Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor and Maggie talk at home about the snowstorm. Bo and Hope had to leave because Roman wants all officers on duty. Victor tells Maggie that they might can make it back in time for the wedding. Maggie worries about no one making it to their wedding. Victor tells her that the florists and musicians can't make it and they don't have phone service either. Maggie states that it was supposed to be her wedding which makes Victor wonder if she's canceling their ceremony.

Madison and Brady wake up together in their office. Madison can't remember anything from the night before as Brady tells her how good she was. Brady talks about the wine as Madison worries about what happened. Brady tells her that they had a lot of fun.

EJ and Nicole wake up on the couch together without their clothes. Nicole worries about last night and says it never should've happened while EJ disagrees. Nicole reminds him that she said she would only work with him professionally. Nicole accuses him of seducing her so EJ brings up again how she came over on her own. EJ jokes with her as Nicole pushes him away. EJ tells her that they both wanted each other and they still do then he kisses her.

Daniel comes back into the Kiriakis Mansion. Melanie asks what he was doing outside. Daniel explains that he was trying to get a cell signal because he wanted to check in with Jennifer. Justin joins them and talks about the snow. Justin wonders if Victor and Maggie will call off the wedding.

Maggie tells Victor that maybe they should postpone the wedding since it won't be the one she had planned. Victor tells her to take her time as they will live happily ever after no matter when they get married. Maggie kisses him and then they hug.

EJ and Nicole finish making love again. They agree that it was incredible as Nicole wonders why she's still there after everything EJ has done to her. EJ tells her that was then and not now as he holds her. EJ tells her that he started listening to his heart and he knew that if he lost her, he would have lost the only person that ever really accepted and understood him. Nicole tells EJ that he made things all about him. EJ says they are cut from the same cloth. EJ tells her that he can be who he is and not pretend anymore when he's with her. Nicole asks why he's telling her this. EJ says he realized that she belongs with him and they are meant to be together.

Madison tells Brady that she can't believe they slept together. Brady continues talking about how great last night was. Madison accuses him of taking advantage of her after she drank too much. Madison hopes this doesn't affect their working relationship. Madison talks about not being able to remember last night. Brady then admits that it's because nothing happened and they didn't have sex. Madison throws things at him for teasing her. Brady tells her that he was just having fun with her. Brady tells her that if they did sleep together, she would remember it. Brady continues flirting with her and asks if it would've been that bad if they did sleep together. Madison checks her phone and still has no service. Madison says she's going back to her hotel but Brady tells her that the snow won't let her go anywhere. Madison says she can't stay there since she has so much to do. Brady states that he thinks her history with her mom did a number on her.

Melanie talks with Maggie about her wedding. Melanie asks Maggie if the wedding will still be happening. Maggie asks Melanie if she thinks she should cancel. Melanie thinks it would make sense to cancel but points out that Maggie once said nothing should get in the way of two people in love. Melanie asks Maggie how she would feel if she wakes up tomorrow without being married.

Nicole questions EJ wanting her back. Nicole says she was not expecting this. Nicole tells him that she would've cried happy tears after hearing him say that at one time since she would've done anything to hold on to him back then. Nicole tells EJ that she loved him more than anyone ever will. EJ admits he took advantage of that and apologizes for it. EJ promises her that he will spend the rest of his life owning up to it. Nicole tells him that it won't undo the damage. EJ says that he has changed and he now understands that she's the only one for him. Nicole agrees that she's the only one that understands him because she knows how he works. Nicole tells EJ that she has no reason to trust him with her heart again.

Madison tells Brady that she doesn't share her personal life with anyone and doesn't want him to analyze her. Madison tries to leave but Brady stops her and says he doesn't want tension between them. Brady tells her that last night was one of the best nights for him. Madison says she only told him about her childhood because they were stranded and it seemed like a good idea but now she thinks it was a mistake to open up to him. Madison says they should both forget last night ever happened as she then exits.

Daniel talks to Maggie about the wedding. Daniel tells her that the ceremony might not have all the flowers but she would still have people that love her around her. Maggie tells him how much it means to her and starts to cry. Maggie states that nothing else really matters other than marrying the man she loves. Maggie asks Daniel if he will be the one to give her away at the wedding.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows why she has her doubts about trusting him. EJ jokes with her about his redeeming qualities. Nicole questions giving them another try. Nicole says she stepped back and looked at her life after Gus tried to kill her and she wasn't happy. EJ says he knows how she feels. Nicole talks to EJ about always looking for Mr. Right and she had to stop and wonder why she was so afraid to be alone. Nicole wonders why she would rather be with somebody and miserable instead of miserable and alone. EJ tells Nicole that they should stop comparing themselves to the people of Salem and just embrace themselves with their faults. EJ insists that they just need to try and take a chance. EJ promises to make her happy and kisses her.

