Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer and Abigail sit together at home joking about painting toenails. Abigail says it's been awhile since they have hung out like this and how they haven't since Jack came back then Abigail continues painting Jennifer's toenails.

Rafe holds Sami at home as Sami talks about how the whole day seemed awful and surreal. Rafe tells her that it's all good now that Johnny is back. Sami thanks Rafe for finding him but reminds him that she thought she would never see Johnny again. Sami says she doesn't deserve him after what she did to him. Rafe tells her that she didn't do anything and they just had a little fight. Sami tells him that she loves him as Rafe tells her that he loves her and nothing will change that. Sami hugs Rafe as Will walks in and looks at them. Will thinks back to walking in on EJ and Sami together.

EJ and Nicole return to the DiMera Mansion. EJ talks about how he really thought he lost Johnny but he was fine. Nicole thanks EJ for letting her go with him and hugs him. Nicole asks EJ if he's okay. Nicole reminds him that none of the horrific scenarios were true since Johnny is fine. EJ comments that it doesn't feel real. Nicole brings up how much EJ loves Johnny. EJ tells her that he lost himself when he thought he lost Johnny. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him which surprises him. Nicole says thinking they lost Johnny made her face the truth that she loves him. Nicole says she's been fighting her feelings for so long but she can't breathe without thinking of him. EJ looks down so Nicole asks if something happened or if he changed his mind about them. EJ brings up the divorce papers. Nicole apologizes for making him sign the papers and says she was just afraid of getting hurt again. Nicole tells EJ that she knows it won't happen again and she loves him. Nicole then hugs EJ.

Austin and Carrie lay together as Carrie works on her laptop. Austin suggests she take a break but Carrie reminds him that John's hearing is tomorrow and she wants to continue working. Austin wants to go get something to eat and relax but Carrie tells him that he can go without her since she's not hungry. Austin agrees and exits.

Nicole continues to ask EJ what's going on. EJ apologizes and says he can't stop thinking about Johnny. Nicole says she couldn't pretend anymore that she wants a divorce since she just wanted to be there for him and Johnny. Nicole asks him if it's too late. EJ tells her no and kisses her. EJ apologizes again and says he just can't stop thinking about Johnny. EJ decides that he needs to go see Johnny. EJ offers to take Nicole with him and assures her that he wants her there so Nicole agrees to go with him.

Sami continues laying with Rafe on the couch as she has a flashback to being with EJ. Rafe assures Sami that everything is over now and Johnny's back. Rafe asks Sami if she wants to go lay in bed. Will continues to watch on. Rafe notices Sami is shaking and says the day has been the worst. Sami tells Rafe that she has to tell him something but worries about Rafe forgiving her. Rafe kisses her and insists that she's done nothing wrong.

Abigail finishes painting Jennifer's toenails as there's a knock on the door and Jack arrives. Jennifer is surprised and asks what he's doing there. Jack says he wants to say something to Jennifer and she can kick him out if she wants after he finishes. Abigail leaves the room to let them talk. Jack pulls out a paper he wrote down what he wanted to say on. Jack says the last time they spoke he behaved like a jerk and will do anything to make it up to her. Jack tells her that he first thought to win her back with something romantic and over the top but realized he had no money. Jack says he just wants to be honest with Jennifer.

Johnny wakes up and joins Sami and Rafe on the couch. EJ then arrives with Nicole. Will comments that it's past Johnny's bedtime as EJ says he just wanted to see his son so Johnny runs up and hugs him. EJ tells Johnny that he loves him. Nicole then hugs Johnny as well. EJ thanks Rafe for finding Johnny and shakes his hand. Rafe says they are all just glad he's okay. Will comments that Johnny is tired so he'll take him to bed. Sami offers to do it but Will insists as Rafe says goodnight. Rafe then asks if anyone wants a drink as Sami remains uncomfortable with EJ around. EJ decides they should get going and get some rest. Nicole thanks Sami for letting them see Johnny again. Sami says she knows how much Johnny loves his dad. Nicole remembers that she brought a stuffed animal for Johnny. Rafe tells her that she can go give it to Johnny so they go to see him leaving EJ and Sami alone. Sami tells EJ that they need to talk but EJ thinks it's the wrong time. Sami says they need to figure out what they are going to do. Nicole and Rafe return to the room so EJ and Nicole exit. Rafe says EJ might be a lowlife criminal but he does love his son.

