Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer sits at home reading the newspaper about what happened with the gamblers. Abe and Lexie then arrive to see how she's doing. Jennifer talks about how hard it was to have Abigail taken hostage but she's good now. Lexie brings up the morning news and Jennifer says she saw that the voters are afraid of organized crime coming into Salem. Jennifer thinks Abe should address the issue and he agrees. Jennifer also thinks it's a great time to expose EJ's background to the voters but Abe refuses to play dirty. Lexie says they are above that even if EJ and Nicole are not.

EJ and Nicole wake up in bed together. EJ tells her that he loves her and Nicole says she loves him as well and then they kiss.

Sami talks with Madison at work. Sami points out that she was on time today even with Will busting an online gambling ring. Madison tells Sami that she would've understood and asks about Will. Sami says he's doing okay. Sami gives Madison research from Brady so Madison wonders if Brady isn't working but Sami says that he is. Madison tells Sami to make sure she seals the deal for them with Morrison and Sami then exits. Madison then walks on to Brady's office to see him. Brady talks to her about having to make an appointment. Madison asks if this is how it's going to be. Brady tells her that everything he needs to say to her is in the research so she can leave.

Sami runs into Kate at the Town Square. Kate asks her about Will and says they had no idea what was happening. Kate is surprised to hear that Sami wasn't there. Sami explains that she was on a business trip with Madison and says things have been great since she stood up to Madison so she thanks Kate. Sami tells Kate that she has a meeting to go to but Kate already knew about her meeting with Morrison. Kate tells Sami that she always knows what's going on with her competition. Kate then gets a call and steps away so Sami walks on but runs into the babysitter with Sydney, Allie, and Johnny. She says she was bringing them to Titan since she didn't know where else to take them and quickly exits leaving the kids with Sami. Sami worries about what she should do since she can't screw up her work.

Abe explains to Jennifer that it would come out that Lexie is Stefano's daughter and he doesn't want his family dragged into it. Jennifer thinks they should spotlight the good of DiMeras like Lexie and Chad and compare them to EJ who is a crook. Abe says he appreciates where she's coming from but the answer is no. Lexie gets that Jennifer is frustrated but she knows there is nothing her family isn't willing to do to win the election. Lexie believes that Abe will win because of who he is so they will stay on the high road. Jennifer agrees to stay on positive notes. Lexie mentions that Abe will give a speech at a children's charity today to announce a fundraiser project.

EJ and Nicole finish making love. EJ suggests they stay in bed all day but Nicole reminds him that he's a guest speaker at the children's charity luncheon. EJ didn't know it was on his schedule and Nicole admits she forgot to put it in his calendar. EJ points out that it's been a long time since she made a mistake. Nicole then tells him she didn't make a mistake but was just waiting to tell him. Nicole explains that the children's charity is Abe's pet project so she had some money donated from DiMera Enterprises. EJ kisses her and Nicole tells him to go ahead as she has a loose end to tie up. EJ then gets out of bed to get ready. EJ thinks it's an understatement to say that Abe will be surprised. Nicole responds that he has no idea.

Jennifer tells Abe that he's right that there's no way EJ can outdo his announcement today. Abe steps out to work on his speech. Lexie sits with Jennifer and tells her that she understands why she wants Abe to be more aggressive but there's nothing they can do to make Abe run a negative campaign. Jennifer worries that Abe might be naive. Lexie insists that Abe is just being true to who he is. Lexie believes that is why people will vote for Abe. Abe comes back in and praises Jennifer for the speech she wrote for him. They get ready to leave but Jennifer answers the phone. Jennifer then informs them that the assistant for the charity event had a water leak so the luncheon was moved to the new hotel at the Town Square.

