Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady looks through files in his office until a paper airplane comes through the door. Brady reads that it says you were right and asks for a truce. Madison comes in and Brady jokes with her. Brady asks if it means she's staying in town. Madison admits she just got upset and let her emotions get the best of her but now she sees staying in Salem is best. Madison refuses to let Kate run her out of town. Brady says he would've hated to see her go when things are getting so interesting.

Jennifer walks around her house waiting for someone to arrive. She goes and sits down then Bo and Hope arrive. Hope asks why Jennifer isn't on a date with Daniel. Jennifer says he hasn't showed up yet or he stood her up. Jennifer worries that Daniel might be tired of the whole situation with Jack. Jennifer says if he doesn't show up then she can help Bo and Hope look through things. Daniel then arrives and Jennifer greets him. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's glad he's here because she worried that he had given up on her. Daniel says he never would and they kiss.

Jack sits at the Brady Pub and then Marlena arrives. Marlena tells him that she got his voicemail and sits with him. Jack tells her that he's not in the mood for a shrink tonight so she should just leave him in peace.

Bo goes through boxes as Hope listens to Jennifer and Daniel since she's worried as she doesn't hear anything. Hope tells Bo that she thinks they are getting close. They then go to get more boxes so Hope can listen in on Jennifer's conversation while they leave one box unopened.

Madison thanks Brady for stopping her from making a huge mistake since no one's looked out for her like that. Brady talks to her about even a successful women like her needing people there for her.

Daniel apologizes to Jennifer for being late. Jennifer says she wouldn't blame him. Daniel tells her that he was late because he was getting them two tickets to the symphony. Jennifer smiles and Daniel kisses her.

Jack apologizes to Marlena but says Jennifer being on a date with Daniel put him in a bad mood so he doesn't want to fight his demons tonight. Marlena asks how he is dealing with things. Jack says he's come up with survival strategies. Marlena says that being held captive is traumatizing but he won't find peace unless he deals with it. Jack tells her he's trying by drinking. Marlena states that she knows it's hard to talk about it but he made the appointment and wants to know why he didn't follow up. Jack says liquor is cheaper and quicker. Jack says he can find relief in it and black out. Marlena thinks he's running away from his problems instead of solving them. Jack says running away is what Jennifer and everyone says he does best so he's sticking to what he knows.

Brady talks to Madison about how people can come from around the world to see Mad World Cosmetics. Madison likes the idea and wants to beat out Kate with Quinn's health spa. Brady tells her that he's glad they are on the same page and exits to get research that he did. Madison comments that it never hurts to have a backup plan.

Marlena asks Jack about Jennifer thinking he runs away. Jack says it's his impulse to avoid emotions that make him feel uncomfortable. Marlena points out that his emotions get pushed out further. Jack says out of sight, out of mind is his motto. Marlena asks him more about it. Jack says he never had role models for healthy adult behavior since his dad beat his family and the man who raised him was a serial killer. Marlena thinks his tendency to run away from people may have started there. Jack admits he was scared of letting his family down again. Jack wonders about people letting him down. Jack thinks it's ridiculous but Marlena finds it incredibly perspective.

Daniel and Jennifer prepare to leave and talk with Hope and Bo. Bo talks about going through more boxes and how they found a baby picture as well as the paper weight from Stefano. Hope tells them about her encounter with Stefano. They figure their answers have to be in the boxes. Jennifer talks about wishing they could stay and help look through things. Daniel tells Jennifer that it would be okay if they go another time and stay there if she wants to. Jennifer is unsure but Daniel says they can have a double date there and order some food and wine. Jennifer and Daniel agree to stay and she kisses him. Daniel and Bo go to order food as Jennifer sits with Hope.

Jack tells Marlena that she tricked him into spilling his guts. Marlena thinks Jack wanted to talk but wasn't sure where to start. Jack assumes they should go somewhere less public to continue his appointment. Marlena suggests going to her place since she doesn't have an office. Jack is hesitant but Marlena assures him that it will be quiet and peaceful.

Daniel looks through pictures and sees Maggie on crutches. Daniel asks Hope and Jennifer about the accident. They inform him of Maggie's car crash that killed her parents. They tell Daniel about Maggie's life. Daniel calls it remarkable. Jennifer adds that there's probably things about Daniel that Maggie doesn't know yet as well. Jennifer says she's glad he and Maggie got to spend Thanksgiving. Jennifer and Daniel say that they missed each other. Daniel says he hasn't warmed up to the idea that Maggie is his mother but he's grateful and thanks Bo and Hope for finding it out. Hope says Alice is the one that did all the hard work. Daniel hopes he can help them by uncovering more secrets. Daniel finds some wedding pictures and comes across Jennifer and Jack's wedding picture.

Madison tells Brady that she's getting hungry and asks if he wants to go get food. Brady is surprised and says he's confused since she said she didn't like to socialize with business partners. Brady says that's the one rule she said she never breaks. Madison tells him that she's in the mood to break a few rules and invites him to join her.

