Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/11

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Jennifer reads the newspaper about John's trial at home and then Hope and Bo arrive. They talk about the news articles about John's trial. Jennifer wants to help go through everything with them. Bo says he's got to go to work and exits. Hope continues talking to Jennifer about John's trial. Hope points out how the media already thinks John is guilty.

Austin watches the news on TV in his hotel room. Austin quickly shuts it off as Carrie returns to the room. Carrie tells Austin that he can't protect her from the trial since she'll be in the middle of it anyways. Carrie tells Austin not to worry about her. Carrie worries about John but Austin continues to worry about Carrie.

EJ and Stefano talk at home. EJ plans on making a statement before the trial begins. Stefano tells EJ that he saw on the news that there will be a large audience. EJ plans to remind the people that he can deliver John's head on a platter.

Rafe and Sami talk at home. Sami is upset that Roman planned a family get together at the Pub before the trial. Sami doesn't want to show up. Rafe points out that everyone knows she has had a complicated relationship with John. Sami thinks Roman set it up this way. Rafe warns Sami that it could be her last chance to talk with John.

Roman gets John and Marlena to the Brady Pub. John thinks everyone that hates him must be at the court room. Marlena and John thank Roman for setting this up to where they could be with family. Roman talks about having a light security out so they do not draw attention and Roman exits to check in. Marlena assures John that they will get through this. Outside, a masked sniper sets up in a hiding area with a device to hear John and Marlena's conversation as well as a gun.

Jennifer and Hope look through boxes in hopes of trying to find out where Alice's bank statements payments were going. Hope says she needs to know if someone was holding something over Alice.

EJ tells Stefano that he might downplay that he's a mayoral candidate and emphasize being a victim of John's in the civil suit. EJ and Stefano joke about justice prevailing. Stefano talks about how he enjoys that John is fighting for his life in court. Stefano tells EJ that he is a champion of the people and calls him lucky but EJ says luck had nothing to do with it.

The sniper loads his gun outside the Pub. Carrie and Caroline talk with John in the Pub. Marlena tells John to be careful about showing his doubts and to stay confident. John worries about being guilty. Marlena insists that she knows he's innocent. John worries about his memory flashbacks. John wishes he could be as sure as Marlena is. Marlena tells him that everyone that loves him knows he's innocent. Rafe arrives with Will and the kids. Sami then arrives behind them. John and Marlena greet the kids with hugs.

Austin drops his files at the station as Bo arrives and helps pick them up. Austin talks to Bo about the news and the crowd outside of the court house. Austin asks Bo how he watches Hope go into dangerous situations all the time. Bo realizes that he's worried about Carrie. Austin brings up all the horrible publicity and how Carrie will be in the news. Bo tells him to slow down and reminds him that Roman won't let anything happen to Carrie. Austin asks Bo again how he deals with it. Bo states that he just doesn't take his wife for granted and cherishes every moment he has with her.

Hope and Jennifer continue looking through papers. Hope mentions that she doesn't know what exactly they are looking for. Hope thought finding Daniel would lead to more answers but wonders how many more secrets there could be. Jennifer calls this a nice distraction from worrying about John and the trial as well as Daniel and Jack.

John sits with the kids as Johnny and Allie show him a card they made for him. John tells them how much he loves them. John gets up and goes over to Sami to thank her for coming. Sami hugs John as she tries not to cry. John talks about the kids. Rafe holds Sydney and talks with Carrie. Carrie tells Rafe that she's glad he's here since it lifted John's spirits. Rafe tells her that it's all about family and takes Sydney to Caroline. John sits back down with Johnny and Allie as Marlena joins Sami and thanks her for coming. Marlena tells her how much it means to them. Sami agrees that family is what it's all about as Marlena hugs her. The sniper continues loading his gun outside and focuses on the window where John is seated with the kids and Marlena and Sami are near.

Austin and Bo talk about Chelsea. Bo talks about the timeline of the evidence against John. Bo points out that the case is tight. Austin asks Bo if he thinks there's any possibility that John could have been set up. Bo wants Austin to look through Alice's records with the same expertise that he used in the timeline against John.

Jennifer talks with Hope about dating Jack and Daniel being tougher than she imagined. Jennifer explains how Jack will always deal with the stress of being held captive and tells her how it was when they got stuck in the cabin. Jennifer admits that seeing Jack like that made her realize how much she loved him. Hope thinks Jennifer has made up her mind.

