Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady talks with Madison and Sami at a temporary office for them to use at Titan. Sami and Madison inform Brady of a new cosmetics line for men. Brady hopes it's a joke and doesn't think any man would use their stuff.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's for their date and kisses her. They agree that their date is off to a great start. Daniel keeps where they are going a surprise from Jennifer. Daniel asks Jennifer about Abe's job offer. Jennifer says she's still considering it. Jennifer says she's talked to her family and friends and everyone thinks she'd be crazy to pass up the opportunity. Jennifer brings up not having any experience and she doesn't want to let Abe down. Daniel gives Jennifer a business card of someone for Jennifer to contact about any questions she may have about the job.

Melanie and Maggie finish watching a movie and walk through the town square. Maggie thanks Melanie for trying to get her mind off of her child but nothing can stop her from obsessing over not finding her child.

Hope and Bo dress up as janitors at the clinic. They talk about wishing there was an easier way to find Maggie's child. Hope thanks Bo for going along with her plan as they begin to try and unlock the door through the electronic keypad.

Maggie thanks Melanie again for taking her out tonight. Melanie thinks they will find some answers soon. Maggie wishes Alice could've told her before she died. Maggie says it's all so complicated and tells Melanie that she is excited about having another child. Maggie prays that barging into her child's life won't be unwelcome. Melanie assures her that it won't be. Maggie thinks she's getting ahead of herself since it may never happen. Maggie asks if Melanie thinks Bo and Hope will find anything. Melanie thinks they will do everything they can.

Bo and Hope get the door open and Hope goes to the computer. Hope logs on to the computer and they begin to search the files.

Daniel explains to Jennifer that the guy on the business card has done it all in political campaigns. Jennifer brings up Jack then apologizes for bringing him up. Daniel assures Jennifer that she can ask this guy if she has any questions. Daniel explains that the guy is already waiting for her at the cafe.

Madison talks to Brady about being sure about her new line. Brady thinks most men would agree with him. Madison thinks it's essential. Sami says she took some samples to Rafe and he loved them. Madison explains to Brady how it's very important for men. Brady gives up on his argument. Madison insists that she's done her research. Brady says he'll stick to Titan business. Sami gets a message on her phone that their model has canceled. Brady wishes them luck and goes to leave but Madison stops him, saying that Brady can be their model.

Maggie and Melanie go to the Brady Pub. Melanie tells her she's here to listen to anything she wants to talk about. Maggie wants to stop dwelling on her child. Melanie brings up planning their wedding. Maggie wants Melanie to fill her in on her life instead. Melanie talks about worrying about Daniel. Melanie says she's working a lot and has nothing else to do. Maggie asks about her instead of her dad or work. Maggie asks about Dario. Melanie says she doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie wishes she would but Melanie says she would just be complaining. Melanie admits it's been hard since Dario moved away. Melanie says their distance has got in the way and he works all the time so she doesn't know when she will see him again. Melanie thinks they are drifting apart. Maggie asks if she's saying it's over. Melanie says it is over and insists that she's okay with it.

Bo and Hope continue looking through the computer. They talk about Alice guiding them. They get close to finding the file when they hear a guard walk by with keys.

Brady tries to refuse to be a model but Sami and Madison sit him down and tell him how much they need him. Brady worries about it. Madison tells him it's business unless he's feeling insecure. Madison and Sami joke about it. Brady tells her that he's not insecure. Brady says he has no issues at all so he'll take one for the team and be their model.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's an incredible opportunity then she worries about it being their date night. Daniel tells her it's the only night that Wilcox was in town. Jennifer tells him that she thought their date night was really important. Daniel thanks her and tells her they can have a date on any of their nights but this is her one chance to find out if Abe's job offer is right for her. Jennifer kisses him and tells him how special he is to her.

Melanie apologizes to Maggie about getting emotional. She claims that Melanie's curse struck again and doesn't think love is in the cards for her. Melanie goes over Dario, Phillip, Nathan, and Nick so she doesn't think love is going to happy. Maggie insists it could still happen. Melanie thinks the universe is punishing her for all the bad things she's done. Maggie brings up the good things she's done. Melanie worries that she could have let the right guy get away. Maggie tells Melanie that the past doesn't matter. Maggie promises her that great things await her. Maggie states that love will find Melanie. Maggie talks about losing Mickey and being sure she'd never fall in love again but now she is with Victor. Maggie tells Melanie that love could sneak up on her when she least expects it. Melanie asks to see Maggie's wedding ring so Maggie lets her try it on.

