Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman talks to a cop at the station about their search as Bo arrives. Bo says they've searched everywhere but can't find Johnny. Roman worries about what could've happened. Bo thinks Johnny must have just panicked and hid from the gunshots. Roman hopes he's right. They worry about Johnny's disappearance being connected to the shooting.

John and Marlena talk with Austin and Carrie about Johnny's disappearance. John blames himself for what happened and wishes they didn't go to the Pub. Carrie wants to get a continuance but John tells her to forget about him. Carrie has to go to a meeting as Marlena gets a message from Roman saying there is no sign of Johnny.

EJ arrives outside the Brady Pub and sees the crime scene tape. EJ calls Sami and leaves a message saying to call her as soon as she gets the message. Nicole arrives and tells EJ that she just heard what happened and worries about it. Nicole tells EJ that he needs to deliver a statement since he's supporting the lawsuit. EJ tells Nicole that his children were in there and he can't find Sami. EJ then gets a message from Sami that she's at the police station.

Sami and Rafe talk at the station as Sami cries about being unable to find Johnny. Roman joins them and apologizes that they were unable to find him. Sami blames it on going to see John. Bo joins them and says he just got off the phone with the feds and they have nothing on the shooter. EJ arrives with Nicole and asks Sami where the children are. Sami informs EJ that Johnny is gone and they can't find him.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's which surprises her. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's glad to see him and Daniel says the same. Jennifer invites him in. Daniel asks her about the shooting. Jennifer says she just saw it on the news. Jennifer apologizes for not being there for Victor and Maggie's wedding so that she could've been there for him. Daniel tells her that she is the one he wants to talk to when something good or something bad happens. Daniel then informs Jennifer that he saw her kissing Jack the other day.

Marlena assures John that Roman and Bo won't stop until they find Johnny. Carrie exits to go to her meeting and Austin insists on going with her so they exit. Marlena tells John that everything will be okay and will return to normal.

Sami explains to EJ what happened at the Pub. EJ gets upset at Sami. Rafe tells him that she was thinking about Johnny. EJ yells at her for taking Johnny to see John and accuses her of not thinking about Johnny's safety. EJ can't believe what happened and says he can't trust them. EJ tells everyone to stay out of his way in finding Johnny. Sami tells everyone to shut up and find Johnny.

Daniel and Jennifer sit together. Daniel talks about not wanting to make her feel bad as Jennifer tries to explain the kiss but doesn't know what to say. Jennifer talks about what Jack went through in Afghanistan and what he's still going through making her feel bad. Daniel tells her that he understands. Jennifer wants to do what she can to make it easier for him.

EJ continues arguing with Sami and Bo about Johnny's disappearance. Roman wants to figure out where Johnny would go if he was scared. Bo insists that they can do a comprehensive search and wants EJ to let them do their job. Nicole exits the room with EJ. Roman apologizes to Sami and tells Rafe that they can't let the DiMeras take over the investigation. Sami cries that she just wants Johnny back.

Austin talks to Carrie about how scared he was when he heard their were shots fired. Carrie tells him not to worry about her. Austin thinks their security must not be doing a good job. Austin wants Carrie to drop the case.

John continues blaming himself to Marlena. John says he won't let anyone else get hurt and he will plead guilty. John tells Marlena not to talk him out of it because his mind is made up.

Nicole tries to calm EJ down as EJ continues worrying about Johnny.

Roman and Rafe talk with Sami about where Johnny would go. Sami worries about where Johnny could have gone. Bo and Rafe discuss where they should look. Roman wants Sami to go home and wait but Sami wants to find him.

Austin and Carrie continue talking at the station. Austin continues worrying about Carrie. Carrie says she can't just run when things get difficult. Austin thinks it's more than just difficult. Carrie tells Austin that he's going to have to accept that she's not dropping the case. Carrie promises Austin that he won't lose her and hugs him.

Marlena asks John if he's willing to go to prison for something he didn't do. John thinks it's better than hurting those he loves. John worries that if someone got shot. Marlena wants John to drop the idea of pleading guilty but John doesn't want to. John wants to save everyone the grief. John says he's already made his decision but Marlena won't let him do it.

