Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie, Maggie, Daniel, and Victor prepare Thanksgiving at Maggie's. Victor wonders why they are doing this instead of just having the staff cook at the mansion. Maggie explains that she gave the staff the day off and what Thanksgiving means to her. Victor still wonders why they aren't doing it at the mansion. Maggie says she doesn't like his stove and is attached to her kitchen. Daniel and Melanie watch them go back and forth as Maggie says she wanted a memory of making Thanksgiving dinner for Victor and them. Melanie and Daniel hug Maggie. Victor tells Maggie that he's a better man because of her. Maggie takes Victor to bring more groceries in. Melanie asks Daniel if he's okay with all of this. Daniel says he's glad to be knowing Maggie more and being with Melanie but he's thinking about Jennifer. Daniel figures that Jennifer is spending Thanksgiving with Abigail and Jack.

Jennifer and Abigail prepare Thanksgiving at the Brady Pub with Lexie and Abe. Jack is on the phone and Jennifer asks him to help but Jack says he'll get things and hurries away. Austin arrives and Abigail is happy to see him again. Abigail offers to give Austin his hat back but he tells her that she can keep it. Abigail asks Austin if Carrie will be coming but Austin thinks the hearing will take a while. Abigail comments that it's too bad.

John does exercises in his cell until Carrie and Marlena arrive. Carrie tells John that it's just about time so he needs to shower and change as John reaches out and touches Marlena's face.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion and talks with Stefano. Stefano says he's surprised to see her and thought all of the police would be at the hearing. Hope says she isn't here to talk about John. Stefano jokes that she must be there to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. Hope shows Stefano the paperweight sent to Alice and asks him if it looks familiar. Stefano acts like he does not know of it. Hope explains that she found it among Alice's things with other things of interest so Stefano wants to know what else there is.

Melanie talks to Daniel about how good he and Jennifer are together. Daniel tries to change the subject to Melanie and asks how she's doing since Dario left. Melanie covers by saying she hasn't met anyone and then thinks back to Chad accidentally kissing her. Melanie tells Daniel that she might have a crush on someone but nothing will come of it.

Everyone continues at the Brady Pub as Chad arrives with bags and hands them to Abigail. Jack looks over at them so Jennifer tells him to stop staring at Chad and Abigail. Jack continues to worry about Abigail being with Chad. Jennifer takes Jack to continue preparing food.

Marlena and Carrie talk to John about wishing he would've gone to trial. John says this will all be over soon so Carrie can get back to her life with Austin. Carrie says all relationships are tested sooner or later. Carrie assures them that she and Austin are fine. Marlena says she's glad since a great marriage needs to be cherished. Carrie exits to go over her speech one more time and says she'll see them at the judge's chambers. Marlena and John talk about the judge. John tells Marlena not to get her hopes up. Marlena says the short time away from him has been an eternity to her and she can't bear the thought of it being much longer. John says they will just have to take it one at a time.

Victor puts food together as Maggie comments that he looks miserable. Maggie tells Victor that making Thanksgiving dinner is supposed to be fun. Victor comments on not doing much so Maggie says she'll give him a bigger part in putting together the meal.

Austin asks Jack about the Cowboys vs. Dolphins football game. Jack picks the Cowboys so Austin offers a 5 dollar bet on the game. Austin asks Chad if he wants to get involved but Chad quickly says he doesn't gamble even if it's legal.

Jennifer talks with Abe about his campaign. Abe wonders how the hearing is going and hopes it's good news since John needs a Thanksgiving miracle.

Marlena tells John that she can't believe he's going to prison. John tells her that she's stronger than she thinks. John tells her that their love will get them through this.

Hope questions Stefano being curious about the other items in Alice's attic. Hope tells Stefano that she knows he gave her the paperweight. Stefano says he never told her that. Hope wonders why he's avoiding the question if there is no connection and wonders if he's hiding something else as they walk by the shelf with the baby photo on it.

