Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe brings Carrie a magazine that she left at their place. Rafe jokes with her about it. Carrie then admits she used the magazine as an excuse to have Rafe come over because they need to talk about something that could affect both of their families.

Nicole goes to Quinn's health spa. Quinn offers her a massage but Nicole declines. Nicole tells him that she has zero interest in contributing to his business. Quinn asks Nicole what she would do if someone told her to stay away from EJ.

Will runs into Marlena at the Town Square. Will says he was just going to check on her to see how she was doing. Marlena says she's okay under the circumstances. They talk about Thanksgiving. They talk about how it wasn't much of a holiday without John. Will tells her that he's sorry because it must be tough on her. Marlena says she came out to the town square to get some strength from Alice and Tom. Will offers to do anything to help. Marlena tells him that he can keep her company. Will says that sounds great so they walk off together.

EJ prepares to exit the DiMera Mansion. He opens the door and Sami arrives. EJ says he was just about to go looking for her. Sami says they have a lot to talk about and EJ agrees. Sami tells EJ that what they did was really wrong.

Nicole tells Quinn that she's there to make sure that what he's doing is legit. Nicole doubts his integrity and wants to make sure that EJ's decision to fund his business doesn't bite him. Quinn tells her that they are already turning a profit. Quinn says he's not here to cause trouble. Quinn tells Nicole that she will need his services soon enough. Quinn brings up EJ and Nicole getting closer again and thinks she will need a safe place to hide. Nicole questions what he knows about her relationship with EJ. Quinn reminds her that Taylor told him all about her and EJ. Nicole calls him a low rent criminal and says she doesn't need his advice then exits.

Rafe and Carrie sit down to talk about John pleading guilty. Rafe tells Carrie that nobody blames her since it was John's choice. Carrie says it's about more than getting John out of prison now. Carrie thinks they need to prove John's innocence and want to make sure they never have another situation like Johnny's disappearance. Carrie offers Rafe a job but tells him that she won't be able to pay him. Rafe tells Carrie that she had him when she called since family is the most important thing.

Sami talks to EJ about how what they did felt like a nightmare and then it all came rushing back to her that what they did was real. EJ tells her it was real. Sami doesn't know how that happened since Rafe found her son while she was out betraying him with EJ. EJ agrees that they did a terrible thing but doesn't think they should dwell on it. EJ tells her to move on and put it behind her. Sami says she can't do that. EJ insists that she can. Sami talks about how Johnny was home and happy while Rafe told her that everything would be okay but all she could think about was that she was here with EJ. Sami says Rafe loves her and is kind and caring but if he only knew. EJ tells her that he won't know. Sami tells EJ that he doesn't understand what it meant to her. EJ tells her it was sex and nothing more. Sami says it means everything to her since she did exactly what her mother did and she hated her for years for doing that. Sami says she swore to never be like her mother and is now exactly like her. EJ says Sami is overreacting since no one saw them or has any idea of what happened between them. Sami says she knows what kind of person she is and that Rafe deserves better than her.

Carrie asks Rafe if Sami won't have a problem with them working. Rafe says they both know that Sami has a complicated relationship with John and Marlena but he knows what family means to her so he has to try and help out. Carrie is relieved to hear him say that. Rafe says he understands that John plead guilty to stop the insanity that led to Johnny's disappearance and that it's completely selfless. Carrie says that's why she has to fight for John and worries about being unable to pay Rafe. Rafe assures her that he will find a way to make money and still help her with the case. Carrie hugs Rafe and asks if they should get to work.

Nicole runs into Patti, the matchmaker that attended the town square party with EJ, at the town square. Patti brings up Nicole working for EJ now. Nicole says she's in charge of his PR campaign. Patti brings up how EJ couldn't hide his feelings for Nicole. Nicole thinks she's being presumptuous. Patti says she called EJ with a date offer and he never called back so she knows Nicole never gave him the message and wonders if there's a reason that Nicole is keeping EJ all to herself.

Will and Marlena go to John and Marlena's. Will asks Marlena why John decided to plea guilty when they know he did nothing wrong. Marlena explains that John just wants to protect his family even though he knew that they didn't want him to. Marlena says sometimes people do things that are difficult to understand. Marlena asks Will what's going on since it's clear that he's reluctant to talk about something.

