Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Rafe arrive at the Pub searching for Johnny but quickly realize that he's not there until Johnny crawls out from under a table. Will and Rafe excitedly hug Johnny and can't believe he was there. They talk about how happy Sami will be.

Sami continues accusing EJ of having Johnny and wants him to admit he has him. EJ tells her that he doesn't have Johnny and it's not a game. EJ states that Johnny is gone and he's dead. Sami cries as EJ shows Sami the picture of Johnny and says they will never see him again because of her. EJ tells Sami that she robbed Johnny of having a life. EJ screams at her to apologize for killing his son but she slaps him again. They struggle until EJ grabs her and kisses her. Sami cries into his arms and they kiss again.

Brady and Madison meet at the town square as Madison tells him that she's been putting up posters for Johnny. Brady thanks her for helping and Madison tells him that putting it in the news helps too. Brady stops Madison and tells her that she's very difficult to understands since one minute she tells him that she doesn't want his help then gets mad at him for missing a meeting and then cancels the meeting. Madison assumes Brady can't figure out if she's a heartless bitch or not. Brady thinks she has a hard time talking about her feelings and won't let anyone in. Madison says she's just worried about Johnny so Brady helps her pass out flyers. Nicole arrives and says she saw the signs so she'd like to help unless they'd like to be alone.

Will and Rafe tell Johnny that he's okay and safe now. Johnny says it was scary. Rafe tells him how worried they were about him. Johnny apologizes but Rafe tells him he did the right thing since they always told him to wait for them when there's an emergency. Rafe says he's going to call Sami to tell her that he's alright as Will hugs Johnny.

EJ and Sami continue kissing and start to aggressively undress each other.

Will sits with Johnny as Rafe calls Sami but gets her voicemail. Rafe leaves a message saying that they found Johnny and he is safe and okay so they are bringing him home. Will suggests maybe her battery died. Johnny says he's hungry so Will takes him to get food. Rafe makes a call to Roman to tell him the good news.

Nicole asks Brady and Madison if they are sure she's not interrupting. Madison says they are just hanging flyers and could use any help. Nicole and Brady talk about the news and hope they hear something good soon. Nicole offers to help in any way so Brady tells her that he will let Sami and Rafe know. Nicole explains to Madison the situation between Sami and EJ with their kids. Nicole comments that their kids are lucky to have Rafe and she prays Johnny comes home.

Rafe and Will talk about how they can't believe Johnny was in the Pub the whole time. Rafe tells Johnny he did the right thing in staying there where it was safe. Rafe comments that he wishes he knew where Sami was. Rafe mentions that they have to tell EJ so Will offers to do that while Rafe takes Johnny home. Will thanks Rafe for giving them a real family. Will tells Rafe that Sami is lucky to have him and Rafe says he's lucky that he has Sami since he loves her more than anything.

EJ and Sami continue kissing and undressing each other.

Brady brings coffee for Nicole and Madison. Madison says she usually drinks herbal tea so she'll go get that. Brady asks Nicole about EJ's campaign. Nicole says it was fine until now because of Johnny's disappearance. Nicole mentions that she thought it was a stand-up move for Abe to suspend his campaign. Brady calls Abe a stand-up guy and doesn't think EJ would do the same. Brady thinks Nicole is falling into the same trap with EJ. Nicole thanks him for his concern but insists that she knows exactly who EJ is. Nicole says she knows EJ isn't perfect and thinks Brady is judging her. Brady suggests that he just cares what happens to her. Nicole tells him that all she is doing is running EJ's campaign. Nicole asks Brady if he's asking if she's sleeping with EJ. Madison interrupts and asks if she should leave to let them talk.

Rafe returns home with Johnny looking for Sami. Rafe figures they beat her home and sees that there are no messages. Johnny wonders if Sami is mad at him. Rafe hugs him and assures him that she's not mad at him.

Sami and EJ begin to make love on the couch. Will arrives outside the DiMera Mansion and knocks on the front door.

Brady apologizes to Madison and calls it an old habit. Nicole insists they don't need privacy. Brady reminds them that they are here for Johnny. Brady decides he's going to go to Rafe and Sami's to see if they need any help so he exits. Nicole assures Madison that it's over between her and Brady but Madison says it doesn't matter to her since she's only in business with Brady and that's it.

Johnny asks Rafe why Sami isn't there if she's not mad at him. Rafe explains that Sami was really worried and how much she loves them.

EJ and Sami continue on the couch as Will remains outside. Will pulls out the key he still had and opens the door himself. Will walks into the mansion and stops at the living room door way in shock as he sees EJ and Sami on the couch kissing. Will can't believe what he sees and gets tears in his eyes. Will turns and exits the house. EJ and Sami hear the door shut and Sami pushes EJ off of her. They both sit in shock and sadness realizing what they did. Will cries outside the mansion and walks away.

Rafe makes another call to Sami leaving a message that he's home with Johnny and everything's okay now. Rafe says he hopes to see Sami soon. Rafe tells Johnny how glad he is that he's okay because he loves him so much. Brady arrives and Rafe thought it would be Sami. Rafe surprises Brady by showing him that Johnny is home. Brady excitedly picks up Johnny as Rafe explains what happened. Brady tells Johnny how happy everyone's going to be that he's okay.

