Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The history of Will, Chad, and Sonny's website is shown, their problems with gambling on the site and confronting the student that they thought was responsible to ultimately shutting it down.

Chad and Melanie are locked in a room together and they notice a camera above allowing them to be watched. Chad apologizes to Melanie for getting them into this as a man then enters with a gun.

Six hours earlier, Jennifer, Abigail, and Gabi are at Jennifer's. Jennifer tells Abigail how good she looks in her dress and then goes to get her shoes. Abigail sits with Gabi and asks how she's doing. Gabi promises that she's fine and tells Abigail that tonight is about Abigail receiving her award.

Sonny arrives at the Brady Pub to see Will. Will says he wants to be alone. Sonny tells him he just wanted to make sure he was okay after what happened. Sonny tells him that they are all worried about him. Arty, the student that they confronted about the gambling on their site rushes in and tells them that they have a problem and are going to get killed.

Hope and Bo go to Rafe's where Rafe is with Carrie and a student. Rafe introduces Bo and Hope to a kid named Jay that plays basketball at Salem U. Rafe tells Bo and Hope that something big is going on at Salem U and Will may also be involved.

Abigail tells Gabi that she can talk to her about anything. Gabi thanks her but says she doesn't want to talk about Will and just wants to forget and have fun. Gabi points out Abigail constantly checking her phone. Abigail says she hasn't heard from Chad who was supposed to be there by now. Gabi suggests that she call him so she does but gets his voicemail.

Chad is with Melanie at the Town Square. Melanie asks why Chad didn't answer the phone. Chad says he's a terrible liar and if he answered it then she would've known something was going on. Chad thanks Melanie for coming and keeping it between them as a man arrives in the distance with a gun in his pocket.

Sonny tells Arty that they have his back if he's in trouble. He tells Sonny that it's all of them not just him and ask about Chad. He tells Will to call Chad then grabs him and tells him if he doesn't find Chad, he could end up dead.

Chad and Melanie continue walking through the town square as the man watches them. He gets a call and says he's watching Chad. He finishes the call saying the kids won't know what hit them.

Rafe tells Bo that if they don't do something, Will's life could be in danger. Rafe encourages Jay to let them in on what is going on.

Gabi helps Abigail with her makeup. Jennifer comes back in and answers the phone with a call from Jack. They talk about being ready for Abigail's award ceremony as Jennifer steps back out of the room. Abigail comments that Chad still hasn't called and she doesn't know where he is since this night is really important to her. Gabi insists that there is still time while Abigail hopes he's okay.

Melanie helps Chad buy a necklace for Abigail. Melanie tells Chad that Abigail will love it. Melanie puts it on so he can see how it looks. Chad then helps her put it on and they get close again. Chad states that the necklace is perfect. Melanie takes it off and gives it back to him as the man walks by and bumps Chad from behind. Chad tells him to watch it but the man turns around and shows them their gun. The man tells Chad to do exactly what he says or they will both get a bullet to the head.

Daniel arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to pick up Maggie and Victor for Abigail's award ceremony. Maggie thanks him and asks where Jennifer is. Daniel says Jennifer is getting ready with Abigail. Daniel assumes Jack will be there with Jennifer. Victor reminds Daniel to fight for Jennifer. Daniel says he just won't today since today is about Abigail. Maggie comments on how great of a person Daniel is. Daniel thinks he might be foolish. Maggie tells Daniel that any woman would be lucky to have him in her life.

Jay finishes explaining to Hope and Bo that a man threatened him to throw a game and it's been happening for months. He tells them that the gambler had a smart partner that knew what he was doing. He says the man told him that if he didn't throw the games, he would kill him and his family.

Will and Sonny continue talking to Arty. Arty explains that he tried to warn them that the gamblers from the site were very bad people that make their enemies disappear. Arty says now that they cut off their cash, they want to make them disappear.

Chad goes after the man with the gun but he blocks him and holds the gun to him. He tells Chad that if he tries to be a hero again then Melanie will get it. He then walks Chad and Melanie out of the Town Square.

Daniel, Maggie, and Victor arrive at the Town Square and greet Jennifer. Jennifer talks about how excited Abigail is. Jennifer says the ceremony should be starting soon. She explains that she had to go get her favorite earrings from Gabi's. Jennifer then spots Jack so she goes to talk to him while Daniel goes to get drinks but he stops and looks back at Jennifer with Jack. Jennifer credits Jack for making this happen. Jennifer recalls when she won her award and how she didn't know she wanted to be a writer until Jack believed in her. Jennifer tells Jack that he loves Abigail and she loves him so that counts for everything.

Jay continues telling Bo and Hope how he went along with it because he was scared for his family. He explains how he had the best game of his life in the last game which turned out to be a big mistake.

Will tells Arty that he and Sonny are fine and nothing bad as happened. Sonny adds in that the gamblers are not just betting but fixing the games. Arty thinks shutting down their site may cost them their lives and thinks they already have Chad. He tells Will to try calling Chad so he does and Chad doesn't answer. Will says he's got their attention and asks Arty how bad it is. Arty says the gambling linked to their site is worse than he even thought since they had access from all over the world until their site shut down. Arty warns them that they might try to kill them if they don't get the site back up.

Gabi and Abigail arrive at the Town Square. Gabi talks to Abigail assuring her that everything will be great. Gabi then spots the necklace that the man made Chad drop earlier and picks it up. Abigail comments that someone must have lost it but it looks so beautiful.

