Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope join Victor and Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion as they come in from the snow. They talk about being there for their wedding rehearsal. Maggie talks about being unable to believe she'll have a new husband and maybe a new son. Hope talks about Maggie and Daniel bonding. Hope tells Maggie how happy she is for her as they hug.

Justin talks with Bo and Victor as Maggie and Hope join them. Maggie kisses Victor as Melanie and Daniel talk about how happy Maggie seems. Daniel tells Melanie that he's doing fine.

EJ practices a speech at home. EJ gets frustrated and tosses the paper as Nicole comes in and tells him that she wrote that for him. Nicole starts to exit but EJ stops her.

Brady arrives at their office where Madison is. Brady tells her she should go home due to the snowstorm but Madison wants to continue working. Brady asks her if they can have a shared work dinner. Madison agrees and they both suggest Thai food and Brady comments on what they have in common.

Jack continues trying to get the radio to working but he can't at the cabin he and Jennifer are stuck at. Jennifer talks about needing to get out because she can't miss Maggie's wedding tomorrow. Jack tries to open the door but Jennifer stops him. Jack starts shaking and saying he has to get out and can't stay there.

Melanie and Daniel continue talking about Maggie and Daniel. Daniel insists that he's fine and goes to get a drink. Maggie approaches Daniel and asks if they could talk.

Jack continues freaking out about being stuck as Jennifer tries to calm him down and wants him to talk about what's wrong. Jack has more flashbacks to being tortured and pulls away from Jennifer. Jennifer sits with Jack and assures him that he will be okay. Jennifer tries to get Jack to talk to her. Jack repeats that he's trapped and can't get out.

EJ tells Nicole that he does not want to push her away and is sorry for throwing away her writing. EJ states that it was probably just his delivery. EJ asks Nicole to stay and help him prep for interviews. EJ offers to get her some dinner while they work. EJ suggests they can eat by the fireplace. Nicole worries about the weather getting bad. EJ tells her that they will just eat fast.

Brady brings a bottle of wine to the office for he and Madison. Brady brings up awkward moments they have had. Madison admits to him that he had great ideas. Madison says she's just used to doing things her own way. Madison mentions that it's probably why she's never had a partner. Brady questions if she's still talking professionally.

Maggie talks with Daniel about how difficult things must be for him. Daniel tells her not to let his feelings ruin her night since it's her night. Daniel insists that he's fine. Maggie thanks him for trying. Maggie tells him that not talking about it won't make it go away. Daniel brings up how this changed everything he knew about his parents. Maggie reminds him that she's not trying to take anyone's place. Maggie hopes that they don't lose their friendship over this. Maggie tells Daniel that she wants him to know that they can take it as far as he's comfortable with and Daniel thanks her.

Madison asks Brady what other way there is besides professional and brings up their dinner coming. Brady makes a call to check on his order and finds out that the roads got closed so they can't get any deliveries. Madison realizes they are stuck there then.

Nicole helps EJ prepare for his interview by asking questions that he could be asked. EJ adds in that no one that invested in his company ever lost their money. Nicole tells EJ that she thinks he's ready for the interviews. EJ comments that Nicole brings out the best in him. EJ gets up to get another bottle of champagne as he informs Nicole that Kate and Stefano are out of town and he sent the staff home before the roads got bad. Nicole thinks that EJ set it up to get her in the house alone.

Justin and Bo talk with Victor about the roads being bad. Victor talks about wanting everything to be perfect for Maggie.

Maggie gives Melanie a necklace for her birthday. Maggie tells her how much she loves her. Melanie calls Maggie grandma and hugs her as Daniel watches from the couch.

Jennifer tries to talk to Jack and tell him that he's not in prison. Jennifer tells him that they are together like they used to be. Jennifer talks to him about old times that they've had as Jack continues having flashbacks. Jack starts to wonder where they are and tells Jennifer about being in the cave. Jack comments about how real it felt. Jennifer hugs him and tells him this is all that's real.

Daniel calls Jennifer and leaves her a message about seeing if she could make it to the wedding tomorrow. Victor joins Daniel and tells him that he knows it's a big adjustment for him. Daniel asks Victor if he's sure that his parents never said anything about this. Victor tells him again that he just now found out for the first time. Henderson walks by looking at them as Victor tells Daniel that he didn't know anything. Daniel comments on how Melanie and Maggie both seem happy about it. Victor tells Daniel that his parents wouldn't feel betrayed.