Abigail gets Austin to help her take boxes out and says Chad has something to do so they leave Chad with Jack. Chad tells Jack that he really cares about his daughter. Jack states that he heard that from Abigail and Jennifer. Chad understands that being a DiMera is a problem for Jack as it was for him too. Chad says he's been working hard to be his own person but some people can't get over his last name. Chad swears not to be like the rest of his family. Chad says he will treat Abigail like the amazing person she is. Jack agrees to broaden his thinking for Abigail's sake so they shake hands. Jack comments that giving his word and keeping it are two different things. Jack warns him not to take as long as he did to realize it. Jack then gets a phone call and hurries out of the Pub while looking back at Jennifer.

Maggie and Melanie continue making a pie as Maggie explains how Alice made it. Melanie thanks her for letting her know what it's like to cook with her Grandmother and be a part of the family. Melanie hugs her and Daniel goes over and hugs them both. Maggie comments that she never dreamed she would have a new son and granddaughter. Daniel says it's been a long time since he's had a holiday with family. Daniel notices the cranberry relish and says it's the same way his mom used to make it. Maggie tells him that she wanted to make him something special and Victor found one of his mom's old cookbooks with that recipe marked Daniel's favorite. Daniel hugs her and tells her she's incredible.

Stefano tells Hope that grilling him about an old paperweight is a waste of their time. Hope points out that he won't answer her questions. Stefano wonders if John's been sentenced yet. Hope says John is innocent. Stefano brings up John and Marlena living in Switzerland and wonders if John stashed the money there. Hope asks if he means in a Swiss bank account. Stefano says he has things to do but Hope refuses to leave until he answers her questions. Hope asks Stefano if he gave Alice the paperweight. Stefano admits that he did give Alice the paperweight.

John and Marlena sit at the hearing as Carrie speaks with the judge. Carrie explains how John could pay back the people and would be justice for all. The judge says she will take it into consideration and asks John if he has anything to say. John says no which surprises Marlena. Carrie asks for a recess to talk with John. The judge agrees and says she will make her ruling in ten minutes.

Maggie tells Daniel that she wishes she could of thanked Lillian for giving him a loving childhood and home. Maggie says she must have been a remarkable woman to raise him. Daniel wonders why she never told him the truth. Maggie insists that Lillian loved him and wanted to protect him. Daniel wonders what she'd be protecting him from. Victor comments that Lillian was the happiest and proudest mother he knew and she never wanted to hurt him. Daniel talks about the food and Daniel asks about Maggie's condition after seeing her rub her hands. Maggie assures him that the medicine is working fine. Maggie brings up the MG condition and says that she thinks Daniel and Melanie should be tested for it since they know they are related.

Hope tells Stefano that she knew he gave Alice the paperweight. Stefano calls her determined. Hope asks him why he gave Alice the paperweight and what the inscription means. Stefano says he meant that his company would send them out as gifts and Alice must have done something charitable. Hope asks if he doesn't remember giving it to her himself. Stefano says it was all the company but Hope points out that the company wouldn't have used the Phoenix symbol and inscribed it to Alice of their bond. Stefano brings up Thanksgiving being tomorrow and tells her to go be with Bo. Hope says if he's not going to tell her, she's going to find out on her own.

Jennifer talks with Abe and Lexie about his campaign. Jennifer then spots Jack outside the Pub talking on the phone. Jennifer goes out and Jack says he appreciates the lead and will get right back to them. Jennifer confronts him asking if he's going to leave them again since she heard him accepting another assignment. Jack tells Jennifer that it's not what she thinks. Jack says he can explain but Jennifer continues accusing him of not changing at all. Jennifer thinks she could never trust that he could commit to them when his career has always meant more to him. Abigail comes back and asks what's going on. Jack explains that his new assignment has been to teach journalism at Salem U. Jennifer and Abigail are both surprised to hear. Austin adds in that it's great. Jack says if he does take it, he'll be staying in Salem for the rest of his life. Jack says he's just trying to start over and wants to do it right.

Daniel tells Maggie that she's right even if it's unlikely. Melanie agrees that they should get tested just to be sure. Maggie apologizes for bringing it up. Maggie sends Daniel and Melanie to get the Thanksgiving china sets from the basement. Victor notices Maggie is worried and she admits that she is as she would never wish the MG disease on anyone. Maggie notes that Daniel is a surgeon and needs his eyes and hands to save lives. Victor reminds her that Daniel said it's very unlikely. Victor tells her not to worry about what might be and just focus on what is like being married and celebrating Thanksgiving with her son and granddaughter. Victor tells Maggie to just count her blessings and they kiss as Maggie thanks him.

