Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to the DiMera Mansion and forgot her keys so she knocks on the door but there's no answer. Nicole then realizes the door is open so she heads inside looking for EJ. Nicole goes into the living room and finds it decorated with candles lit. EJ walks up behind her and kisses her.

Maggie bakes cookies at home and shares them with Melanie and Daniel. Maggie says they need to keep some cookies for Jennifer's tree decorating party. Maggie calls hanging the ornaments her favorite tradition. Maggie mentions that her Christmas cookie jar was broken and Melanie informs Daniel that Will broke it in the mess.

Sami and Rafe decorate the Christmas tree at home with Allie and Sydney as Will watches. Sami states that Christmas is perfect because they are all together. Rafe adds that it will be the best Christmas ever. Sami goes over to Will and points out that he hasn't hung any ornaments. Will tells her that he's not in the mood and says he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the kids. Sami offers to invite Gabi over but Will doesn't want to talk about her. Sami tries to get him in the Christmas mood but Will tells her to leave him alone.

Hope and Bo discuss wondering why Stefano would owe Alice anything and what their bond is about. They decide that they have to go find Stefano so they get ready to leave but Jennifer and Abigail come home and say they have tons to do so Bo tells Hope that Stefano will have to wait.

Sami tells Will that he can't talk to her like that and wonders if this is all about Gabi. Will tells her he doesn't want to talk about that and then Austin arrives. Austin mentions that Carrie is on her way up and has a big surprise for Sami. Carrie then walks in followed by Marlena walking in with flowers as her surprises.

EJ and Nicole sit for their candle lit dinner. Nicole says they will have to rush through dinner to get to the tree lighting ceremony at the Town Square. EJ thinks they can skip it but Nicole brings up all the free press. EJ thinks they have done enough work and the campaign is going well so they are going to take a break. EJ says they will not work or talk about the campaign tonight so it will be just the two of them and they toast to the idea.

Chad joins Abigail and helps her and Jennifer hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. Jennifer talks about decorating early. Jack then bursts in with more decorations which surprises Jennifer. Abigail reveals that she invited him so Jennifer says it's fine. Maggie then arrives with Daniel and Melanie. Maggie is surprised to see Jack as is Daniel.

Will greets Marlena with a hug and tells her he's so glad she's here. Marlena then greets Sydney, Johnny, and Allie. The kids take Marlena to see their Advent calendar and Will goes with them. Sami confronts Carrie, angry about her bringing Marlena without asking her. Carrie points out how happy the kids are to see Marlena. Sami yells at Carrie that she had no right to bring Marlena since she wasn't ready to see her. Austin and Rafe both stick up for Carrie then Rafe adds that he thinks Carrie did the right thing.

Jennifer talks to Daniel and Jack about wanting to avoid any drama. Jennifer tells them that neither of them have to go since they are all adults here.

Doug and Julie then arrive with Ciara and they greet Maggie. Julie asks about Victor but Maggie tells her that he is out of town on business but was grateful to be invited. Julie says Victor is family now. Maggie admits she worried about not being invited since her last name is no longer Horton. Julie tells Maggie that she will always be a Horton and hugs her.

Sami tells Rafe that she thought he would understand. Sami tells Carrie that she should've asked her first because she doesn't want Marlena here. Carrie says Marlena needs her since John is in jail. Sami tells her that Johnny is freaking out because she is always scared of losing him. Sami blames John for almost losing Johnny and blames Marlena for bringing John into their lives. Carrie tells her not to shut Marlena out and to think of the kids. Sami tells Carrie that she doesn't understand what happened because of Johnny's disappearance and it will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Melanie talks with Abigail and Chad about what happened with Will. Abigail thinks Will was blindsided by Gabi breaking up with him. Chad thinks Will overreacted and is worried about him.

Sami tells Carrie that she's going to have to kick Marlena out of her apartment instead of decorating the tree. Rafe stops Sami and tells her to think about the kids. Rafe reminds her that it's supposed to be family time. Sami agrees but still blames Carrie for doing this. Austin talks with Carrie about how this was a bad idea. Austin tells Carrie that she's fooling herself if she thinks she can just smooth all this over. Rafe reminds Sami that Marlena is family no matter how mad she is. Rafe tells Sami to just hang in there for the kids and they kiss. Marlena comes back into the room with Will and talks about the kids. Marlena decides to help trim and decorate the tree. Rafe convinces Sami to join in. While everyone else is decorating the tree, Will slips some alcohol into his drink and begins drinking.

Abe and Lexie join Hope and Bo for the Hortons tree decorating. Abe talks about John still worrying about his campaign. They talk about Alice and Lexie comments on everyone loving Alice. Hope questions Lexie about Stefano's relationship with Alice but she doesn't remember anything. Hope says she was just curious.

Melanie talks to Chad about wondering what it's like to grow up in a family like this. Chad agrees as they decorate the tree. Melanie drops a decoration and they both pick it up and get close. Melanie then hurries off to go help Maggie in the kitchen.

EJ and Nicole sit together and EJ gives Nicole a present. Nicole opens it up and inside is a business card from Nate Berkus. EJ tells her that he thought she might want someone to come spruce up the house because he wants Nicole to live with him.

Will continues drinking while everyone decorates the tree. Carrie announces that she and Austin are staying in Salem permanently which excites Marlena and Rafe. Carrie adds that Austin got his job at Salem U and she and Rafe can continue working on John's case. Marlena comments on how much it means to her. Carrie informs Marlena of what they found in the photo of John and Rafe explains what it could mean. Sami hears a noise and freaks out about Johnny. Sami then goes off on Marlena for always talking about John. Sami then swears that she hopes John rots in prison.

