Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi sits at the Brady Pub as Will arrives with a present. Will gives her the gift so she opens and inside are flowers. Gabi is confused and brings up how Will had been so focused on his website lately but Will tells her that's over starting now.

Sami and Jennifer sit together at the Town Square as Sami tells her how great Rafe's candle light dinner was. Sami wishes she could erase 99% of the things that have happened in the past few months. Carrie arrives with Lexi and they join Sami and Jennifer. Lexi and Carrie notice that Sami is looking upset. Carrie assumes that Sami is upset about Rafe working with her but Sami informs her that she didn't know and is just now finding out which surprises Carrie.

John does exercises in his cell until Abe comes in to visit. John tells Abe to leave and never come back.

Nicole and EJ return to the DiMera Mansion and sit down as Nicole talks about how great their trip was. They start kissing until Nicole's phone rings. Nicole says they have to stop because it could concern his campaign but EJ convinces her to continue kissing. EJ then has flashbacks to being with Sami. EJ stops and Nicole wonders what just happened. Nicole asks EJ what's wrong. EJ tells her it's nothing. EJ claims Nicole just wore him out but Nicole wants to know what just happened. Nicole says she's not going to do this since it took her a long time to forgive him and admit her feelings. EJ assures her that he loves her and wants to be with her. Nicole agrees that she wants to continue so they kiss some more. EJ suggests they go upstairs and picks her up but Nicole's phone rings again so she gets it and decides they have to go now. Nicole tells EJ that she'll explain on the way and he will be happy that they don't miss this so they then hurry out.

Abe asks John what's going on. John thinks Abe is putting his campaign at risk by visiting him. Abe assures him nothing will happen. Abe says his campaign is separate from his friendship with John. John talks about how Abe is like family to him.

Carrie and Sami talk about John's case. Carrie doesn't want to let John go to prison for something he didn't do but Sami points out that he plead guilty and nothing can change that. Jennifer and Lexi change the subject. Lexi mentions how it's good they still have time to get together. Sami asks Lexi advice on how to balance her life and career. Jennifer suggests they should do this more often so they all agree. Jennifer then toasts to them all as friends.

Will tells Gabi that he knows he's been a bad boyfriend lately but she stuck it out so he wants to make it up to her by spending more time together. Gabi asks about the website but Will informs her that they are shutting it down. Will says it's a long story but he'll be free a lot more which made him realize how bad he's been at making time for them. Gabi asks him if something's wrong and wants him to tell her. Will says it's not just the website but a lot of stuff has been going on lately and he wants to tell her the whole story but he isn't sure where to start.

Abe and John continue to talk about John's case affecting Abe's campaign.

Will talks to Gabi about how he sees other couples not getting along. Will promises to change and tells Gabi that he really wants to be with her. Will says he wants a chance to prove it and asks Gabi to come over later because he has more stuff for her. Gabi agrees to come by. Will tells her that he wants to be the guy that she deserves and swears things will be different from now on.

Jennifer and Lexie leave Sami and Carrie. Sami starts to leave too but Carrie asks how Johnny is. Sami says it's been tough and he reacts to any loud noises. Carrie insists things will get better. Sami says she forgot a file for work at home and starts to leave but Carrie stops her and says she wanted to apologize for the whole thing with Rafe and the job. Carrie asks Sami if she could go see Marlena but Sami doesn't want to. Sami brings up that Marlena hasn't even come to see Johnny since he's been back. Sami says she can't help how she feels but doesn't think seeing Marlena would help. Sami wants to put everything behind them and pretend Johnny's disappearance never happened as she then exits.

EJ and Nicole sit in the town square together as Abe walks by. A reporter approaches Abe and questions him about his meeting with John. Abe brings up he didn't do anything wrong. The reporters continue questioning him while EJ and Nicole laugh. Jennifer and Lexie approach and stop the reporters questions. EJ waves at them and tells Nicole it went well. Nicole tells EJ that it's a good place to start. EJ wonders how Nicole knew Abe would be visiting John. Nicole says that's why EJ hired her. Jennifer approaches them and wants to talk to Nicole.

Carrie visits John in his cell. Carrie explains how she and Rafe are working on getting new evidence to overturn the case. Carrie insists that she wants to get him home to his family since Marlena is lost without him. John tells Carrie to focus on herself and her own family and marriage.

Sami returns home where Will is wrapping gifts for Gabi. Will ignores what Sami is saying so Sami asks if he's avoiding her. Sami asks Will if she's done something to make him mad at her. Will thinks back to seeing Sami with EJ. Will tells Sami to just think about what she could've done that would bother him. Sami wonders what she's done since she barely sees him lately. Sami asks Will what he's trying to say. Sami thinks he's mad that she's working a lot lately. Sami insists that their family always comes first. Sami wants to know so she can fix it but Will shouts back that she can't fix it. Sami says to tell her what happened.

Jennifer accuses Nicole of being responsible for the reporters swarming Abe after he visited John. Nicole says reporters are just looking for stories. Jennifer says underhanded political moves will not be tolerated. Nicole thinks she's threatening her. Jennifer says they wanted a fair race but she is leaving her no choice so Nicole's entire sorted history will be fair game.

