Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Rafe continue making phone calls about Johnny at the station as Hope and Sami sit together. Hope tells Sami that they are going to find Johnny. Sami thinks it's been too long. Rafe asks if she's ready to go home but Sami says she isn't leaving until Johnny is found.

EJ makes phone calls about Johnny at home while Nicole sets up pages on the internet about Johnny. Nicole encourages EJ that Johnny will be found. EJ worries about losing his son as Quinn arrives and says he heard about Johnny and he came to make an offer that EJ can't refuse.

Jennifer is at home when Jack arrives. Jack wanted to help Jennifer handle the press side of things for Abe. Jennifer says she'll be working and Jack tells her that he just wanted to make sure she and Abigail were close and safe. Jack states that they are now back together so he wants to keep it that way.

John talks with Roman and Marlena at home. John continues to blame himself for Johnny's disappearance. Marlena worries about Sami and wants to go see her but Roman stops her and tells her that he thinks it will only make things worse.

Hope tells Sami to let Rafe take her home but Sami refuses to go without Johnny. Bo tells her that they will watch all calls about Johnny. Bo and Hope offer to go home with Sami. Will arrives so Sami hugs him and cries as Will tells her that she should go home and tells her it will be okay.

EJ asks Quinn what he wants and tells him to be quick. Quinn says he came to offer his assistance. Nicole tells Quinn that they don't want his help so he should leave. Quinn tells them that he's offering to help find Johnny. Quinn informs EJ that he has friends that could help and asks if he's going to take his help.

Marlena wonders how seeing Sami will make things worse. Roman reminds her that John is still under house arrest so he wouldn't be able to go. John blames himself for organizing the get together at the Pub. Roman blames himself since he was supposed to protect John. Marlena then tells Roman that John wants to plead guilty to all charges. John thinks it's all he can do to protect his family. John says the shooting and Johnny disappearing proved it so his decision is final. Marlena says that's why it's important to see Sami now since she was so angry. Marlena thinks it could be John's only chance to try and make amends with Sami. Marlena asks Roman if he can let them see her when she needs them the most. Roman says he'll see what he can do and then exits.

Sami and Will sit at home as Hope and Bo stand nearby. Hope says she's glad that Will was able to convince Sami to come home. Rafe gets them water. Bo and Hope say they are going to check all the landlines. Hope encourages Sami as she and Bo go into the next room. Rafe sits with Sami and Will. Sami looks at a picture of her and Johnny. Will tries to move it but Sami wants it to stay. Sami wants everything to stay like it was for Johnny. Gabi arrives and says she just heard about Johnny. Gabi hugs Rafe and wonders if anything has been heard since but Rafe tells her that it looks like Johnny has been kidnapped. Gabi sits with Will and Sami and tells her that she's so sorry. Sami tells Gabi that she's glad she's there. Gabi offers to make tea as Rafe suggests Sami eats something since she hasn't eaten since Johnny disappeared. Rafe offers to get her anything but Sami shouts that all she wants is for him to find Johnny and bring him home.

Jennifer asks Jack to talk for a bit so they sit down. She asks how he's feeling. Jack says he's great now. Jennifer reminds him that his memories aren't going to disappear. Jack thanks her for helping him through it. Jennifer says she's glad she was there for him but didn't fix anything. Jack thinks otherwise and says everything went away and they were back together like they used to be and will be now. Jack asks Jennifer if she felt it too.

Hope talks with Sami about things to tell Caroline while taking care of Sydney. Hope tells Sami that she knows what she's going through and encourages her to let Rafe make her something to eat. Gabi looks on the computer and sees that tons of people are volunteering to help find Johnny. Rafe tries to encourage Sami about the situation and goes to make her a sandwich. Will joins Rafe in the kitchen while Hope comforts Sami. Will tells Rafe that he's glad he's in their lives. Rafe thinks he's not making Sami happy but Will insists that she's just mad about Johnny. Rafe says he feels helpless that he can't find any leads. Will commends Rafe for trying and says just being there helps Sami. Will tells Rafe that Johnny is so lucky that he gets to grow up with Rafe as a dad. Will recalls not having a real family growing up and calls Rafe the best father one could ask for. Will tells Rafe that as far as he's concerned, he is Johnny's dad.

