Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/3/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/3/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope arrive at the Kiriakis Mansion to accept deliveries for Victor and Maggie's wedding while Maggie is with Melanie. Bo and Hope talk about being unable to believe that Victor and Maggie are getting married. Hope brings up that people used to say they were opposites too. Hope tells Bo that marrying him was the smartest thing she ever did then kisses him. Hope goes to check in to the wedding flowers.

Rafe makes dinner at home as he talks to Sami on the phone. Rafe tells her that he's making dinner since she's working late. Rafe tells her that he's doing laundry and will get the kids picked up as well. Rafe hangs up and tries to continue cooking but Gabi arrives and asks what's going on. Rafe ends up having a spill in the blender and burning his food in the microwave. Rafe then realizes he needs to go pick up the kids. Gabi asks if Will is home but Rafe doesn't know and then Rafe's food in the oven catches on fire.

Will joins Chad and Sonny at the Brady Pub to talk about their website. They tell Will that the police can't find out but their site has been hacked and if they don't get a handle on it, they could get arrested.

John finishes exercising at home as he talks to Marlena about being frustrated that he's stuck at home. Marlena talks about all the people that believe in him. The doorbell rings so Marlena answers the door and Carrie returns. They welcome her home. Carrie tells them that she's worried about the witness she found in Switzerland since he's not answering his phone and she can't reach him.

Gabi jokes with Rafe about his cooking. Rafe worries about getting the kids and being late. Gabi offers to pick up the kids for him and tells Rafe to do what he does best. Rafe reminds her that he got fired. Gabi tells him that he can still do his own investigating.

Sonny and Chad explain to Will about people placing bets on their site. Will looks into the computer as Chad calls it a nightmare.

John wonders if Stefano got to the witness in Switzerland. Carrie points out that he's critical to the case since he's the only witness they have. Carrie gets a phone call from the witness and is relieved to hear from him. Carrie tells him that she will finalize the travel arrangements so he can testify. Marlena worries about the case depending on one witness. Carrie thinks he's reliable. John states that he needs more proof that he didn't steal the money.

Hope returns to Bo in the living room. Bo jokes around with her and then offers her champagne. Bo tells her that he realized she never got a fancy proposal so he wants to make up for it. Bo shows her a hope diamond. Hope points out that people say it's cursed so Bo calls it a different diamond that's named after her. Hope takes her ring from her necklace and tells Bo that he can put it back where it belongs. Bo asks if she's ready for this. Hope tells him that after everything they have been through, she loves him. Bo takes the ring and gets down on one knee to ask her to marry him again. Hope accepts his proposal and kisses him as Bo puts the ring on her finger then they kiss again. Bo jokes with her about a statue in the mansion being the minister for them. They talk about their favorite wedding times.

Sonny and Chad continue talking about their website and worrying about people finding out. Will shouts at them to chill out. Will says he got the IP address of the person gambling and it links to a computer at a dorm in Salem U so they prepare to go try and find him.

Gabi suggests Rafe still work on a case. Rafe tells her that he can't just find a case. Gabi thinks he can find somewhere that he's needed. Gabi points out that Rafe still believes John is innocent. Rafe realizes that she's telling him that he can still investigate John's case on his own. Rafe says he will get to work on that as Gabi offers to clean the kitchen while she waits for Will. Rafe thanks her and exits.

Carrie leaves a message for Austin on his phone. Marlena tells her that she spoke to Austin while she was away. Marlena says she does think Austin is disturbed by the case driving a wedge between them. Carrie thinks Austin is just obsessed with the numbers on a page. Marlena believes that Austin is just trying to do his job. Carrie checks with John about the guard service. Carrie wants to arrange more guards for their witness coming into town. Marlena hopes it's enough proof. John points out that the public still has reason to doubt him. John says the only way to erase the doubt is to find proof that he's been set up. Rafe arrives and greets them. Carrie thanks Rafe for the tip and says she's sorry that he lost his job. Rafe tells her it's not her fault since he'd do anything to help John. John thanks Rafe for his hard work in proving him innocent. Rafe brings up that he has some extra time on his hands so he's there to help. Carrie tells Rafe that there's definitely something he can do to help.

Hope talks to Bo about being unable to choose her favorite wedding. Hope admits she still can't believe they had a wedding in London as it was amazing. Hope tells Bo that their marriage right now is her favorite because it's the one that will last forever and then they kiss.

