Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/26/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/26/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and Austin sit together at the Brady Pub and talk. Kate tells Austin that she's happy he is home. Marlena walks by and exits without a word. Kate comments on Marlena's attitude but Austin ignores it. Kate asks Austin why Marlena snubbed him.

Will and Gabi decorate the town square for Halloween. Gabi comments that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays and then they kiss. Sonny helps decorate as Marlena arrives to see Will. Marlena greets Will and Gabi. Marlena tells them that John will help next year.

Chad, Melanie, and Abigail decorate as well. Chad goes to get more string. Abigail comments that Melanie and Chad had fun getting costumes. Melanie tells Abigail that she's lucky because Chad is the perfect guy.

Chad talks to Sonny about their website and the fact that people are trying to use their site for gambling.

EJ gets mad at negative press on him in the newspaper at home with Nicole. EJ wants to know why Nicole didn't know about this before it hit the press. Stefano enters and tells Nicole that she is supposed to protect EJ's image as his publicist. Stefano asks Nicole how she did not know what was going into the newspaper. EJ tries to calm Stefano down. Nicole says she understands they are upset. Nicole says her contacts didn't know about the column. Stefano tells her that she needs new contacts. Nicole says she knows there's been 15 thousand hits on the column. Stefano calls it a disaster. EJ says they need to let it go since the damage is done. Nicole wants to counter the column's claims. Nicole says she has a call in for a management firm but Stefano informs her that he has already hired them for EJ. Stefano tells Nicole to be more prepared.

Marlena thanks Will for sending pictures. Will is glad to get John's mind off things. Will asks Marlena how long she thinks it will be until John is free. Marlena comments that the FBI is interviewing John now. Will goes to get water for Marlena and Gabi. Gabi comments that Will is happy that Marlena is back. Marlena says she can see why Gabi loves Will. Gabi tells Marlena that she's sorry for what they are going through. Marlena promises to celebrate when John is proven innocent.

Austin tells Kate that he's not one of Marlena's favorite people these days. Kate realizes she is taking Austin's work against John personally. Austin states that everyone gets upset when the evidence makes John look bad including Carrie. Austin wants to change the subject. Kate asks Austin if he thinks John is guilty. Austin tells Kate that if she saw the evidence and nothing else, she'd think John is guilty on all counts. Austin tells her that the prosecution has an iron clad case against John.

Will stops to talk with Chad and Sonny. They tell Will about someone using their site for illegal gambling. Will thinks they don't have any proof that anyone's doing it. Will wants to keep it to themselves. Chad worries about getting shut down if anyone finds out. Sonny says they will keep an eye on things and bets that things will just blow over.

Melanie talks with Abigail about Chad's fear of ghosts and Frankenstein. Abigail responds that Chad never mentioned it to her. They agree that Chad is sweet and funny. Melanie says Chad is hot too. Abigail says she feels that way about him too. Melanie brings up knowing that Abigail is worried about Jack not liking Chad. Abigail says what she needs is to be as far away from Jack as possible. Abigail asks Melanie how Daniel is handling things. Melanie says Daniel is pretending he's okay but he's not fine. Abigail says that makes two of them.

Marlena rejoins Will and asks him for some one on one time so they sit together. Marlena asks Will about school. He tells her it's great except for a business course. Marlena tells Will that he can talk to her about anything. Will thinks she's worried because he hasn't been writing as much. Marlena points out that it's more what he did write. Marlena brings up that Will said there were things he didn't want to put in writing and instead tell her in person. Marlena asks Will what he wants to talk about.

Stefano tells Nicole to get some paperwork together before the firm arrives. Nicole says she has it all in her bag. Stefano tells Nicole that he wants to spend some time alone with EJ. Nicole tells him that he just had to ask and exits. Stefano calls Nicole blind to the obvious and isn't surprised that she couldn't keep the column out of the paper. EJ tells Stefano not to be so hard on her since she's new to the job. EJ thinks she's doing a good job so far. Stefano disagrees and wonders why she would do her best. Stefano brings up that EJ cheated on Nicole with her sister and is responsible for her mother's death so he wonders why she would want to help him or why EJ would even ask her. EJ tells Stefano that it's because he trusts Nicole. Stefano tells him to open his eyes and see that either Nicole made the mistake with the paper on purpose to get even or is just an incompetent idiot. EJ tells him that's enough. Stefano says Nicole won't help EJ get elected. Stefano tells EJ that if he wants to be mayor, he should fire Nicole today.

Melanie, Gabi, and Abigail talk. Gabi comments that it's nice that Marlena is back for Will. Abigail brings up that Will could be talking to Marlena about sex. Gabi explains to Melanie that she told Abigail that she hasn't had sex with Will since their first time. They continue talking about it and Abigail assures Gabi that she has nothing to worry about.

Will tells Marlena that he doesn't know what's going on with him as he's feeling a little confused but he thinks it's just from finishing high school and starting college. Marlena tells him to tell her exactly how he feels. Gabi joins them and asks Will to help her continue decorating. They say they will help soon and Gabi leaves to let them finish catching up. Marlena asks Will if everything is ok with him and Gabi. Will insists they are fine and everything's great. Will gets up and hurries off to go help Gabi.

Kate tells Austin that he shouldn't have to apologize to Marlena, Carrie, or anyone since he's just doing his job. Austin tells Kate to be nice. Kate asks Austin if he can use something other than evidence in the case. Austin asks if she's trying to tell him how to do his job. Kate points out that she's just saying the charges don't fit with John. Austin brings up that John's trauma could have had a lasting effect such as memory lapses. Austin thinks maybe John embezzled the billions and doesn't remember doing it.

