Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Madison joins Brady and apologizes for having to leave while they were in the middle of something. Brady reminds her that they were kissing. Madison asks if he wants to continue talking over dinner. Brady says he never makes the same mistake twice.

Daniel comes to Jennifer's. Daniel asks her how Abigail is doing. Jennifer worries about it being bad for Abigail later on. Daniel assures her that things will be fine. Jennifer asks Daniel where they are going for their date. Daniel keeps it a secret. Jennifer asks for a hint. Daniel says she will probably be black and blue afterwards but she will find it exhilarating.

John sits in his cell until Marlena comes in and comments that he looks hungry. Marlena tells John that they are going to have dinner together. Marlena and John sit together with the cell bars between them to eat dinner together. John calls it his only good moment and realizes that Roman got it allowed.

Brady tells Madison to clarify what they are going to be together. Madison doesn't know and apologizes. Madison starts to leave but Brady stops her. Brady says he didn't want to repeat the same mistake which means he didn't want to recreate a scenario that didn't work the first time so he wants to try something different. Madison thinks that's' good and asks what he has in mind. Brady offers to show her.

Daniel and Jennifer walk through the town square talking. Jennifer gets a call from Jack so Daniel steps aside.

Brady brings Madison to his office where he has chips and wine to recreate their good time the night of the blizzard. Brady calls that one of the best nights he had in a long time. Madison is surprised and points out that it isn't snowing. Brady then surprises her by turning the lights down and having snowflake effects on the walls. Madison and Brady then kiss.

Jennifer finishes her call with Jack and returns to Daniel. Daniel talks about not realizing Jack's PTSD was so severe. Jennifer tells him that Jack wanted to thank Daniel for helping him. Jennifer talks about Jack understanding it and being open to getting help. Jennifer goes to get them hot chocolate while Daniel sits down trying to untie shoe laces that Jennifer gave him. Daniel's hand then starts shaking.

Marlena and John continue their dinner. Marlena continues to talk about John not being guilty. John talks about being determined to pay back everyone that had their money stolen.

Jennifer returns to Daniel with hot chocolate. Jennifer notes that Daniel didn't get the knot untied so he claims that he got a phone call. They toast to just cutting the knot as Daniel looks at his hand.

Brady and Madison prepare their food. Madison thanks him for making her happy. Madison says she knows that she doesn't make it easy for him and knows it'd be easy for him to walk away but she's glad he didn't. Brady says walking away from her would be one of the hardest things he would ever do. Madison talks about it not being easy to let people in but she did let Brady in. Brady brings up Madison being there for him when Johnny was missing. Brady talks about that being the night that he got her.

Marlena talks to John about the photo of him being doctored to help show that he's innocent. Marlena tries to encourage him but John doesn't want to get his hopes up. John says they have to be realistic and worries that this may be as good as it gets for the rest of his life if he never gets out of here. John tells her that she may need to start making plans for her future in the rest of her life.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the Brady Pub talking about finishing skating. Daniel tells her that tomorrow is the second part of their date. Daniel informs her that a ballet tour from Scotland is going to be in Salem for one night only so he got them ticket but Jennifer tells Daniel that Jack already got her tickets. Daniel thinks he screwed up. Jennifer feels terrible and thinks she upset him. Daniel tells her that they need to talk.

Madison and Brady finish their meal. Madison tells Brady that she's sure that she really wants to try being together. Madison says she can't promise that she won't shut down every once in a while. Brady reminds her of her not dating co-workers. Madison tells him to forget she ever said that. Madison suggests they shake hands on their new deal but Brady has something else in mind. Brady turns on some music and suggests they seal the deal with a dance so they begin to dance together.

Marlena tells John not to worry about her because she's alright and keeping busy. Marlena says she misses him but she's managing and might take a position at Salem U. Marlena explains that she'd head up a psychiatric program. John calls it amazing and congratulates her. John says he's happy for her but that wasn't what he was talking about. Marlena says she doesn't want a divorce so she can move on. John thinks she would feel obligated to him for the rest of her life. Marlena says she loves him and that will never change because she's devoted to him. Marlena promises to be by his side until the day she dies. John states that he's just trying to find a way to make her happy. Marlena calls it a relative thing since she's unhappy that he's locked up but she is happy with her heart being for him. Marlena says she will do whatever she has to in order to get him out. John questions what she means by that. John questions if there's something she isn't telling him.