Stefano tells Hope that he loves her fire and passion. Hope tells him to stop stalling. Stefano asks if she's always so blunt with her friends. Hope reminds him that they aren't friends. Stefano says they are survivors and reminds her that she's alive thanks to him. Hope blames him for them being locked up in the first place. Hope says if he wants to walk down memory lane, they can talk about Alice but Stefano says he would rather not. Hope says she will get her answers without him. Stefano tells her that maybe she should question herself instead of him. Stefano tells Hope that she was so close to Alice and wonders why she went to her grave without telling her if she had such a close bond with him.

Carrie and Marlena talk with John worrying about a longer sentence. Marlena tells him not to be stoic. John thinks anything he says will ring hollow and thinks the sooner he's in prison, the safer everyone will be. The judge returns and asks if John will be making a statement. John stands and thanks the judge for listening but says there's nothing he would like to say which upsets Carrie and Marlena. The judge says she will now render a decision in the People vs. John Black.

Victor asks Daniel what Jennifer is doing for Thanksgiving but he responds he doesn't know. Daniel tells Victor that he saw Jennifer kissing Jack and his kneejerk reaction was to break it off then she agreed but now he's wondering if he made a mistake. Victor tells Daniel not to let Jack win if Daniel loves Jennifer. Melanie and Maggie come back in with the bowls. Maggie tells Victor that he's done perfect at slicing potatoes. Victor credits her for his good mood and Maggie kisses him. Daniel tells Melanie that he's decided to fight for Jennifer as he's got to believe they'll be as happy as Maggie and Victor one day.

Abigail brings up Jack if he'll be teaching where she goes to school. Austin then informs them that he's been offered a job at Salem U to teach forensics accounting. They are all happy to hear and Abigail encourages him to take the job. Jennifer asks for a moment with Jack so Abigail and Austin head back inside. Jennifer apologizes to Jack for jumping to conclusions. She says she doesn't hate the idea but wants him to make sure he's taking the job for himself. Jack says he will be sticking around to fix himself and all the relationships with people he loves. Jennifer calls it a Thanksgiving miracle.

Hope asks if it was true that Stefano and Alice had a bond. Stefano reminds Hope that she was very close with Alice. Stefano says she had a special quality about her and was a virtuous woman loved by all and that's the way she remembers her. Stefano says it's also true that if Alice hid things, that must have meant that she didn't want anyone to find them including Hope. Hope asks what he's suggesting. Stefano tells her to forget she ever found the paperweight. Hope asks how he knows. Stefano thinks if Alice wanted her to know, she would have told her. Stefano warns Hope to let the secrets of the dead stay in peace.

The judge informs John that even though he did not give a statement, he has received letters from his friends as well as Abe but she also received letters from people accusing him of costing them their life savings. She talks about how John has destroyed people's lives. Carrie tries to interrupt but the judge does not let her. The judge tells John that he has never showed true remorse and sentences John to term twice as long as the original meaning he will spend 50 years in prison. Marlena is shocked while Carries tries to argue that it's a life sentence but the judge tells her that she knows.

Hope tells Stefano that Alice was nothing like him and didn't have deep dark secrets. Stefano says he isn't disputing that but sometimes good people make bad choices that put them in strange places. Stefano tells Hope that she of all people should recognize that. Hope says they aren't talking about her past but Alice and Stefano is making it sound like she led a double life when she didn't. Stefano tells her that when you learn about other people's secrets, sometimes you learn things you don't want to know like their weaknesses, mistakes, and the price they have paid to be human.

Maggie gives Daniel food and he hugs her as Melanie gets the pie ready. Victor smiles watching Daniel with Maggie.

Lexie kisses Abe and hugs him. Jack and Jennifer joke around with each other while Abigail and Austin leave the Pub together.

John hugs Marlena as Carrie watches. John says goodbye to Marlena and he is escorted out while Carrie holds Marlena as they cry watching John leave.

The baby photo remains on the shelf at the DiMera Mansion.

John returns to his cell and sits down in frustration.

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