Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny look into their website at the Brady Pub. Chad joins them as they talk about the hacker using their site to link to their gambling. Abigail and Gabi arrive and ask them if there's something wrong with the site.

Brady and Daniel finish running in the town square. They talk about the workout and how they are glad the snowstorm has cleared. Daniel tells Brady that they missed him at the wedding. Brady brings up Jennifer not making it either. Daniel informs Brady that she was stuck in the storm with Jack.

Jennifer and Jack return home as Jennifer talks about how it's good to be home. Jack starts to leave but Jennifer tells him to wait and wants to talk about what happened at the cabin. Jack apologizes for freaking out on her and assures her that he's now fine. Jennifer tells him not to shut her out. Jennifer says if he can't share with her, they might not have a future.

Carrie and Rafe eat together at the town square as they discuss John's case. Carrie thanks Rafe for helping on the case. They talk about their witness coming to Salem tonight. Rafe thanks Carrie for the opportunity to work on the case. Carrie states that it might be their only chance.

John and Marlena talk at home as Marlena asks if he's ready to be hypnotized. Marlena thinks it will be really helpful. Marlena thinks they can get to the source of his memory flashes. Marlena tells him that his memory flashes are not because he's guilty. John tells her he loves her. John talks about their last few years and how things will get a lot worse if he's guilty.

Daniel tells Brady about how Jack and Jennifer had gone skiing and got stuck in a cabin in the woods. Brady questions them being alone together all night. Daniel jokes about the situation and says he doesn't know what Jack and Jennifer did together.

Jennifer tells Jack that they have to be honest with each other. Jennifer tells Jack to trust her enough to talk to her about him being held prisoner. Jack calls it embarrassing and says he never wanted Jennifer to see him that way. Jennifer tells him that it's natural and normal to feel this way. Jennifer asks Jack to let her help him.

Rafe and Carrie continue talking about Carrie getting Rafe the job. Carrie tells Rafe that he's the best thing to ever happen to Sami. They talk about Austin and Sami's feelings about them working on John's case. Carrie decides to pay for their meal as they prepare to leave to go see John and Marlena.

Marlena continues telling John that he's not guilty but John worries about Stefano's mind control. Marlena says John still wouldn't be responsible. John thinks the people won't care why it happened only that their money is gone. John blames himself for letting the people down and not protecting himself better from Stefano. Marlena reminds him that they don't know that he ever did these things. Marlena brings up the witness being able to testify for him. Marlena tells John that after today there will be no more doubt. Marlena tells John that she will not give up on him since she knows who he is and then hugs him.

Chad, Sonny, and Will claim to Abigail and Gabi that there is nothing wrong and they are just trying to make the site perfect. Gabi suggests Will take a break so Will agrees and goes to take a walk with Gabi. Sonny moves to the laptop to try and work on the site as Chad joins Abigail with coffee. Chad suggests that he and Abigail go out together tonight at Shay Rouge. Abigail agrees and Chad kisses her as Melanie walks into the Pub and stops when she sees them.

Brady tells Daniel that he should be going to Jennifer and find out what happened. Daniel doesn't want to seem jealous or insecure. Brady suggests that Daniel accidentally run into her. Brady brings up that they could jog by her house and stop in need of water. Daniel doesn't like the idea but Brady convinces him to go.

Jack looks at a picture of Jennifer and Abigail as Jennifer brings him coffee. Jennifer thanks Jack for not leaving. Jennifer starts to talk to Jack about panic attacks and asks if it's the worst one he's had. Jack admits he's had a lot of nightmares but nothing as big as the one at the cabin. Jennifer thinks he has post traumatic stress and should see a therapist about it. Jack tells her that he's not ready to talk to a stranger about what happened. Jennifer suggests that he could go to Marlena to talk. Jack says he can't talk to a psychiatrist and he doesn't want to bring it all back up again. Jennifer apologizes for not realizing what he went through. Jack tells her that it's in the past and now it's all about the future. Jack says all he thought about while he was there was their family. Jack tells Jennifer that she saved his life. Jack tells her that he loves her and Jennifer says she loves him too so Jack then kisses her.

Abigail tells Chad that she's going to see her mom since she's home and will see him later. Chad tells her that he will make their reservations then she kisses him and exits. Chad rejoins Sonny and Will. Will tells Chad that Gabi didn't ask any more about the site. Chad says they don't want the girls involved and want to get their site back up and running on their own. Chad worries about what could happen if they don't fix things. Sonny wants to focus. Chad wants to find the guy responsible and says he doesn't want the girls involved. Melanie walks up and comments that girls don't usually like when boyfriends keep things from them.

Rafe and Carrie arrive at John and Marlena's. Marlena explains how the hypnosis will work like a lie detector test. John says he's ready to get to the bottom of this.

Jack and Jennifer continue kissing until Jennifer stops and tries to leave but Jack stops her and starts kissing her again. Daniel and Brady arrive outside Jennifer's home and Daniel goes up to the door, only to see through the window that Jack and Jennifer are kissing.

