Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Melanie wake up from Jennifer's couch as Jennifer comes in with coffee. Melanie and Daniel talk to Jennifer about still thinking of the possibility of Maggie being Daniel's mother. Melanie states that Daniel needs answers and he suggests he knows how to get them.

Maggie finishes a phone call in her room as Victor arrives. Maggie invites him in and tells him how she was telling Melissa and Sara about everything that has happened. Maggie admits she didn't sleep much since she has been thinking about Daniel and Melanie. Maggie talks about always having a connection with Melanie. Maggie credits Melanie for helping her see that it was okay to love Victor. Maggie tells Victor that he's a part of this too since he's Daniel's godfather. Maggie asks Victor about Daniel's parents. He calls them very good people. Maggie asks Victor if he had any idea that Daniel wasn't his biological mother's son.

Abigail studies at the Brady Pub and then thinks back to seeing Chad kissing Melanie. Chad then arrives and sits with her.

EJ and Nicole walk through the town square. EJ greets people and hands out his campaign posters. They turn around and Quinn returns to Salem. Nicole asks what he's doing there and Quinn asks if they are going to welcome him back to Salem.

Chad thinks Abigail seems upset and she brings up Chad kissing Melanie. Chad explains again and thought Abigail understood. Abigail says she did but started thinking about it. Chad calls it just a kiss but Abigail thinks it was intimate.

EJ and Nicole bring up Quinn leaving Salem. Quinn explains that Taylor had fallen in love with her new job which requires her to travel a lot so they decided to go their separate ways. Quinn says they had a mutual split so he decided to come back to Salem but he feels they wish he did not.

Daniel states that he's going to arrange for a DNA test. Jennifer and Daniel talk about the rarity of egg donors back then. Daniel wonders why someone would do this to Maggie and if his father knew about it. Daniel says he knows Maggie and Melanie would be happy but he doesn't know if he can ever feel the same way.

Chad assures Abigail that the kiss had nothing to do with Melanie. Abigail questions Chad never seeing her face. Chad tries to explain some more. Abigail asks how he'd feel if he saw her kissing someone else. Chad says he would hate it but would believe her if it was a mistake. Chad says he doesn't know how to make this right. Abigail replies that maybe they can't.

Melanie tells Daniel that she knows it's easier for her than him. Daniel talks about growing up with his mom and not needing another one. Daniel wishes he could talk to his parents. Melanie suggests that she might know someone he can talk to.

Victor continues talking to Maggie about Daniel's parents and not seeing much of them. Victor says they never mentioned to him about being unable to conceive. Maggie thinks Daniel's parents must have assumed that it would never come out. Maggie hopes a DNA test will bring them some peace of mind. Maggie decides that she's going to back off and give Daniel all the time he needs to deal with this.

Nicole tells Quinn that they don't care about him. Quinn thinks he's a reminder of a bad time in their lives. Nicole doesn't get why he's back. EJ brings up Quinn not having a choice but to leave town. Quinn tells EJ that he's going to need everyone he can get. EJ asks Nicole for a moment alone with Quinn so she steps aside. EJ asks Quinn if he hurt Taylor. Quinn says she's fine and a part of their past. EJ asks Quinn what he's doing there and what he wants with him.

Melanie suggests Daniel talk to Victor. Daniel brings up that Victor said he didn't know anything. Jennifer thinks his parents must have said something to Victor since they were close friends. Melanie insists that he talks to Victor. Daniel tells them that if the DNA test are positive then he will talk to Victor. Melanie says she can talk to Victor since she's going over there to talk about Maggie's wedding. Daniel thinks it's weird that Victor could become his stepfather. Melanie tells Daniel that Maggie won't try to replace his mom. Melanie brings up Carly coming back into her life and how Daniel told her to let Carly in. Melanie hugs Daniel and Jennifer then exits. Jennifer then hugs Daniel.

Quinn asks EJ why he's being so hostile since he took a business off his hands. EJ asks him again what he's doing there. Quinn says he just wanted to settle down in Salem. EJ points out that he has no family or friends here and Roman gave him the choice to leave town. EJ asks how Quinn thinks he's going to make a living. Quinn insists people can change. EJ says the difference between them is that he's a DiMera so they have options while Quinn is a drug-dealing pimp with no pedigree. EJ tells him it's tough out there. Quinn wonders what the voters will think of EJ's pedigree. Quinn thinks the people will see EJ's true colors and his dream of becoming mayor will become a pathetic joke.

Chad asks Abigail what she means about being unable to work through this. Abigail admits she might be overreacting but she says she's walked in twice on Chad being all over Melanie. Chad says both times were a mistake. Abigail asks Chad if he has a thing for Melanie. Chad tells her that he doesn't and he's getting sick and tired of defending himself. Abigail apologizes. Abigail brings up her dad and how Jennifer is dating Jack and Daniel both. Chad talks to her about mid-terms upcoming.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's ok. Jennifer understands that it's a lot to take in. Daniel says he will take it one step at a time and start by finding out if it's true. Jennifer says Daniel will still be the same man he is and he won't change. Daniel asks Jennifer if she would tell her kids and wonders why his parents never told him. Jennifer hopes Daniel will see the upside in gaining a second mother.