Daniel says they need to talk about their situation. Jennifer admits that it hasn't been easy. Jennifer says she never imagined that there would have to be a choice made. Daniel thinks they would be a lot further along if Jack never came back but he did. Daniel admits that it's been torture for him and he figures Jack feels the same way. Jennifer says she's sorry. Daniel assumes that Jack feels he has one up since they have children together while he's just some guy she started dating. Daniel worries that he's not enough to be the one. Daniel says when Jennifer goes out with Jack, he gets sick to his stomach. Jennifer says it's not right and apologizes to him. Daniel explains that Jennifer didn't do it as he went along with this to see what would happen. Daniel says he did it because he loves her but it's been months and she isn't any closer to a decision. Daniel tells her that he's not blaming her but he won't wait around for her. Daniel decides it needs to end and he has to end it. Jennifer asks if he's asking her to choose. Daniel tells her that he's choosing for the both of them like he should have. Daniel informs Jennifer that he's out and giving up which surprises Jennifer.

Brady takes Madison back to her hotel room. She thanks him for everything. Brady decides to leave but Madison asks if he'd stay if she asked him to. Madison asks him to stay with her.

John tells Marlena to stop eating and tell him what she's up to. Marlena says she just wants him home. Marlena admits she's doing a little investigating on her own. She assures him that she knows what she's doing and is trying to prove that Stefano set him up. John gets mad and asks if she's out of her mind since they know what Stefano is capable of. John warns her about Stefano's danger. Marlena says she's gone against him before. John tells her to stay away from Stefano.

Jennifer asks Daniel to stay with her because she doesn't want to lose him but she doesn't know how to reconcile it with how she feels about Jack. Daniel thinks she does know but just feels guilty. Daniel feels that he is just in her way. Daniel says Jack might be the one to make her happy. Daniel says he saw it last night and today on the phone. Jennifer tries to deny it but Daniel says Jennifer loves Jack and they might never connect in that way. Daniel tells her that he can't compete with it and he won't.

Brady lights candles in Madison's room. Madison tells Brady that he blows her away. Brady calls her beautiful and kisses her. Brady picks her up and carries her to the bed as they kiss.

Marlena tells John that she knows what she's doing and that Stefano wouldn't lay a hand on her. John says it would drive him crazy and wants her to promise him that she will leave it to Rafe. Marlena says she's just offering her expertise but then agrees to stop. Marlena suggests they stop talking about Stefano and have dessert. They sit down and have dessert.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not giving up but he refuses to be the odd man out. He realizes that he might not be the best man for her because she's not sure. Daniel says this isn't good for him. Jennifer agrees that she can't do this to him anymore and apologizes. Daniel says they tried but they are just not meant to be. Jennifer admits that she wouldn't have survived the past year without him but says everything Daniel has said is right. Jennifer says that her heart is breaking right now because she can't imagine losing him.

Madison and Brady continue kissing in bed and start to undress each other.

John and Marlena sit together and talk about how they miss being together. Marlena tells John not to get hurt in there. John responds telling her not to get hurt out there.

Daniel brings Jennifer home and tells her this is it. Daniel hopes they can be friends in time. Daniel says more than anything, he wants her to be happy. Jennifer says she wants him to be happy too and she does love him. Jennifer apologizes for hurting him. Daniel tells her that nobody set out to hurt anyone as they love each other but aren't meant to be together. Daniel calls it sad but true. Jennifer holds back tears. Daniel tells her that he had given up on love after Chloe and believed he would never feel that again but she showed him that he could have it all again. Daniel tells her that he will never regret their time together. Daniel tells her to take care of her heart. Jennifer cries and gives him a hug goodbye. Daniel then exits as Jennifer heads back into her house. Jennifer shuts the door and sits down crying.

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