Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ sits at home in the dark as Stefano comes in and opens the curtains. Stefano tells him that it's time for him to stand up and be a man.

Gabi and Will sit and talk about Johnny at John and Marlena's. Carrie encourages Will also. Will holds back tears and tells John and Marlena that he came to apologize for what Sami said. Marlena understands that Sami is worried about Johnny like they all are. Marlena explains to Will that part of what Sami is angry about are from things long ago. John tells Will that it's not up to him. Marlena assures him that she and Sami will come through this. Marlena says they just need to focus on finding Johnny. Will asks John if he thinks they are going to find Johnny alive. John tells Will that he has faith that they will find him and he'll be just fine.

Bo talks on the phone at the station, yelling that they are coming up on 24 hours since Johnny went missing. Austin arrives to pick up some files as the prosecution asked him to turn all copies to them. Bo talks about how time just keeps going with Johnny missing. Austin can't imagine what Sami and Rafe are going through. Bo tells him there's nothing like the pain of losing a child and knows Sami is desperate. Bo tells Austin that he's afraid of what Sami might do if they don't find Johnny.

Hope talks with Sami at Sami's home. Hope tries to tell Sami that the shirt might not have been Johnny's. Sami thinks that Johnny was taken for revenge against John and complains as Rafe walks into the room.

Stefano sits with EJ and stops him from continuing to drink. Stefano tells EJ to get some sleep and then do what he has to do to bring Johnny home. EJ gets up and blames himself. EJ tells Stefano that he knows why it's his own fault. EJ says he was the one that built this thing and positioned John to look like a criminal. EJ blames himself for turning the town into a mob and now someone that he set off took Johnny. EJ says that if he's lost Johnny, it will be on him for the rest of his life.

John tells Will that he's proud of him for wanting to make things right for Sami. Will wishes he could and figures he should go back home. Gabi reminds him that Rafe will take care of Sami. Marlena hugs Will and tells him she loves him. Marlena tells Will to call if he needs anything, Will tells her the same. Will says that he will let them know if they hear anything about Johnny. John thanks him for coming as Will and Gabi exit. John asks Carrie if something else is on her mind. Carrie admits that she's just thinking about his case.

Sami watches the clock go by as she sits back down. Rafe thanks Hope for spending the night with Sami. Hope wishes she could do more. Rafe tells her that all they need to do is find Johnny. Hope tells Rafe that she will call if she hears anything then exits. Rafe goes back and sits next to Sami. Rafe tries to tell her that she needs to eat but she doesn't respond. Rafe tells Sami that he's scared too. Rafe tells her to eat so they can stay strong for Johnny. Sami screams at him that eating the sandwich won't make a difference. Sami throws the sandwich and yells at Rafe that it won't change anything. Sami blames Rafe for everything, telling him that it's his fault that they went to the Pub in the first place so everything happened because of him.

Austin apologizes to Bo thinking he was being disrespectful. Bo talks to him about the death of a child and how it affects everything. Austin tells him that he will always remember Zack. Bo thanks him and says they just have to try and move on. Bo talks about memories of Zack as Hope arrives and listens. Hope tells Bo that she will never forget Zack either and hugs him. Austin tells them that he did happen to look at Alice's financial records like Bo asked. Austin offers to show them what he came up with. Hope sees the clock is at 11:42 and Bo agrees to look at what Austin's got.

Stefano tells EJ that he does not need to continue drinking. Stefano says he won't let him turn himself into a martyr. EJ says he might have had a hand in his son's disappearance. Stefano tells EJ that it's a waste to blame himself. Stefano tells EJ that it's not on him. Stefano says it was all John himself. EJ says he no longer thinks John is getting what he deserves. EJ says they are so used to running things so they can't own up to what's really going on. EJ states that he is responsible for this by going after John. EJ says his job as a father was to protect his son but he put him in a position of his life being threatened. Stefano reminds EJ that this is the life they have chosen and they are who they are. Stefano tells EJ that nothing will change that now or ever.

