Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/28/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/28/11

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The Halloween party is held at the Brady Pub and all the kids run around playing. Hope and Bo talk with Caroline about the kids having fun. Bo gathers the kids to tell a ghost story about a man being hung in the town square leading to a ghost haunting the town square on Halloween. Bo says that when the ghost appears the lights begin to flicker so the lights flicker and all the kids scream as all the adults watch on.

Chad and Abigail walk through the town square talking. Abigail brings up Melanie mentioning Chad's fear of Frankenstein. Chad tells her he just wanted to be perfect for her and they kiss until Melanie arrives wearing the same French maid outfit as Abigail. Melanie says they can keep their distance but Abigail talks about how alike they are anyways.

John exercises at home as Marlena walks in and talks with him. Marlena talks about wanting to stay with John but John tells her that he already called Bo and Hope so they can take her to the party. John tells Marlena that she needs to get out of the house which makes Marlena wonder if something is going to happen.

Nicole tells EJ that they need to get ready to go. EJ talks about finding it humiliating to go out in public in costume. EJ enters the living room dressed as Elvis. Nicole jokes with him about his costume.

Caroline gives the kids candy at the Pub. Bo continues talking about the ghost. Hope, Maggie, and Caroline all deny being the one that flickered the lights during the ghost story which Bo assumes must have been a coincidence.

Jennifer and Daniel hang out at the town square as Daniel bobs for apples and wins. Jennifer jokes with him about not wanting to do it herself. Jennifer talks to Daniel about how good he's been throughout this time. Jennifer promises to make her decision soon. Daniel and Jennifer kiss as someone walks by in a costume.

John tells Marlena that nothing else is wrong. Marlena thinks he sounded serious. John thinks she needs to get out of the house and have some fun. Marlena hates that their lives are being turned upside down. John assures her that Carrie will come back and clear things up so their lives can get back to normal. John kisses her and they hug.

Nicole wants to take a picture of EJ in his costume but EJ refuses. EJ wants to go change but Nicole stops him, telling him that he has to go to the party in costume. Nicole explains that EJ has to convince the voters that he has a fun side to him. Nicole reminds him that Abe is at the party too. EJ agrees to go and exits with Nicole.

Hope and Bo talk with Maggie. They ask Maggie if she got to talk to Victor yet. Maggie says Victor had to leave on business. Hope tells her that she can talk to them. Bo and Hope tell her that they are looking to make sure they find the right Lillian Parker. Maggie wonders how old her child is. Bo tells Maggie that there is a chance she could find out who her child is by the end of the night.

Abe welcomes everyone at the town square to the first Halloween celebration at the town square. Everyone applauds as Abe finishes and then EJ and Nicole arrive in their costumes as Elvis and Priscilla. Lexie is shocked as Nicole introduces EJ as the next mayor.

Daniel and Jennifer talk with Melanie about her costume. Melanie tells Jennifer how she and Abigail are wearing the same costume so Jennifer goes to find Abigail. Daniel talks with Melanie about being with Jennifer and competing with Jack. Daniel talks about the possible outcomes and tells Melanie about Jennifer's date with Jack. Melanie encourages Daniel as they joke around with their costumes.

Jennifer finds Abigail. Abigail apologizes to Jennifer for getting angry about her giving Jack a chance. Jennifer thanks her and hugs her. Abigail says all she wants is for Jennifer to be happy. Abigail says Daniel is great but Jack is her dad too. Jennifer knows the situation is crazy and weird. Abigail agrees with her. Jennifer tells her that if she knew what happened to Jack then she never would've fallen for someone else but she did and now she has to make a decision. Jennifer tells Abigail that she needs to mend things with Jack either way. Abigail thinks Jack needs to know that she's not a kid anymore. Jennifer informs Abigail that Jack went to London to see JJ. Abigail is surprised to hear that as the person in the costume is seen behind Jennifer.

Hope and Brady arrive at John and Marlena's in their pirate costumes. They ask John how he's doing. John says he's fine and just worried about Marlena. Marlena comes back in and John tells her to go with Bo and Hope. Marlena thinks John is trying to get rid of her. John assures her that he will be fine. John tells Marlena to have fun as she exits with Hope and Bo. After they leave, John pulls a device out of his pocket and looks down at his laptop computer.

EJ talks on the microphone to the people and says how wonderful it is to see everyone celebrating. EJ tells the people that their votes and support for him could help make Salem even better. Nicole tells everyone that EJ is open for questions. A man asks for a photo of EJ and Nicole together. Nicole says she isn't his date and just his publicist but the guy insists on the photo opportunity and he wants them to kiss. Nicole is reluctant but eventually agrees and EJ kisses her to applause from the crowd as people take photos.