Rafe tells Carrie he's there to help. Carrie asks Rafe to let her firm hire him as a private investigator. Rafe is speechless. John calls him the perfect guy for the job. Marlena adds that he already knows the case. Carrie tells him that she won't have to waste time finding a new one and asks if he will do it. Rafe asks if she wants a full-scale investigation. Carrie tells Rafe that she can pay him and she understands if he wants to talk to Sami first. Rafe says he can talk to Sami later since he needs a job and wants to help John. John questions Rafe not wanting to run it by Sami. John comments that Sami has been the one keeping her distance from them. John tells Rafe that he's figured out that Sami is staying away because she thinks he's guilty.

Chad, Sonny, and Will arrive at the dorm in Salem U and they talk about being prepared to confront the guy. They knock on the door. The guy answers the door and asks if he can assist them. They enter his room and ask him what he's doing with their website. He claims to have no idea what he's talking about. He says he wouldn't waste his time and asks them to leave. Will brings up the username and Sonny asks if he's running a booking on their site.

Rafe tells John that Sami might not think he's guilty. John believes that Sami does think so. Marlena tells him that she spoke to Sami and she doesn't think John is guilty but thinks that John could've done the things without remembering them.

The Salem U student tells Sonny that he doesn't know anything about sports. Chad explains how they traced the IP address back to this room. Will threatens to turn the police loose on him.

Bo tells Hope that he feels very lucky to be where they are. Hope agrees that they are lucky as Bo kisses her.

John says Stefano's mind games are behind him and he doesn't want to think about that time in his life. Rafe adds in that Sami hasn't been around because she doesn't want to upset him but thinks she'll be there when he's proven innocent. Carrie says they are getting there since they have their witness. Rafe says he will be on it. Carrie promises John that they have only scratched the surface and with Rafe they will prove him innocent. Marlena thanks them. Carrie tells Rafe they should get to work. John tells Rafe that he doesn't want to cause problems for him and Sami. John thanks Rafe for helping. Rafe and Carrie exit together.

The student tells Will, Sonny, and Chad that he knows nothing about their web site. Chad uses the DiMera name to threaten him. He finally agrees to tell them what he knows but he's not who they are looking for. He tells them that he's just a pawn in a much bigger game and it's dangerous. He offers to show them what he's talking about.

Bo talks to Hope about looking forward to every day they spend together. Bo tells her that he will be fulfilled because he couldn't have picked a better partner to spend his life with. Hope tells him that she loves him and has never loved anyone else and never will. Hope thanks Bo for everything he's brought to her life and for their friendship. Hope tells him that she loves him again and kisses him then they hug. Bo and Hope then dance together for their wedding.

Sonny, Chad, and Will get shown by the student that people have been using their website to link to another site for the illegal gambling.

Rafe and Carrie go to the Brady Pub. Carrie asks Rafe if he's sure that Sami is okay with him working the case. Rafe talks to her about being unable to find any other job and almost burning down the kitchen. Rafe states that this will allow him to have a paycheck coming in. Carrie reminds him of what being on the opposite sides of the case has done to her and Austin. Rafe thinks they can work together and get past the case to move on. Carrie tells him that she's so happy that he's helping her and they are working together. Rafe says he wants to prove John's innocence just as much as she does.

John continues talking to Marlena about needing proof to show the people he's innocent. Marlena doesn't want him to pressure himself about Sami. John worries about his family not believing him. Marlena says they know he would never hurt anyone. Marlena insists that Rafe and Carrie will prove his innocence. John continues looking at the photo of him and starts to have flashbacks again. He jumps up as Marlena asks him what it is.

Hope tells Bo that she hopes Victor and Maggie end up as happy as they are. Hope thanks Bo for this special wedding day. Bo suggests they have a romantic wedding night as he picks her up and they kiss.

Will, Sonny, and Chad look at the gambling site which is a multi-million dollar ring. The student tells them that the guys running it play for keeps.

Rafe and Carrie go over the evidence. Carrie thinks they must be missing something obvious. Rafe suggests they start at the beginning and go over everything to figure it out.

John tells Marlena that he remembers being in the cafe at Paris. John says he's been having thoughts like he's remembering something but they are very vague. John says he didn't know what it meant before but it hit him that he had been in the cafe. Marlena suggests the photo could be altered. Marlena doesn't think it means that John transferred funds. John says he would never do that but the robot John that Stefano created would. John then wonders if Sami is right.

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