Brady comes back to the office with snacks from the vending machine. Brady jokes with Madison about the snacks as they get close.

EJ tells Nicole that he did not set this up. Nicole tells him that she knows how he works. EJ says he can't control the storm. EJ wonders what's wrong with staying there since there's many bedrooms. Nicole doesn't want to take his word. EJ thinks Nicole doesn't trust herself to be alone with him and laughs about it. Nicole tells him not to joke about it. EJ apologizes and tells her that they get along and he depends on her so he doesn't want to screw things up. EJ jokes with her that he can find her a way home. Nicole agrees to stay for dinner and they sit back down as the electricity then goes out. They listen on the radio and find out about the roads being closed as Nicole lights candles. Nicole talks about hating blackouts. EJ goes to see if he can get the generators working.

Madison can't get an internet connection at the office. Brady jokes with her about her desktop background being of the Big Lebowski. Brady talks about how much they have in common as Madison mentions how much she loves the movie. Madison continues working on the internet connection as Brady goes to find a radio. Madison tells Brady that she likes his style as he exits the room.

Jack talks to Jennifer about not letting anyone in Afghanistan see his emotion. Jack doesn't want Jennifer seeing him like this. Jennifer continues to tell him that it's okay. Jennifer assures that he is safe with her as she holds him.

Maggie talks with Victor about feeling better after talking with Daniel. Maggie asks Victor to make sure there are no secrets between them when they get married tomorrow. Maggie hopes she's been completely open with him and wants to give him the chance to tell her anything that he's held back. Maggie promises not to judge him and just wants to make sure everything is out on the table.

Brady returns to the office unable to find a radio. Madison says they can't do anything other than wait. Brady compares them to being in a movie. Madison talks about her life and feeling like she had to take charge early. Madison tells Brady about her father taking off with a stripper when she was 12 years old so her mom had to work two jobs while she took care of her 3 younger siblings. Brady tells her that he's sorry. Madison says it was fine until her mom got sick with cancer. Madison says she promised herself then to never be anyone's victim.

EJ returns to Nicole in the living room and says he couldn't get the generators working but they do have gas so he made her some hot chocolate. Nicole comments on it being exactly how she likes it. Nicole wonders what's going on. EJ asks what she means. Nicole asks him how he knows how she likes her hot chocolate. EJ reminds her of their relationship lasting three years. Nicole never thought he was paying attention. EJ asks if she really thought he didn't care about her. Nicole tells him that he proved he didn't care over and over. Nicole tells EJ that she is not doing this again.

Victor tells Maggie that he does have a secret and will announce it to the world, that he loves her more than life. Victor tells her it might not be a secret but it bears repeating. Maggie laughs and hugs him as Henderson walks in. Henderson tells them that blackouts have been throughout the city and it's going to get worse. Victor says they will get rooms ready for everyone to stay. Justin, Bo, and Hope call their families to let them know. Melanie comments on not having to make a call as Daniel gets a text message from the hospital confirming the DNA test that Maggie is Daniel's biological mother. Maggie states that she knew it was true and hugs Daniel.

Madison talks to Brady about being unable to stand this. Brady suggests that they can dance. Madison doesn't want to and says she's a horrible dancer. Brady points out that they have no work and have nothing else to do so they might as well. Madison agrees and Brady takes her hand as they begin dancing. Brady then kisses Madison and they continue kissing.

Nicole tells EJ that she had been so clear that she was running his publicity and that's it. EJ thinks she is over reacting. Nicole asks EJ if they are supposed to pretend that everything with Taylor never happened or pretend that he never blackmailed her. EJ sarcastically tells her that he set up the blizzard. EJ brings up that Nicole came over uninvited. EJ thinks what's bothering her is that she's been there for hours and he hasn't kissed her so he walks up to her and kisses her. They start to undress and kiss onto the couch.

Jennifer sits with Jack and tells him how sorry she is for everything that he went through. Jennifer says she can't imagine how horrible that it must have been. Jennifer says she was wrong for not trusting him. Jennifer hugs him and tells him how she was afraid to tell him that she really missed him. Jennifer says he needs to know it and he needs to know that she will always love him. Jennifer tells Jack that he is in her heart forever.

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