Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/4/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/4/11


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Jack arrives at Jennifer's to take her skiing but Jennifer tells him that she's not going. Jennifer tells him that as she was getting ready, she had second thoughts about spending the day with him. Jack questions her. Jennifer accuses him of pulling a stunt on Halloween and spying on her and Daniel in costume.

Marlena and John talk at home. Marlena brings up John thinking the accusations could be true. She reminds him of their witness and that he could have been framed. Marlena wonders why he suddenly changed his mind and wants him to talk to her. Roman arrives and asks if it's a bad time.

Carrie and Austin talk with Sami at Sami and Rafe's. Carrie thanks Sami for letting them stay there. Rafe and Austin argue about the temperature of the house. Carrie sits with Austin and says it's crowded staying there and thinks they should try harder to get their own place. Austin doesn't know what to do. Austin brings up Kate's offer but Carrie doesn't want to stay with Stefano. Sami suggests that they talk about why they are so anxious to leave.

Jennifer tells Jack to tell her the truth. Jack isn't sure what she's talking about. Jennifer believes he was following them around in costume at the town square. Jack denies ever being there. Jack wonders how she could be so convinced it was him. Jack explains that he was in London with JJ. Jennifer asks him to prove it. Jennifer calls him crazy and jealous. They sit down as Jack explains that he's trying to win her back after spending a year in a cave. Jack says he knows he had to change and wouldn't blow it all by following her around. Jack states that he knows he doesn't deserve her trust. Jennifer apologizes to him and wonders who else would follow her around in a mask. Jack understands that it is something the old him would do.

Roman tells John and Marlena that it's not an official visit as he is just concerned with how they are dealing with all the pressure. Marlena says they have their good days and bad days. John steps out to get some coffee. Roman asks Marlena if she's sure he didn't come at a bad time. Marlena tells him that John just gets a little stir crazy. Roman and Marlena talk about Brady and Sami keeping their distance. Marlena suggests that it might be good that Sami is keeping her distance since she can't talk her out of her opinions that John might not be innocent. John comes back in and says all that really matters is the truth.

Carrie tells Sami that offering them a place to stay was an awesome thing to do but they don't want to cause trouble. Carrie wants to keep them all getting along. Rafe agrees with Carrie. Carrie says she's just trying to be practical as her phone rings. Sami says she has a meeting downtown so Austin offers to give her a ride since he has to go to work. Sami wants to continue the discussion. Carrie tells her they can continue later but it was never a permanent arrangement. Sami wishes them luck in finding a new place. Carrie tells Rafe that she will see him at John and Marlena's later. Austin questions Carrie and Rafe meeting up later so Carrie tells him that she will explain on the way as they exit. Sami tells Rafe to tell him now why he's meeting up with her sister at her mom's. Rafe informs Sami that Carrie hired him as the lead investigator in John's case.

Jack asks Jennifer what else he missed while he was gone. Jennifer tells him that she accepted Abe's job offer. Jack is excited until she tells him that Daniel was the one that changed her mind. Jack still wants to hear what he did since he's excited for her. Jennifer explains how Daniel set up a meeting with a political consultant. Jack says it's good that Daniel did that for her. Jennifer tells him they better leave before she changes her mind so they exit.

Carrie and Austin arrive at the police station and enter a room. Austin asks her about meeting with Rafe later. Carrie informs him that she hired Rafe to be the investigator on the case. Austin is surprised and thinks Carrie should've ran that by him first. Carrie points out that he's working for the opposition. Carrie and Austin argue about it. Carrie thinks it's a win-win situation. Austin points out that Rafe should've followed the chain of command if he wanted to keep his job. Austin apologizes to her. Austin tells her that Sami is also going to have an opinion about it. Carrie thinks Sami should be very happy since Rafe has a job.

Sami and Rafe arrive at the Brady Pub. They sit together as Sami questions Rafe about why he didn't tell her about his new job. Rafe points out that she did the same thing with an anonymous internet post to get a job. Rafe explains that he believes in what Carrie's doing and thinks he can do it well. Rafe points out that they need the money as well.

Jack and Jennifer arrive at the Brady Pub and greet Caroline. Caroline thanks Jack for the cookies at Halloween. They spot Sami and Rafe and greet them. Sami congratulates Jennifer on her new job with Abe. Rafe tells her they can do anything to help. Jennifer asks Sami about her new job. Sami tells her how great it is. Sami talks to Jennifer about some free samples and she takes her to go get them. Jack sits with Rafe. Rafe talks to him about his time in Afghanistan and how he had a similar experience in South America. Rafe assumes that he's going to counseling after the time he was held captive but Jack questions why he would need counseling.

Roman tells John that he has a lot of people in his corner. Roman says he's sorry that he had to let Rafe go. John says he understands that everyone's just doing their job. Roman tells him to take it easy and hang in as he exits.

Austin tells Carrie that she can't just dismiss Sami's feelings. Carrie says she isn't but Austin doesn't think she's considering Sami's feelings. Carrie says she has a job to do and so does Rafe now. Carrie says she's trying to keep John out of prison and doesn't understand why that wouldn't be important to Sami. Austin points out that Rafe already lost a job helping her once and this one doesn't have long term potential. Austin thinks Rafe should be out looking for something permanent. Carrie tells him that Rafe just wants to prove John is innocent because he's believed him. Austin brings up that Rafe believes in John but Sami is not so sure. Carrie thinks her case will change Sami's mind. Austin questions that and Carrie states that she doesn't think Sami wants John to be guilty.

