Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/25/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/25/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Madison sit at the Town Square and talking about finishing their office space. Madison tells him that she is sure Sami is capable of working for them. Marlena arrives and sees them as Madison talks about challenging Kate. Marlena walks up and greets them. Marlena and Madison meet each other. Marlena asks for a few minutes to speak with Brady. Brady tells her it's not a great time since they are in a business meeting but Marlena insists they need to talk since it's about his father, John.

Maggie, Hope, and Brady talk about finding Maggie's child as they wait for a meeting with the clinic that had the records. The nurse enters and meets with them. Hope explains what they are looking for. Hope asks for access to the files so they can find out Maggie's child but the nurse tells them that it's impossible.

Rafe sits at his computer at home as Sami makes coffee and Austin folds a blanket. Rafe and Austin are both tense as Sami gives them both coffee. Sami offers to make food but neither accepts. Sami asks them if they are ever going to talk about what happened last night.

Brady tells Marlena that he can't talk unless it's an emergency. Marlena tells him that she will wait however long until he's done because it's important. Madison tells Brady that she will go make some calls so he can take his time. Madison exits. Brady tells Marlena that he knows why she's there and he doesn't want to talk about his father so she should just go home.

Hope continues asking the nurse for help. The nurse tells them that she can't help since she is obligated by law to protect the privacy of the patients. Bo points out that the eggs were Maggie's but she says that she can't reveal the patient. Hope and Bo continue trying to get answers. Maggie begs her to help. She ultimately agrees to look into it further since it's a very complicated situation and she exits. Maggie and Hope both think they might be getting somewhere and they hug.

Rafe tells Sami that he doesn't have anything to say about their naked houseguest being on top of his wife. Rafe points out that Austin's someone who Sami used to be in love with too, who's married to her sister and she asked him to move in without asking him. Sami explains that she fell. Austin explains how he spilt water on himself and then he and Sami fell. Rafe wonders why Sami even got up from bed in the first place. Austin hopes they are through here. Rafe says they're through because he trusts and believes Sami but he's not happy with the arrangement and he doesn't ever want to walk in and see anything like that happen again. Sami and Austin assure him that he won't.

Marlena tells Brady that she understands John coming back might be difficult for him. Marlena thinks it's important that they talk so they sit down together. Marlena tells Brady that John needs all the support he can get from his family. Brady brings up Belle but Marlena says John doesn't want her to come back in the middle of this. Marlena says that since Brady lives here in town, it would be nice if he talked to John. Brady mocks the idea and says he'll just text him. Marlena calls it hurtful that Brady is ignoring John. Brady says he's not trying to hurt him but he's just busy. Marlena asks Brady if he's too busy to communicate with his father during a crisis. Marlena tells Brady that he is one of the reasons they came back to town and that John is worried about Brady. Brady tells her that John should worry about himself because he doesn't need his help.

Bo steps out to check on work as Hope talks with Maggie. Maggie says she hasn't been thinking about anything but her child. Maggie worries that she may never find the truth. Hope insists that Alice will guide them to the answer.

Austin tells Rafe that he understands and is going to get out as soon as possible. Rafe's phone rings and Sami sees that it's Carrie. Rafe answers and Carrie says she wanted to see how he was doing after being fired. Carrie wonders what happened. Rafe explains that the Salem PD didn't like him talking to her about John's case. Rafe tells her that things have been crazy around the house. Carrie wonders if she should still talk to him about the case. Rafe tells her that he has nothing to lose at this point.

Brady tells Marlena that this is a meaningless conversation. Marlena thinks Brady is abandoning John since he's barely spoken to him since he came back. Brady explains that he stopped calling since John didn't have anything positive to say. Brady thinks John only thinks Brady needs him when he screws up. Brady states that he doesn't need that kind of parent. Marlena tells Brady that John is proud of him. Brady doesn't believe her since John only calls when he screws up because he wants to tell him how to live his life. Marlena says it's not true. Brady says he always feels like he's letting John down and not living up to his high standards. Marlena tells Brady to know how much John loves him. Brady says he has busy with a lot going on and doesn't have room for anything else. Marlena tells him that John needs his support. Brady says he'd be lying by pretending they have a relationship and neither of them need that.

Madison finishes a call and then gets another call. Madison looks back at Brady before answering. Madison says on the phone she thought they agree that he's not going to come here and if he shows up now, he will jeopardize everything then she gets hung up on.

Carrie tells Rafe that she found the clinic worker who can confirm that John was there at the exact time and he's willing to testify with personal records to prove it. Rafe tells Carrie to track the guy's every move until he testifies. Rafe tells Carrie that she did great work. Carrie thinks it will be key in John's trial. Carrie tells Rafe to take credit since it was all because of him. Rafe agrees that they are a great team which makes Austin and Sami unhappy.

Maggie talks to Hope and Bo about being with Victor and remembering that she has someone there for her. Hope asks if she's thought about what will happen when she finds her child. Maggie says it keeps her up at night because she can't just barge into the person's life. Hope doesn't think the child could have a problem. Bo insists they will find the child. The nurse returns and says all the files were put into the computer and she did find something. The nurse informs Maggie that her eggs were stored here and the woman who received them was impregnated at this clinic.

