Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie talks with John at his cell about their plans for the day with the deposition. Marlena arrives to visit him which surprises John. John talks about the subpoena from EJ and says he knows EJ doesn't play fair as he's out for his blood.

EJ gets interviewed at his home. The interviewer brings up EJ's lawsuit against John. EJ adds that helping his campaign was not his intention in filing the lawsuit. He brings up that EJ could be mayor but EJ says the case has nothing to do with him becoming mayor. Nicole hands EJ a file and inside is a picture of a woman that had her money stolen. EJ says it's about all the people that lost their money because of John. EJ says he plans to go see John and show him the photo to ask him how he sleeps at night knowing what he did.

Bo and Hope go through boxes of Christmas decorations at Jennifer's. They talk about decorating and then going to the tree trimming at the town square. Hope tells him that Jennifer and Abigail are getting the tree for the house. Hope wonders about breaking the tradition of waiting until Christmas Eve but Bo thinks the earlier the better since they didn't celebrate together last year.

Sami and Rafe can't get a hold of Will and Gabi. Sami talks about how she can't believe Will made a mess at Maggie's house. Sami and Rafe both wonder what made Will so upset.

Will sits at the gate of the Town Square and thinks back to walking in on Sami and EJ and then recalls breaking up with Gabi.

Rafe tells Sami that he understands Will being angry but what he's done crosses a line. Sami can't believe Will would do this to Maggie and also that he didn't come home. Sami wants to make sure that Will is okay. Rafe wonders if it's a cry for attention. Sami thinks Will is upset about something and informs Rafe that Will wanted to move out. Rafe suggests it could be a good thing until Sami tells him that Will meant wanting to move in with Gabi. Rafe says there's no way that's happening. Will then returns home.

EJ talks about the woman in the photo named Cheryl as someone who worked hard and invested her money so she should be able to retire but now she can't support her family. EJ says that's just one person who represents the thousands going through it. EJ calls the experience overwhelming and insists that the case is not about him but about the people and the money that was stolen as well as justice.

Carrie tells John she plans to move the deposition as fast as she can but knows EJ will draw it out. Marlena asks John if he's up for it and John responds that it's at least a change of scenery. Carrie gets a call and steps away. John assures Marlena that he's okay. Marlena says she just worries about him. Marlena tells John how much she misses him. Carrie comes back and informs them that EJ is live on TV and the internet right now. John asks to see the live feed on her phone so she shows him as EJ continues talking about how he's going to let the people stand up against John. EJ calls John a coward who robbed the people.

Bo and Hope decorate for Christmas. Hope looks at old pictures and shows them to Bo. Hope talks about memories of Alice at Christmas and how much she misses her. Bo then gives Hope an envelope.

Sami questions where Will had been. Will says he was out all night. Rafe warns him not to talk to his mother that way. Sami tells Will that he should've called. Will says he didn't know he had a curfew. Will tells her that he won't be living there much longer. Rafe asks if he was with Gabi. Will says he wasn't and asks if he can go now. Sami wants to know what happened. Sami informs him that Maggie called and was upset. Rafe questions Will trashing Maggie's place. Rafe says he owes them an explanation and asks what's going on.

EJ finishes his interview. The interviewer tells him that Nicole is his secret weapon and thanks them as he exits. Nicole praises EJ and tells him that he was fantastic. She informs him that everyone is watching his interview and loved it.

Carrie tells John that they need to go soon. Marlena wants to go but John and Carrie both tell her it's not a good idea since EJ would object to it. Carrie steps away on another call. John tells Marlena that it's okay since she'll always be in his heart. Marlena says EJ can wait as she continues talking to John. Marlena tells John not to worry about her because she'll be fine. Marlena says she will go to the tree lighting at the Town Square. Marlena brings up getting an e-mail from Belle. Carrie reminds her that they have to leave. Marlena tells John that she loves him. Marlena says she'll see him soon then John kisses her before being escorted away.

Hope opens Bo's envelope to read an old Christmas card from Alice. Hope reads it with Alice's wishes for her on that Christmas. Hope recalls reading it when she needed Alice to guide her. She thanks Bo and kisses him. Bo brings up how Alice wrote in the card that Hope never gives up on a challenge and now is a good example. Bo thinks Alice's words are encouraging Hope to keep looking into the secrets. Hope and Bo sit together to continue decorating as Hope looks at the card.

EJ sits with John and Carrie for their deposition. EJ starts by asking John why he did it but Carrie objects. EJ brings up that John already admitted his guilt. EJ questions John about his secrets. John points out that EJ knows a lot about secrets.

Will tells Rafe and Sami that he just messed up. Rafe says it's not okay. Will doesn't know what else they want him to say. Rafe brings up that Will has been angry, disrespectful, and rude ever since the day that they found Johnny. Sami wants him to tell them what's wrong. Sami says it doesn't have to be a fight. Will doesn't want to have a conversation. Sami says they love him since they're a family. Will mocks the idea of them being a family. Rafe questions where his attitude is coming from. Rafe thinks Will is taking things for granted and says they don't. Will questions Sami not taking things for granted and asks if Rafe really believes that. Will shouts that it's a joke and he doesn't get it. Will says he has no idea how messed up this is. Rafe continues asking what has him so upset. Will asks if they really want to know. Rafe says he needs to help them understand what's going on. Rafe brings up Will wanting to move in with Gabi. Will says he won't have to worry about that but Rafe tells him he's not asking her to move in. Will tells them that he already asked her to move in but she broke up with him and dumped him in front of everyone. Will says it was so humiliating. Will tells them that this is why he's angry and why he doesn't buy into all the love. Sami says she's sorry but Will says he's done talking about it.