Allie, Sydney, and Johnny run around as Sami tries to keep control and Kate watches them. Kate asks what's going on. Sami explains that the babysitter had to leave since her mom ended up in the hospital so she's trying to figure out what to do. Sami worries about losing her job. Kate reminds her that she helped keep her job. Sami worries about screwing up the meeting so she has to resolve this mess. Sami considers calling Marlena or Carrie but Kate suggests that she could help.

Brady continues working so Madison wonders why he's ignoring her. Brady tells her that he isn't and understands they are just working together. Madison thinks Brady is upset about what didn't happen between them. Brady tells her that she was right that it was a mistake. Madison tells him that she wants him but Brady thinks she will just change her mind again. Madison says that there's a reason why she keeps changing her mind so Brady asks her to tell him why she's making it so hard.

Abe and Lexie run into Jennifer at the town square and tell her that there was nothing about the luncheon at the hotel. Jennifer says she's trying to figure out what is going on so that he doesn't miss his speech.

EJ makes his speech at the children's charity. EJ says he is not here as a candidate but as a concerned citizen. EJ understands the struggle to raise money for the children's center so he's here to tell them that the struggle is over. EJ reveals that he has helped raise enough money to pay for the rec center and afterschool activities so that the children will have everything they need for a long time. EJ finishes as the crowd and Nicole applauds him.

Sami questions Kate offering to help her. Kate reminds her that they are her grandchildren. Sami points out that she hasn't been a part of her life. Kate says maybe she would be if her and EJ could share a civil moment which causes Sami to have a flashback to being with EJ. Sami states that it's not about EJ or Lucas but Stefano. Sami says she hates Stefano and what he's done so she won't let the kids be around him. Kate says she doesn't have to take them to the mansion and could watch them at the town square. Kate thinks Sami is just being paranoid as Sami considers her offer. Kate tells her that either she watches the kids or she'll miss her meeting.

Madison tells Brady that she doesn't mean to make things hard but she's not used to letting people in. Brady questions why she shut him out when they were about to make love. Madison says she would tell him if she knew why. Madison tries to apologize but Brady demands the truth and wants to know what the problem is so they can try to get past it.

Jennifer tells Abe that no one on their campaign knew the luncheon was moved. Lexie then finds out on her phone that EJ gave the speech at the luncheon and announced he got funding for the new children's rec center and afterschool program. Jennifer says she knew EJ and Nicole had to be behind this. Lexie wonders what they should do now. Jennifer gets a call from the campaign director. Jennifer tries to explain that they were set up. EJ and Nicole arrive at the town square talking about how good things went. Jennifer accuses EJ of setting them up and Abe points out that their fingerprints are all over it. Jennifer calls Nicole as evil as EJ is.

Sami agrees to let Kate watch her kids while she goes to her meeting. Sami tells the kids the plan and the kids get excited. Sami tells her to not give them candy or buy them more presents since they have enough. Kate points out that she raised children all by herself. Sami hugs the kids and exits. Kate sits with the kids and tells the kids that she will buy them hot chocolate and candy if they promise not to tell Sami so the kids cheer.

Madison tells Brady that she wants them to get past this but she doesn't know how. Brady suggests she stop pulling back every time they get close. Madison says she tried to figure out why she does that but she doesn't know. Madison says she's spent so much time building her company that she's never had a problem ending personal relationships as they were never serious. Brady asks her if she wants him or not so she asks what he thinks.

Jennifer accuses EJ of using kids to get votes and calls it shameless and disgusting. Lexie asks EJ how he could take Abe's place. EJ thinks Abe is not the only person allowed to speak to the people. EJ tries to say he just happened to be there while Abe did not show up. Jennifer calls him pathetic.

Brady apologizes to Madison and understands what she's going through is hard. Madison tells him that she doesn't want to push him away. Brady says he has baggage too and thanks her for being honest with him. Madison says that she's trying. Brady tells her that it means a lot to him that she is going through this for him. Brady wishes they talked it over before. Madison doesn't think she was ready to admit her problem yet. Brady is glad that they are talking again.

