Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Gabi go to the Health Spa. Quinn greets them and welcomes them. Melanie explains that she was looking to get Gabi an appointment. As they talk, Chad arrives. Chad sees Melanie and thinks back to when he kissed her so he turns to leave but Melanie sees him and says hi.

Austin runs into Abigail at the Town Square, knocking down Abigail's coffee. Austin offers to buy her another cup and goes to get it.

Sami meets with Madison at the Town Square but is late. Madison tells her that she doesn't want any excuses. Madison gets a call and says she will talk to Sami about her job status when she gets back.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kate talks on the phone making a meeting for the Town Square. She then greets Stefano. Kate hopes she isn't working too much. Stefano says he's got a kick out of her resurrecting Countess Wilhelmina. Kate thinks Stefano is distracted and wants to know if she can help him with something.

Bo and Hope sit at the Brady Pub and talk about what the voucher found inside the Christmas ornament means. Bo thinks it ties to Susan's letter to Alice. Bo brings up the Swiss bank account. Bo thinks he can solve the mystery and steps away.

Stefano tells Kate that he appreciates her concern but assures her that he's alright. Kate thinks he should start confiding in his wife. Stefano responds absolutely not.

Bo returns to Hope and says he just spoke to Marlena as she treated Susan Banks and also kept in touch with her all these years. Bo says he got her number so he calls Susan Banks. Hope tells Susan who she is. Susan can't remember the last time she heard from Hope. Susan worries that EJ might be in trouble but Hope assures her that he's fine. Susan brings up hearing that EJ is running for mayor. Hope informs Susan that she's calling about Stefano.

Melanie questions Chad going to leave without saying hi. Chad claims he didn't realize she and Gabi were there. Melanie tells him that they are waiting for Abigail to have a spa day. Quinn comes back and asks if he can assist Chad. Chad expresses interest in Quinn's martial arts class. Quinn agrees to let them have a spa day on him as long as they tell people about the place. Quinn mistakes Melanie and Chad for a couple so they quickly explain that they aren't together. Gabi then wonders what's keeping Abigail.

Austin brings another coffee to Abigail and apologizes for running into her. Abigail asks what Austin was thinking about when he wasn't looking and ran into her. Austin says he was thinking about something involving her and he could use her help.

Stefano tells Kate that there's some things he doesn't tell her because he loves her. Stefano brings up all the people that could hurt him if they knew they could use Kate to hurt him. Stefano explains that he has to keep her safe. Stefano adds that he knows she keeps secrets from him too. Kate tells him that she would never be disloyal to him. Kate calls him an amazing man and hugs him as she says she loves him. Stefano tells her that he loves her too and that it's no secret and then kisses her.

Susan tells Hope that she doesn't want to talk about Stefano and worries about EJ being under his influence. Hope tells Susan about finding the letter she wrote to Alice. Susan says Alice came through for her and was sorry when she heard Alice died. Hope asks her about the letter saying to not tell Stefano. Susan explains that Stefano knew everything and knew that Alice helped EJ. Susan brings up that Stefano went to Alice afterwards so Hope wants to know why. Susan pretends to have the call break-up and that she can't hear her. Susan then hangs up as Hope tries to continue talking. Hope tells Bo that Susan pretended not to hear because she was panicked and scared. Hope states that Susan refused to say why Stefano went to see Alice after EJ was well which means there is a lot they don't know. Bo says there won't be for long and they exit the Pub together.

Chad tells Melanie and Gabi that he hasn't talked to Abigail today. They talk about the journalism contest she won. Quinn comes back and gives them papers to sign in. Chad goes with Quinn to prepare for martial-arts training. Gabi comments that Chad is cute in a funny way. Melanie agrees that Chad is great. They sign in and continue wondering where Abigail is. The woman working there comes and takes Melanie and Gabi to get their massage and Melanie leaves her phone behind.

Kate meets with her client, Chris, in the Town Square. Kate wants to know the agenda but he gets a call and looks worried though he says it's nothing.

Madison tells Sami that she's given her chance after chance. Madison tells Sami it ends here.

Kate turns around and sees Madison with Sami. Kate then sends Chris to get coffee as she then hides behind a bush and watches Madison and Sami. Madison and Sami continue to argue as Sami shows Madison the file she brought. Madison tells her that it's not the right image. Madison says Sami was late, screwed up and is now giving her attitude. Sami apologizes but Madison tells her to stop saying sorry because she has so much potential. Madison says it doesn't matter if she doesn't get the job done. Madison calls her late, distracted and disorganized. Madison says she should've known this would be a huge disaster. Madison gets another call and tells Sami to see if she can find the image she actually wanted as she steps away to take the call. Sami complains about Madison as Kate walks up and asks if Sami was going to call Madison a bitch.

Hope and Bo arrive at the DiMera Mansion to see Stefano. Stefano assumes they are going to ask about his bond with Alice. Hope then spots the baby picture of EJ and tells Stefano that Alice had it too. Stefano calls it a coincidence. Hope informs Stefano that they know Alice helped Susan find a doctor to treat EJ when he was a baby. Bo thinks there's more to it. Stefano reveals that he already knew Hope called Susan and comments on the supposed static on the line.

Abigail asks Austin what she can help with. Austin explains that he's going to accept Salem U's offer to teach but he's worried about teaching and wanted to talk to her about it. Abigail isn't sure how she can help. Austin asks her what she thinks of a good teacher. Abigail says someone who cares about what he's teaching and his students. Abigail assures him that students will love him. Austin hopes he doesn't appear out of touch to students. Austin tells Abigail to be his teacher about Salem U and she says she would love that.

