Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/24/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/24/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the Brady Pub, Rafe asks Austin about staying with them after getting him fired. Austin continues to tell him that he didn't turn him in. Austin tells Sami it's his fault and he shouldn't have accepted her offer in the first place because he'd still have his hotel room and wouldn't have to worry about hotels being booked. Sami reminds Rafe that Austin is Carrie's husband. Rafe wonders if they are really the only option. Rafe suggests Austin stay with his mother Kate at the DiMera mansion but Austin tells him that doesn't work for him.

Lexie and Abe walk through the town square. Lexie calls it nice to have time for themselves. Lexie tells Abe that she wants to have dinner tomorrow night but Abe tells her that he can't because he needs to follow up with John. Abe turns around and sees EJ seated at a table in the town square. Lexie says not to let EJ ruin their evening. Abe says he won't give EJ a second thought. Abe tells Lexie that he has a few tricks up his own sleeve. Abe tells Lexie that he's late for a meeting so he kisses her and says goodbye then exits. Lexie walks on and EJ greets her but she keeps on walking. EJ asks if she's really not going to talk to him. Lexie stops and says she wonders why. EJ says just because they don't agree on who should run the town doesn't mean they should stop talking.

Chad and Sonny look at their website at the Kiriakis Mansion. They agree that they might have some big problems.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's. Daniel says he knows it's Jack's day but he was in the neighborhood and got her mail. Daniel admits that he misses her. Jennifer asks him if he wants to come in. Daniel wants to honor their agreement and he wouldn't want Jack coming in on his time. Jennifer tells him that her date with Jack is over and she thinks it would be okay if they spent time together. Daniel asks if she's sure and enters the house. Jennifer says she's glad that he stopped by. Daniel asks about her date with Jack then apologizes for asking. Jennifer says they don't need to talk about it. Daniel admits that he's a little afraid and misses spending time with her. Daniel says it's hard not knowing how she feels. Jennifer reminds him that she agreed to all of this because she doesn't know. Daniel asks Jennifer what her answer would've been to moving in with him before Jack came back.

EJ wants Lexie to sit with him but she doesn't want to. EJ says he misses talking to her and thinks they should still be able to have a conversation. Lexie tells him that she doesn't enjoy his company. EJ reminds her that he is her brother. EJ then tells her that he needs some advice about Johnny and Sydney so that he doesn't make any more mistakes with them.

Austin tells Rafe there's no way he would stay under the same roof as Stefano. Austin says he will see what else he can find and starts to leave but Sami stops him. Sami says she'll talk to Rafe as Austin goes to make some calls. Rafe gets that Sami wants Austin to stay but he has a problem since he still thinks Austin got him fired. Sami doesn't think Austin got him fired. Sami reminds Rafe that Austin is family since they agreed that family is the most important thing.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't know what to say. Daniel says a huge part of him thinks she should be in his arms and they should be together all day long. Jennifer says they can't live in a world of what-if's because then she could ask what if Jack never left. Daniel says they never would have fallen in love but he is in love with her now and can't stand the thought of losing her. The doorbell rings and Jennifer goes to answer it. Abe arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Abe says he had something important to talk to Jennifer about.

EJ shows Lexie pictures of Sydney and Johnny. Lexie reminds him that he gave up custody. EJ says he thought that was best for them but realizes now it was a mistake since they need him. Lexie says she's sure that they do. Lexie comments that Johnny is starting to look like him. EJ says he loves them more than anything and he does everything for them.

Chad and Sonny discuss someone trying to illegally bet on their website. Sonny says they will keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any further. They agree that they are both hungry and leave to go eat, leaving their computer.

EJ and Lexie continue talking. EJ talks about not wanting his kids to be embarrassed of where they came from. Lexie says it's been a challenge for Theo but they are dealing with it as a family. EJ asks Lexie what she thinks about him inviting Johnny and Sydney to the mansion to go trick or treating. Lexie thinks it would be too much for them. Lexie suggests he ask Sami if he could do something for the kids like buy them a costume or a bag for candy. EJ thanks her and likes the idea, saying he knew he could count on her. EJ asks Lexie what she has planned for tomorrow and she responds that all she has is several detailed itineraries.

Rafe wonders why they have to let Austin stay with them. Sami notes that Austin is lonely without Carrie. Rafe thinks he could find somewhere else. Rafe tells Sami that she should've ran the idea by him first but she never does. Rafe tells her that she's lucky he's in love with her. Sami gets excited and is happy that Rafe agreed to let Austin stay with them so she gets up and kisses him.

Rafe and Sami return home with Austin. Austin says he can just stay on the couch. Rafe mentions that Austin won't be there much since he'll be working. Austin thanks Sami and goes to see the kids before taking a shower. Sami tells Rafe that he could pretend to be happy. Rafe thinks it's enough that he's letting him stay at all. Sami agrees that it's enough. Sami hopes they can get past the tension between Rafe and Austin. Sami says he has to believe that Austin didn't get him fired. They both agree that they don't know what happened then. Rafe feels like he let Sami down and the kids won't be proud of him anymore.

Daniel offers to give Abe and Jennifer some privacy but Abe says it won't be necessary. Abe brings up his campaign becoming more difficult with EJ running. Jennifer insists that the voters will see through EJ. Abe mentions that Nicole is doing EJ's PR and he needs someone to do his PR so he thought of Jennifer. Jennifer is surprised and says she's flattered but never worked in politics. Daniel and Abe both encourage her to say yes.

