Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/11

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Sonny tells Will, Abigail, and Gabi that they have to do something and can't just sit around. Will says he's going to put the site back up but Sonny stops him and wonders how they know that they keep their promise and not kill Chad or Melanie. Will asks what they should do then.

Horace and Zig watch Chad and Melanie through the camera. The bodyguard, Zig, says they can't keep them forever and Horace says it will just be until they get what they want and then they will let them leave - in body bags.

Chad bangs on the door screaming for help as Melanie cries. Chad turns to her and tells her it will be okay. Melanie worries that they are going to get killed. Chad promises her that he will get them out and no one will hurt her.

Will and Sonny work to fix the site on the computer. Gabi and Abigail worry about whether they can get the site up and if they should go to the police. Sonny insists that they can't go to the police so Chad and Melanie don't get hurt. Abigail wonders if the police already know. Chad gets a text message that says "tick tock"

Bo and Hope explain to Rafe and Carrie what they have found out about the guys behind the web site gambling.

Chad sits with Melanie and continues to tell her that they will get out of this. Melanie wonders if Will and Sonny have the site back up by now and wants to get out. Chad tries to say they will get out but hesitates which worries Melanie. Melanie demands to know what he's not telling her.

Daniel, Jennifer, and Jack try to get a hold of Abigail at the Brady Pub but can't. Jennifer says Abigail would never miss her award. Jack worries that they could be involved in something illegal and brings up Chad being a DiMera. Daniel and Jack start to go check with Bo but Victor stops them and suggests he can be of some assistance so they agree. Victor then leaves with Daniel and Jack. Maggie asks Jennifer what's going on. Jennifer wishes she knew.

Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie walk through the town square and talk about needing to find Sonny and Will. Bo hopes they can stop them from trying to handle things on their own. Victor, Jack, and Daniel arrive so Bo approaches them. Daniel says they have questions now. Jack wants to know why he can't find Abigail.

Sonny tries to calm Abigail down. Abigail states that she got the message when she saw Chad being held at gunpoint.

Melanie thinks Chad knows why they won't let them out and wants to know why. Chad tries to blow it off but Melanie worries that they can't get out because they would put the two men in prison. Horace watches them through the camera and loads his gun then sits back down with Zig who wonders if they made the wrong move. Horace tells him to keep his opinions to himself since he's doing what he has to, to protect their business. He tells him that he won't let kids ruin it, and they will get rich.

Bo wishes he could tell Jack and Daniel more. Jack continues asking questions. Bo explains that they have learned about the internet gamblers and have to find the kids. Jack wants to know more. Daniel says they are just concerned since Melanie and Abigail aren't returning phone calls. Bo reiterates that when he knows more, he will tell them. Bo says he knows how difficult it is to lose a daughter. Victor walks away with Daniel and Jack. Hope tells Bo that Daniel has a right to know that Melanie could be in danger.

Austin arrives at the Town Square and joins Carrie and Rafe. Carrie and Rafe explain to Austin what is going on. Rafe tells him that Sami doesn't know as she's on her way back from Chicago. Rafe steps away to call Sami. Austin asks Carrie why she waited to tell him about this. Carrie says she just happened to be there. Carrie insists that she just wants to help Rafe get to the bottom of this for Will.

Daniel, Jack, and Victor return to the Brady Pub. Daniel tells Jennifer that they didn't find anything else out. Jack thinks Bo was lying and knows more than he was saying.

Sonny tells Abigail to think of Chad and know that he can take care of himself. Abigail worries about the guys having guns. Sonny reminds her that Chad is a DiMera. Gabi tries to help calm down Abigail as well. Sonny rejoins Will to try and help with the computer. Will says he doesn't know how much more time he will need. Abigail wants to call the police but Gabi reminds her that they can't. Sonny recalls that the texts came from Chad's phone so maybe they can track his location. Gabi tells Abigail that it will be okay. Gabi tells her to think that the men are just gamblers and not killers.

Melanie worries that the next time the guys come in, it will be to kill them. Chad tells her that they are going to be fine and he won't let anything happen to her. Melanie bangs on the door screaming to let them out and breaks down crying as Chad hugs her.

Bo tells Hope that he didn't like keeping the truth from Daniel but thinks if Victor knew about Melanie, then he would have his men all over this. Hope says she just keeps thinking if it were Ciara. Bo says he has an idea and makes a call.

