Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/2/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/2/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Bo talk with Abe and Lexie at the Brady Pub about John's trial. Bo thinks it's not right that the whole town has decided John's guilty. They talk about what all the people have lost and the evidence against John. Bo credits Rafe for going out on a limb to help John. Abe warns Bo not to do the same since one misstep could cost him his job.

Sami searches the house for her shoe as Rafe ends up finding it inside the refrigerator. Rafe puts the shoe on Sami and they talk about making sure the kids clean up. Rafe kisses Sami but Sami worries about being late. Rafe assures her that she won't be late and gives her all of her things. Sami calls him her hero. They talk about Rafe looking at ads for a new job. Sami brings up Austin helping her finish her report as Rafe notes that Austin at least has a job to get up to.

Kate complains to Stefano at home about Madison. Kate refuses to drop this and can't believe she initially tried to get Brady and Victor to work with her. Kate thinks she would win if she sued them but doesn't think that's good enough. Kate wants them to know what it means to mess with her. Stefano tells her to calm down. Kate says Brady and Victor are coming directly at her. Stefano reminds her that the first rule of business is to never tip your hand.

Brady enters the office as Madison is typing up a report on the computer. Brady gives her suggestions but Madison tells him that she doesn't need help to do her job. Madison asks Brady why he is always in her face and annoying her. Brady reminds her that he is the owner so he has the right to be in the office and annoy whoever he wants. Madison points out that she's the one that built the company. Brady says that doesn't change that he's her boss. Madison reminds him of their agreement that she makes all the decisions. Madison asks Brady why he's there. Madison then tells Brady that she might have an opening for him in day to day operations. She asks him to be her assistant and Brady responds that he would love to.

Sami hopes Rafe is not still mad at Austin. Rafe says he's not mad but he's used to getting up and having a purpose in life. Sami insists that he will find a new job. Rafe agrees that he's overreacting. Rafe goes to get some milk and gets upset when he finds it's empty. Rafe blames Austin for leaving the empty jug in the fridge. Rafe comments on Austin leaving his towel. Sami tells him that he'll be out soon and she wants to help clean up. Rafe tells her that she needs to go to work. Sami tells him to call as soon as he gets a job. They kiss as Sami starts to exit without her things. Rafe gives everything to her and then she exits. Rafe then takes Austin's towel to put it away.

Bo and Hope inform Abe and Lexie about Daniel being Maggie's son. Lexie and Abe ask about how they figured it out. Bo and Hope explain from the start how they found the bank statements. Abe gets a phone call and steps away. Lexie and Hope discuss how crazy it all is and Hope wants to find out where the bank statements go to. Abe comes back and tells them that Jennifer is his new publicist. Lexie and Abe have to exit to go to lunch. Abe informs them that they are having lunch with Stefano which surprises Hope and Bo.

Kate continues talking about Brady and Victor driving her crazy. Stefano tells her not to let them get to her. Stefano tells her to just shuffle the cards and deal again. Kate says that she has a move in place and will make them pay for what they did to her. Stefano tells her that he's proud of her.

Lexie explains that she accepted Stefano's invitation against her better judgment since she thought he sounded pleasant and sincere. Abe and Bo both question the decision. Lexie reminds them that he is her father and thinks no harm could come from lunch. Hope agrees that something's not right. Abe thinks it has to do with the election or John's case but it will allow him to scope out the opposition and see what they are up to.

Kate finishes telling Stefano her plan and Stefano calls it brilliant. Stefano calls for a toast. Stefano toasts to Kate and what he calls the most dastardly plan in Salem history. Kate toasts to Madison, Victor, and Brady not seeing it coming.

Rafe sits at home looking at job ads in the paper. Rafe sees one for head of security and makes a phone call. Rafe explains that he never worked security but worked for the FBI and the Salem PD. Rafe goes along on the phone about knowing someone named Stan. Rafe says he's available for an interview at any time.

Madison tells Brady that he doesn't have what it takes to be her assistant. Brady thinks he would surprise her. Brady tells Madison that she doesn't know him. Madison calls him a jerk. Brady flirts with her and points out that she's blushing. They get close as Sami bursts in apologizing for being late. Sami apologizes if she was interrupting something but they claim that she didn't.

Lexie and Abe sit with Stefano and Kate at the DiMera Mansion and finish lunch. Abe wants to know the real reason for the lunch. Stefano calls it just quality time. Lexie agrees with Abe and wants to know what's going on. Stefano admits there are two topics that he wanted to touch on. Stefano first declares that he had nothing to do with John's predicament. Abe wonders why they should trust him since he manipulated and tortured John before. Stefano assures them that he is telling them the truth. Lexie wants to believe him and Stefano tells her that she should. Stefano offers to continue the conversation in the dining room so he and Kate step out.

Rafe continues making phone calls for various jobs. He finds a job that doesn't start until spring, he tries a construction job that is already taken and then a painter job which is for painting nails. Rafe continues making calls but can't find a job.