Victor and Maggie sit together and Maggie tells him how lucky she is then they kiss.

Quinn tells EJ that the media will dig up his personal life. Quinn brings up EJ's kids but he tells him to leave them out. Quinn states that he's trying to help EJ. EJ asks what he wants in return. Quinn says the business he bought from EJ has been shut down and he wants EJ's help in starting a new one. Quinn insists that it's legitimate. Quinn tells EJ that he'll keep his mouth shut with EJ's assistance. EJ tells him to stick to the terms and not cross him as Nicole returns. Nicole tells EJ that they need to go eat but Quinn tells them that he will be joining them and walks away. Nicole asks EJ what happened and he tells her not to worry as he will handle it.

Melanie walks in on Victor and Maggie kissing. Melanie says she came to go over their checklist. Victor agrees to give them time to talk and steps out. Melanie sits with Maggie. Maggie asks how Daniel is doing and Melanie says he's not so great.

Daniel and Jennifer sit together and Daniel tells her that she has an amazing ability to stay positive. Jennifer thinks it's good. Daniel talks about how this whole thing has thrown him off. Jennifer states how the most wonderful news can be hard to take. Daniel thinks she's talking about Jack. Daniel thanks her for standing by him. Jennifer says there's no place she'd rather be as Daniel kisses her.

EJ and Nicole sit down to eat at the Town Square. They talk about not seeing Quinn to join them. Nicole brings up the way EJ has been acting since Quinn showed up. Quinn joins them and talks about the town square. Quinn talks to EJ about the possibility of being mayor. Quinn says he thinks the town square is the location for his new venture. Quinn brings up that he has an extensive background in martial-arts and he's thinking about making a wellness center. Nicole wishes him luck and calls it a real change for him. Quinn says he needed a big change after ending things with Taylor. Quinn thinks Salem is the perfect location. Nicole asks how he expects to get financing. Quinn tells her that it won't be a problem thanks to EJ.

Chad helps Abigail with studying. Chad suggests they go somewhere more private. Abigail tells him she will make sure they are not in public next time. Chad tells her that he's going to do something for her and tells her to wait there as he exits.

Nicole questions EJ about funding Quinn's new business. EJ calls it him contributing to the revitalization of Salem. Nicole thinks it could be good for publicity but EJ and Quinn both say they don't want it public. Quinn agrees to text EJ the information and he will wire him the money. Quinn leaves to go look at business space. Nicole asks EJ about it some more and asks if Quinn is blackmailing him.

Melanie and Maggie go to Maggie's room and talk about how Daniel feels. Melanie tells Maggie how happy she is about the idea. Melanie calls her granny as they joke around together.

Daniel looks out the window as Jennifer comments on how quiet he is. Daniel wonders if Melanie was onto something and if Victor knows more than he's telling. Jennifer brings up what Victor and Kate went through to have Phillip. Jennifer asks Daniel if his parents had any other friends. Daniel doesn't remember any close friends except Victor. Jennifer thinks there have to be other people that can give them answers. Daniel thinks Victor may know them too. Jennifer says she can't imagine why Victor would keep answers from him and wonders why he would.

Henderson delivers an envelope to Victor and asks if he's busy. Henderson asks Victor if he's feeling ill or upset. Victor tells him not to be ridiculous since he's about to marry Maggie. Henderson brings up the situation with Maggie and Daniel. Henderson brings up Victor being the one that set up Daniel's parents to receive Maggie's eggs. He wonders if Victor plans on telling Maggie as Maggie and Melanie walk back into the living room and Maggie wonders what she is supposed to be told.

EJ tells Nicole that he's just making a good investment. Nicole doesn't believe him. EJ reminds her that she knew what she was getting into when she went to work for him. Nicole wants to be prepared for anything bad and wonders what Quinn has on him. EJ insists that he has the situation completely under control and walks away.

Quinn sends a text message to someone saying he's back and they need to talk as he thinks there's a way they can both help each other.

Chad returns to the Brady Pub with equipment to make her flashcards to help study. Chad says they will study now and play later. Abigail tells him that he's the best. Abigail asks for a preview of what she's working towards and kisses Chad.

Maggie asks Henderson what he thinks Victor should tell her. Victor stands and says he was just telling him how happy he is to marry her. Henderson goes along with Victor. Melanie heads into the kitchen with Henderson. Victor talks to Maggie about being in love. Victor says he will not let anything spoil what they have now then hugs her.

Daniel thanks Jennifer for listening to him. Jennifer brings up how much he has listened to her. Daniel talks about how he can be calm in the OR with a victim but news like this throws him. Jennifer tells him that she's sorry. Daniel tells her that he's so glad she is there to take it in with him. Daniel says he knows she has to sort things out with Jack but he wants her in his life forever.

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