Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells Rafe that she can think for herself and doesn't need anyone to tell her what to think about John's case. They argue about whether or not John is guilty.

Brady and Madison arrive at the town square in costume. Nicole spots them and greets Brady. Nicole asks if she is interrupting them.

Daniel asks Jennifer if she's okay. Daniel realizes she's thinking about Jack as she continues looking around and the person in costume watches from behind her.

Melanie tells Maggie that she has so many questions and never would've thought this is why they had such a connection. Maggie tells her about growing to love her like a family and now they are family as Melanie hugs her. Hope thanks Alice for bringing them together.

Marlena tells John to go since EJ is coming near. John isn't worried as EJ approaches. EJ greets Marlena and asks her for a quick word. Marlena says it's a bad time but EJ wants to talk about John.

Brady introduces Nicole and Madison. Nicole recognizes Madison's name and is surprised to learn that she and Brady know each other. Brady informs her that they are working together. Madison comments that she thinks it will be a great partnership.

Melanie continues talking to Maggie. Maggie thanks Bo and Hope. Bo and Hope hug them as Victor arrives and greets Maggie. Maggie excitedly hugs him and welcomes him home. Maggie informs Victor that she found her child and a grandchild. Maggie explains to Victor that they both know them. Maggie then informs Victor that her son is Daniel.

Daniel thinks Jennifer is thinking about Jack because she misses him. Jennifer tells him that she's thinking about Jack because she's having such a great time with Daniel. Jennifer calls Jack dramatic and always putting on a show unlike Daniel. Jennifer tells Daniel that he's perfect while Jack drives her insane. Jennifer says she believes Jack is trying to change but doesn't believe he can. Jennifer hurries off saying she will be right back as the person in costume walks away.

Marlena tells EJ that she only wants him to drop the lawsuit against John. EJ wants to continue talking to her. They step aside and EJ wants to discuss the lawsuit. EJ tells her that it's important for her to know that it's not personal. Marlena calls it personal and vindictive. EJ states that he's concerned as to how it could affect their family and he doesn't want his children getting caught in the middle. EJ explains that they can make sure everything remains peaceful for the kids. Marlena tells him that his concern is too late and his attitude is condescending. Marlena declines EJ's peace offering.

Jennifer follows after the person in costume and stops him. Jennifer asks if it's Jack and what he's doing. Jennifer tells him to grow up and act like an adult and starts to try and unmask him but Abe arrives and asks to talk to her about the campaign. Jennifer tells him to wait but the person in costume disappears.

Sami sits with Rafe and explains that she has a history with John that they have gotten past. Sami says she realized a long time ago that John is a good guy but Stefano did something to him. Sami brings up how John changed and became a cold unfeeling guy. Sami worries that it could be responsible for it but Rafe doesn't believe it. Sami wonders why Rafe can't believe it and then decides they will just be on opposite sides.

Victor tells Maggie that there must be a mistake since he's been Daniel's godfather since before he was born and knew his parents. Bo and Hope explain what they found about Lillian Parker. Victor brings up a DNA test. Hope thinks the evidence is enough. Victor calls it unbelievable. Maggie finds it hard to process as well. Melanie then wonders about telling Daniel. They look over and see Daniel with Jennifer. Maggie doesn't know how to tell him. Maggie asks Hope and Bo to come with her and help explain everything. Maggie and Melanie walk on to Daniel with Hope and Bo.

Marlena tells EJ not to use his children as leverage. EJ accuses her of attacking his character. Marlena calls him nothing but a thug. They argue over who the people will vote for in the race for mayor. Marlena thinks EJ is just using the people for his own interest. EJ brings up that John is the one that stole the peoples' money. Marlena denies it and tells EJ to drop the lawsuit if he wants to stand up for what's right.

Madison goes to get a drink allowing Brady to talk with Nicole. Nicole tells Brady that she sees how he looks at Madison. Brady insists that they are just friends. Nicole compares it to their relationship. They joke about their relationship. Nicole tells him that she's glad they can still laugh and that they are friends. Brady brings up Nicole working for EJ and asks why she would do something so stupid.

EJ tells Marlena that he is standing by the people and won't let John get away with the crime. Marlena tells EJ that he belongs behind bars for everything he's done to Sami. EJ brings up Sami shooting him. Marlena retorts by bringing up EJ shooting John. Marlena tells him that they are done here. EJ reminds her that she's the one that decided not to accept his peace offering. Marlena tells EJ that she's home and isn't leaving. Marlena says she will fight him if he comes after her family and he will find out that she's a powerful enemy. Marlena suggests he asks Stefano about that as EJ walks away.

Melanie approaches Daniel and Jennifer with Maggie and begins to explain that something happened. Bo, Hope, and Victor join them. Melanie can't find the words and says she thinks Maggie should be the one to tell him instead. Maggie explains that she recently found out she has a child which surprises Jennifer. Maggie continues and informs Daniel that she has reason to believe that he is her son.

Rafe tells Sami that he's always on her side. Sami doesn't believe him and brings up Marlena always choosing John's side no matter what. Rafe explains that things are different now. Sami wishes they wouldn't blindly choose John every time. Sami says she knows how Marlena feels and would feel the same if it were Rafe. Rafe insists that he's on her side. Rafe tells her that he loves her and kisses her. Rafe says he doesn't want the case to come between them like it did with Carrie and Austin. Rafe suggests they just agree to disagree for now. They shake hands and agree then Rafe pulls her in and kisses her.