Abigail bumps into Austin at the Town Square. Austin is surprised to see Abigail. Abigail talks about not getting to say hi to him before and is surprised that he's still there. Abigail hugs him and Austin brings up that he heard Abigail toured London with Chelsea. Abigail informs Austin that she moved back and is going to Salem U now. Austin tells her how he initially just came back for a friendly visit then all hell breaks loose.

Jack admits to Jennifer that he panicked at the cabin and didn't know how to deal with the situation so he avoided it by pretending to be asleep. Jack says he was a coward and knows he always runs. Jack agrees that he's been an idiot but he still loves her and always has. Jennifer tells him that it's not about that. Jack tells her he will do anything and everything to win her back and to be the man that she deserves. Jack tells her that he will honestly do whatever it takes.

Will tells Rafe and Sami that John is being sentenced tomorrow and it's all over the news. Rafe goes to call Carrie and see if she needs anything. Will then approaches Sami and tells her it's terrible what's happening to John. Sami agrees and Will asks if that's all she wants to say. Sami tells Will that she's just out of it and tired. Will comments that they are all tired. Sami asks if he's okay or if she's done something to upset him. Will says there is something he's been dying to ask her about. Will then asks Sami where the hell she was when Johnny was missing.

Abigail asks Austin where Carrie is so he explains that she's working on the case. Austin asks Abigail what she's doing on her own. Abigail explains that she needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Austin says that's what he needed to. Austin asks Abigail to join him so they sit together. Austin offers Abigail his hat since it's cold so she puts it on as they joke around. Abigail thanks Austin and says she feels better.

Jennifer thanks Jack for his honesty but thinks it feels like more of the same. Jack insists that things are different and he's different. Jennifer says she sees the same old Jack. Jack says he realized everything changed when he saw her and Abigail. Jack states that he had to let go of everything in Afghanistan. Jack says he could see that Jennifer sensed a change in him. Jennifer tells Jack that she knows he has been through something traumatic but she sees the man who she fell in love with and the man who broke her heart. Jack tells her that he disappeared a long time ago in a cave in Afghanistan. Jack says he doesn't even know who he is anymore as he is so lost. They both say they don't know what to say. Jack tells Jennifer that he's right that he needs help.

Nicole suggests EJ release a statement to the press. EJ tells her they are going to bed but Nicole insists that she takes care of a few things as his publicist. Nicole promises to make it worth his while. EJ holds her and tells her she's fantastic. EJ tries to get her to go to bed but Nicole says she still can't believe John confessed but thinks he must have been overwhelmed with guilt. Nicole comments that lying and betrayal makes her sick.

Sami apologizes to Will for not being there. Will tells her that sorry does not make it right since she disappeared when her family needed her. Sami says she just made a terrible mistake. Will accuses her of only caring about herself. Sami says she would take it back if she could but will never forgive herself for not being there. Will tells her that she can't just take off whenever she wants as a mother. Sami doesn't know what else to say. Will brings up how they had to look for her and Johnny. Will asks Sami what she was thinking.

Abigail tells Austin that she's dating Chad which causes Austin to be surprised that she's dating a DiMera. Austin says he's just teasing her and is sure Chad's a great guy. Abigail talks about Chad so Austin says he's happy for her.