Brady and Madison sit at the Town Square and eat dessert. They talk about enjoying Salem. Madison shares her dessert with Brady and then Brady shares his with Madison. Brady then toasts to breaking a few rules and the power of the subconscious.

Jennifer sits with Hope and says she can't believe Daniel saw her and Jack's wedding picture. Hope thinks Daniel took it fine. Jennifer hates that she didn't have Thanksgiving with Daniel and hates that she has two men on a string. Jennifer says she's not enjoying a minute of this. Hope knows she hates the idea of breaking one's heart and asks if she's closer to a decision. Jennifer says she thought she would be but is as confused as ever. Jennifer tells Hope that she's lucky to have always known Bo was the man for her. Hope says they had their ups and downs but he's the only man that she's ever loved. Jennifer says she thought that once about Jack. Jennifer wishes she felt sure about anything right now. Hope tells her to give herself some time because she knows she'll make the right decision.

Marlena and Jack go to Marlena's. Jack sits down but quickly gets up. Jack looks at Marlena and John's wedding picture and tells her that he visited John yesterday. Marlena thinks that was kind of him. Jack says John was in good spirits but Marlena says he must be faking. Jack starts to have flashbacks to being held captive. Marlena asks if he's alright and Jack insists that he's fine. Marlena thinks it's clear that he went to another place and asks him about it. Marlena brings up symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Jack has more flashbacks to being tortured and says he can't talk about it right now. Marlena suggests he write things down in a journal. Jack thinks it would make him feel what it's like to be kidnapped again and like he's going to die in a hole. Jack tells Marlena that he doesn't think she knows what she's asking.

Daniel, Bo, Jennifer, and Hope look through more pictures. Daniel and Jennifer joke about an old picture of her. Hope shows Daniel the unknown picture of a baby and he does not recognize it either. Hope opens an old book of Alice's and finds a letter addressed to Alice from London inside which is from Susan Banks. Jennifer points out that is EJ's mother and wonders why Susan Banks would be writing a letter to Alice.

Brady and Madison walk through the town square. Madison comments that it's beautiful and she feels like this could be her home. Brady talks about times he thought he'd never come back but now can't imagine leaving. Brady thanks her for dinner. Brady tells her that he had a really great time breaking rules with her. Madison thinks they didn't break many rules. Brady suggests breaking some more but Madison says they should save some for next time so they say goodnight and Madison walks away but Brady goes after her and stops her. Brady tells her that he doesn't want to say goodnight and kisses her. Madison suggests they go to her place and they go on.

Hope reads the letter from Susan that tells Alice that EJ was sick and they found a doctor with a treatment but couldn't get an appointment. Susan asked Alice to help get in touch with the doctor. Bo wonders if Alice helped her. Jennifer is sure she did. Hope continues reading that Susan included a picture of EJ and to never let Stefano know. They realize that the baby picture must be of EJ. Hope says Alice never said anything to her and she never had any idea that she had a connection to Susan. Jennifer calls it crazy that they never knew this. Hope wonders if this ties in to Alice's secret bank account.

Brady and Madison continue kissing at Madison's place. Brady begins to undress her and Madison undresses him as well while they kiss onto the bed. Madison then stops him and says she doesn't think they should do this then suggests Brady should go.

Jennifer says Alice must have helped since EJ is alive. Bo realizes that's why Stefano sent the paperweight. They then notice the resemblance in the baby photo that it's EJ. Bo wonders why Alice would have kept this all a secret. Hope calls it all bizarre.

Jack sits with Marlena and talks about being held captive. Jack talks about having a cellmate early on that always talked to him. Jack says they always talked about how they would get out together and their families would be friends. Jack doesn't think he'd be here now without him. Marlena adds that Jack must have helped him too. Jack says he didn't since the guard realized how much they depended on each other so they grabbed him and dragged him away. Jack says they took his cellmate away and he heard his last scream as they tore his tongue out and killed him.

Madison tells Brady that she's sorry but can't do this. Brady wonders if he did something wrong but Madison says they are just not a good idea. Brady accepts it, takes his clothes and exits.

Jennifer and Daniel sit together and talk. Jennifer says she appreciates the second time he's given up their date to help her. Daniel says he just wants to spend time with her as he missed her and then they kiss.

Bo and Hope walk through the town square. Hope comments that she had no idea Alice had so many secrets. Hope says everything keeps leading to stranger and more mysterious things. Hope wonders why Alice kept secrets from her family. Bo is sure it wasn't about trust and that she had an excellent reason. Hope tells Bo that Stefano told her that they may discover things they wish they didn't when digging into peoples' lives. Hope worries about Stefano being right. Bo reminds her that it's Stefano. They sit down on a bench and Bo goes over what they have found so far. Bo says they just have to figure out how the pieces fit together. Hope suggests they track Susan down. Bo thinks they need to talk to Stefano again first and this time he'll go with her. Hope tells him that she hoped he'd say that and kisses him.

Jack continues talking to Marlena about his experience. Jack recalls worrying that he'd never see his family again and breaks down crying as Marlena hugs him and tries to comfort him.

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