Sami tells Will that she loves him and his brother and sisters so she wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Sami's phone rings from work. Will says she should go then but Sami wants to talk to him about this. Will says he wouldn't want her to lose her job. Sami says she has the job to support he four children and help with his college tuition. Will thinks she's blaming them and tells her to just go. Sami says she will go and they will talk when she gets back but Will says he won't be there. Sami tells him to make sure he is there. Will then informs Sami that he's moving out. Sami questions what that means. Will says he's getting his own place with Gabi which surprises Sami. Will explains that they are together and in college so they are getting their own place. Sami doesn't understand why he's acting like this. Will thinks he's just acting grown up and responsible by making a real commitment. Sami thinks they are too young. Will questions her giving him relationship advice. Sami says it's not okay for him to talk to her like that. Sami gets a phone call from Madison and Sami says she'll be right there with the file. Sami tells Will that she has to go so Will says he won't stop her. Sami says they can talk about it when she gets home but Will just turns away from her. Sami then takes her things and exits.

John tells Carrie that he knows she and Rafe have had problems with their marriages because of helping him. Carrie says Austin believes in him now but John brings up that Sami doesn't. John tells her that they need to focus on themselves and not sacrifice their futures for him. John thinks he's putting everyone in trouble.

Gabi comes over to see Will. Will greets her and they sit together. Will gives her another present. Gabi worries that it's too much but Will assures her that it's not. Gabi tells Will that she doesn't need presents as she only wants him. Will gives her another present which is a key. Will informs her of his plans for them to move in together. Gabi is surprised as Will hopes she says yes and he hugs her.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she didn't do anything underhanded and just reported facts. Jennifer thinks she's creating drama. Nicole points out that Abe is friends with a convicted felon. Jennifer brings up EJ has a long list but EJ points out that he doesn't have any felonies. Lexie adds that they all know what he's done. Jennifer continues arguing with Nicole. Abe steps in and says it's alright as he stands by what he's done and who he's friends with. Jennifer tells Nicole that they are in this to win and now the gloves are off. Nicole mocks her and Jennifer states that Nicole doesn't have any experience with a job. Jennifer tells Nicole not to underestimate her opponent because she just made her first mistake as she then walks away with Abe and Lexie. Nicole gets a call that she has to confirm an appointment for EJ. EJ kisses her and then Nicole exits. Lexie walks back up to EJ and tells him that he's such a disappointment and he always finds a way to stop them from being close again. Lexie tells EJ that he's playing a very dangerous game with people's lives by attacking John, Abe, and her family. EJ points out that Jennifer said she'd do the same thing so he wonders why she's outraged. Lexie tells EJ that she's done with him. Lexie tells EJ not to talk about the importance of their family because everything he does proves otherwise. Lexie says she believed there was good in him but every time she sees him, she sees their father. Lexie says she loves Stefano but does not love their behavior. Lexie tells EJ that he doesn't just fight dirty but he fights filthy and then she walks away. Sami then walks up from behind and tells EJ that she has to talk to him about what happened the other night.

Carrie looks at the evidence photo with John and explains what Rafe thinks can prove his innocence. John tells Carrie to go ahead and follow the lead since it's real evidence. Carrie is glad that John agreed. John asks about Marlena and if Sami has visited. Carrie says she tried to talk to Sami but couldn't get through to her. Carrie adds that Will has been helpful. John mentions that Marlena was worried about Will and he hopes that they can help each other through hard times.

Will talks to Gabi about how getting their own place beats living where they are now. Gabi starts to get excited about the idea. Will jokes with her and they talk about everything they will need to get. Will asks Gabi what she thinks about the idea. Gabi says she's just thinking about being in bed together every morning and night because she wants to be close to him that way all the time and then they kiss. Will stops her and says he's afraid that Sami or Rafe might walk in. Gabi questions why Will pulled away when she tried to kiss him. Gabi wants to know what is it about being with her that bothers him so much.

Sami asks EJ if there was a chance that someone saw them. EJ says no and wonders why Sami is being paranoid. Sami says she's just worried. EJ tells her not to be worried since when she looks guilty, people start asking why and they can't have that. EJ says he would have more to lose as Nicole returns and asks what they are talking about.

Jennifer sits with Abe and Lexie and talks about setting up interviews. Abe refuses to hide anything. Jennifer asks him to be more discreet. Lexie agrees with Jennifer and adds in that John knows Abe is there for him. Jennifer says they can play dirty too and thinks EJ's past speaks to his character so she will use it to stop him.

Carrie goes over things with John and says they just need to figure out how, why, and who led to him being set up. Carrie tells him to stay positive since she and Rafe are not giving up so he shouldn't either. John agrees and hugs her then she exits. After she leaves, John then throws a chair in frustration.

Will tells Gabi that nothing is wrong, he just wants to take things slow. Gabi questions how much slower they can go and worries that he's not attracted to her. Will tells her that she's beautiful. Gabi tells him that she wants him and wants to be with someone that wants her just as bad. Gabi says that's what she thought when Will asked her to move in but every time she kisses him he backs off. Gabi says she doesn't want a roommate but someone who loves and wants her. Will insists that he wants her but he respects her too. Gabi asks him to show her that he wants her. Gabi says she needs time and will call him later as she then hurries out.

Nicole asks EJ what he's so afraid of losing. Sami adds that they were talking about the kids. EJ tells Nicole that he was telling Sami to tell Jennifer that she could cause the kids to be collateral damage by playing dirty. Nicole asks Sami about Johnny since she was worried about him. Sami says Johnny's doing great and better than anyone. Sami decides to go and leaves to work. EJ says they have a meeting anyway and hugs Nicole as Sami looks back at him while walking away.

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