Nicole insists to Patti that she did give EJ the message but then admits that she didn't. Nicole says that her and EJ have been dancing around each other for awhile now and she thought she knew where it was going but worries about how toxic their relationship was in the past. Patti tells her that's the past and they should look to the future. Nicole calls her amazing. Nicole mentions how EJ swears he changed and wants things to be different. Nicole states that she wants to believe him but would have to be insane to ever believe EJ would change again. Nicole asks if she's crazy to ever trust EJ again.

Carrie shows Rafe on her laptop a log she kept on where the transactions were made compared to where John and Marlena were at each time. They go over their evidence. Carrie tells Rafe that their witness left Salem after John plead guilty so they need to find real physical evidence in order to get the case looked at again. Rafe looks at the picture of John and says something has always bugged him about it. Carrie says the same and then Rafe notices the shadows in the background. Rafe says the shadows look like it was in the afternoon but there's none on John's face like it was taken in the morning. Carrie tells him that if they can prove it then they can tear a giant hole in the case and prove that John was set up. Rafe can't believe he didn't see it before. Carrie then says before they go any further they have to talk about how Sami might feel about them working together like this.

Marlena brings up to Will that they haven't had any alone time together. Will says that she's had a lot to deal with. Marlena brings up the letter that Will wrote her and how he said he had issues that he was trying to get through. Marlena encourages him to get things out in the open. Will says the thing he was trying to figure out was about Gabi. Will says he was just wondering about their relationship and if their feelings are the same or if their relationship is real. Marlena thinks it's normal questions for their age. Will doesn't think it has to do with their age and is thinking that he doesn't want a relationship with anyone. Marlena questions what that is about. Will says it just seems pointless to him since sooner or later things get messed up and end badly. Marlena asks Will why he thinks that. Will brings up Sami's relationships all failing with Lucas, Brandon, Austin, EJ and now she's with Rafe who is so good to her but she doesn't even deserve him. Marlena questions why he thinks that she doesn't deserve Rafe.

Sami brings up how Rafe kept it together and never lost his cool while Johnny was missing but she totally fell apart while Rafe was there for them. Sami regrets blaming Rafe. Sami recalls asking Rafe to go when they found the body and then she showed up here and now she doesn't know how to forgive herself or live with herself after what she's done. EJ tells her to listen to him but Sami doesn't want to. EJ tells Sami to tell him what she's thinking. Sami says she hates him. EJ responds that all he cares about is whether she plans on telling Rafe about what happened. EJ then asks Sami if she's going to tell Rafe that they had sex. Sami doesn't know how she can keep it from Rafe. Sami wonders if she could explain it to EJ in a way that he would understand. EJ says that he's never going to understand and asks if she does because he doesn't. EJ says he never wanted this and thinks the worst thing she can do is drag it out. EJ tells Sami that he will not allow her to jeopardize his relationship with Nicole.

Nicole sits with Patti and talks about her relationship with EJ. Nicole talks about how convincing EJ is. Nicole says she's terrified since she knows better. Patti insists that the heart knows what the heart wants. Patti thinks when someone finds the right person it's the real deal. Patti doesn't think EJ wants to lose Nicole again. Nicole admits that she told EJ that she loved him and she meant it. Nicole wonders how stupid she is for confessing her feelings to EJ.

Rafe tells Carrie that this shouldn't come between he and Sami. Carrie hopes not to cause problems. Rafe brings up that even Austin has come around on John. Carrie doesn't think that Sami feels the same way. Rafe brings up issues arising when Johnny went missing and the past problems between John and Marlena that Sami has. Rafe admits that Sami may have said things she regrets but isn't upset anymore. Rafe thinks Sami is just having a hard time forgiving herself so she should make it up to John and Marlena. Rafe says he knows how Sami feels about family so if she has any issue then he will talk to her. Carrie hopes she listens. Rafe assures her that everything will be fine and it won't be a big deal.

