Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami continues complaining about Johnny missing and calling out for him at the town square. She and Rafe hear police sirens as Rafe gets notified that they found the shooter.

EJ finishes a phone call trying to find Johnny as Kate arrives. Kate worries about the shooting and tells EJ she heard that Johnny is missing. EJ assures that they will find him but they don't know anything. Kate reminds him that they're on the same team and asks EJ if it was he and Stefano that tried to kill John.

Madison joins Brady at the office and tells him that Mad World has a critical meeting for distribution and they need to prepare. Brady apologizes for not answering her calls. Madison asks where Sami is since she can't find her but Brady informs her that Sami is not coming in today. Madison gets upset about Sami not coming until Brady stops her and informs her about what happened at the Pub and that Johnny is missing.

The police bring the shooter into the town square. Roman recognizes the man as the same guy that beat up John in the cell. Sami and Rafe approach and Sami confronts him demanding to know why he did what he did. Sami goes after him while Rafe holds him back and the man wants a lawyer. EJ and Kate hear the commotion. Sami wants the man to tell her what he's done with Johnny. EJ and Kate approach them. Roman tries to hold EJ back as he demands to know where his son is. The man swears he doesn't know anything about Johnny and says he'd never take a kid. Roman believes him. Roman says they will question him further but thinks he was only after John. The cops take him to the interview room. Rafe tells Sami that it will be alright and they will get information. Sami doesn't think it will be alright since they don't know anything while EJ makes a phone call.

Lexie, Abe, and Jennifer walk outside the Brady Pub and can't believe what happened. Abe informs them that he is suspending his campaign so that his focus can be on bringing Johnny home.

Madison apologizes to Brady and says she hadn't heard anything since she was preparing for the meeting. Brady tells her that nobody was hurt but Johnny was there and now nobody knows what happened to him. Brady tells her not to worry since they will find him. Brady says the police don't have any leads and Sami is losing it. Brady gets frustrated about work but Madison understands and tells him to go be with Sami.

Sami worries about running out of time since Johnny has been missing for hours. Sami wonders if there's a reason Johnny can't get back to them. Rafe continues trying to calm her down and insisting that they will find him. Sami thinks anything is possible and Johnny could be anywhere now.

Brady thanks Madison for understanding. Madison agrees that family comes first. Brady tells her he had forgotten about their meeting but Madison tells him that she can do it alone. Madison again tells him to go be with Sami so Brady thanks her and exits.

Abe records a statement outside the Pub. Abe says he has been informed that the shooter is in custody and being questioned by the police. Abe says he understands the people are upset at John but violence is never the answer. Abe regrets that shortly after Johnny DiMera went missing. Abe shows his picture and gives a number to call if anyone has seen him while Lexie and Jennifer watch. Abe brings up being honored to lead the community as mayor. Abe finishes and Jennifer tells him that it was perfect. Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer leave together to go look for Johnny.

Sami wonders why Roman or anyone believes the shooter. Sami worries that he was working for someone and brings up all the possibilities that could have happened to Johnny. Rafe tries to calm her down but Sami goes on about how scared Johnny must be. EJ approaches and says he can't wait on the police so he has his men looking. EJ starts to argue with Rafe but Kate pulls him away to calm him down. Sami tells Rafe that they can't be expected to be calm. Rafe asks Sami what she thinks the chances are that EJ has Johnny which causes her to look back at him. Kate and EJ talk and Kate asks again if Stefano was involved in the attempt on John's life. EJ tells her that he understands why she would think that but if Stefano was behind it then John would be dead. EJ tells Kate that he nor Stefano had anything to do with the shooting. Kate believes EJ and brings up all the people that are angry at John. Kate says she is not angry at John because she is sure that it's not who John is. EJ tells Kate that she should know people aren't always who they seem to be. Roman returns to the town square and tells Sami and Rafe that the shooter didn't say anything else to go on. Sami still thinks the shooter did it but Roman doesn't think he had a backup plan. Roman says the shooter is being processed but EJ wants answers now. EJ says they won't get any results like this.

Madison looks on the computer trying to find a file and then takes her bag and exits the office.

Brady finishes a phone call about Johnny at the town square and then sees Roman arguing with EJ about Johnny's disappearance. Lexie, Abe, and Jennifer then arrive. Rafe tells EJ that they did all they could. EJ wants them to just find Johnny. EJ points out how they were all at the Pub yet Johnny still gets away. EJ calls the police department inept as Abe steps in and tries to calm things down. EJ blames Abe and Roman for Johnny's disappearance. Abe thinks EJ is always blaming someone. EJ asks Roman to just find his son. Sami adds in that they need to do something. Roman insists that they are doing all that they can. Roman thinks EJ's guys will just make things worse. Sami wonders why they are standing around doing nothing. EJ calls the police inept again. Lexie intervenes and tries to calm EJ down.

Kate makes a phone call and steps aside on the town square to Stefano. Kate leaves a message saying that they got the shooter and knows he's looking for Johnny. Kate finishes and then Madison arrives. Madison thinks Kate seems surprised to see her and tells her to get used to seeing her around. Kate thinks there isn't enough room for the both of them. They both tell the other to leave the town. Kate says she'll be the last one standing. Madison says she has more important things to do and walks on into the town square. After she leaves, Kate says she has more important things to do as well.