Sami continues shouting at Rafe about Johnny missing and how they have nothing. Sami cries as Rafe tries to apologize. Sami asks Rafe if he's sorry for not listening to her or if he's sorry for insisting they go to the Pub. Sami tells him that it doesn't make a difference. Sami brings up how John can't go anywhere without a bulletproof vest and wonders why Rafe didn't think they should keep their children away. Sami brings up how she should be happy that she didn't lose her all kids. Rafe tries to hug her but Sami pushes him away and screams at him. Sami pushes against Rafe screaming at him that she trusted him as Will and Gabi arrive and are surprised to see Sami screaming at Rafe.

Bo finishes another phone call about searching for Johnny. Austin then shows Bo and Hope that the account has very sophisticated design and doesn't think Alice came up with it on her own. Austin explains that the setup is the kind of thing created to keep people from following the trail of money moving around. Hope wonders who was receiving the transactions. Austin says if you follow the routing numbers, you get 9 different financial institutions spread over 3 continents including Africa. Bo wonders what Alice was up to.

Carrie tells John that she has an update on the case. John reminds her that he's pleading guilty so there's nothing more to do. Carrie reveals that she met with the DA. John wants to put an end to this since the situation has caused enough damage. Carrie reminds John that he's still her family. Carrie says it's his right to plead guilty but her job is still to minimize the damage. John asks Carrie what she did.

Will stops Sami from going after Rafe. Will asks why she's blaming Rafe when it's not his fault. Sami tells Will that he doesn't understand. Will shouts at her that they should be focusing on Johnny. Sami thinks she should've known better than to take them to the Pub. Will says he made that choice on his own. Sami brings up that Johnny didn't make the choice to go. Sami shouts that they should've known better than to go to the Pub where it wouldn't be safe. Will continues to defend Rafe so Rafe tells Will that he appreciates it but Rafe agrees with Sami and blames himself.

Stefano tells EJ that their family has always lived by their own rules and those rules gave them a lot of rewards. Stefano tells him not to be a fool and think there's not a price. Stefano says the price is sometimes too much to bear. EJ asks what he's trying to say. Stefano explains that despite all their power, they are not always in control. EJ asks if Stefano is saying this is justified and that he should accept Johnny's disappearance is part of business. EJ yells that Johnny is not collateral damage but is his son.

John asks Carrie about her meeting with the DA. Carrie assures them that there are no promises but she offered a deal to get the people their justice if the DA was willing to cut a deal. Carrie tried to get a reasonable sentence for John to plead guilty. Marlena and John agree that it sounds good and thank Carrie. Carrie says they still have to see if the DA takes the offer. Marlena says they appreciate her help.

Austin tells Hope and Bo that he will continue investigating the account. Hope thanks him. Austin points out that somebody obviously went through a lot of trouble to cover their tracks. Austin wonders if Alice was possibly being blackmailed. Hope tells him that they thought so in the beginning but there's no way blackmail was an option with Alice. Bo says they let the idea go. Austin wants to make sure they are on the same page and asks them if blackmail is back on the table as a possibility.

Rafe tells Sami that he should've kept Johnny safe. Gabi tells Rafe it's not his fault and the shooter is the only one to blame. Rafe disagrees and says they should all be honest that it was his fault. Will tells Rafe that he doesn't mean it and neither does Sami. Sami tells will not to speak for her. Will steps aside with Gabi. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't want to be angry and blame him but she just wants Johnny back. Sami cries as Rafe apologizes and tells her that he would do anything to get Johnny back. Rafe says their family is everything to him. Sami again yells at him that Rafe was supposed to know since he was an FBI agent and police officer. Sami grabs Rafe by the shirt and screams at him for not knowing there would be danger at the Pub. Sami shouts that now they may never see Johnny again.