Maggie asks Victor about there being more than what Bo said. Victor thinks so and says he won't hesitate to call an some favors.

Carrie asks Austin if he knew about what was going on. Austin reminds her that he was there for Abigail's award ceremony. Carrie apologizes for forgetting.

Bo tells Rafe that he told the station to try and get a lead. Rafe mentions that he couldn't get a hold of Sami or Will. Bo gets called back from the station that someone is trying to access the server from the Horton house and they realize it must be Will. Bo and Hope rush off to get there while Rafe remembers he's not on the force anymore and can't go.

Sonny and Will track Chad's phone and see that it's the big building by the pier. Gabi and Abigail tell Sonny that they are going with him since Will has to stay behind and work on the site. Will says to let him know if everything's okay as they leave.

Melanie tells Chad that she's sorry for losing it. Melanie worries about not making it out. Chad insists that they will. Melanie tells Chad that she doesn't think he understands how hard it is for her to be around him. Melanie assumes that she's just lonely and brings up their kiss. Chad tells her that she doesn't have to do this but she wants to because she's afraid if she doesn't then she might never get the chance.

Rafe sits at the Town Square as Carrie returns to him and asks where Bo and Hope went. Rafe informs her that they got a lead to check out and he wishes he could've gone with them. Carrie tries to comfort him as Austin walks by and looks at them.

Jack, Jennifer, and Daniel walk back through the town square. Jack gets upset and says he's just worried about Abigail.

Chad tells Melanie that he should confess first since he knows what she's going to say. Chad tells her that he feels the same way which surprises Melanie. Chad confesses to Melanie that the kiss on Halloween wasn't exactly a mistake. Chad admits that the moment they kissed, he knew it was her and not Abigail and that he should've stopped but he didn't because he liked it. Chad tells Melanie that he liked kissing her. Chad says he can't stop thinking about it or her. Melanie admits that she can't either and feels guilty about it but all she wants to do is feel the way she felt that night. They agree that when they kissed, it felt meant to be. They both feel bad because of Abigail and they don't want to hurt her. Chad tells Melanie that he doesn't want to stop feeling the way he does around her.

Sonny, Gabi, and Abigail arrive outside the building. Sonny tells them to stay there and out of sight. Sonny heads inside. Abigail tells Gabi that she doesn't understand why they got Melanie since she wasn't involved with the web site. Gabi assumes that she must have been with Chad at the awards ceremony. Abigail blames herself and then the gambler arrives and grabs Gabi. He points the gun at Abigail and warns them that they will be dead if they make one wrong move.

Austin returns to Carrie and Rafe and comments on seeing Bo and Hope leaving after catching a break. Austin asks Rafe what it was but he doesn't want to say. Austin accuses Rafe of talking to his wife about it. Austin says he's worried about Will and he tells Rafe that he's going to know if Carrie is in danger. Carrie asks Rafe to give them a minute so he steps away. Carrie asks Austin what he's doing. Austin gets upset and Carrie tells him that she's fine and not in danger. Carrie tells him not to blow it out of proportion. Austin wants to make sure nothing happens to her. Carrie tells him that she's going to see this to the end. Austin says he doesn't like it. Carrie asks if he's talking about Rafe. Austin gets that they work together but says this isn't part of the deal. They agree to talk about it later as Carrie walks away.

Will continues working on the site and ignores a call. Bo and Hope arrive and startle Will. Bo and Hope look on the computer. They tell Will that they know everything from talking to Artie. Will doesn't want to take the chance of the guys knowing that the police are involved. Bo tries to take the laptop as part of the investigation but Will says they can't. Will gets another text that says time is almost up. Will warns them that if they don't let him finish then Chad and Melanie are both going to die.

Sonny goes back to look for Abigail and Gabi but sees they are gone and finds an earring on the ground.

Melanie tells Chad that she can't believe they are talking about this in there. Melanie says it won't matter since they won't get out anyways. Chad then kisses Melanie.

Austin sees Rafe left his phone and Will calls. Austin answers it which surprises Will. Austin asks if Will is alright. Will says he is but is worried about Abigail and Gabi and Sonny. Will explains that they found out where Chad and Melanie are but hasn't heard from anyone yet. Jennifer walks up behind Austin and sees him on the phone.

Victor tells Maggie that he doesn't like the feeling that he is getting from the situation.