Jennifer tells Jack that she knows opening up wasn't easy for him. Jack tells her it was terrifying but has to be done to help himself and he has to face his demons. Jack thanks her for helping him. Jennifer says he doesn't have to thank her but Jack thinks he does. Jack decides that he should leave but Jennifer tells him to wait. Jennifer says now that everything is out in the open, she has something that she wants to say. Jennifer tells him that everything he said tonight was right. She says he has always been a coward and ran from anything challenging or scary. Jennifer says she knew that from the day they met but what she didn't know was what he went through and how it destroyed him. Jack tells her that he never wanted her to know or see what happened. Jack says he wanted to be strong. Jennifer tells him that it's not about her or them but he has to do this for himself.

Sami tells Will that she wasn't thinking. Will agrees and says she would have been there if she was. Sami doesn't know how to make Will understand and says she wasn't in her right mind since she thought Johnny was dead. Will says they all thought that but only Sami disappeared. Sami says she just lost it and reacted. Will tells her that all the excuses won't take back what she said or what she did. Will asks Sami where she was and what was so important that caused her to leave her family. Sami says it doesn't matter because it will never happen again now that Johnny is safe and it's over. Will tells her that it's not over. Sami thinks they should all get some sleep and talk about it tomorrow. Will asks her how she can sleep after what she did to Rafe. Sami says there has to be a way to make it right and they can talk about it later. Will tells Sami that she abandoned her family when they needed her the most. Will questions what kind of mother does that to her kids as Rafe returns to the room and asks them what's going on.

Austin and Abigail joke with each other about embarrassing moments. Austin gets a message from Carrie that she can make it so Austin says he'll tell her to meet them there but Abigail decides she's going to go. Austin tells her that Carrie would love to see her but Abigail says she has to get ready for an early class. Austin tells her it was great seeing her and hugs her then Abigail exits.

Nicole tells EJ that he's probably thinking she's made a career of lying. EJ tells her that she has no idea what he's thinking. Nicole thinks she knows EJ too well. Nicole says she might be guilty of manipulation and stealing but everything she does is because she believes it matters and is important to her. Nicole says she doesn't get what John did. EJ suggests there's two sides to every story and maybe John had a reason. Nicole asks if he's defending John. EJ says he's not but being guilty or innocent isn't really relevant. Nicole reminds him that he confessed to being guilty which is hard to imagine. EJ tells her that men do strange things sometimes. Nicole comments that you never truly know someone until you discover what they are doing when no one is looking.

Will apologizes and says the stress of the last few days got to him so he didn't mean what he said. Rafe tells him they are all feeling the strain. Will thanks Rafe for finding Johnny and goes on to bed. Rafe tells Sami that Will just needs some time to cool down and everything will be back to normal in the morning. Sami hopes so as Rafe tells her that he will get her a bath ready. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't deserve him. Rafe tells her she is the best and then they kiss. Rafe goes to prepare the bath as Sami cries when he leaves.

Carrie joins Austin at the Town Square. Carrie apologizes for making Austin eat alone. Austin tells her that having her there is all that matters.

Abigail returns home and realizes she still has Austin's hat. Abigail tells Jack and Jennifer that she was by herself the whole time. Jack says goodbye and exits. Jennifer comments that Jack is a complicated man and no matter how hard she tries to fight it, he always gets her heart racing.

Sami looks at a picture of her and Rafe. She cries and says she's sorry as she has a flashback to being with EJ. Sami smashes a mirror in frustration.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn't regret any of it which surprises him. Nicole says they have seen the worst of each other and have nothing left to hide. EJ apologizes to Nicole and says he'll never forgive himself for how he treated her. EJ says he will spend all his time making it up to her. Nicole suggests they start with a clean slate with nothing from the past haunting them and just start fresh. Nicole says they've learned from their mistakes and owe it to each other to start without the baggage. EJ thinks it's not that easy but Nicole tells EJ to just let it go and have no more lies and secrets, just honesty and a new beginning.

Rafe returns to Sami and asks what's going on. He sees that her hand is bleeding from the mirror and wants to get her a bandage. Sami says she can't keep doing this so Rafe hugs her and tells her it will be okay as Sami cries.

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