Bo and Hope hide as the guard walks by the door. Bo checks to make sure he's gone as Hope goes back to the computer. Hope gets the file and begins to copy it. Hope finishes and they hurry out of the room.

Madison puts their cosmetics cream on Brady to test the products on him. Sami sits and watches while taking notes. Madison tells Sami to make sure to tell the lab how effective it is so she exits. Brady insists that he could put it on himself but Madison says it's crucial that she do it. Madison continues putting it on his body and then shaves him. Madison finishes and Brady asks how he looks while having his facial. Madison responds good enough to eat.

Daniel and Jennifer walk through the town square. Jennifer says she's excited but nervous. Jennifer worries as she then spots Wilcox. Daniel encourages her. Daniel kisses her and she goes to meet with Wilcox.

Maggie and Melanie return to the Kiriakis Mansion. Melanie thanks Maggie for encouraging her about love. Melanie goes to freshen up as Maggie sits down to look at wedding favors. The doorbell rings and Maggie answers it as Hope and Bo arrive. Hope and Bo explain that they got the file and believe they have the name of the woman who took her eggs. Maggie asks how they got it. Bo tells her the less she knows the better.

Madison takes a picture of Brady during his facial and jokes with him about showing it to him. Madison tells him that they are almost done. Madison has him lay back and relax as she applies more lotion on his body. Madison tells him to imagine being on the beach at the ocean. Sami walks back in and sees them.

Jennifer comes back to Daniel ecstatic about her meeting. She talks about how much he told her and some of his stories in the past. Jennifer kisses him and thanks him. Daniel asks her if that means she's going to take the job with Abe's campaign or not.

Maggie sits with Bo and Hope and finds out the name is Lillian Parker. Maggie doesn't recognize the name and wonders if she's from Salem. Bo says they searched but it turned out several people in the area had the name. Maggie figures they aren't any closer then. Maggie wonders if they found out anything about the child but they didn't. Bo says they will do a more thorough search and do everything they can to find Lillian Parker.

Jennifer talks with Daniel about how much the job would take over her life if she accepts it. They sit down together as Jennifer continues to worry. Jennifer calls it one of the most exciting things in her life and says she can't pass up the opportunity.

Brady looks in the mirror and admits he feels great. Brady tells Sami and Madison that everything they said about the product is true. Brady says it could be a big product if they get men to try it. Madison says they will. Brady hopes they don't have to bring more men in and give them the treatment that he got. Sami gets a message from her babysitter and Madison tells her that she is ok to go. Sami then exits leaving Madison with Brady.

Maggie thanks Bo and Hope for everything. Hope tells her that they aren't done yet and won't give up. Bo says they are getting closer. Maggie hopes they are. Maggie realizes they have been working for half the night and need to get home. Maggie walks them out and they exit.

Brady asks Madison when she thinks their product will be out. Madison wants to make sure they can't be any better as she has a few changes to make. Brady thinks they are perfect. Brady jokes with her about liking the product. Madison tells him that she'll delete the picture of his facial. Madison says she has to go to get things prepared. Brady says they must be on the same page but separate books. Brady tells her it's not important. Madison thanks Brady for being their product tester. Madison tells him she's glad that he enjoyed himself and then exits.

Daniel and Jennifer return to Jennifer's home. Jennifer is excited and wonders if she should call Abe now. Jennifer talks about how great this is going to be for her. Daniel tells her that he's glad the meeting worked out for her. Jennifer thanks Daniel for setting up the meeting. Daniel tells Jennifer that it was all her that figured out what she wanted to do. Jennifer brings up how Daniel gave up his date night for her. Jennifer suggests they continue their date night now and doesn't think it's too late. Daniel agrees and they kiss.

Melanie comes back looking for Maggie but she's gone. Melanie sits down and sees the file from the clinic and reads the name Lillian Parker. Melanie wonders why her grandma's name is on the paper.

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