Nicole tells Quinn that EJ doesn't need him to help find Johnny. Nicole tells Quinn to leave since he wasted EJ's time. Quinn starts to leave but EJ stops him and accepts his offer. Nicole argues with it but EJ says he won't turn down anyone's help in finding Johnny so Quinn says he will do what he can. Nicole tells EJ that she was trying to protect him from himself. EJ admits he'll do whatever it takes to find Johnny. Nicole thinks Quinn can't help and EJ will just get hurt. Nicole tells EJ to just let her deal with Quinn and she'll tell him that they don't need his help. EJ assures Nicole that he knows what he's doing but Nicole doesn't think so. Nicole says she wants to make sure that EJ doesn't make a terrible mistake.

Rafe offers Sami a sandwich. Will hands it to her and she takes it but says she can't eat. Will suggests Sami go to sleep but she says she can't until she knows Johnny is back and okay. Rafe talks with Bo about their previous lead and Bo goes to make another call. Gabi offers Rafe a sandwich but he says he can't eat either. Rafe comments that Sami has barely looked at him since Johnny disappeared and he can't help her. Gabi tells him that Sami knows he's doing the best he can. Rafe states that he's done nothing.

Marlena continues trying to change John's mind as Roman returns and informs them that they can go see Sami. John thanks him. Roman tells them that it has to be brief and they have to go in the back way. Marlena can't believe that people would try to shoot John for something he never did. Roman tells John that he understands that he feels guilty but doesn't understand why he would plead guilty. John calls it complicated but Marlena thinks it's absurd. John tells Roman that they will talk about it when they have more time. John says pleading guilty is the only thing to do to protect everyone involved in his mess.

Jack asks Jennifer if he just imagined them reconnecting. Jennifer tells him that he didn't imagine it but she thinks he might have misunderstood. Jennifer says she felt so close to Jack in the cabin. Jack adds that he felt close to her too like they used to be. Jennifer tells him that she was scared for him and what he went through. Jennifer says she realized what he had been through and felt bad for him. Jack tells Jennifer that her love is what brought him back. Jennifer tells him that she does love him but the night in the cabin didn't change where they are with each other now. Jennifer admits she was drawn to him in the emotional time but she still has feelings for Daniel that she can't shut away. Jack thinks she isn't being fair but Jennifer says she's just being honest. Jack tells her that she told him that she always loved him when he was asleep. Jennifer then accuses him of playing games with her by pretending to be asleep.

Nicole tries to get through to EJ and tells him that accepting Quinn's help is a mistake but EJ disagrees. Nicole thinks Quinn's help will come back and bite him. EJ doesn't understand why Nicole wants to protect him but not be with him. Nicole thinks they settled that. EJ tells her that he understands she wants to help but he will do whatever it takes to find Johnny. EJ tells Nicole that he thought she would understand that.

Jennifer calls Jack unbelievable and questions trusting him again. Jack tells her it doesn't matter but Jennifer argues with him. Jennifer says she really thought he changed. Jennifer then accuses him of being the one in costume that followed her around but Jack denies it. Jennifer says the problem with lies is that no one believes him even if he's telling the truth.

Quinn walks through the town square and Roman spots him. Roman grabs him and asks him what he's doing in Salem.

Nicole tells EJ that he's right but reminds him that he has people looking and doesn't need Quinn's help. Nicole calls Quinn bad news and tells EJ that he does not need someone like that in his life. EJ tells her that he appreciates her trying to help.

Marlena and John arrive at Sami and Rafe's. Marlena hugs Will and tells him that she's glad he's there for them. Marlena tells Will to stay strong. John tells them that Roman had to stop and make some phone calls but he'll be joining them. Bo tells John that he's glad he's there. Marlena sits with Sami and Gabi as Rafe steps out. Gabi adds that she wants to be there when Johnny comes home. Marlena tells Sami that they feel strongly that Johnny will be home. John sits with them and insists that Johnny will be back. Bo and Hope wonder where Rafe went. Sami asks John why and how he's there. John says he just wanted to be there for her and Johnny. Marlena informs her that Roman pulled some strings to get him there. Sami recalls everyone being at the Pub to support John and then there were shots and now Johnny's missing. Sami blames John for Johnny's disappearance.