EJ tells Jennifer that Nicole did not set this up. Abe says he's just happy the kids got what they needed but he had been planning for the entire community to donate so that everyone could feel apart of it. EJ says his plan gives the children something. Lexie says EJ has made his point. Abe decides they should go. Lexie tells EJ that she thought she couldn't get any more disappointed in him. Abe takes Lexie away. Jennifer reminds them that she warned them not to play dirty. EJ gets a call and steps away. Jennifer warns Nicole to play fair. Nicole tells her that she should know politics is a dirty business and Abe won't learn that until he loses. Nicole then rejoins EJ.

Sami returns from her meeting to see Kate sitting with the kids with candy and hot chocolate. Sami reminds her that she told her none of that. Kate pretends not to remember. Sami thought she promised. Kate insists that it won't cause any damage. Kate tells Sami that all three kids were angels. Sami thanks her and says she tries with her kids. Kate states that it shows. The kids show Sami a picture with Santa that Kate took them to. The kids say Kate is the best. Sami is surprised that Kate did that for the kids and tells her that she appreciates it. Kate tells Sami that she's there next time she needs a babysitter. Kate asks Sami about her meeting. Sami feels that she won him over so Morrison is on board at Mad World thanks to Kate's help. Kate says she is glad that she could help which surprises Sami. Johnny asks when Kate can play with them again. Kate says she'd be happy to babysit any time. Kate tells Sami that she knows how she feels about Stefano but he would love to see his grandchildren. Sami tells her that will not happen.

Madison tells Brady that after she made him leave, she wanted to run after him and beg him to stay but she was afraid of what he would think of her. Brady calls her a tease but Madison worries that he'd think she was crazy.

EJ and Nicole return to the DiMera Mansion. EJ is unhappy and says he's thinking about what Lexie said. EJ thinks they have every right to be angry with him. EJ doesn't like that she set Jennifer up so that Abe would miss the speech. Nicole says she did it because she wants EJ to win. Nicole asks if EJ thinks she went too far.

Jennifer, Lexie, and Abe return to Jennifer's. They talk about their strategy and how EJ will cross any lines. Jennifer says she does not want EJ to be mayor of the town she loves. Jennifer says what she is asking Abe to do pales in comparison to the sacrifices he will have to make as mayor. Abe doesn't want to sink to the same level as EJ. Jennifer tells him to either fight or accept defeat.

Kate tells Sami that she knew that she wouldn't let the kids see Stefano but felt she had to ask as his wife. Sami calls her a loyal wife. Sami gets a text from Rafe that he can watch the kids now so she gets the kids. The kids hug Kate to say goodbye. Kate tells them that she had so much fune. Sami admits that she really appreciated Kate helping her today. Kate tells her that she's always available to help her within reason. Sami then exits with the kids.

Brady tells Madison that he doesn't think she's crazy but brave. Madison admits she is scared. Madison wonders why she has to be so complicated. Brady credits it to feelings and emotions. Brady suggests they be honest with each other from here on out and work out any problems together. Madison likes the idea and then Brady kisses her.

Nicole asks EJ if he's seriously angry that she sabotaged Abe. EJ thinks it's a lot more than that since she strong-armed companies that do business with his company in a project that will cost them millions. Nicole says she loves him and wants him to be mayor so she will do anything to make that happen. Nicole hopes he's not angry at her. EJ then smiles and changes his tune saying he could never be angry at her and hugs her.

Jennifer continues trying to convince Abe. Lexie adds that Abe will not play dirty. Lexie gets a call and steps out. Abe then tells Jennifer to do what she has to do. Jennifer asks even if it means getting dirty. Abe tells her that he will do whatever it takes to win the election. Jennifer says she's in as Lexie returns to the room. Lexie tells Abe that she is so proud of the way he sticks to his principles no matter what. Lexie assures him that he will win the election and hugs him as Abe looks at Jennifer unsure of his choice.

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