Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/11

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Sami finishes getting a massage at the health spa and comes out to where Rafe was waiting for her. Rafe and Sami talk about her being relaxed and then Kate enters and listens from a distance. Madison arrives and overhears Rafe telling Sami that she needed a little break. Madison says she's been calling all day and thought Sami must have had an emergency. Sami says she can explain so Madison wants to hear why she's not at work.

Roman visits Quinn at Quinn's office in the spa. Roman tells Quinn that he loves the town of Salem and wants to keep it safe so he will be watching him.

Chad and Sonny make dinner for Abigail, Melanie, and Gabi. Chad and Sonny joke around about whether they can make dinner but Chad insists they will make it good for the girls. Abigail and Melanie joke around about the guys making them dinner and ask Gabi if something is wrong and then Will arrives.

Austin and Carrie sit at the Brady Pub talking about John's case. Austin thinks there's nothing more that can be done since John plead guilty. Carrie informs Austin of what she and Rafe found in the photo of John. Austin is surprised since he and Rafe never noticed anything. Carrie then tells Austin that she asked Rafe to work with her and get back on the case which surprises Austin. Austin questions she and Rafe working on John's case. Austin gets upset and brings up the shooting. Austin warns Carrie that it's dangerous. Carrie doesn't want the man that raised her to stay in jail when he's innocent. Austin reminds her that John is the one that plead guilty. Carrie thought Austin believed in John. Austin says he does believe in John and promised him he would take care of things but thinks there's no coming back from a guilty plea. Carrie continues to believe that she can get the court order overturned and prove John's innocence. Austin tells Carrie to do what she wants like she always does.

Sami tells Madison that the last couple weeks have been hard. Madison thinks she gave her enough time and tells Sami that she won't let her take advantage of her. Kate continues listening to the conversation and makes a call. Madison gets mad at Sami for coming to the spa where they have Countess Wilhelmina products. Rafe interrupts and takes the blame for bringing Sami. Madison says she's been concerned with Sami but now she's concerned that the job might be too much for Sami and that she overestimated her. Madison says she won't put up with supporting the rival company.

Will greets Gabi. Gabi says she started to think he wasn't coming. Will questions the smell and jokes with the girls about the food. Will tells Gabi not to worry because he'll save the day and then joins Chad and Sonny in the kitchen. Chad mentions that he tried to call Will five times. Will informs them that he was looking at apartments because he and Gabi were talking about moving in together. Chad thinks it's crazy but Will insists that it will be great.

Gabi sits back down with Melanie and Abigail and informs them that Will asked her to move in. Melanie and Abigail are surprised and wonder where that came from. Gabi tells them how Will got her all these presents and promised to be a better boyfriend. Melanie wonders what's wrong about it. Gabi says she thought Will really wanted to be closer but then they started kissing and he pulled away like every time. Gabi says that no matter what he says or does, she's afraid it will always be the same. Gabi says she doesn't know if she can take it anymore. Melanie asks Gabi if she's talked to Will about it. Gabi says she has a little and Will says he feels uncomfortable in his mom's house. Gabi says there are times that they've been alone and he still doesn't want to touch her. Gabi thinks Will is shying away from sex and wishes he would want to be with her once in a while. Melanie suggests that she should talk to Will and tell him how she feels. Gabi tells her that she's tried so many times but Will is in complete denial.

Chad tells Sonny and Will that they should tell the girls about the website shutting down. Will says he told Gabi and agrees that they should tell Abigail and Melanie. Will mentions thinking he was being followed earlier but it was probably just the same people looking for apartments. Sonny talks with Will about moving in with Gabi and jokes with him about the food.

Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't want him to be upset about this. Austin says he won't fight her and will support her if she wants to continue as John's attorney because he wants her to be happy. Carrie thanks him for understanding and apologizes for snapping at him. Austin suggests they just have a night out on the town together. Carrie hopes they can get their own place soon instead of the hotel room. Austin states that after John's free and the case is closed, he asks her if she wants to move back or stay in Salem.

Quinn and Roman continue talking about Quinn being back in Salem. Quinn insists that he's now a law-abiding citizen. Roman agrees to let the past be the past but warns him that there will be a future and he'll be right there when he screws up. Quinn then informs Roman that Marlena is his new therapist. Roman tells Quinn to stay away from Marlena. Quinn asks if he's jealous that he gets to spend more time with her. Quinn tells him that he has nothing to worry about since his relationship with Marlena is strictly professional for now. Roman grabs him and shoves him against the wall. Roman warns him not to cross him and then exits.

Chad and Sonny tell Melanie and Abigail about shutting down the website. They talk about the food. Chad realizes he forgot dinner rolls and starts to go get them but Abigail stops him and says she can go to the Pub instead. Abigail exits as Will comes back in. Chad, Sonny, and Melanie go into the other room to allow Gabi and Will to talk. Will and Gabi sit together and Will says he knows he messed up earlier but was thinking and is confident they can make this work. Will states that he knows he can make her happy. Gabi says she still needs time to think. Will doesn't want to rush her but tells her about checking out a really great apartment. Will tells her that it's theirs if they want it so he asks her if she wants to go check it out after dinner but Gabi says no.

Carrie tells Austin they have a lot to think about like work. Austin brings up the offer from Salem U and how he's been thinking about it a lot. Austin recalls when he used to teach and feeling like he was making a difference. Carrie assures him that he would be great. Carrie mentions that they have their friends and family here too. They compare it to their lives in Zurich. Carrie then asks Austin where he thinks they should end up.