Quinn tells Roman to relax since he's an innocent person but Roman disagrees. Quinn threatens to press charges. Roman asks him again why he's back in Salem. Quinn tells Roman that he's sorry about Johnny. Roman asks him again why he's back since the DA let him off the hook if he left town. Quinn says that was then and this is now. Roman thinks Quinn broke a deal so he should be going to prison. Quinn claims to be a changed man and tells Roman that he's opening up a business in the town square with a new health spa. Roman threatens to send him back to jail and tells him that he's under arrest. Roman begins to drag Quinn away as Nicole and EJ arrive. Nicole tells EJ that maybe now he'll change his mind since Quinn is bad news.

Will tries to calm the situation but Sami continues to blame John. Sami blames John for bringing chaos into their lives. Marlena tries to stick up for John but John says he understands why Sami feels that way and blames himself. Sami again shouts that it's John's fault. Sami tells Marlena not to defend him. John says he's aware that all hell broke loose since they've come back to town. John then informs them that it's why he's decided to plead guilty to all charges. Sami tells John to get out. Sami says she doesn't feel bad for John and tells him it's too late. Marlena tells Sami that she knows she's hurting but it's enough. Sami tells her to stop it. Marlena says blaming them won't bring Johnny back. Sami thinks Marlena only cares about John. Marlena thinks it's just Sami's fear talking. Sami accuses Marlena of not caring about Johnny. Will steps in and tells her that Marlena cares and that's why they are there. Marlena tells Will to let Sami say what she has to say. Marlena tells her that she loves everyone in their family. Sami calls it just an act. Sami thinks Marlena doesn't care about Johnny or her and only about John. Marlena tells Sami that she loves them. Sami asks Marlena where she was when everyone else was looking for Johnny. Marlena tells her that this isn't helping Johnny. Sami again asks what she was doing when Johnny went missing because she's never been there when she's needed her. Marlena says they have always been there and loved her but Sami continues to blame John. Sami tells John and Marlena that if Johnny doesn't come back to her, she will make them both wish that she's never been born.

Jack tells Jennifer that all he did was tell her what he heard. Jennifer thinks Jack wasn't planning on telling her and wanted to deceive her. Jack says he was just blown away by hearing that she still loved him. Jennifer tells Jack to be honest. Jack admits he messed up. Jennifer tells him that he's always had a problem with the truth. Jennifer accuses him of always staying away from the truth and says she's so tired of dealing with an ex-husband who always avoids the truth. Jack asks if she really thinks that's all he does. Jennifer calls him lost and says she's not the person to fix him anymore. Jennifer says she wants to be with a man who is happy with himself and his life and that man is not Jack.

Roman tells Quinn that there are no more deals as he gets a call. Roman says he'll be right there and tells Quinn to get lost as he exits. Rafe runs up and catches up with Roman. Rafe says he knows he's not on the force anymore but he can't stand around and do nothing. EJ approaches and asks Roman if his phone call was about Johnny. Roman tells them that his men found something and it's not good so EJ and Rafe go with Roman.

Bo tells Marlena and John that the pressure got to Sami and she was just letting off steam. John understands as Hope tells them not to take harm in what Sami said. John thinks she didn't mean it but Marlena states that Sami did mean every word.

Jack tells Jennifer that he just lives in the moment. Jennifer tells him to stay as long as he wants but she's going to work so she then exits. Jack goes back into the living room and sits on the couch.

Will tells Bo, Hope, and Sami a story about Johnny to make them laugh. Roman returns with Rafe and EJ. Roman reveals that they have found a piece of Johnny's shirt and asks Sami to identify it. Sami breaks down and cries as Roman and Rafe hug her while everyone watches on in shock and sadness.

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