Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/11

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Sami tells Bo and Hope to tell her what's going on. Bo wants her to sit down but Sami continues shouting questions about Johnny. Hope says they got a call from a local TV station and they are about to go live with a story so she wanted to tell her first but Sami instead runs to the TV and turns on the TV to hear they are about to go live with a story about Johnny. Sami asks what they are going to say so Bo reveals that a body has been found of a young boy about the same age as Johnny. Sami cries and begins shouting no. Rafe hugs her as Sami screams at them to stop looking at her and cries that it isn't him.

John, Marlena, Carrie, and Austin watch the news about the story on the body of a young boy being found but haven't confirmed if it's Johnny. Marlena shuts off the TV saying it can't be Johnny. Carrie reminds her that nothing has been confirmed yet. John says this is why he needs to plead guilty. Carrie wants to go to trial but John shouts that there won't be a trial because he won't put his family through this anymore.

EJ sits at home looking at his photo of Johnny. EJ hopes for Johnny to come home and says everything he's done has been for Johnny. EJ begins to cry and says he's so sorry.

Sami continues crying as Rafe asks Bo and Hope if they have identified the body. Bo assures them that there's no identification. Sami tells them that it's not Johnny. Sami wants to go find him. Bo doesn't think she should go with them. Rafe tries to calm her down but Sami wonders if it is him. Sami says she can't lose Johnny as she cries while Rafe hugs her.

Marlena tries to get through to John by telling him that giving up won't help the family. John says he's not giving up. Marlena wants him to keep fighting but John worries about more bad things happening to their family. John says this is all he can do to make things right so no one is going to stop him.

Rafe and Hope sit with Sami and try to comfort her as Will returns home with tears in his eyes. Will asks if it's true about the body. Sami walks up to Will and tells him that it's not Johnny. Sami apologizes for losing control before. Hope tells her that they understand. Sami suggests Rafe go with Hope and Bo to investigate. Will adds that he'll stay there with Sami. Rafe tells her that he'll do whatever she wants so he exits with Bo and Hope. Sami then hugs Will. Will tries to get her to eat and she agrees to let him order food. Will goes into the other room and Sami sits down crying as she looks at the clock. Sami looks at picture of her and Johnny then cries more. Sami then gets up and exits the house as Will comes back looking for her.

Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ sits inside. EJ gets a phone call and rushes to answer asking what they have and if they have found Johnny. EJ hears about the body and drops the phone in shock. EJ breaks down in sadness and drops to the floor as Sami walks in and goes to his side.

Carrie and Austin step out as Marlena talks to John about pleading guilty still being a bad idea. Carrie tells John that spending his life in prison would not be good for her so she isn't going to let him do it. John thinks he'd just be a reminder to Sami of all the pain he's caused. Marlena tells him that he can't walk out on them now as they wouldn't survive without him. John thinks someone else will get hurt if he doesn't plead guilty. Marlena reminds him that he isn't guilty but John still thinks it's possible that he is and feels he deserves to be punished if he is. Marlena then hugs him.

EJ and Sami cry together about Johnny. EJ tries to repeat that it's not Johnny that's been found. EJ gets up and says they need to be strong. Sami prays for Johnny not to be taken away from them.

Bo, Rafe, and Hope arrive where the body had been found. A cop leads them to where the body is. Bo tries to tell Rafe that he will handle it but Rafe insists that he promised Sami he would take care of it so he will. Rafe goes into the crime scene as Bo hugs Hope. Hope talks about the heartache of losing a child as Bo tries to comfort her. Hope worries about the possibility of it being Johnny. Rafe returns and they ask him if he could identify the body as Johnny.

Marlena tells John that even if he did make the transactions it wasn't his conscience since he was under Stefano's influence. John worries that he could do anything under his influence. Marlena reminds him of what happened last time he was in lockup and fears that he could be killed. John assures her that he would be fine. Marlena tells him that she won't be able to live without him. Marlena tells him that she would rather be shot at then spend a day without him. Carrie and Austin return with tears in their eyes as they inform John and Marlena that there has been another report on the news about Johnny. Marlena cries and worries as John hugs her and tries to tell her that it's okay.

EJ sits with Sami and tells her that they still have hope so they can't give up. EJ assures her that Johnny is fighting to get home to them. Sami worries about Johnny being out there alone and wishes she didn't go to the Pub. EJ tells her it's not her fault. Sami blames John and says Johnny would be with her if it wasn't for John. Sami wishes that John would've stayed in Switzerland and out of their lives. EJ turns the TV back on as they are talking about Johnny. The news has an update on the body found and they have confirmed it is Johnny DiMera. Sami drops her phone saying no as EJ drops the remote in shock. Sami cries as EJ can't believe it.

Marlena wonders how this could happen and who could do something like this. Marlena says she has to call Sami and get over there.

Rafe tells Hope and Bo that it's not Johnny. Hope hugs him and thanks him. Bo worries about the parents of whoever the boy is. Rafe decides to call Sami while Bo leaves with Hope to call Roman. Rafe calls home and Will answers the phone. Rafe asks for Sami but Will tells him that she left and he doesn't know where she is. Will cries and tries to continue talking. Will cries out that he can't believe that Johnny is dead. Will tells Rafe that the news confirmed the body was Johnny but Rafe informs him that they were wrong and it's not Johnny. Rafe worries about what Sami will do thinking Johnny is dead. Will tells Rafe to call Sami and he'll call Caroline.