The man throws Chad and Melanie into a room and locks the door. Melanie questions Chad about what is going on but he says he has no idea. They try to get out but can't as the man and his partner watch them from another room through a camera.

Jay tells Bo and Hope that after he went home, his house was trashed and his family was gone. He hopes they can help them find his family. He explains that the men wore hoods so he never saw their faces. Bo asks about the scam they were running. He says all he knows is that they were using a University website to run bets. Bo realizes it's Will's site and worries that Will and his friends are in way over their heads.

Sonny worries about Chad not answering texts. Will wants to find him. Sonny tells him not to panic and to think about where he could be. Sonny assumes he must be at the award ceremony with Abigail. They decide to go check if Chad is there.

Melanie and Chad continue banging on the door screaming for help. The two guys talk about their plan and they say they can't mess it up. They go into the room and Chad wonders what they want and who they are. The man tells him that they are the bad guys.

Abigail spots Austin and goes to see him as she's happy that he came. Austin informs her that Carrie might not make it because of work. Gabi joins them and greets Austin. Gabi tells Abigail that Will and Sonny arrived and they look weird so she wants her to go with her so she isn't with Will by herself. Gabi and Abigail go to Will and Sonny. Will and Sonny ask if Chad or Melanie are there and they say they haven't seen them all day. All four of them then get a message on their phones with a photo of Chad and Melanie held at gunpoint. Gabi wants to know what it is and what's going on now.

Bo sends Jay to protective custody while they work on finding his family. Bo and Hope talk to Rafe and Carrie about the gambling and want to find Will. Rafe informs them that Chad and Sonny were involved so they try to get a hold of them. Bo tells Hope that they will bury the gamblers for messing with his family.

Abigail hopes this is a joke. Will shows Sonny another message they got that says to put the site back up if they want Chad and Melanie back. Sonny tries to calm Abigail down and tells her they can't let anyone know. Will says the website is all that they want so they will do what they say. Sonny takes Abigail to try and calm her down. Gabi asks Will what they are going to do as Victor and Maggie then walk up to them. Maggie wanted to congratulate Abigail but she was walking away. Victor wonders if everything is alright. Maggie tells them that she can't get a hold of Melanie. Gabi claims that she just talked to Melanie and she's on her way. Maggie tells them to have a good night and walks away with Victory. Will tells Gabi that he doesn't know what to do. Gabi says they have to save their friends and put the site back up to save their friends.

Melanie yells at the two men but they tell her to shut up. Chad wants to know what they want. He tells Chad that his friends have to put the site back up or he's going to get it. Chad realizes they were the gamblers and tells him that they have made a big mistake since he's a DiMera. The man tells Chad that he knows he has nothing to do with the family so no one is coming. He tells them that he will leave them alone if the site is back up. Chad wonders why they can't use another site. He explains that he has all the systems set up and he can't let his money go to waste.

Sonny and Abigail return to Will and Gabi. Abigail apologizes for panicking and wonders what they are supposed to do since they can't handle this themselves. Abigail wants to go to the police but Will reminds her that the message said no police. Will and Sonny talk about getting calls and wonder if the police already know. Abigail thinks they could help. Bo and Hope then arrive. Will says they have to choose to go to the police and risk their friends' lives or get out and handle it on their own.

Hope and Bo go to Victor and Maggie to ask if they had seen Sonny. Maggie tells them where they were but they are now gone. Maggie wonders if the kids are in trouble.

Sonny, Will, Abigail, and Gabi return to Jennifer's. Abigail worries that they did the wrong thing and ran from their only help. Abigail thinks they should go back since Bo and Hope might know what to do. Gabi thinks they did what they had to do. Gabi worries that they could be being watched now. Will and Sonny go to check the rest of the house. Abigail tells Gabi she's scared and hugs her.

Bo explains to Jack and Jennifer about the gambling ring running through Will's web site. Jack wants to find Abigail. Bo realizes they don't know where she is and Jennifer mentions that she can't get a hold of her.

Hope explains to Victor and Maggie about the gambling and fixing of games. Victor doesn't think Sonny would be involved. Hope thinks they need to find Sonny. Maggie recalls seeing Sonny with Abigail and they looked upset.

Chad tells the man to go ahead and shoot him or let him go and they'll have the web site up in an hour. The man then smacks Chad and kicks him down. He tells Chad that they already knew Will was in charge of the site and not Chad. Melanie checks on Chad to see if he's okay. The man tells them that the clock is ticking as they exit the room.

Bo and Hope wonder where the kids went. Hope worries and has a bad feeling. Bo says he will put out an APB as Arty arrives. Arty tells them that he's in a lot of trouble and was involved with the gambling site so they have to help him. Arty says there's no time and they have to move. He then shows them the picture of Melanie and Chad at gunpoint.

Rafe gets the message from Hope and explains to Carrie what has happened. Carrie wonders what Rafe should tell Sami. Rafe mentions that Sami is in Chicago with Madison and doesn't want to worry her.

Sonny says they have to do something and can't just sit around. Will says he's going to put the site back up but Sonny stops him and wonders how they know that they keep their promise and not kill Chad or Melanie. Sonny decides that they are going to find them and take care of this themselves.

The two men watch Chad and Melanie through the camera. The bodyguard says they can't keep them forever and the man says it will just be until they get what they want and then they will let them leave.

Chad bangs on the door screaming for help as Melanie cries. Chad turns to her and tells her it will be okay. Melanie worries that they are going to get killed. Chad promises her that he will get them out and no one will hurt her.

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