Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Abigail walk through the town square after shopping. They talk about buying a treasure chest and how stoked JJ will be. Abigail wishes JJ was there for Thanksgiving. Abigail adds that it was still a great day and Jack agrees. Jack gets a message on his phone and is excited so he tells Abigail that it's the best news ever.

Will joins Sonny and Chad at the Brady Pub. They talk about how great it is that Johnny is home. Will says it is and talks about the site. Chad and Sonny say their site is now airtight and ready to move on to the second phase of their business and pitch to the university. They talk about wanting to get moving on it and how glad they are that they got rid of the gambling threat early.

Quinn sets up at his new health spa as Madison arrives and asks Quinn about the products he's using. Madison starts to convince Quinn to use Mad World cosmetics but Kate arrives and intervenes.

John remains in his cell and thinks back to talking to Marlena. John paces and has more flashbacks to talking to Marlena about his decision to plea guilty. Brady arrives to visit John and asks how he's doing. John responds that he's better now that Brady is there and thanks him for coming. Brady tells him he's sorry and can't believe the judge didn't give him a better decision. John says it seems that he'll be going to federal prison for good. Brady calls it crazy. John explains that he did it for his family. Brady says he understands and admires John for it. John tells him that his family means everything to him. Brady tells him that he's beginning to understand that.

Madison and Kate argue about the quality of their products. Kate tells Madison that Quinn's spa will be using Countess Wilhelmina's products. Madison tries to convince Quinn otherwise but he gets a phone call and steps away. Madison tells Kate that she has meetings to go to. Kate gets in her way and asks if she'll be trashing her product more. Kate tells Madison that she got a meeting with Joel Finnerman. Madison realizes that Kate stole the meeting from her while Johnny was missing. Madison calls Kate a monster.

Brady tells John that he gets why he pleaded guilty. John thanks him. Brady tells him that he's sorry for the sentence he got and he's sorry it took this happening for him to realize how much they all meant to him. John brings up all the time he missed out on with Brady. John tells Brady that he hopes they can somehow work on trying to better themselves as father and son even while he's gone.

Abigail asks Jack what his news is. Jack tells her to promise that she won't get mad at him. Jack mentions that Abigail wrote an article about college GPA so he entered her article in a journalism contest. Jack admits he knows he took a chance and asks how she feels about it. Abigail says she's not upset about it and is glad she liked it. Jack then reveals that Abigail won the contest.

Will, Sonny, and Chad continue working on their site. Will finds a problem with a post on one of the message boards where someone is bragging about the outcome of next week's football game and is another gambler. Will doesn't know how to get through this and Chad thinks it's worse than the first time. Will tells Sonny that there is nothing they can do.

Madison tells Kate that she's playing dirty because she's insecure and desperate. Kate mocks Madison for going to local merchants. Madison accuses Kate of using her family's sadness to make a power play. Madison calls Kate despicable as Quinn returns and tells Madison that they are not interested in using her products.

Abigail can't believe she won the contest. She says she never would've had the guts to submit it. Jack tells her that he believed in the article. Abigail thanks him and hugs him. Abigail asks what she wins. Jack asks if he can go with her to the award ceremony so Abigail tells him that he's the whole reason she's going. Jack tells her that he will be there. Abigail goes to find Will, Sonny, and Chad so she can tell them since they can run it on their site. Abigail hugs him before leaving and comments that maybe Jack will start writing again since he'll be teaching but Jack says he wouldn't want to get in her way as she exits. Jack then makes a phone call to Roman and says he has a huge favor to ask.

Chad and Sonny talk about not wanting to give up on their site but Will doesn't know what else they can do. Will worries about it being a trojan horse in their site. Chad says he gives up as Abigail runs in and says she has good news for their site but the guys don't look excited so Abigail wonders who died.

Quinn explains to Madison that sales have been strong so far. Madison tells him that more people will be knowing about Mad World cosmetics. Kate continues talking up Countess Wilhelmina. Madison and Kate continue to argue about their companies against each other. Madison brings up karma and Kate responds that Madison's karma sucks. Madison then exits upset. Kate tells Quinn that it was fun. Quinn gives Madison credit for going head to head with Kate. Quinn tells Kate that his customers do like her product so maybe he should look into it more but Kate tells him that would be a big mistake.

John and Brady agree to work on their father-son relationship. Brady brings up when he used to work with John. John talks about knowing it was important when Brady went to work for Titan. John is glad that his issues did not affect Brady. John tells Brady that his one last favor to ask is for him to look after Marlena. Brady assures John that he will as the guard returns and tells Brady that his time is up. John tells Brady that he loves him and is so proud of the man he will become. Brady tells him he loves him too and hugs him through the bars. John tells him to be careful as Brady exits.

John exercises in his cell as Jack arrives to visit him. John states that he's surprised to see Jack and asks if he has something to say to him. Jack mentions that he's back in Salem to stay. John tells him he's happy for him. Jack tells John that he will be teaching journalism at the University. Jack mentions that he hoped his experience would influence John a little. Jack says he has to publish a lot and has ideas but the best stories are the ones that are closest to home. John realizes that Jack wants to write about him. Jack wants to put John's story into print but John tells him he's not interested.