Madison and Nicole continue putting up flyers. Nicole thinks she's dodging the subject. Madison explains that she works with Brady and doesn't believe in workplace romances. Madison brings up Nicole working for EJ and she thinks Nicole wishes it was something more. Nicole comments that she thinks she needs to hear this since she's a neutral observer. Nicole informs Madison that she got EJ to sign their divorce papers. Nicole then admits that she wish she hadn't.

Sami fixes her clothes as EJ gets up and grabs a drink. Sami finds her phone on the floor and puts the battery back in from when she dropped it earlier. EJ takes a drink and starts to cry again looking down at Johnny's picture. Sami looks at her phone and sees there is voicemail from Rafe.

Rafe talks with Brady about Johnny and the news reports. They can't believe that they announced Johnny died on the news. They worry that Sami could have heard that. Rafe explains how he went to identify the body that was found but he hasn't been able to get in touch with Sami and he doesn't know where she is so he's afraid since she was so upset and mad at him. Rafe brings up regretting bringing the family to the Pub to see John. Rafe blames himself. Brady tells him that he had every reason to believe it was safe with police protection. Brady assures him that Sami won't blame him since she was just terrified and everything will be fine when she finds out that Johnny is okay.

Sami plays the voicemail from Rafe so she and EJ hear that Rafe and Will found Johnny. EJ is shocked as Sami grabs her things and runs out of the mansion but stops to look back at EJ before leaving.

Rafe tells Brady that no one has been able to find Sami. Brady assures him that Sami will come home any minute. Rafe says he just wants her to be home. Brady tells him that he's going to let his people know that Johnny's alright and will keep his eye out for Sami. Brady goes to exit as Will arrives. Brady tells Will it's great to hear about Johnny as he exits but Rafe can tell something's wrong so Rafe asks Will what's wrong. Rafe asks Will if he saw EJ or if he said something. Will says no as Johnny comes back in the room looking for Sami. Will tells Johnny that Sami would be there if she knew he was there. Rafe tells Johnny it's his bedtime but Johnny's not sleepy. Rafe tells Johnny he can stay up and watch cartoons with him since he wants Sami to see him the minute she walks in so Rafe sends Johnny to get pillows. Rafe goes back to Will and asks him what he's upset about. Will tells him that he never spoke to EJ. Rafe asks if it's because Sami's not there yet and Will tells him that's what it is. Rafe worries about Sami mourning for something that hasn't happened. Will comments that Rafe loves Sami and he looks after them like his own kids. Rafe tells him that they mean the world to him. Rafe says he's going to call the station to find out what they're doing to find Sami.

Nicole talks to Madison about how she was done and wanted divorce EJ but regretted it soon after she did. Madison comments that Brady despises EJ. Nicole says that he has every reason to due to their family war and the games EJ played with Sami. Nicole says she should be careful with what she says since she's still EJ's campaign director. Nicole talks to Madison about how EJ says he has changed. They talk about EJ giving up his kids to Sami. Nicole comments that if you take away the posture and power then EJ is a wonderful father. They talk about how EJ must be hurting without Johnny until Brady returns and informs them that Johnny has been found. Brady explains to them what happened. Nicole comments that she hasn't heard from EJ so she goes to check with him. Madison tells Brady how happy she is. Brady thanks Madison for caring and helping then hugs her.

Will tells Rafe that he's sure Sami is okay. Rafe worries about Sami seeing the news report. Will brings up how Sami just disappeared after getting mad at him. Rafe blames himself for forcing Sami to go to the Pub. Will shouts that Sami doesn't have reason to blame Rafe and wonders why he's making excuses for her. Sami bursts in looking for Johnny. Johnny runs in and hugs Sami as she cries and Rafe hugs her while Will watches on.

Brady and Madison almost kiss but Madison changes the topic back to Johnny being okay. Madison wants to go take the flyers down but Brady grabs her and tries to kiss her again. Madison tells him to let her go but Brady wonders if he doesn't let her go and they almost kiss again.

EJ goes to leave as Nicole arrives. EJ tells her that he heard about Johnny and they exit.

Sami and Rafe joke about Johnny being at the Pub. Will says it's amazing that Rafe found him and Sami really owes him. Sami tells Johnny that he can sleep with her tonight. Will takes Johnny to give Sami and Rafe a moment. Sami apologizes to Rafe. Rafe tells her that everything is okay but Sami says it's not. Sami says what she did was horrible.

Brady tells Madison that her problem is that she loves to run the show without taking a risk. Madison pulls away again and starts taking down flyers. Madison says she has to go make a call. She tells Brady that she's glad that Johnny is okay. Brady thanks her and they walk away from one another. Brady looks back at her as she exits. Madison then looks back at Brady when he's not looking.

Rafe tells Sami that he understands that she had every right to be angry. Sami says she was so wrong. Rafe tells her that every bad thing that happened doesn't matter anymore since Johnny is safe and that's all that matters. Sami says she doesn't deserve him. Rafe tells her that he loves her as Sami hugs him and cries. Will comes back and looks on as they hug. EJ then arrives with Nicole. EJ comes to see Johnny as Johnny runs back in and hugs EJ. Sami glares at EJ and then looks back at Rafe as Will watches them.

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