Sami tells Kate to leave her alone as Kate says she's not afraid of Madison. Kate comments on how Madison is treating Sami. Sami doesn't want Madison seeing her talking to Kate. Kate brings up the Sami she used to know. Sami says she has four kids to support and bills to pay. Kate tells Sami to demand to be treated better but Sami worries that she'd be fired then realizes that's what Kate would want.

Hope accuses Stefano of tapping Susan's phone. Stefano calls her predictable and says he knew she would call Susan the moment she found out. Stefano says Alice helping Susan and Susan not wanting Stefano around EJ was no secret. Stefano says he has always kept an eye on Susan and EJ but thought it was wise of Susan to ask for Alice's help. Stefano denies interfering and says Alice could pull more strings than anyone. Stefano mentions how Alice would help anyone even a DiMera. Stefano says he wouldn't turn away anyone saving his son's life. Stefano tells Hope that Alice would've told her if she wanted her to know but she didn't. Hope questions it. Stefano says Alice had decades to tell her but never did so she should let it go. Bo thinks Stefano is trying to dodge things. Hope points out that Alice made sure to leave clues for her to follow. Hope shows Stefano the voucher and asks him why Alice had it. Stefano calls it interesting and asks how it ended up in their hands. Bo says it doesn't matter as they just want to know why Alice had it. Stefano claims not to know. Hope states that the vouchers are part of Stefano's mythology. Stefano laughs it off. Hope calls it the first voucher of his they have seen and can't imagine why Alice had it. Bo calls it Stefano's version of a get out of jail free card. Stefano says he understands how much it means to them but they will get no answers from him.

Abigail continues talking with Austin and asks him about his boxing past. Austin says he doesn't regret boxing as it led to other things. Austin says he's a much better forensic accountant. Abigail assures him that he will be a great professor. Abigail mentions interning at the hospital when she first came back to Salem. Abigail talks to Austin about studying journalism and how she won a competition that Jack entered her in. Abigail tells him the award ceremony is tonight and asks Austin if he wants to come.

Melanie and Gabi get treated at the spa. Melanie realizes she left her phone. Gabi tells her to go get it but Melanie is unsure about going out in just a towel. Gabi convinces her to so she goes to look for her phone. Quinn places the phone on the counter and calls it lost and found then exits as Melanie comes around the corner to look for it. Melanie gets it and then accidentally drops her towel as Chad walks back through. Chad apologizes and Melanie quickly tries to cover up.

Kate tells Sami that she's not trying to cause trouble between her and Madison. Kate tells Sami to find her backbone and stand up to her or else she will get fired since no one respects weakness in business. Sami says Madison is right that she's missed a lot of work. Sami insists that she's right about the image she brought but isn't sure about calling Madison out on it. Kate accuses her of letting Madison walk all over her. Kate says the old Sami would slap Madison into place. Kate encourages Sami to stand up to Madison because her job and dignity depend on it.

Chad tells Melanie how sorry he is. Melanie insists that it's her fault for coming out in a towel. Gabi brings Melanie a robe. Melanie tells her she found her phone and runs off. Gabi asks Chad what's going on. Chad tells her that Melanie's towel fell and he saw her. Gabi calls it hysterical but Chad thinks it's awkward. Chad mentions that he's going to tell Sonny and Will about the spa but apologizes for mentioning Will. Gabi admits she was still upset already. Gabi says she was the one that broke up with Will and knows it was the right thing to do since she wants a guy that isn't afraid to show how he feels. Melanie comes back and talks with Quinn. Chad looks over at her and comments that he thinks love finds you when you least expect it.

Austin tells Abigail that it was nice of her to invite him but he has to check with Carrie to see if they can be there for her. Abigail says that'd be great as she would love to see him.

Madison returns to Sami and tells her to start taking notes. Sami tells her that the notes can wait because she's going to listen to what she has to say.

Stefano tells Hope and Bo that he has no idea how Alice got a hold of that voucher. They accuse him of lying as Harold informs Stefano that he has a call so he steps out. Bo tells Hope that they have to stay cool and treat it like one of Stefano's chess games. Bo says they have to study every possible move before they make their move.

Chad thanks Quinn for the free massages and tells Melanie that it was great to see her then stumbles over his words. Chad leaves with Gabi as Melanie says she will text Abigail. Melanie tells Quinn that everything was great. Abigail then arrives and talks with Melanie. Melanie mentions Abigail's journalism contest that she won so Quinn suggests a free spa day for her. Melanie asks Abigail where she was and she says she just ran into a friend.

Chad and Gabi talk at the Town Square and Chad tells her that the right guy will find her one day. Melanie says goodbye to Abigail and then turns around to see Chad.

Madison doesn't like Sami's attitude and asks her what she wants to talk about. Sami says Madison was just about to fire her but now knows she needs her. Sami informs Madison that the image was right and shows her the email to prove it. Kate hides behind the bush and laughs. Sami tells Madison to show her respect. Madison admits that is why she hired her because of that potential. They agree to go back to work and pretend it never happened as Sami and Kate exchange looks. Kate smiles and walks away.

Hope tells Bo that he's right that being confrontational won't get them answers. Stefano comes back in and tells Hope to let the secrets of the dead rest with them for their sake. Stefano tries to go back to his chess game but Hope stands in his way and finishes it for him. Hope and Bo then exit. Stefano comments after they leave that this game is far from over.

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