Chad walks up to Melanie from behind then grabs her and kisses her. Abigail walks down the stairs and is shocked by what she sees.

Hope and Bo bring Marlena to the party at the Town Square and then they go to see Maggie. Marlena talks with Abe and Lexie. They inform Marlena about EJ. Marlena tells them about how she's worried about John being home alone.

John's laptop computer is now open with the device attached to it.

Maggie asks Hope and Bo what makes them think they could find out their answers tonight. Hope explains what they looked into and how they narrowed their search. Bo says they did find a Lillian Parker who had a child around that time which makes Maggie wonder where her child is.

Abigail walks up to Chad kissing Melanie and asks what the hell he's doing. Chad thought Melanie was Abigail because they were in the same costume. Abigail questions Melanie just going along with it. Chad and Melanie both try to explain and Melanie runs off to let them talk.

Jennifer comes up to Abe and Lexie and tells them that she accepts Abe's job offer to be his publicist. Lexie and Jennifer talk about having no hard feelings with Jennifer not working at the hospital anymore. Abe insists that Jennifer was his first and only choice. Abe tells her that her first order is to stop EJ from stealing his thunder. Jennifer tells him how excited she is to get started. Abe tells her that he will call her in the morning to start working. Abe thanks Jennifer as he and Lexie exit to go check on Theo. Jennifer approaches the person in a costume and tells him that it's rude to stare as she knows that he's been following her around all night. Jennifer asks who it is and he runs off.

Sami and Rafe dance together. Marlena takes a picture of them and then comments on Sami not being around lately. Sami talks about being busy at work. Marlena points out that she had Austin move in and she's got time to come to Halloween parties. Marlena tells Sami that John wanted her to call and could use her support. Sami admits that she doesn't know if she can support John as she doesn't know that he's innocent which surprises Rafe and Marlena. Marlena can't believe her. Sami brings up the strong case against him. Rafe tells her that he thinks it's a setup. Marlena tells Sami that she disappoints her. Sami apologizes for bringing it up and walks away. Rafe apologizes to Marlena, saying he didn't know she felt that strongly. Rafe goes after Sami and then someone in a costume grabs Marlena from behind

Bo and Hope come back to Maggie and inform her that the computer crashed at the PD before he could get all the information. Bo says he did find out that Lillian Parker is deceased and is survived by a son. Bo tells her that hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to tell her everything about her son and Lillian Parker. Melanie comes up and asks why they are talking about her grandmother. Maggie is shocked to learn that Lillian Parker is Melanie's grandmother.

Chad and Abigail walk together. Chad continues swearing to her that he thought Melanie was her. Chad asks her to forgive him. Abigail says she will let him off the hook this time. Chad tells her that she's the only girl he wants to kiss and then he kisses her. Abigail tells him that she loves him and Chad says the same as they hug.

EJ sits with Sydney and Johnny. EJ tells them that it is good to see them and compliments their costumes. Johnny informs him that Sami got their costumes and asks EJ who he is supposed to be. EJ explains that he's Elvis and that's how he got his name. EJ kisses them goodbye as they walk away. Nicole returns to EJ. EJ tells her that she just missed Johnny and Sydney. EJ thinks they are scared of him and it tears him up inside. Nicole tells him that it won't last long. EJ hopes not. Nicole brings up their kiss and asks what happened since she's his publicist not his girlfriend. EJ reminds her that she is still legally his wife. Nicole states that they should fix that and call a lawyer then walks away.

Marlena turns around as John surprises her by being in costume. Marlena worries about someone seeing him. John says that's what his costume is for. Marlena wants to sneak him back home and thinks it's too risky. John tells her that he wants a night out with her and risks everything for her then kisses her.

Melanie explains to Bo about Lillian Parker being her grandmother. Hope brings up Daniel. Maggie starts crying as Hope and Bo realize it's true. Hope and Bo put the pieces together and Maggie announces that she thinks Daniel is her son which shocks Melanie.

Jennifer follows the person in costume and asks who it is and why they are following her. He runs away again as Jennifer wonders if it was Jack. Daniel returns to her and asks if something is wrong.

Rafe and Sami go to the Brady Pub. Sami doesn't want to hear it. Rafe says he doesn't want to fight and asks if she really thinks John did it. Sami says she saw the evidence and it makes it seem possible. Rafe tells her that she sounds like Austin and didn't realize he had such an influence on her.

Marlena talks to John about their risks of John being caught outside of house arrest. Marlena warns him that EJ is nearby and could figure it out which would send John back to jail.

Melanie asks Bo if he's sure. Bo says they will do the DNA test but it all fits. Melanie realizes that it would mean Maggie is her grandmother. Melanie starts to cry and hugs Maggie as Bo and Hope watch on with a smile.

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