Kate continues to listen to Madison and Sami arguing. Madison says Sami could ruin their business if she was seen using Countess Wilhelmina's products. Madison says she thought Sami was different and a hard worker. Sami promises to make up for this with whatever she needs. Madison says they will have a long talk about it tomorrow if she shows up. Madison then exits. Rafe tries to comfort Sami and mocks Madison. Sami tells Rafe that Madison is right. Rafe says the Sami he knows would never let anyone talk to her that way. Sami assures him that nothing is going on. Rafe wants to know what is bothering her.

Kate approaches Roman at the Spa and realizes he had been holding up her meeting with Quinn. Kate tells him that she's meeting Quinn about business and Roman says he was doing the same. Kate tells Roman that Sami was there checking out her products. Roman questions Kate teaming up with Quinn. Roman warns Kate to get out while she can.

Austin and Carrie continue talking about where they should live. Abigail arrives and goes to the counter. Carrie tells Austin that she thinks they should stay in Salem because she feels more comfortable there. Austin agrees with her that it's a great idea. Austin declares that they will stay in Salem as Abigail looks over at them.

Will admits to Gabi that he may have been moving a little fast. Gabi says he went to the apartment before she even gave him an answer. Will and Gabi continue to argue about whether or not they will move in together.

Sami and Rafe return home and talk. Rafe informs Sami about working with Carrie. Sami tells him that she already heard from Carrie. Rafe is surprised that she isn't going to yell at him that it's a terrible idea. Sami just says it's okay which surprises Rafe. Rafe wonders if everything is alright and if they are okay.

Carrie and Austin hug as Carrie says she's so excited that they will be getting out of the hotel room and Austin will take the job at Salem U. Abigail comes over and tells them how happy she is to hear that they are staying. Abigail hugs Carrie and says she hadn't even seen her since being back. Carrie recognizes Abigail wearing Austin's hat. Austin explains how he ran into her the other day and let her keep it. Abigail tells them it was good to see them and then goes back to get the rolls for dinner. Carrie and Austin sit back down as Carrie talks about how glad she is that they can run into their friends. Carrie comments on how Abigail has grown into a beautiful woman and Austin agrees as Abigail looks over at them.

Roman introduces himself to Madison at the town square.

Sami assures Rafe that she loves him. Rafe thinks something's going on in her head but he can't figure it out. Sami insists that she's okay and isn't upset at him. Sami regrets everything she said to him while Johnny was missing. Rafe wants her to know that she can tell him anything and hopes he didn't upset her. Sami assures him that he didn't do anything and she loves him. Sami wants him to know that she wants to make up for it. Rafe wonders what she'd be making up for and then Sami suddenly tells Rafe that they should renew their wedding vows.

Gabi tells Will not to be upset because she just isn't sure and is confused. Will says he's confused too since he thought Gabi wanted to be closer. Gabi explains how she wants to be closer but is confused by Will's actions. Will tells her to tell him what she wants and he will do it. Gabi says he knows what she wants. Will questions why everything has to be about sex. Will apologizes if he wants to be respectful and treat her like a human being. Gabi says she wants him to treat her like his girlfriend. Gabi says it's not even about sex but she doesn't want to be with someone who flies off the handle after the smallest things. Will says he's sorry if he's not perfect like she is. Gabi says that she wants him to be in their relationship for the right reasons. Will questions what that means and Gabi tells him that she doesn't think moving in is a good idea so her answer is no.

Kate meets with Quinn. Quinn tells her how Roman tried to scare him out of Salem again. Kate says she's glad he did since she witnessed something interesting in the lobby with Madison and Sami. Quinn comments on Kate's smile and she reminds him of her marriage to Stefano. Kate tells Quinn that if she can pull this off, no one will ever hear from Madison again.

Roman sits with Madison at the Town Square. Madison says she is well aware of Stefano's reputation and isn't scared of him. Roman worries that she's in a vulnerable position by being against Kate. Roman warns Madison that others in her companies might not want to play against the big dogs. Madison tells him that Sami can take care of herself. Roman tells Madison to keep Sami safe. Madison insists that he has nothing to worry about since she has Kate right where she wants her.

Rafe is surprised that Sami suddenly wants to renew their vows since they haven't even be married that long. Sami points out how much they have been through since being married. Sami says she needs to tell him that he's the only man for her that she will love forever. Rafe says he already knows that but Sami wants everyone to know that including both their families. Sami says she understands if Rafe doesn't want to. Rafe tells her that marrying her the first time was the happiest moment of his life so he'd be honored to do it again. Sami calls herself lucky and kisses Rafe.

Gabi gives Will his key back. Will says he was just trying to make her happy. Gabi thinks he's trying to make them into something that they are not and he has to acknowledge that they have deeper issues. Will doesn't think she's trying to make things better. Gabi tells him that she's read dating books, talked to her friends and even threw herself at him but he still backs up every time she touches him. Gabi asks Will to tell her what's going on because she's realized it's not her. Will tells her he's sorry and that she's right that it isn't her. Will wants her to tell him what he can do to fix this. Will promises to fix this if she tells him what he needs to do. Gabi thinks they should take a break but Will disagrees. Will says giving up is not the answer. Gabi says she needs some time. Gabi takes her things to leave. Will tells her to call this what it is and say she wants to break up with him. Gabi tells him he's right and she's sorry but it's over. Will then slams things down and throws everything off the table screaming no.

Kate and Quinn finish their meeting and shake hands.

Roman shakes Madison's hand and walks away.

Austin and Carrie remain sitting together at the Pub looking at their laptop as Abigail watches them while she exits.

Rafe and Sami toast to each other then kiss. Rafe gets up and Sami looks at a picture of them.

Will throws everything in the kitchen and shoves the food off the counter as Gabi is shocked in the corner. Chad and Sonny rush back in to calm Will down and Melanie tries to comfort Gabi as she cries.

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