Nicole tells Brady not to call her stupid since she happens to love her job and be good at it. Brady questions why EJ hired her. Brady tells her that EJ is using her again. Nicole asks him to stop and says she knows what she's doing. Brady mentions he's heard that before and always picks up the pieces after EJ blind sides her. Nicole assures him that it won't happen this time since it's strictly business and that's what she wants. Brady swears to break EJ in half if he hurts Nicole again. EJ then sees them and calls Nicole. Nicole tells Brady goodnight and joins EJ.

John returns to Marlena in his costume and asks her about EJ. Marlena says there were no surprises and tells John to go before someone spots him but Abe comes up and asks John if that's him.

Daniel asks Maggie and Melanie if this is a Halloween prank. Melanie tells him it's true. Daniel says it's not true since his mother died in a car accident with his father. Bo brings up the evidence that suggests Lillian was not his biological mother. Daniel tells him to stop and asks if they have actual proof that it's true. Hope brings up that they all believe Maggie is his mother. Bo brings up that a DNA test will rule out any doubt. Jennifer tells Daniel that Bo and Hope would never jump to conclusions without evidence. Melanie thinks it makes sense since she and Maggie have always seem connected. Daniel doesn't believe it and says they don't know that for sure. Daniel tells them that he's sorry but believes there is a mistake. Daniel tells Maggie that she is not his mother.

Marlena tries to tell Abe that it's not John but John shows himself. Abe asks John what he's doing. John says he just wanted to spend time with Marlena. Abe tells them to spend time at home. John apologizes for putting him on the spot. Abe says he won't say anything to anyone if they leave right now. Abe warns John not to let anyone else see him as they begin to exit.

Daniel recalls having a very open and loving relationship with his parents and they never kept things from each other. Maggie tells him that he has to admit it wouldn't be easy to talk about no matter how open their relationship. Daniel asks Victor about being good friends with his parents. Victor states that they were very close. Daniel thinks they would've shared with Victor if they were having trouble conceiving. Victor tells him that he's just as shocked as Daniel is. Hope points out that Victor did not say he didn't believe it. Bo mentions that infertility was not something discussed at that time. Maggie adds that she knows they don't have proof but she believes in her heart that Daniel is her son. Maggie holds his hand and tells him that she feels he is her son. Daniel turns back to Victor and tells him to be honest with him. Daniel asks Victor if it's true. Victor responds that he does believe Maggie is Daniel's mother.

John returns home and puts his ankle monitor back on. Marlena joins him and talks about what a risk he took. Marlena admits it was romantic and thoughtful but doesn't want him to do it again. John kisses her on the couch.

EJ and Nicole walk together in the town square. Nicole toasts to a successful outing and says EJ made quite an impression with the photographers in his costume. EJ tells her that she did the same. EJ tells her that he was just thinking about their kiss. Nicole tells him that what's important is it will get coverage in the press. Nicole then decides she has to leave. She tells EJ that he did good tonight and kisses him on the cheek. Nicole tells him that she will see him in the morning then exits. EJ walks away and Nicole starts to walk back in but then exits.

Maggie sits on a bench with Daniel and tells him that she knows he must be in shock and frustrated to not have the answers. Daniel wants to set up a DNA test. Maggie agrees to but adds that she really believes he is her son. Maggie calls it a miracle to have found him. Maggie tells Daniel that he is her miracle.

Madison and Brady sit at the Brady Pub together. They both agree that they had fun tonight. Brady says he was thinking about them but Madison gets a phone call. Madison finishes her call about the packing on the wrinkle cream. Brady thought the product wasn't ready yet. Madison tells him that she knew it was fine so she had it approved. Brady thinks she should've ran it by him first. Madison reminds him that she is running her company without interference. Brady tells her that doesn't mean she can just ignore him. Madison says that's exactly what it means and walks out.

Rafe and Sami return to the town square and dance together. Rafe tells Sami that tonight is their anniversary since he showed up at the safehouse three years ago. Sami thanks him for protecting her ever since and Rafe kisses her.

Daniel and Jennifer return to Jennifer's home. Daniel apologizes for being so quiet. Jennifer understands that he just had his whole life turned upside down. Daniel states that Maggie means the world to him but he's always had this vision and idea of his parents since losing them. Jennifer tells him that she can't imagine what he's going through and offers to do anything she can. Jennifer then hugs him.

Victor, Maggie, and Melanie sit together and Maggie worries that maybe she shouldn't have told Daniel until they had actual proof. Victor and Melanie insist that Daniel will come around. Victor steps away to call the house and inform them he is back. Maggie talks to Melanie about being unable to believe everything that's happened. Melanie hugs her and calls her grandma. Hope and Bo return and smile as they see Melanie and Maggie together. Bo tells Hope that he's so proud of her for never giving up and solving the mystery. Hope credits Alice for guiding them and hugs Bo. Hope and Bo continue talking about Alice. Hope recalls that they have not yet figured out where Alice's bank account money was going and they have to figure it out. They call it an adventure and then kiss.

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