Will tells Marlena that he didn't mean it the way it sounded but he sees things the way other people don't. Will says Rafe is such a good guy that it's impossible not to think Sami is taking advantage of him. Will says Sami always needs the drama. Will brings up how Sami lashed out against Marlena. Marlena calls it complicated. Will points out that all of Sami's relationships are complicated. Marlena thinks Sami has a good reason to be angry at her. Will responds that he has a very good reason to be angry at Sami so Marlena questions why and wants Will to tell her what Sami has done. Will talks to Marlena about when he went to live with Austin and Carrie because he couldn't live with Sami anymore. Will worries about if he might hurt Gabi. Marlena encourages him that he will have a wonderful relationship when he wants. Will says he just doesn't want to end up like Sami.

Rafe talks to Carrie about all that Sami has been through so he wants to get home and do something nice to let her know that he loves her.

Patti and Nicole continue to talk about love. Nicole says finding love is never easy. Patti tells her that she thinks EJ knows that Nicole is his perfect match. Patti says she knew Nicole had a lot of guts. Nicole thanks her and then Patti walks away.

Sami questions EJ worrying about Nicole. EJ says he's very serious since he's spent weeks trying to convince Nicole that he's changed since he wants a relationship with her to work. Sami goes to leave as EJ says that he loves Nicole. EJ tells Sami that he sees the potential to have a relationship with Nicole like Sami has with Rafe. Sami brings up their divorce. EJ tells her how hard he's worked to convince her. EJ states that he's never wanted anyone or anything as much as Nicole. Sami asks if she's supposed to feel sorry for him. EJ tells Sami that Nicole doesn't need a reason not to trust him and he would struggle to survive without her. EJ brings up that if Rafe finds out what Sami did, her marriage would be over and she would hurt Rafe far more than she would help herself by easing her guilty conscience.

Patti goes to Quinn's health spa. Quinn recognizes her from her matchmaking. Quinn brings up looking for a woman. Patti tells him that he's not her type. Quinn jokes with her about playing the bad boy. Patti tells Quinn to be careful since his broken hearts will catch up with him then she exits.

EJ tells Sami that he needs to know what she's going to do. Sami says it kills her to be here now and what they did was sickening. EJ says Rafe would never forgive her like Nicole would never forgive him. Sami says she's only thinking about Rafe and she knows that if he ever found out it would hurt him. EJ asks if they are in agreement that no one needs to know. Sami agrees that no one will know.

Marlena tells Will that he can't think about ending up like Sami or else he'll sabotage himself. Marlena continues to encourage Will. Will adds that he isn't meaning to bash Sami. Marlena tells him that Sami always goes in with the best intentions. Will comments that it didn't stop her from messing up.

Sami returns home to where Rafe has set up a candle lit dinner. Rafe tells Sami that he thought they needed this after the last few days and to show his wife how much he loves her. Rafe then kisses Sami.

Nicole returns to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks how soon she can be packed. Nicole asks where they are going. EJ tells her they'll go to New York City and catch dinner and a show. Nicole thinks it's a bit sudden. EJ asks if she's having second thoughts. Nicole admits she is a little. EJ questions why. Nicole says she's heard what EJ has said and he's heard what she said but she's still holding back. EJ understands she's afraid of getting hurt. Nicole thinks he should be too since they still have a past that they can't forget about. EJ questions why she's still here if she feels that way. Nicole says it's because of the moment at the police station when Gus threatened her life and she wondered what it would have been like if she never saw EJ again or felt his arms around her. Nicole admits that she loves EJ and says she'll never take it back again. EJ asks if she's okay with that. Nicole thinks it's a mistake but the heart wants what the heart wants. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her. EJ says he made a promise to her to be a better man and he's going to live up to that promise. EJ tells Nicole that loving him is not a mistake. Nicole smiles as EJ kisses her and hugs her.

Marlena tells Will that he's right about Rafe being a wonderful man. Marlena states that Sami loves Rafe very much. Will shakes his head as Marlena tells him that Sami and Rafe's relationship is strong and won't fall apart.

Sami tells Rafe that he didn't have to make dinner. Rafe says he wanted to let her know how special she is to him. Rafe says that not a moment goes by without thinking about her. Rafe informs Sami that he made her an appointment for a massage at the new health spa and hopes she enjoys their candlelight dinner. Sami starts to cry and says she doesn't deserve Rafe. Rafe tells her to stop saying that. Sami tells him that she loves him and worries about losing him. Rafe kisses her and insists that she's never going to lose him as they hug.

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