EJ accuses Stefano of talking like Johnny is an object. EJ says he doesn't want money or power since Johnny is irreplaceable. Stefano stops him and says he loves Johnny more than his own life. Stefano says when he thinks about the possibility of Johnny being in danger, it is his worst nightmare. Stefano tells EJ not to forget that he's already lost a son before. EJ brings up that at least Tony had the chance to live his own life while Johnny is just a little boy whose life was just beginning. EJ wishes he could hold Johnny one more time. Stefano tells EJ that he knows. EJ wants to know what Stefano wants him to surrender to. Stefano tells EJ that they don't lie down or surrender especially not to bastards like John. EJ asks if Stefano is saying they should go after John even harder. Stefano says they will get John and whoever else is responsible for this. Stefano states that if anyone touches Johnny, they will rue the day that they crossed their family.

Bo makes another phone call in the search for Johnny. Hope talks to Austin about how her and Jennifer went through Alice's things and found a very expensive paperweight that was signed with a phoenix. They talk about the possibility of Stefano giving it to Alice. All three then agree that blackmail is back on the table as an option. Austin gets a phone call and says he'll be right down. Austin tells them that he will go through the financial records and let them know what he finds out then he'll talk to Kate since she might know something about any possible connection between Stefano and Alice. Austin then exits. Bo tells Hope that no matter how difficult the struggle is, they are never giving up.

John asks Carrie when the DA would have an answer. Carrie says that all he said was that he would think about it. Marlena hopes it will be soon. Carrie brings up Johnny's disappearance taking the DA's focus off John for the moment. John thinks the DA would want to get him behind bars quicker since he is to blame for Johnny's disappearance. Marlena asks Carrie if she thinks the DA will accept the plea but she can't be sure. Marlena tells Carrie that they are grateful for her help either way. Marlena hopes the DA will show compassion for all the good John has done for the town.

Gabi hugs Rafe as Rafe asks if she and Will be alright. Will tells Rafe that they are going to meet up with Sonny and Chad as they are helping with their search. Gabi tells Rafe that they will find Johnny. Gabi calls Rafe the best man she knows and tells him that she loves him as she hugs him again. Will says he will check in later and gives Rafe a hug. Gabi and Will then exit. Rafe goes back and sits with Sami. Rafe suggests that they should talk but Sami moves away and turns on the TV. Sami hears the news say that the temperature is dropping ten degrees so it's a good day to stay in and keep warm with the family.

Marlena and John worry about Johnny as Austin arrives to see Carrie. Austin tells Carrie that he was down at the station when the DA called him. Austin says the DA asked him to come to his office to give a paper to Carrie. Marlena assumes that the DA made a decision about the plea bargain. Carrie opens the envelope.

EJ tells Stefano that he can't do this. EJ asks what he could do to somebody that's worse than losing a child and wonders who he would take revenge on. EJ says he should only take vengeance on himself. EJ tells Stefano to go away so he reluctantly exits as EJ looks down at a picture of Johnny.

Rafe sits with Sami and tells her that he would take back going to the Pub if he could but he can't. Rafe says all he can do is try and figure out a way for them to move forward. Rafe apologizes to her again and doesn't know what to do but still wants to try. Rafe reminds her that they are still a family. Sami questions how they are still a family. Bo and Hope arrive so Sami jumps up and excitedly asks if they have news about Johnny but Bo tells her that they just need to talk to her.

Carrie reads the paper and holds back tears. Marlena asks her what it says but John thinks they already know by her expression. John assumes the DA rejects the plea agreement and wants to seek the maximum penalty. Marlena yells that it can't say that. Carrie tells them she's sorry. John says there's nothing to be sorry about since she said no promises so it is what it is. Marlena cries as John hugs her.

EJ picks up the photo of Johnny and looks at it.

Sami tells Bo and Hope to tell her what's going on. Bo wants her to sit down but Sami continues shouting questions about Johnny. Hope says they got a call from a local TV station and they are about to go live with a story so she wanted to tell her first but Sami instead runs to the TV and turns on the TV to hear they are about to go live with a story about Johnny. Sami asks what they are going to say so Bo reveals that a body has been found of a young boy about the same age as Johnny. Sami cries and begins shouting no. Rafe hugs her as Sami screams at them to stop looking at her and cries that it isn't him.

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