Madison tries making a phone call from her office for someone to pick her up but can't get anyone. She looks at a picture of her and Brady from the town square's Halloween party. Brady enters her office and apologizes to her. Madison says they can just forget it and she's waiting for a ride back to her hotel. Brady suggests that he can tell her something embarrassing about himself to make them even. Madison tells him that it has to be good. Brady tells her he will decide on one as he exits to get donuts and coffee.

EJ and Nicole continue kissing until Nicole stops and tells EJ that he's confusing her. EJ says he knows that she didn't hope for this but it's there and he's there for her. Nicole says she doesn't know if she can do this but does love having his arms around her. EJ tells her that it can always be this way if she lets it. Nicole worries about EJ leaving her or hurting her. EJ says that he won't but Nicole does not want to risk the hurt of losing him again.

Maggie apologizes to Daniel for asking him to walk her down the aisle. Daniel tries to talk as Maggie keeps going on. Daniel stops her and agrees to do it. Daniel says he's honored that she asked. Maggie takes Daniel to go tell everyone else. They join Victor, Melanie, and Justin. Maggie announces that they have a wedding to plan and says she couldn't ask for anything more than marrying Victor then kisses Victor. Melanie tells everyone to get moving and get dressed for the wedding. Everyone exits the living room except Victor and Henderson. Henderson tells him how happy he is for him. Victor says he's ready to live happily ever after with Maggie and only one thing can mar that. Victor tells him that Maggie must never learn their secret so that nothing from his past ruins his future with Maggie.

EJ holds Nicole and tells her to trust her heart. Nicole says trust is part of the problem. Nicole recalls their last relationship almost killing her. EJ apologizes to her. Nicole wonders if he's just telling her what she wants to hear. Nicole says she can't let him hurt her again. EJ promises not to hurt her again. EJ asks what he has to do to restore her trust and he'll do it.

Brady and Madison sit together with coffee. They talk about how they still can't get out. Brady brings up not making it to Victor's wedding. Madison asks about Brady's parents. Brady explains that his mother died when he was young. Madison asks if he wants to talk about it. Brady talks to her about his mother. Madison says she's sure it's not easy for him to talk about. Brady compares it to Madison talking about her mother. Brady comments that it would've been nice to have real memories of her. Brady says life isn't perfect as Madison toasts to things that don't kill them. Brady agrees that he's still standing after everything he's been through. Madison tells him that he sometimes amazes her.

Justin tells Victor that the time has come as they are all dressed and prepared for the wedding. Maggie walks in with Daniel to join Victor and Melanie. Justin begins their ceremony, saying that it's the moment they have all been waiting for. Justin says he knows everyone that can't be there is there in spirit to wish them happiness. Daniel gives Maggie's hand to Victor. Daniel and Melanie both state that they will bear witness to the union. Victor says he couldn't be more grateful or happier.

Madison tells Brady that she assumed he had a perfect life with being related to Victor. Brady says he sometimes imagines life being perfect and Madison says she does too.

Victor begins his wedding vows. He says it's no secret that their families disapproved of their relationship early on but they knew they had something special. Victor says most people think of him as rich and powerful but she saw him as someone humbled by her love. Victor promises to spend the rest of her life making her happy and proving to be worthy of her love. Maggie agrees with the way things started with their relationship. Maggie calls him generous, warm, and honest. Maggie says she has total faith in Victor and their love. Maggie says she couldn't be happier to be spending the rest of their lives together.

EJ tells Nicole that they have wasted enough time and he doesn't want to waste anymore. Nicole thinks she has bad judgment. EJ brings up how well they work together. EJ talks about having Johnny and Sydney and they can be a family. Nicole wishes it could be that way. EJ assures her that it can be that way. EJ says it can be like last night and this morning every day. Nicole admits that it was wonderful. Nicole says she still can't forget what happened and the promises he made. Nicole doesn't want to risk it happening again. EJ tries to stop her from leaving but Nicole exits to see if the roads are open yet as EJ sits down in frustration.

Madison pours champagne as Brady returns to the room and tells her that the roads are still closed. Madison says they can at least toast to Victor's happiness so they toast.

Victor and Maggie exchange the wedding rings. Justin pronounces them husband and wife and Victor then kisses Maggie.

Nicole walks by the living room as EJ is getting dressed and looks at him. Nicole walks on to the door, looks back, and then exits. Nicole holds back her tears as she walks on and EJ sits inside at the fireplace.

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