Brady and Jennifer talk with Sami and Rafe about doing everything they can. Rafe says they just need one good tip to send them in the right direction. Jennifer takes Sami to go sit down since she's exhausted. Madison then joins Brady and asks if there's any news. Brady says there isn't and wasn't expecting to see her. Madison informs him that she canceled the meeting.

Roman tells Rafe and EJ that they got a call on a boy that looks like Johnny a mile outside of town. EJ wants to go but Roman doesn't want to get anyone's hopes up since they don't know for sure that it's Johnny. Roman worries about Sami's emotional state. Rafe and Roman agree that they shouldn't say anything to Sami about the possibility. EJ disagrees with them and mocks the idea. Roman points out that Sami will want to go with them if they tell her. Rafe and Roman walk away as EJ calls them idiots. Rafe and Roman approach Sami and tell her that they are going to check things out. Sami says she will stay here since she wants to be there if Johnny is found. EJ promises Sami that he will find Johnny if it's the last thing he does.

Brady and Madison walk together. Madison says she knows the meeting was important but her head wasn't in it. Madison worries about how awful things must be for Sami. Brady tells Madison that she should let Sami know she cares as it might make her feel better.

Kate overhears and makes a phone call to the man that Madison was supposed to have her meeting with. Kate invites him to the Countess Wilhelmina office to set up a meeting.

Brady and Madison ask Lexie and Jennifer to give them a moment with Sami. Lexie and Jennifer step away while Madison sits with Sami and tells her how sorry she is about what happened. Madison tells Sami not to worry about work and only about finding her son. Madison brings up helping to raise her younger brothers and sisters so she knows what it must be like. Sami tells her that she appreciates her support but every moment that passes is making it harder to stay positive.

Rafe, EJ, and Roman arrive at a cabin where their lead sent them but they can't find Johnny. Roman says he got informed that the shooter made a statement that he doesn't know anything about Johnny. EJ thinks he must be lying. Rafe points out that something's not right here. EJ says he knows what he did with Sydney but he wouldn't do it again. EJ goes outside to continue searching. Rafe asks Roman if he thinks EJ had anything to do with it. Roman says he doesn't and Rafe agrees that he doesn't think so anymore. Rafe wishes they knew that Johnny was safe. Rafe and Roman recall being at the Pub and how Johnny was right there and then he wasn't. Rafe thinks back to everything that happened at the Pub and tries to figure out where he went. Rafe and Roman talk about Johnny always being the best at hiding. Rafe thinks Johnny would not hide from Sami for this long. Rafe agrees that the longer it goes, the more it seems like someone has him. Rafe wonders who it could be and what they want.

Sami and Jennifer sit and discuss which pictures of Johnny they should give to the media. They talk about how sweet Johnny is. Jennifer tells her that she can't imagine how scared she is. Sami just hopes they find him. Abe and Lexie return to them and say they will have to get going. They say they'll call Sami if they hear anything. Jennifer asks for a word with Abe and she steps away with them. Sami remains looking at pictures of Johnny as Kate approaches. Sami wants Kate to go away but she sits with her anyways. Sami asks what she wants. Kate talks about Austin, Lucas, and Phillip growing up. Kate admits she considers Sami one of Lucas and Austin's biggest messes but says they survived and so will Johnny.

Madison returns to the office and sits at the computer looking at a picture of Johnny. Brady enters and tells her that it was really cool what she did for Sami. Madison gets emotional and holds back tears which makes Brady wonders what's wrong.

Kate tells Sami that Brady is putting pictures everywhere. Kate offers to do anything for Sami. Sami brings up how Marlena is always with John and tells Kate that she doesn't have to stay with her. Kate says she doesn't want to go back to her office because of the construction. Kate tells Sami that she is going to blow Mad World Cosmetics away. Sami tells her that her attempt to distract her with a fight won't work. Kate says it was worth a try and tells Sami to be strong. Sami doesn't think she can since she keeps picturing Johnny being scared and alone. Sami worries that a crazy person could have him but Kate tells her not to go there. Roman returns with EJ and Rafe so Sami runs up hoping they found Johnny. Roman and Rafe explain that they had a lead but they couldn't find him. Sami shouts that she isn't giving up. Roman says they aren't either. Sami wants to go back to where the lead was so she can look. Rafe tries to calm her down. EJ adds that he's called in more men. Roman thinks they need to face a very strong possibility. Roman tells Sami that it's looking more and more like someone abducted Johnny.

Madison tells Brady that she just feels bad for Sami. Madison compares it to her little brother and says she doesn't have any family photos. Brady tells her that he's sorry but Madison is glad to have the memories. Madison thinks it's a bad sign for a child to be gone this long as Brady hugs her and tells her it will be alright.

Roman brings up that Johnny is technically a DiMera which means they could have a lot of enemies. Rafe tells Sami that they are going to find him but Sami thinks it might not be okay since they have got nothing. Sami says they don't know what they want or who has Johnny. Sami shouts about having no idea what's happening to Johnny. EJ tells Sami not to panic and promises her that nobody will touch Johnny. Sami brings up all the time that has gone by and worries that they may never see him again.

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