Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Nicole talk at home as EJ looks over his finished speech. Nicole says she should resign if EJ's writing his own speeches. EJ tells her that it's not what he wants. Nicole reminds him of their deal but EJ points out that she broke it willingly. EJ wants to talk about what happened with them.

Austin and Carrie prepare to leave Sami and Rafe's since they have found a hotel room. Carrie thanks Sami and Rafe for letting them stay. Austin says he's looking forward to some alone time. Carrie brings up that she will have to rest up before John's trial tomorrow. Rafe tells Sami that he's arranged a party for them and the kids at the Brady Pub. Johnny, Allie, and Sydney come in to say goodbye to Carrie and Austin. Johnny gives them a card with a drawing of them all living together. Carrie and Austin say goodbye to the kids and thank Sami and Rafe again as they exit. After they leave, Rafe jokes about wanting to break open the champagne and how glad he is that they are gone. Sami agrees that it's nice to have a place of their own again. Rafe kisses her and says they need to head to the Pub. Rafe asks the kids if they are ready to have some fun as they cheer..

Brady finishes a phone call as Madison arrives at their office. Madison asks if he has a minute to talk but not about business. Madison asks Brady why he's there when his father will be on trial tomorrow.

John and Marlena talk about the trial at home. Marlena suggests they watch Ghostbusters to help John relieve his tension. John tells her it was a nice try but he thinks it's his last night as an almost-free man. John talks about wanting to take Marlena out and go through the town square. Marlena reminds John that the trial will be over tomorrow. John worries that he could be found guilty so he wants to take Marlena out now but she tells him that he is staying there.

EJ reminds Nicole that he poured his heart out to her after they made love. Nicole questions EJ's heart. Nicole says she still has the scars from their last relationship. Nicole tells him that she's learned her lesson when it comes to him. EJ claims to know the real Nicole. EJ says they have both changed and he wants to try to make this work. Nicole backs away from him and instead reaches into her purse. Nicole pulls out divorce papers and hands them to EJ. Nicole tells EJ that it's past time they make this official that their marriage is over.

Madison continues to ask Brady about visiting John. Brady doesn't like the suggestion but Madison persists. Madison offers to go with Brady for support if that's what it takes to get him there. Brady wonders why it's important to her. Madison feels that underneath it all, he does care for his father. Madison tells Brady that she came to say that and encourages him to go see his father then exits.

Sami and Rafe talk at the Pub with the kids. Rafe says he just wanted to do something special and for them to have some time together before the trial. Rafe tells Sami that she's all he ever wanted and they kiss.

Carrie and Austin unpack in their hotel room. Austin agrees that he never should've left their old hotel room and ended up at Sami and Rafe's. Austin talks about things getting tense between him and Rafe before Carrie came back. Carrie comments that Rafe seems so easy going to her. Austin wants to help her relax and offers to do whatever she wants before the trial. Austin tells her that she is the most important thing to him as they kiss.

Brady and Madison arrive at John and Marlena's. John is surprised to see Brady and hugs him, telling him he's so glad that he's there.

Rafe sits with Johnny at the Pub and surprises him with a baseball cap and jersey. Johnny shows Sydney and Allie as Sami returns to Rafe and tells him that he made their day. Rafe suggests Sami go see John but Sami doesn't want to talk about him. Rafe thinks it would mean a lot to Marlena and John.

EJ asks Nicole why she wants to shut the door on any future for them. EJ thinks the divorce is drastic and could hurt his campaign. Nicole says she knows a public divorce would cost him the election so she agrees to not file for divorce until after the election. Nicole tells EJ that the divorce is what she wants. EJ wants their marriage to work but Nicole says it never should've happened. Nicole asks EJ to sign the divorce papers as she holds back tears. EJ then asks Nicole if their night together meant nothing to her. Nicole tells EJ it was what it was but doesn't change their history. Nicole brings up all that EJ has put her through but EJ thinks they had good times together. Nicole accuses EJ of trying to suck her back in. EJ thinks she wants it just as much as he does. Nicole admits that their sex is great but all the other parts of a relationship isn't and won't change for them.