Abe and Lexie leave for the Town Square and say they will see everyone there later. Hope and Bo head back inside as Maggie gives Daniel and Melanie their own Christmas ornaments. Maggie says they might not be technically Hortons but everyone wanted them to feel like part of the family. Melanie and Daniel hug Maggie. Julie comes over and gives Maggie an ornament for Victor that she can hang. Maggie thanks her and hugs her. Julie jokes with her about Victor Kiriakis having a place on the Horton Christmas tree.

Jack talks to Jennifer about when they announced their engagement and Alice first gave him his Christmas ornament. Jack has a flashback to that day. Jack recalls Alice welcoming him into the family when a lot of people wrote him off so he'll always be grateful to Alice for that. Jennifer says she will be too as Daniel and Melanie watch.

Nicole asks EJ if he really wants her to move back in. Nicole says this is the first place she considered home. Nicole recalls being happy with EJ, Johnny, and Sydney. EJ says he was very happy. Nicole blames herself for screwing things up. Nicole says she realizes now that she lied over and over again because of Sami.

Marlena tells Sami that John is not guilty but Sami brings up that John confessed. Marlena tries to explain that he was just doing that to keep them safe. Sami calls John a dangerous criminal. Marlena questions her hate for John. Sami says she keeps thinking about preventing her children from being shot because of John. Sami states that she just wants John out of their lives. Marlena says that day was hell for all of them and she can't believe that Sami is being disloyal to John. Sami tells Marlena that she can't use that word in her house since everything she's been through has happened because of her and John. Sami accuses Marlena of her and John doing whatever they want without caring about anyone else. Sami calls Marlena selfish. Will then interrupts and asks Sami how she can talk to Marlena like that. Will calls Sami a hypocrite. Will questions Sami calling Marlena selfish. Carrie wonders if she and Austin should leave. Sami tells Will they can take a walk and go talk but Abe, Lexie, and Theo arrive. Will invites them in but Lexie worries that it's a bad time. Will assures that it's a great time since the party is just getting started so they come in. Carrie sends Theo to play with the kids as Will continues drinking.

Nicole talks with EJ about Sami always hovering over them and she worried that EJ would leave her for Sami. Nicole explains that it drove her crazy. Nicole says she likes now that she doesn't feel like she's competing with anyone. EJ assures her that it's just them and she's the only woman he wants to be with and loves. EJ claims that Sami is completely out of his system. Nicole brings up Sami shooting EJ and how he'd have to be crazy to go back to that. EJ then thinks back to being with Sami and laughs it off. Nicole and EJ joke with each other and then Nicole accepts EJ's offer to move back in. EJ smiles and kisses her. EJ promises that he will spend his time making her happy and then kisses her again.

Abe and Lexie join in helping decorate the tree. Rafe finds the rope they tied to symbolize their wedding to hang on the tree. Rafe tells Marlena about it and Sami comments to Carrie. Rafe proposes a toast but Will says he wants to first. Will toasts to Rafe and Marlena for being like saints. Will adds that you'd have to be a saint to put up with Sami's crap. Marlena objects to it and Austin questions Will about his attitude. Will says Austin must be a saint too. Will brings up Sami lying to Austin in the past and he still forgave her. Rafe tells Will that it's enough and questions his drinking. Will says he's busted as Rafe reminds him that he's still underage. Will tells Rafe that he's a good guy who deserves better than Sami after what she just did to him. Rafe asks him what he's talking about that she did to him while Will looks back at Sami who looks on shocked.

EJ adds more to the fireplace as Nicole returns to the room in a red dress with a Santa hat. Nicole suggests they get warm next to the fireplace as they kiss.

Will turns to Sami and says he's talking about the way that she treats Rafe. Will brings up Sami blaming Rafe for Johnny missing but Rafe was the one that found him. Will says he's just pointing out that Sami is a bitch which makes him a son of a bitch. Sami tells him to stop. Will asks if he's out of line or doing something wrong. Rafe tells Will to apologize and then go to his room to sleep it off. Will says it's something how they always end up apologizing to Sami. Will apologizes to Rafe and Marlena instead and then to Austin, Carrie, Abe, and Lexie. Will stops at Sami and then leaves the room. Rafe goes after him to make sure he's okay. Sami apologizes to everyone for that. Lexie jokes that it's nothing compared to her family's drama. Abe decides it's time to go and they go to get Theo. Marlena tells Sami that Will has been under so much stress that he didn't mean that but Sami thinks he did.

Everyone at the Hortons sit to decorate the tree. Doug picks Maggie to hang her ornaments first so she hangs hers and Victor's with Mickey's. Melanie and Daniel then hang their ornaments on the tree. Bo and Hope go next to hang their ornaments along with Zack's and they help Ciara hang hers. Jennifer, Jack, and Abigail hang theirs on the tree. Doug and Julie then go last and then kiss. Ciara hangs the last ornament for Alice next to Tom's as everyone stands together and looks at the tree.

Everyone joins at the Town Square while Abe gives a speech about the Horton Town Square Christmas Tree lighting. Abe tells a story of Alice and Tom knowing not everyone could be home for Christmas. Abe explains that Salem is all about family. Abe lets Theo light the tree as everyone claps as they watch and the sing "Tis the Season." Rafe and Sami arrive last joining everyone as Sami and Marlena look across at one another.

EJ and Nicole continue kissing at home and kiss onto the couch.

Will walks into the Town Square and looks on as everyone continues singing and Sami looks at him.

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