Rafe tells Carrie that her call improved his mood. Carrie hopes she can do something about his employment status when she gets back home. Sami starts slamming pots down and making noise as Rafe continues talking. Rafe says Austin is there if she wants to talk to him. Carrie is surprised to learn that Austin slept there. Rafe explains that it was Sami's idea. Rafe gives the phone to Austin so he can tell her about it. Austin tells Carrie that he tried to call her last night. Carrie asks if he wants to tell her why she left his hotel so he could stay at her sister's apartment.

Marlena and Brady continue talking. Marlena says she's worried about John. Marlena tells Brady that John knows how accomplished he is. Brady asks why John can't tell him himself. Marlena says John just has a lot going on and is stubborn just like Brady. Marlena adds that they've both made mistakes. Marlena hopes their family can forgive mistakes and asks Brady if he can forgive John.

Maggie asks the nurse if she can tell her anything else. The nurse says she has a few questions first and brings up her eggs being stored at first in another clinic. The nurse says the records show that the eggs were brought by the patient's physician and the procedure was still experimental. The nurse explains that the patient's file said the eggs were hers. Maggie brings up her paperwork matching up. Bo asks for the name of the woman. Maggie says they can get to the bottom of this with her name.

Austin explains to Carrie that he gave up their hotel room too soon and now they are filled. Carrie asks why he gave up his room in the first place. Austin calls it complicated. Carrie says it always is when Sami is involved. Austin says they will talk when she gets home and asks when that will be. Carrie hopes it's soon but has a couple more things to do. Carrie says it would be nice if he got a hotel room before she gets back. Austin says he will do his best. Carrie says she loves Sami and trusts Austin but doesn't want to talk about their history. Austin and Carrie say goodbye. Sami tells Rafe that he can tell them now what Carrie had to say about John's case. Rafe responds that he can't tell her about that and asks her not to ask again.

The nurse tells Maggie that she can't give any information about the woman and all she can do is confirm that the eggs were received. Bo and Hope complain about the situation. She continues that she has no right to tell the woman's name. Maggie brings up her rights. The nurse says she's obligated to protect the patient's privacy and their reputation. Maggie tells her that the patient's privacy is the least of their problems. Hope reminds her that she and Bo are cops and Maggie has been a victim of a crime. The nurse says she can't help without a court order and wishes her luck then exits. Bo assures her that they will get past the roadblock. Maggie says she will get a lawyer and come back with a court order so that nothing stands in her way of finding her child.

Marlena thinks it will do a lot of good if Brady gives John a second chance. Madison walks near by and sits behind them listening. Brady tells Marlena that he has to do this his own way. Marlena tells him not to be a stranger and to take care of himself then she exits. Madison returns to Brady. Brady apologizes for taking so long. Madison admits she kind of overheard and says it must be complicated. Madison gets the feeling that Brady and John are not close. Brady says they never have been and some stuff has never really been worked out. Madison brings up John being pretty famous. Brady talks about Marlena wanting him to reach out. Madison asks Brady if he's staying away because of John's case and if he thinks he's actually guilty.

Sami asks Rafe if he's seriously not going to tell them. Rafe says it's confidential. Sami reminds him that he doesn't work for the FBI or the Salem PD. Rafe tells Sami that he's not going to tell her in front of Austin, who's trying to put John away for life. Austin states that he's just doing his job. Rafe says it's good that Carrie is so good at her job then. Rafe goes to take a shower and tells Sami and Austin to try and stay clothed. Sami and Austin can't believe Rafe. Austin then says maybe Rafe is doing the right thing and could be protecting Carrie from getting fired too. Austin tells Sami that Carrie is not happy about him staying there. Austin says he's going to call around to some hotels because everyone will be happier the sooner he gets out.

Maggie tells Hope and Bo that she'll get Justin to be her lawyer. Hope and Bo explain that the court order is going to be difficult since medical privacy laws are tight. Maggie says they have to try. Maggie points out that everything she needs to know is in the computer but she can't get to it because she doesn't have rights. Hope insists that they will fight to find her child. Maggie tells them that she may have to face that she might never find out and steps out of the room. Hope calls it wrong. Bo agrees and Hope wonders what they are going to do about it.

Madison tells Brady that she's heard good things about John. Madison asks Brady again if he thinks John is guilty. Brady says no since he knows John and knows he's not a criminal. Brady states that John would never steal from the people. Madison calls it interesting and thinks Brady cares about John more than he's willing to admit.

Rafe takes a shower and then Sami joins him inside. Rafe asks if she has to go to work. Sami says she will eventually. Rafe tells her that he's still not telling and Sami understands then they kiss.

Brady says people love and hate John but it has nothing to do with him. Brady says he would stand by John if he thought he cared. Madison suggests Brady is standing by him from the sidelines since Titan isn't ripping John apart. Madison thinks Brady's doing that to protect John.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing in the shower. Rafe says he's still not talking. Sami tells him that's what she had in mind and then they continue kissing.

Bo tells Hope that they should go but Hope wants to get onto the computer. Bo tells her that she could lose her job. Hope wants to help Maggie find her child. Bo agrees to let her but insists they must be very careful since they can't afford to get caught.

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