Sami continues crying to Roman about needing to find Johnny. EJ comes back in with Nicole. EJ apologizes and says he was just upset about losing his son. Bo wants them to be on the same side and exits to check in. Roman offers to look with EJ for Johnny. Sami thanks Rafe for helping as he goes to make some calls too. Sami talks with EJ and says she can't just sit at home. Sami cries so EJ hugs her and assures her that they will find him as the clock is shown at 12:30.

Daniel continues telling Jennifer that he doesn't want to make her feel bad but he can't keep stuff inside. Jennifer tells him she loves how honest he is. Jennifer says things just got crazy out of control after being snowed in with Jack and he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. Daniel stops her and tells her she doesn't have to explain since it was his idea for her to date both of them. Daniel says it was good in theory but not in practice. Jennifer asks if he's giving up on her. Daniel says he's not and Jennifer responds that she's not ready to give up on him.

Bo makes a phone call about Johnny explaining what he looks like and what he was wearing.

Bo tells Sami that he's called every police department in the area to look out for Johnny. Sami tells Roman that she has to stay strong.

Rafe finishes a phone call about Johnny as Carrie and Austin come in asking if there's any news. Rafe says there's nothing yet. Carrie talks about the case and how John is blaming himself. Sami blames John for everything and screams that all of this happened because of John as the clock moves to 12:35.

John tells Marlena that he's not going to talk him out of this. Marlena tells him to fight and not walk away. Marlena reminds him of all that they have survived and thinks they can survive this. Marlena insists that none of this was his fault. John brings up Johnny's card and says he's missing because he came to the Pub to give him the card. John declares that he is going to stop this now before it goes any further.

Sami continues blaming John and yells at Carrie that she doesn't know how she feels because she doesn't have children. Sami screams that she knew it was a bad idea to go see John. Roman tries to calm her down as Sami goes off that John isn't even a part of their family and has caused another terrible thing. Sami tells them to let John know that she hopes he pays for what he's done then storms out while Carrie follows after her.

Marlena reminds John of their witness but John doesn't think that is enough. John tells Marlena that her love has rescued him so many times but now he wants to rescue her. John refuses to put his family on the line in this trial.

Sami goes back outside the Pub as Carrie catches up to her. Sami explains how she always promised Johnny that she would be there for him. Carrie assures Sami that the police will find Johnny. Sami says she can count on EJ more than her own mother since she loves John. Carrie says Marlena is just as worried about Johnny but Sami yells about Marlena always picking John over everyone else. Sami swears she hopes John rots in prison for the rest of his life. Carrie brings up that John could be innocent but Sami runs off wanting to find Johnny. Austin joins Carrie as she tells him it didn't go good. Carrie then gets a message on her phone that the judge is ready to rule and she rushes off with Austin.

Daniel and Jennifer continue talking. They talk about Maggie being Daniel's mother. Daniel says he's had enough surprises for now.

Rafe walks through the town square finishing a phone call as Sami runs up and says nobody has heard anything on Johnny. Sami tells Rafe that she didn't work things out with Carrie because of John.

EJ and Nicole walk through the town square. Nicole starts to agree with Sami about blaming John. EJ says he will never forgive himself if something happens to Johnny. Nicole wonders how any of it is EJ's fault.

Roman and Bo look at the initial reports from the shooter. They talk about where he must have been shooting from. Roman gets a call that police are in pursuit of a suspect so he and Bo rush out while the clock goes to 12:50.

EJ talks to Nicole about worrying that Johnny's life is on the line.

Jennifer talks to Daniel about feeling like she has to help Jack through this because of their kids. Daniel says he understands. Jennifer says that if Jack never left then she might not have met Daniel. Daniel hugs Jennifer and tells her that this is something he needs to do. Daniel tells her that he will see her as she cries and he exits.

Sami continues complaining about Johnny missing and calling out for him at the town square. She and Rafe hear police sirens as Rafe gets notified that they found the shooter.

Carrie and Austin return to John and Marlena. Carrie says Sami is trying to hold it together. Carrie then informs them that both of her motions were declined and the judge won't grant her a continuance. John tells her not to worry about it because he's pleading guilty. Carrie and Austin both disagree. Carrie says it's not the only way but John tells her to go to the judge and tell him that there won't be a trial.

The police bring the shooter into the town square. Roman recognizes the man as Sami and Rafe approach and Sami confronts him demanding to know why he did what he did.

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