John plays around with the kids at the Pub. Will talks with John about how Sami is worried that he's spending too much time with his website rather than studying. John suggests Will get a school credit for his site. Roman thanks Sami for coming. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to thank her since they are family. Roman adds that he knew she wouldn't let Marlena down. Sami states that she is glad Marlena and John are back. Marlena sits with Will and tells him that she hasn't seen him since Halloween and reminds him that she'll always make time for him. Marlena asks about Gabi. Will says she's great as Marlena continues to ask if everything is ok. Roman and Sami continue to watch as John plays with Johnny and Allie. The sniper continues to set up outside. Johnny asks John if he will come to his first t-ball game and John tells him that he wouldn't miss it. The sniper then focuses in on the window on John with Johnny.

Hope places a folder down on the baby photo that Hope and Bo saw before. Jennifer explains to Hope that she hasn't made up her mind yet between Daniel and Jack but felt overwhelmed by finding out things she never knew about Jack but she still can't erase her feelings for Daniel. Jennifer talks about everything Jack has been through and says the same for Daniel since everything has changed for him. Jennifer says it's hard that she can't be there for Daniel like he's been there for her. Jennifer tells Hope that she's just going to take it one day at a time then goes back to looking through things. Jennifer picks up the baby photo and asks about it. Hope explains how she doesn't know who it is. Jennifer says she knows it's not Daniel but finds something familiar about it.

EJ practices his speech in front of Stefano as the baby photo is behind him on the shelf. Stefano applauds and says they might as well take John to the guillotine after EJ's speech. Stefano admits how much he's been enjoying the whole thing. Stefano talks about watching the news and seeing a bit on the powerful falling about John. Stefano calls John on the brink of total ruin. They agree that John will be shunned and ostracized. Stefano mentions how this agony just happened to John after all the hard work he's gone through before. EJ thinks Marlena will still be accusing him. Stefano says he can say honestly this time that his hands are clean. EJ tells him that at least one of them can say that. Stefano realizes and states that EJ did it.

Roman brings up the trial and John doesn't want to talk about it in front of the kids so they step aside. Roman explains how they are going to move everyone to the courthouse securely but John refuses to let Marlena and Carrie go since it's too dangerous. The sniper continues preparing and loads his gun outside. Marlena argues with John and doesn't want to let him go through this alone. John realizes that she isn't going to change her mind. Roman reminds him that they don't have much time. John suggests they get the kids home first before he has to put on his bulletproof vest. Marlena thanks Roman for putting this family day together. John thanks Caroline for everything. John then goes to Sami and tells her that it meant everything to him to have her and the kids there. Sami hugs John as the sniper focuses in and fires a shot through the window. Everyone takes cover as the sniper continues firing through the window repeatedly.

Stefano tells EJ how proud he is of him. EJ hoped that he would be. Stefano says he gave EJ a test to see if he was worthy of the DiMera name and he exceeded his expectations. Stefano praises EJ for setting up John with an airtight case. EJ credits the hours of playing chess with him. Stefano says EJ will drive John's misfortune straight to the mayor's office. EJ says they won't be finished until people see the DiMera name as legitimate and they'll have real power.

Bo gets a call and is informed about the shooting so he and Austin rush out.

The shots continue being fired into the Brady Pub as everyone stays down and hides. Roman checks on everyone but nobody was hit. Roman makes calls to get the guy caught. John blames himself for it all as more shots are fired while Roman screams for everyone to stay down.

Hope and Jennifer continue looking through things. They come across an expensive paperweight inscribed to Alice. Hope finds out that it is signed with a phoenix and they wonder how it could be from Stefano.

EJ explains to Stefano that he covered all of his tracks and begins to tell Stefano how he did it all. EJ reveals that he cloned John's cell phone to make all the transactions and had their guy at the FBI manipulate the evidence. EJ tells Stefano that his proudest moment was when he turned John's own company against him. Stefano says the only thing that bothers him is that EJ won't be able to take credit and will never be able to tell John what he's done to him. EJ says that doesn't matter and all that matters is that they can make Johnny a legitimate heir to the DiMera name. Stefano wonders about Johnny turning out like them. EJ explains that he will change the way people see their name and then Johnny can change the way the world sees them. Stefano then turns on the TV and they find out that shots have been fired at the Brady Pub and that the kids were present.

Roman and Rafe talk about the search for the shooter as Bo and Austin arrive at the Pub. They explain that they are safe and under lockdown. Bo wonders how the shooter knew that John was there. John apologizes to Sami for putting the kids in danger. Rafe tells John that it's not his fault as Sami then realizes Johnny is missing. Everyone begins frantically searching the Pub for Johnny.

Hope tells Jennifer that she doesn't like Stefano's involvement one bit. They wonder why Stefano was giving Alice a present and talking about a bond they had. They both talk about how they know that symbol represents Stefano and they want to find out what's going on.

EJ worries that Johnny and Sydney were at the Pub for the shooting and rushes off to find out.

Sami continues searching the Pub for Johnny as Rafe hugs her and tries to calm her down.

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