rafe tells her they should start rehearsing their honeymoon if she wants to do this on Christmas Eve. Rafe then picks her up and carries her to their bedroom.

Jennifer, Abigail, and Melanie walk through the town square talking about the Hortons while they look at the tree. Chad arrives and sees Melanie. They wave to each other as Chad turns and walks the other way.

Austin and Carrie arrive at the town square and Carrie hangs their ornaments on the tree. Jennifer points out Austin and Carrie and talks about how long they have been together. Jennifer comments that Alice said Carrie and Austin would live happily ever after and she was right as Abigail watches on. Carrie tells Austin that he gave her the greatest gift by giving her the Christmas spirit. Carrie then kisses Austin as Abigail watches and holds back tears.

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