Lexie and EJ laugh together as Lexie talks with him about last year's Halloween. Lexie talks about good memories as a family. EJ comments that it's good to see her so happy. EJ brings up the debate but Lexie doesn't want to talk politics and starts to leave. EJ just points out that one of the debates is on their wedding anniversary so he suggests telling Abe to reschedule. Lexie asks if he's serious. EJ says he's not trying to hurt her or their relationship. Lexie tells him that the only way he can prove that is by dropping out of the race.

Abe tells Jennifer they can discuss it. Jennifer brings up that she had been thinking about starting a new career but his offer is intriguing and exciting. Abe believes she would be a huge asset to his campaign and Daniel agrees. Abe asks her if she will come on board.

Sami tells Rafe that it's unfair and the Salem PD's loss as he's a great cop. Sami thinks Rafe will find something else. Rafe says he's been a detective his whole life. Sami suggests that Rafe start his own detective agency but Rafe questions what money he would use to do that. Rafe says they aren't moving and the job market sucks. Sami reminds him how she ended up with a job. Sami tells him how qualified he is. Rafe says he'll look on the bright side that she has a job. Sami says they don't have to tell the kids until they have a plan. Rafe admits that he'll be happy to have more time with the kids. Sami promises they will get through it together. They agree that it will all work out and then they kiss until Austin comes back in out of the shower. Austin apologizes. Rafe says they were just heading to bed. Sami and Rafe say goodnight to Austin and head to the bedroom.

EJ tells Lexie that he can't drop out of the race. EJ says he would never ask Abe to drop out. EJ asks if she's afraid that Abe can't win on his own. Lexie says Abe has been an excellent mayor. EJ points out that it'll be fair and up to the people. Lexie accuses him of playing dirty. Chad and Sonny arrive and stop to watch their argument. Lexie accuses EJ of being involved with setting John up and calls his campaign a joke. Chad walks up and says this is why he doesn't want to be a part of the family. Lexie apologizes to Chad but he's glad he saw it. Chad says they are always arguing. Lexie says it was just a disagreement. Lexie admits there's no excuse for arguing in pubilc. EJ agrees and apologizes. EJ tells Chad it's good to see him and offers his hand but Chad doesn't shake his hand. Chad comments on Lexie and EJ hanging out and says it confuses him since they are on opposite sides of the campaign. Lexie points out that EJ will always be her brother. Lexie says they feel the same about Chad. Lexie offers Chad and Sonny to join them. Chad passes saying they have to go work on their site. EJ stops Chad and says he knows the website is doing well since he keeps his eye on his brother. Chad wonders how far EJ would go to make sure his site doesn't fail and hurt the DiMera name during his campaign.

Jennifer tells Abe that she can't give him an answer until she talks it over with some people in her life. Jennifer promises not to make him wait long. Abe says goodbye and exits. Jennifer tells Daniel that she can't believe it. Daniel isn't surprised that Abe would want her on his team.

Austin leaves a message for Carrie on her phone saying he misses her. Austin removes his robe and prepares to go to sleep. Austin then pours a glass of water and goes to sit down on the couch but spills his water on himself so he gets up and undresses, then Sami walks in on him.

EJ tells Chad that he doesn't understand but is proud of what he's done with the website. Chad asks EJ if he's done something to their site. EJ tells him that all he did was offer him money. EJ says he only wants what's best for Chad and that's why he keeps his eye on things. EJ tells Chad that they hope he comes back to the family. Lexie adds that it would be nice to be close and that's all they want. Chad and Sonny then exit. Lexie wonders what that was all about.

Daniel talks to Jennifer about accepting the job with Abe. Jennifer brings up Jack and then talks about Abigail and JJ. Daniel calls her an amazing mother. Jennifer thinks she can juggle family and work since she has done so before. Daniel tells her that he's there for her. Jennifer calls him wonderful.

Lexie asks EJ why Chad would be suspicious of him. EJ says he has no idea. Lexie thinks something must have happened to his website. EJ calls it sad that he feels that way towards their family. Lexie doesn't think they can blame Chad. EJ tells Lexie that they had a few nice moments spending time together here and it wasn't too bad. EJ tells Lexie that he will always need her to be close to him. EJ offers her his hand.

Sami tosses Austin a towel to cover up. Austin apologizes saying he spilt his water. Sami offers to clean it up while Austin goes to change clothes but when they try to switch places, they bump into one another and Austin falls on top of Sami on the couch.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she feels like celebrating so they go to get some wine but the doorbell rings so Daniel answers the door and finds a box at the door. Daniel takes the box inside and hands it to Jennifer. They open it and inside is a decorated cookie. Jennifer realizes it's from Jack after their date. Jennifer apologizes since they weren't going to talk about it but Daniel asks how it was. Jennifer says it wasn't what she expected since he didn't try to sway her with their history. Jennifer explains how they decorated cookies and visited kids. Jennifer apologizes to Daniel and says she won't say anymore but Daniel tells her it's okay if she had a great date.

Lexie shakes EJ's hand and agrees to his truce but tells him to not make her regret it.

Austin and Sami laugh about falling as Rafe enters the room and turns on the light to see them laying together. Rafe asks them what the hell this is.

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