EJ tells Carrie to remind John that he's here to answer his questions not to make comments about his family. EJ tells John that his family has nothing to do with the case. Carrie tells EJ to ask his questions or else they are done. EJ asks John about visiting a clinic in Switzerland to embezzle money. Carrie tells John not to answer that. EJ asks if they're serious about taking this to trial. Carrie says they are but EJ points out that he won't have a defense after admitting his guilt. Carrie gets a call about a pending motion so she calls a recess. Carrie steps out and EJ prepares to step away but John tells him to sit back down. EJ asks if he's sure he wants to talk to him without Carrie. John tells him that he's been looking forward to it for a long time.

Nicole walks through the town square and comes across Marlena. Marlena tells Nicole that it's not too late to get out while she still can.

Bo asks Hope if she thinks Shawn or Belle would come for Christmas. Hope thinks it would take a miracle to get them. Bo comes across one of Zack's decorations. Hope says she knew they would come across that. Hope mentions that Ciara asked if Santa would bring Zack Christmas presents in Heaven. Bo hugs her and Hope talks about struggling with the pain.

Nicole asks Marlena if offering her a cryptic warning is her good deed for the day. Nicole tells her not to warn her about her husband since she already knows all about the DiMeras. Marlena wishes she would take it more seriously and says the DiMeras will destroy her. Nicole calls her condescending and says John is the biggest crook in America while EJ is trying to clean up his mess. Marlena calls EJ a self-serving opportunist. Marlena thinks it's preposterous to think that EJ is trying to help the city. Marlena tells Nicole that she's in for a rude awakening if she believes in EJ.

John tells EJ that he's outdone himself since they both know that he didn't embezzle anything. EJ brings up the evidence and John's confession. John accuses EJ of spinning a bunch of lies in his interview. EJ blames John for all the people struggling in their lives. John thinks EJ is manipulating the people like pawns. John thinks EJ never had a chance to turn out differently and be a better man than Stefano. John accuses EJ of using the people by making promises that he can't keep but he's sure Stefano will be proud. EJ asks John why he stole all the money if he cares about the people. EJ says the difference between them is that the people will remember John as the man who stole the people's money while they will remember EJ as the man who gave it back to them. John tells EJ that the only way he could give it back is if he stole it in the first place.

Hope and Bo talk about the hurt of talking about Zack. Bo thinks talking about him is how they keep him alive and all the amazing memories. Hope agrees and says faith gets her through. Bo tells her that Zack's spirit is in Alice's words to Hope. Bo hugs her as she cries and they say Merry Christmas to Zack.

EJ questions John thinking he's the lesser man. EJ tells John that he doesn't have the guts to accept the responsibility and is trying to blame him. John points out that EJ still hasn't denied that he stole the money. EJ then tells John he did not do it. John doesn't believe him. John asks EJ how he's going to put the peoples lives back together. EJ says he'll win the case and thinks John still has the money. EJ says it bothers him that John can't admit to himself the amount of pain that he's put the people through. John calls him arrogant. EJ says he can hate him and his father but someday John will have to take responsibility for this. EJ calls him a sad and pathetic old man. John attempts to attack EJ but Carrie rushes in with guards to hold him back as Carrie yells at them to stop because it has to end now.

Sami tries to talk to Will and asks if his breakup with Gabi is the only thing bothering him. Will says it doesn't matter now. Sami wants to understand but Will doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe tells him that they feel bad for him because breaking up is never easy but it still doesn't excuse what he did. Rafe tells Will that he's going to apologize to Maggie and clean up the mess he made. Will says he just wants to be alone. Sami tells him that he can be alone later but he has to go to Maggie's now and do the right thing. Will says it's so funny coming from her. Will tells Sami that he will do the right thing because someone around her should and then exits. Rafe questions what that even means.

Hope and Bo continue talking about how they wish Alice and Zack were still with them. Hope decides she's going to continue looking into the connection between Alice and Stefano. Hope believes Alice had to know that her secret would eventually come out. Hope then wonders what to do next. Hope picks up one of Alice's Christmas ornaments and the top comes off, allowing Hope to pull a piece of paper out from the inside of it.

Sami talks to Rafe about paying their bills. Rafe brings up how wanting to save for a vacation but he'll have to get a paying job first. Sami assures him that they will get through it. Sami tells Rafe that he'll find a job but it will take patience. Rafe wonders if he should call Gabi again. Sami doesn't think Gabi will want to talk to him about breaking up. Rafe thinks Gabi might know something more about why Will is upset. Sami asks if he thinks there's more. Rafe thinks the break up is not what set him off. Sami points out that it's Will's first breakup. Rafe tells her that he can tell she doesn't even believe that's what it is. Sami replies that she doesn't know what else it could be.

Carrie accuses EJ of baiting her client. EJ points out that John tried to attack him. EJ explains that John asked him to stay. EJ says John always tries to blame other people. Carrie tells him to shut up. EJ says this is far from over as he's going to win the case and put the peoples lives back together. EJ says John's name will mean nothing while the DiMera name will be restored and revered. John tells him not to count on it. EJ says John's the one headed to prison with the worse reputation in the state. EJ assures him that the case will go to trial as he exits.

Nicole asks Marlena if she feels better after venting. Marlena says it was just a friendly warning. Nicole tells her to save her warnings for her patients. Marlena calls Nicole unintelligent for throwing what she had with Brady away for EJ. Marlena warns Nicole to be prepared for what's coming or else she may not survive it.

Hope opens the paper she found in the ornament and inside is a note with the Phoenix logo that says every courtesy is to be afforded to Stefano DiMera. Bo and Hope then wonder what that means.

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