Rafe apologizes to Jack for assuming. Jack understands that he thought he should have his head examined. Rafe talks about having to debrief a lot of former hostages with the FBI. Jack asks if he's being debriefed now. Rafe says no but all the hostages came out differently and he includes himself. Jack tells Rafe that he seems fine to him. Rafe tells him that just because he's free from being a hostage doesn't mean he's free. Jack wants to put the past behind him and focus on the future. Jennifer and Sami return. Jennifer and Jack exit to go skiing. Jennifer asks Jack what he and Rafe were talking about. Jack claims they were just shooting the breeze as they walk off together while Rafe watches through the window. Sami asks Rafe what he's looking at. Rafe says he was just thinking and probably overreacting. Rafe states there's been a lot of overreacting lately. Sami takes her things and decides to leave since she does not want to argue with him.

Austin and Carrie continue talking about wanting to get out of Sami and Rafe's as soon as they can. Austin hates fighting with her and says that's the last thing he wants. Carrie says the longer the case goes, the harder it is to avoid fighting. Austin tells her that he's glad she's back since he missed her. Austin wants to make a promise not to talk about the case anymore. Roman walks in and calls it a smart suggestion.

Marlena asks John to let her help him. John asks if she can't. Marlena wants to try to help him. John brings up Sami thinking he could commit all the crimes and says it makes sense since just because he can't remember doesn't mean it didn't happen. John says if there's still things he doesn't remember then he's not fully healed. John states that even after Stefano tortured him, the one constant in his life was Marlena. John tells her that there will always be sections of his life that stay a mystery to him. John says he's not fully sure of who he is now and wonders how he could be so sure that he's innocent.

Jack and Jennifer arrive at the ski cabin and talk about how cold it is with the snow. They find out that they don't have electricity either. Jennifer find some candles while Jack finds a radio. Jack gets the radio on and hears that the roads have been closed. Jennifer calls it bad and says they will be there for a long time.

Roman tells Carrie that it's good to have her back. Carrie tells him the trip was good considering where they are and what the trip was about. Carrie exits to go to John and Marlena's to talk about the case. Roman tells Austin that he hopes they can keep the case out of their personal lives but can't imagine it will be easy. Austin says they aren't the only ones.

Sami and Rafe walk through the town square. Rafe asks if they can settle their problems now. Rafe doesn't think she's mad that he took a job without telling her but that it's a job with Carrie to prove John's innocence. Rafe asks Sami why she's feeling this way.

Marlena asks John why he insists on blaming himself for things he's never done. Marlena says she doesn't have gaps in her memory and was at his side all through his recovery. Marlena tells him that it proves that he's the man she knows. John's afraid that her love won't save him this time after what he has to tell her. Carrie arrives to talk about the case and asks John if he's alright. John tells her that as his lawyer she might be interested in what he has to say.

Jennifer regrets not bringing in the food from the car. Jennifer decides that they will have to think of it as an adventure since they are trapped and not getting out any time soon. Jack has flashbacks of being held and beaten in Afghanistan.

Austin talks to Roman about how Carrie is trying to prove the photo of John is doctored. Roman tells Austin that he doesn't believe John could be guilty and doesn't think Austin wants to believe it either. Austin says it's just his job to evaluate the evidence objectively. Austin says the evidence shows the numbers add up. Austin tells him about hating arguing with Carrie. Austin says if he could do anything to prove John innocent he would but there's nothing since all the evidence tell him otherwise. Roman thinks Austin needs to listen to his heart.

John tells Marlena and Carrie that they have showed a lot of faith in him and his innocence. John brings up the photo of him in the cafe at Paris and mentions that he might not have been doctored. John says he knew there was something about the photo when he first saw it. Marlena still thinks it can't be true. John tells them that he was having memories of the cafe in Paris before the photo surfaced. John states that he had already remembered being there on his own. John asks why he remembers it so vividly if he didn't do what he's accused of.

Roman talks to Austin about being a cop and how he wouldn't have lasted if he just stuck to the evidence. Roman says there are times that they have to forget the facts and trust their gut. Austin says everything he's been taught is telling him something different. Roman brings up Carrie coming to the opposite conclusion. Roman thinks Carrie believes in John for a reason and then exits the room.

John worries about being guilty and if he cost all those people their money. John says it's a real possibility. Marlena says John still wouldn't be responsible because Stefano controlled his mind. John doesn't want to blame Stefano since he's been out of their lives for two years. Carrie points out that Stefano could've bought his way into any of his clinics. Carrie thinks they cant discount that he could've been under Stefano's influence. John asks if she's trying to say he can't get away from Stefano. Marlena offers to hypnotize John because she thinks they have to in order to find out the truth.

Sami tells Rafe that the whole thing is a mess with people taking sides. Rafe says he wants to be in the middle of it because he believes John is innocent. Rafe says Sami doesn't believe in him but he's still family. Sami doesn't want to fight with Rafe and says she gets that he's working for Carrie's firm which is great since they need the money. Rafe wants Sami to tell him what's tearing her up inside. Sami tells him it's just nothing. Sami says she has to go to work so she kisses Rafe and hurries off.

Jennifer finds some cans of peaches and shows them to Jack but Jack has more flashbacks to being tortured while he was held captive and Jennifer wonders what's wrong.

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