EJ tells Stefano that he's not going to fire Nicole because he doesn't run his campaign that way. Stefano says it was just a suggestion. EJ tells Stefano that Nicole is smart, strong, talented, and incredibly resilient. EJ asks Stefano to respect his decisions. Stefano asks why he lets emotions get in the way of his decision making. EJ points out that Nicole knows him and where he's going so he trusts and needs her. EJ says he won't let Nicole go. Stefano sits down and comments that he hopes EJ is not in love with Nicole.

Kate tells Austin that she doesn't understand why he didn't come stay with her when he lost his hotel room. Austin points out that it wouldn't just be her in the house but Stefano as well. Kate says she would've pulled a few strings to get his hotel room back. Austin says he took care of it and is staying at Rafe and Sami's. Kate can't believe Austin is staying there. Kate says Sami will always be trouble but Austin tells her that Rafe is the problem.

Chad talks with Abigail about getting in groups to decorate. Chad asks Abigail to go with him to the movies to see old movies like Goodfellas and Ragin' Bull but Abigail isn't interested. Abigail says she's in to fun movies like Scream.

Will asks Gabi if she wants to go to the dinner and a movie. Gabi agrees to go with him.

Melanie joins Chad and Abigail. Melanie states that her favorite movie is Taxi Driver which is also Chad's. Chad and Melanie joke around about the movie and Melanie agrees to go with Chad which makes Abigail uneasy.

Stefano tells EJ to admit or deny he's in love with Nicole. EJ says he's keeping her as his publicist because she knows who he is and where he's going. Stefano warns EJ that he is making a costly mistake. EJ says he notes his concern but is sticking with her. Nicole comes in and tells him that the crisis management firm is there and ready to talk damage control. EJ thanks her as she exits. Stefano hopes that Nicole doesn't cause EJ any more damage.

Abigail looks at Chad then back at Melanie. Abigail goes up to Chad and then decides she changed her mind and wants to go with him. Chad tells her they can do something else since it's no big deal but Abigail insists that it's a big deal to her and she wants to go with him then kisses him.

Austin explains Kate about Rafe being fired and he thinks Austin turned him in. Kate asks Austin if he did get Rafe fired. Austin tells her that it wasn't him and says he tried to warn Rafe that it was dangerous but he blew him off. Austin says what Rafe did was wrong and he got caught and paid the price. Austin states that he does feel bad for Rafe. Kate jokes that she'd feel bad for anyone married to Sami. Kate comments that John's troubles are spreading like wildfire and she wonders how many people are going to get burned.

EJ, Nicole, and Stefano finish their meeting. EJ and Nicole think it went well. Nicole wants to record EJ ripping the column to pieces. Stefano continues to blame Nicole for causing the mess. Stefano then admits that Nicole did impress the firm but she has yet to impress him. Nicole tells him that she gets that he doesn't like her role but she's learned from her mistakes and she will help EJ become mayor then maybe he'll admit he was wrong about her. Stefano then exits the room. EJ tells Nicole that he's not going to fire her and hired her for many reasons. EJ praises Nicole for handling the meeting and dealing with the damage. Nicole thanks him for not giving up on her. EJ doubts it will affect his poll numbers or his reputation since most of the information is public knowledge. Nicole jokes that the mean things they said are true anyways. Nicole tells him it could play to his advantage over Abe. EJ comments that he likes that she really knows him and has the brass to call him out to his face. EJ tells her that she has assets that no one else has and he wouldn't want to lose her as they get close.

Austin approaches Marlena at the town square and says he gets why she's angry at him but doesn't want her to think that he's turning on John.

Chad shows Sonny that he checked out the website again and saw someone bet $100 on Salem.

Stefano arrives at the Brady Pub and kisses Kate. Kate says she was just going to head home. Stefano wanted to get out of the house and they sit down together. Stefano asks her about lunch with Austin. Kate says they had so much to talk about that they barely got started and she can't wait to see him again. Stefano wishes he had that relationship with Chad. Kate insists that Chad will come around and until he does, he'll have EJ. Stefano says he supposes. Kate reminds Stefano that EJ loves and respects Stefano. Stefano says he is very proud about EJ running for mayor but he's concerned about him.

Chad continues talking to Sonny and can't believe someone's using their site for illegal gambling. They realize that the person deleted the post after someone made a bet so that they don't leave a trail. They want to find out who's doing it.

Marlena tells Austin that he's working for the people that are trying to put John in prison for life. Austin says he hates it and hates that the case has become between him and Carrie and now him and Marlena as well as him and Rafe. Austin says it's not true that he doesn't care about family. Austin tells Marlena that he did not turn Rafe in to the FBI. Austin says he has a job and he has to do it within the parameters of the SCC but that doesn't mean he's turning on John as he never would. Marlena tells him that she believes him.

Stefano tells Kate that EJ is seeing someone. Kate wonders why that's a concern. Stefano tells Kate that he's ignored all advice. Kate says it can't be as bad as Nicole and then realizes what Stefano is talking about. Kate can't believe Stefano is saying EJ and Nicole are back together. Stefano hopes that EJ has not fallen in love with Nicole.

EJ and Nicole almost kiss but Nicole says she should go. Nicole starts to leave. EJ stops her and tells her that she's not the only one affected by a brush with death. EJ looks at some papers while Nicole watches him. When EJ looks back, Nicole is gone.

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