Chad tells Abigail that they are just talking computer code and it's just boring. Abigail then informs them that her article won a journalism competition. Abigail says she figured their site could use the publicity from it. Chad tells her that they just can't have any attention on the site right now.

Kate warns Quinn that they have a deal and he doesn't want to renege on it. Quinn says he knows what he's doing. Kate brings up their last deal but Quinn adds that they are doing legitimate business. Quinn takes Kate to see the spa.

Madison talks on the phone in her office to Joel, complaining about how he went with Kate's products over hers. Madison tries to explain that she had a personal issue that made her cancel their meeting. Madison tells him to call if he changes his mind and throws papers in frustration as Brady arrives and says next time he'll knock.

Abigail asks the guys why they don't want attention on their site. Chad says they have a wall of technological glitches. Will and Chad say they are just trying to fix some bugs. Abigail tells them to let her know when the bugs are cleared and she exits to call her mom. Chad says they are going to get publicity whether they like it or not. Sonny and Will wonder what to do. Chad says there's only one thing they can do and Will says they have to shut it down now.

Kate tells Quinn how much she likes the spa. Kate brings up Quinn's past employment and jokes about it. Quinn tells her it isn't funny and this business will be handled professionally. Quinn tells Kate about his background in martial arts and physiotherapy. Quinn calls the health spa the combination of everything he loves. Quinn puts lotion on Kate's hand and comments that she is tense. Quinn massages her hand and Kate admits that Quinn is good at it. Kate then asks Quinn if he's hitting on her.

Brady fixes the papers that Madison threw and asks what's wrong. Madison tells him about Kate stealing the deal with Joel. Brady can't believe that Kate took advantage of Johnny's disappearance. Madison says she knows this happens all the time in business but she doesn't like losing business to Kate. Brady encourages Madison that the people will change their mind once they see her line. Madison complains that so far in Salem, she's in Kate's shadow and doesn't like the view. Brady asks Madison what her plan is and she responds that her plan is to leave.

Jack tells John to hear him out but John thinks they can't change public perception. John says there is no story other than he pleaded guilty. Jack says he knows John wouldn't do what he's accused of. John explains that he had to plead guilty. Jack thinks his side of the story could change the minds of people who don't know him. Jack wants John to let him tell his story. Jack tells John that he doesn't mean to hard sell him. John says he won't agree to anything or make any promises but he'll talk to his family and if they don't like the idea then he won't do it. John says he also won't do it if it reflects badly on Brady because he won't tarnish Brady's reputation with his own. Jack tries to convince him further by comparing it to his situation and how his family would've known where he was. John calls it interesting and asks how it's working out for him to be out of Afghanistan. Jack says it's great but admits there's some days it's not as great due to the flashbacks. Jack then tells John about what happened in the cabin with Jennifer where he had an episode of flashbacks and fell apart. John tells him that he needs to talk to someone. John says he knows a little about it and tells Jack that he has to deal with it because if he doesn't, it will never go away.

Will, Chad, and Sonny sit back down and Chad says they have no other choice but to shut this down. They continue to talk about the possibilities if authorities got involved. Sonny says there has to be a way around this. Will brings up talking to Rafe and his contacts at the police but Chad says they can't have their last names connected to this. Sonny thinks they are in over their heads. Will suggests they could do something else as a team instead. Chad tells them that it's up to them.

Quinn tells Kate that he's a beautiful woman and asks if she's enjoying her complimentary hand massage. Quinn asks if there's anything else he can do for her and Kate says there is.

Brady tells Madison that he won't sign off on her leaving. Madison reminds him that she runs and controls her company. Brady points out that Titan's in control and runs in Salem. Madison says she's going but Brady tells her that she's going to stay. Madison says he can't stop her so she goes to leave but Brady threatens to accuse her of breaching the contract and have her removed from her own company.

Jack tells John that he knows he should talk to somebody but doesn't like the idea of therapy. John tells Jack that it does help. Jack says he's tried before but it didn't go well. John tells Jack to go to the best therapist around in Marlena. John says Jack owes it to himself and his family to try and if he doesn't, he'll never get past what's happened to him.

Chad, Will, and Sonny agree to try out a new venture. Will exits to go call the server and have their site pulled. Sonny tells Chad that he'll make something up to tell the advertisers and then exits. Abigail returns as Chad gets ready to leave. Chad tells Abigail that he thinks they found a solution to their problem.

Kate tells Quinn to keep an eye on Madison for her and encourage all retailers not to use Madison's products. Kate tells Quinn to make sure Madison doesn't get a foothold in Salem. Quinn says her wish is his command.

Madison questions Brady's threat and Brady says he's serious. Madison calls it below the belt. Brady says she can't just run from Kate and asks if she's really intimidated by Kate. Brady tells Madison to prove herself. Brady tells Madison that she's beautiful but he wanted to work with her because she's smart and believes in what she does. Brady asks Madison what she's afraid of. Madison says she's sorry and walks out.

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