Sami gives her report to Madison and apologizes again for being late. Madison tells her that it's no problem. Madison says she has to go give a design change for the new show room and exits. Brady tells Sami that he needs to get back to work but Sami asks to talk to him. Sami points out that she did not imagine what she just walked in on and thinks something is going on. Sami asks Brady if he's sleeping with Madison. Brady says Sami is just dramatizing things. Sami asks Brady why he was there. Brady says he's keeping an eye on his investment and Sami responds that it's not the only thing he's keeping his eye on. Brady tells Sami that she has a wild imagination. Sami says she knows what she saw and asks him not to date Madison. Brady wonders who said anything about dating. Sami says she sees that they are into each other. Sami asks Brady to leave Madison alone.

Hope and Bo sit at Jennifer's with more boxes of Alice's. Hope thinks they had to have looked over something in finding out where the bank statements lead to. Hope wonders what they could be missing.

Stefano, Kate, Lexie, and Abe finish their meal and return to the living room. They talk about enjoying the food. Abe brings up that Stefano said he had two things to discuss and he didn't get around to the second thing. Stefano says he would first like to recommend that Abe drop out of the race for mayor.

Brady thinks Sami is being overdramatic. Sami tells him that it's serious for her and wonders what happens to the company if their relationship didn't work out. Sami brings up Brady's relationships ending in disaster. Madison walks by and stops outside the door to listen to them. Sami tells Brady how he's not good for Madison. Brady tells her that their relationship is strictly professional as Madison opens the door and asks to speak to Sami alone.

Bo and Hope continue looking through boxes and old pictures. Bo wonders if they should talk to the lawyer again. Hope still thinks something has to be among the boxes. Bo agrees to keep looking then as they kiss. Bo tells her they are in this together no matter where it takes them.

Lexie tells Stefano that she knew he would pull something like this since he couldn't be interested in a normal lunch with them. Abe starts to leave but Kate stops them and says it's not what it sounds like. Lexie states that Stefano just wants EJ to become mayor. Stefano explains that he realizes he and Abe have had a conflicting relationship. Stefano tells him that the point is that even with their disagreements, he's always respected what Abe has done for the community. Stefano thinks Abe could do much more for the people with a more prestigious job such as governor. Stefano tells him that he wouldn't mind pulling a few strings. Stefano talks about how that job would suit Abe. Stefano brings up Theo and Lexie stops him. Lexie says she can't believe Stefano is trying to manipulate Abe so that EJ can become mayor. Lexie tells him that it won't work. Abe thinks this shows how desperate Stefano is and that he knows EJ doesn't stand a chance of being elected mayor on his own. Stefano tells him that he does believe EJ will be the next mayor and he's worried about Abe being out of a job. Stefano tells them that he just doesn't want any conflicts in the family.

Brady exits to let Madison speak with Sami. Sami apologizes again for being late but Madison doesn't care about that. Sami asks what she wanted to talk about. Madison brings up that they've known each other so long and get along great but when she hired her, she wasn't looking for a friend or a therapist. Madison tells Sami that if she values her position, then she should keep her opinions to herself and stay out of her private life. Sami claims she was just looking out for her. Madison tells her that she doesn't need her to since she can take care of herself. Madison is disappointed in Sami and thought she was smarter than that. Sami worries that Madison is firing her.

Bo calls Rafe. Rafe talks to him about having no luck with finding a new job. Bo talks to him about John's case being the same. Bo tells him not to worry. Bo insists that Rafe will find a job. Bo offers to get Rafe a letter of recommendation and says he'll let him know if he hears anything.

Lexie tells Stefano that she's tried to see the good in him. Stefano says he doesn't want to hurt her but just wants happiness in his family. Lexie wonders when he's ever put them first. Lexie calls him completely selfish. Stefano says everything he does is for her. Lexie brings up all the bad things he's done. Abe suggests they leave but Lexie wants Stefano to apologize first. Stefano says he never did anything to sabotage or get in Abe's way. Stefano talks about being very proud of EJ running for mayor until he realized how upset Lexie would be. Stefano states that it's the only reason that he suggested Abe run for governor because he thought it would be a win-win for everyone. Stefano reiterates that he just wants his family to be happy. Stefano says the only thing that counts in the end is family. Lexie tells him that if that's true then undermining Abe would make him extremely unhappy. Stefano says they are making a terrible mistake. Lexie tells Stefano not to call her as she and Abe exit. Kate tells Stefano that every family has their ups and downs. Stefano thinks Lexie will get over it and Abe will see the light. Stefano hopes it's not too late for Lexie. Stefano and Kate head back to the dining room.

Rafe remains at home and gets a phone call. Rafe asks about telemarketing then gets hung up on. Rafe grabs a drink and starts to go to the couch but trips over a bag. Rafe kicks the bag away in frustration then sits down.

Madison tells Sami that she's not firing her since she's a hard worker and an asset to the company. Sami thanks her. Madison tells her to keep her opinions about her personal life and relationships to herself. Sami understands. Madison gives her some contracts to give to the contractor. Sami stops before she exits and warns Madison that Brady breaks women's hearts so he'll break hers and then rushes out.

Brady sits in his office and looks at a picture of him and Madison from the Halloween party at the town square.

Hope and Bo continue looking through boxes. Bo wants to take a break but Hope wants to continue a little longer. Hope finds a picture of a baby and doesn't recognize the baby. Bo and Hope wonder who it could be and then they keep looking through boxes.

The same baby photo that Hope and Bo were just looking at is framed on a shelf in the DiMera Mansion.

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