Chad sits with Melanie. Melanie thinks Chad should tell Abigail what's going on. Chad explains that he doesn't want to get anyone in trouble. Melanie brings up how Abigail might get mad if she finds out. Chad thinks they can fix it quickly. Melanie agrees to stay out of it and keep quiet. Melanie then tells Chad that girls don't need to be protected so he should tell Abigail.

Brady joins Daniel and looks in to see Jack and Jennifer kissing. Brady apologizes for making the suggestion and Daniel and Brady exit. Jack tells Jennifer that he can't tell her how long he's waited to feel this connected to her again. Abigail then arrives and comments on Jack being there. Abigail asks if they are both okay. Jack says they are and starts to leave but Abigail stops him and says she has something to say to him.

Marlena thanks John for cooperating as he lays on the couch to begin the process. Marlena tells John to tell her what he can remember about July 6, 1999. John calls it the happiest day of his life when he got married. John recalls all of their friends and family being there. Marlena asks him what he remembers about December 7, 2006. John states that he does not want to talk about that. Carrie whispers to Rafe that it's when they got re-married in Italy. Marlena continues questioning John about the date. John reveals that on that date, he killed a man.

Daniel and Brady go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady suggests Daniel take out his frustrations on a punching bag. Daniel tells him that it won't make him feel better. Brady says it's either this or sit down and talk about his feelings. Daniel can't believe he's going to lose Jennifer to Jack and agrees to start punching the bag. Brady encourages Daniel to talk to Jennifer before he decides on what he saw. Daniel thinks Jennifer has made her choice and now he has to think about moving on without her.

Abigail tells Jack that she's been doing a lot of thinking and realized that she may have been a little unfair since she's been so hard on him. Abigail apologizes to Jack. Jack tells her how much it means. Jennifer adds in that it means a lot to her. Abigail says not to get too excited since she's still really mad. Abigail says she also realized that she must have been so mad because she really missed Jack. Abigail states that she knows deep down Jack is still her dad and she loves him. Jack tells her that he loves her too. Abigail brings up how Jack really hurt her. Jack says he knows and won't try to excuse it but never meant to hurt her. Abigail asks Jack why he keeps leaving them.

Marlena tells John to think carefully about who he killed. John says it was an order to kill someone so he shot him. Carrie whispers to Marlena that it can't be true since the man John is claiming to have killed is still alive. Marlena reminds John that he was in Italy at the time. John goes over his memories of killing the man with a silencer. Marlena speaks with Carrie about how they were in Italy on that day. John begins saying he won't do it and take orders but Marlena wakes him up.

Chad continues talking to Melanie about how he thinks no one else needs to know about their site. Chad says he should just tell everyone if he's going to tell Abigail. Melanie reminds him that Abigail is one of her best friends and he's asking her to keep a secret from her. Chad explains that he doesn't want to put the girls in a position to keep this secret and asks Melanie to do him the favor.

Will and Sonny finish working and Will thinks they saved their website. Sonny praises his computer skills. Will says they still need to find out who hacked them and why.

Jack tells Abigail that leaving never had anything to do with her. Abigail says it's hard to think otherwise. Abigail talks about missing him when he'd leave. Jack tells her that he doesn't know what to say. Abigail asks if she let him down or if she wasn't good enough to stick around for. Abigail asks if she disappointed him. Jennifer adds in that she knows Jack adores her. Abigail says she just doesn't get it. Jack tells her that he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Jack says when he'd leave, he would feel that he wasn't good enough for her but it was his loss. Abigail tells him that she lost out on a father too. Jennifer wants to stop talking about losing. Abigail agrees that she doesn't want to be angry anymore. Abigail tells Jack that if he really wants to work on this, she is willing to try. Jack asks for a hug so Abigail hugs him.

John talks to Marlena about what he said. Marlena points out that he didn't kill anyone but his mind thinks he did. Rafe reminds him that Stefano could have programmed him to believe things. John wonders how he can separate his real memories. Marlena insists that they will prove his innocence.

Melanie tells Chad that she will keep this to herself. Chad hugs her to thank her as Sonny and Will return to them and show Chad that it's all gotten rid of. Chad says they don't need to worry about it anymore. Melanie agrees and they go to get coffee, leaving their laptop open on the table.

Daniel continues using the punching bag with Brady. Daniel tells Brady that he's right that he has to fight for what he wants.

Jack and Abigail look through old pictures and joke around together as Jennifer watches. Jennifer then gets a text message from Daniel saying to call him when she can. Jack asks Jennifer if there's somewhere she needs to be. Jennifer tells him that this is where she needs to be and sits back down with Jack and Abigail.

Carrie reminds John that they still have their witness to testify. Carrie and Rafe decide to exit to let John rest. Marlena thanks them for everything they are doing. Rafe tells John that they will make this work for him. Rafe and Carrie exit together. John says he can't even describe the black hole that he's in with not knowing what's real and what's not. Marlena tells him that they are real and will never change and their love is the realest thing she's ever known as John hugs her.

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