Austin questions Will what he's doing about this and why they didn't call the cops. Will apologizes as Austin asks where they are. Will wants him to tell Rafe and tells Austin where they are. Austin tells him to stay where he is so he doesn't get grabbed too. Austin hangs up and looks back at Carrie and Rafe. Austin puts Rafe's phone back down and walks away as Jennifer runs up and grabs the phone. Daniel comes up and Jennifer tells him that it's worse than they thought.

Chad and Melanie continue kissing until they hear a noise which stops them. The gamblers bring Gabi and Abigail up outside the room that Chad and Melanie are in.

Rafe tells Daniel, Jack, and Abigail that Melanie has been taken hostage and Abigail may be too. Rafe explains that Bo and Hope are on their way to where they are but he doesn't know where it is. Rafe says he's worried about Gabi too. Daniel tries to get more answers from him. Jack starts freaking out so Jennifer and Daniel try to calm him down. Daniel assures Jack that they know where Abigail is so she will be brought home fine and no one will hurt her. Jennifer watches as Daniel calms Jack down.

Carrie asks Rafe what Austin was thinking by taking off without telling anyone. Rafe then makes a call.

Bo and Hope catch up with Sonny outside the building. Sonny informs Bo that the gamblers got Abigail and Gabi too as Hope answers a call from Rafe. Hope informs them that Austin is on his way. Bo tells Sonny to stay put and make sure anyone else who comes stays put too as Bo and Hope try to find their way in.

Chad tells Melanie that he's so sorry about everything. Melanie tells him that it isn't his fault. Chad sits with Melanie as the gamblers bring Gabi and Abigail into the room.

Will continues working on his computer and gets the web site back up.

Horace and Zig leave, locking Abigail and Gabi in the room with Chad and Melanie. Abigail hugs Chad and worries about what was done to him. Outside the room, the gamblers see that the site is back up and Horace declares that it's time to get rid of the witnesses now. Abigail tells Chad that she's just glad he's okay after seeing the picture. Abigail hugs Chad while he looks over at Melanie.

Austin arrives and talks with Sonny. Sonny tells him that Bo and Hope said to wait. Austin thinks they could use some backup and convinces Sonny to go in with him.

Horace tells everyone to stay put as he takes Melanie away. Chad screams at him and wonders why Abigail came. Abigail cries that she was worried about him so he hugs her.

The gamblers throw Gabi and Melanie into a different room so they won't be outnumbered. They overhear Bo and Hope coming so he takes Melanie as a hostage. Horace tells Zig to take Gabi as his hostage since he has a gun too.

Chad points out that he didn't hear the bolt when the door shut so he thinks they can get out. Chad tries to get the door open and eventually kicks it open. Chad tells Abigail to go while he tries to save Melanie. Abigail hugs him and then runs off.

Horace drags Melanie away but Sonny runs up and hits him from behind, stealing his gun. Melanie hugs Sonny as Horace runs away.

Zig points his gun at Gabi and prepares to shoot her but Chad runs in and attacks him. Chad knocks the gun away so Gabi picks it up. Chad fights Zig until Bo runs in and takes him down. Hope arrives behind and checks with them. Gabi thanks Chad for saving her life. Hope hugs Gabi and tells her it's okay as Bo goes to find the others.

Abigail runs into a room but gets caught by the Gambler from behind. Austin arrives and tells him not to make a mistake. The gambler takes Abigail to the ground so Austin attacks him. Austin fights with the Gambler and eventually knocks him down with a punch. Bo arrives and asks the gambler where Melanie is. Abigail runs up and hugs Austin. Austin asks her if she's hurt as Bo handcuffs Horace and calls into the station that both suspects are in custody and it's over.

Gabi returns to the town square and hugs Rafe who is glad she's all right. Will arrives and walks on after exchanging looks with Gabi. Abigail then returns so Jennifer and Jack greet her with hugs. Daniel watches on. Austin returns and Abigail says it's thanks to Austin that she is safe. Melanie then runs up to Daniel and hugs him crying. Daniel tells her that everything is going to be okay. Chad then returns to the town square and sees Melanie as she waves to him. Sonny walks through with Victor and Maggie. Victor hugs him and tells him how proud of him he is for being a hero. Carrie runs up to Austin and hugs him as Abigail looks at them and Rafe watches as well. Bo and Hope hug in front of the Christmas tree and rejoin everyone else as they all hug and are happy to be safe and back together.

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