Austin and Carrie finish making love. They lay in bed and Carrie talks about soulmates. Carrie brings up Sami and Rafe and says she doesn't get it since Sami says they are happy but she always sees them fighting. Austin thinks they have just been under stress lately. Austin assures that Sami and Rafe are in it for the long haul. Carrie compares them to other couples like Bo and Hope. Austin says they are the only couple he cares about and they fit perfectly then they kiss.

Brady introduces Madison to John and Marlena. Madison talks with Marlena about Mad World Cosmetics. Marlena suggests they have dinner tonight and leaves with Madison to go pick some up, leaving Brady and John together. Brady tells him that he has been thinking about him. John talks to him about Titan. John admits that he wasn't supportive enough in their phone calls while he was in Sweden. John apologizes for being judgmental. John tells Brady that he is proud of him which surprises Brady. Brady says they have both made their mistakes so maybe they should start over.

Rafe talks with Johnny about going to the Cubs opening season game. Sami sits with Allie and Sydney as Carrie and Austin arrive. Austin says they hope that they don't mind them coming but they realized that the place they wanted to be most was with family. Rafe tells them that he's glad they came since family is most important and he shakes hands with Austin.

EJ admits to Nicole that they have a poor track record and made plenty of mistakes. Nicole tells him that she's looking for the whole package of love, trust, and support which she's never had. Nicole reminds EJ that she said she wanted the love that Tom and Alice shared. EJ thinks they aren't so different and they both want the same thing. EJ brings up how he's running for mayor because he wants his kids to be proud of him. Nicole admits that she wants that too. EJ again asks her to pull together and be a family. Nicole tells EJ that their marriage didn't work before because it was built on lies and blackmail. EJ wants to stop rehashing history and asks Nicole for another chance. Nicole says she's been burned enough times to know when to step away. EJ apologizes to her. Nicole tells him that she's sorry too. EJ reluctantly walks over and signs the divorce papers as Nicole cries watching. EJ tells Nicole that he hopes she's happy and walks out of the room.

Austin sits with Sami and the kids as Rafe sits with Carrie. Carrie tells Rafe that she's meeting with their witness one last time and Rafe says he met with him earlier. Carrie mentions that the witness is all that John has but Rafe says he will continue looking since he thinks there's something else out there.

Madison and Marlena walk through the town square talking about going over the cosmetics line. Marlena thanks Madison for persuading Brady to see John. Marlena comments that they must be close but Madison claims they've just been spending time together at work. Marlena thought she saw something special between them. Madison praises Brady's good qualities and then hurries off to check on their order.

John asks Brady about him and Madison. John assumes they are more than just business colleagues. Brady talks about how Sami warned him not to be with Madison. John encourages Brady to go with what he wants but Brady informs him how Madison wants to keep things business. John recalls seeing a picture of Brady and Madison in the tabloids. Brady brings up how Madison is giving him mixed signals. John tells Brady that Madison getting him here means that she cares enough about him to get involved in his life. John suggests that Brady might just be having a tough time reading Madison's signals.

Marlena and Madison return to John and Brady and they finish eating dinner. Marlena asks if they want to stay and watch the movie with them but Brady and Madison have to leave on business. Marlena suggests they join them at the Pub tomorrow for a family day before the trial instead. Brady offers to try and reschedule his meeting but John tells him not to since coming now meant enough. Brady tells John that he's glad he came.

EJ walks by the Brady Pub and looks in the window, seeing his kids with Sami, Rafe, Austin , and Carrie. Rafe takes a picture of Sami and Johnny and then gets everyone together for a family photo as EJ watches through the window.

Nicole remains at the DiMera Mansion and looks at the divorce papers with EJ's signature on them.

Brady tells John not to worry about tomorrow since everything will be alright then hugs him. John thanks him for coming. Madison wishes him luck as John tells her that it was nice meeting her. Brady hugs Marlena and thanks her for being there for John. Brady and Madison exit as Marlena turns on the TV to watch the movie but sees the news about John's trial instead. John keeps it on and they see the reporter say that the majority polled believe John is guilty and will receive the maximum sentence of life in prison which causes Marlena to drop the remote in shock.

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