Marlena can't get a hold of Sami so she wants to go see Sami and Carrie wants to go with her but Hope and Bo arrive and announce that the body was not Johnny. Carrie hugs Austin as Hope and Bo tell them that they still have people out looking for Johnny now. Marlena worries about Sami. John then declares he wants to see a judge tonight so that he can plea guilty which he thinks could help bring Johnny home. Bo thinks that won't accomplish anything. Carrie tells John that no one will see him this late but John thinks they will see him whenever he says since he's pleading guilty. John says if Carrie won't call the judge, he will do it himself but Marlena begs him not to.

Sami talks about how Johnny was just there so he can't be gone. Sami says they must have made a mistake in the news. Sami screams that the news makes mistakes all the time. EJ cries and tells Sami that it is all her fault.

Carrie tells John that she'll call but warns him that there will be no going back. Bo tells him that he's making a mistake as Hope tries to get through to him. Bo tells John that he's in no condition to make this kind of decision. John thinks the sooner he pleads guilty, the sooner Johnny will come home. John says he would gladly spend his life in prison to keep his family safe. Austin tells John that there's something he needs to say to him. Austin says his job depends on his ability to look at the facts and numbers so he did that on his case. Austin says he forced himself to go against his gut and with the evidence but after everything he's seen tonight and everything he knows about John, he knows that he's innocent. Austin tells John that he's a good man and apologizes for ever doubting him. John thanks him and says there's no need to apologize since he always knew he was just doing his job. Austin regrets not standing by him. Austin tells John that they can still win. Austin offers to go back through the evidence but John tells him it's not necessary. John tells Austin that all he wants from him is to be good to Carrie and never stop loving her. John then asks Austin to promise him that he will look out for his family. Austin agrees and hugs John.

Sami tells EJ that she knows they are both hurting. EJ brings up that he gave her sole custody to protect their children and keep them safe but she puts them in the line of fire. Sami reminds him that they were just at the Pub where it's supposed to be safe. EJ calls her stupid enough to believe Rafe or Roman that it would be safe. EJ screams about John. Sami shouts back that she couldn't know what was going to happen. EJ screams that Johnny lost his life because of it. Sami yells that she's a good mother. EJ asks Sami why all her kids end up dead if she's such a good mother and then Sami slaps him.

Carrie tells John that the judge and prosecution have agreed to meet tonight so they have to get ready. Carrie and Austin step out to give John a moment with Marlena. Marlena asks John one more time to not do this. John says he knows it's not what she wants and he's sorry that he let her down. Marlena tells John that it isn't what she wants but he's never let her down. Marlena calls him the bravest and most selfless man she ever met. Marlena tells him that she can't bear the thought of losing him. John doesn't want to lose her and says being apart from her will be the hardest thing he's ever done but he can't risk anyone else getting hurt. Marlena wishes there was another way. John tells her that he will always love her. Marlena doesn't know what she will do without him. John tells her to be strong and hold the family together. Marlena tells John that she needs him as he tries to comfort her. John reminds her that he will always love her.

Sami screams at EJ to never say anything like that again. Sami tells him how much she loves her kids. EJ continues mocking her and how she goes from man to man. Sami says she won't listen to this anymore and reminds him that he gave her custody because he knew they were better off with her. EJ shouts that he wouldn't have if he knew that it would cost their life. They continue arguing over who is the better parent. EJ brings up Sami shooting him and tells her to get out of his house. Sami shoves him and reminds him of how he kidnapped Sydney. Sami accuses EJ of of doing it again. She screams at him that he has Johnny just like he did with Sydney.

John meets with the judge with Carrie as Austin and Marlena watch. The judge asks John if he is waiving all rights to a trial by jury. John says he is as she asks how he pleads. John looks at Marlena and then tells the judge that he pleads guilty to all charges.

Rafe and Will talk at the station about how Sami still isn't picking up her phone. Rafe sits with Allie and they talk about missing Johnny. Rafe asks Allie about some of Johnny's favorite hiding spots. Allie mentions places at home as well as under the cash register at the Pub. Will says they already searched the Pub but Rafe thinks it's worth another look.

Sami continues accusing EJ of having Johnny and wants him to admit he has him. EJ tells her that he doesn't have Johnny and it's not a game. EJ states that Johnny is gone and he's dead. Sami cries as EJ shows Sami the picture of Johnny and says they will never see him again because of her.

John finishes pleading guilty to all charges. The judge tells him that his sentence will be rendered next week and he will be in police custody until then. John is handcuffed as Marlena hugs him and tells him that she can't do this. John tells her that she has to let him go. Marlena tells him that she loves him and kisses him as he is escorted away while Carrie hugs her.

Will and Rafe arrive at the Pub searching for Johnny but quickly realize that he's not there until Johnny crawls out from under a table. Will and Rafe excitedly hug Johnny and can't believe he was there.

EJ tells Sami that she robbed Johnny of having a life. EJ screams at her to apologize for killing his son but she slaps him again. They struggle until EJ grabs her and kisses her.

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