Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/21/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/21/11

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Maggie searches for her keys as Hope walks in and tells her she found them. Maggie thanks her and says she's lost her phone and sunglasses and thinks she's going to lose her mind. Maggie tells Hope that all she thinks about is her child. Melanie arrives and talks to Maggie about organizing her wedding. Maggie tells Melanie about having to go to the hospital with Hope. Maggie informs Melanie that she just found out that she has another child.

Jennifer and Jack go to the Brady Pub but find out that it's closed. Jack informs her that it was closed for them to have a private party. Jack and Jennifer enter the Pub and have a table set up for them. They sit down and Jack has cookies for them. Jennifer wonders what they are going to do with cookies.

Bo arrives at John and Marlena's as John finishes exercising. Bo talks about seeing John's statement and calls it an unexpected bold move. Marlena hopes it could change the mind of any voters. Bo informs John and Marlena that Rafe has been fired from the Salem PD and is off the case.

Sami and Austin go to Sami's. Rafe gets up and punches Austin in the face saying that's for getting him fired. Austin tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Rafe says he has a lot of nerve trying to move in after he cost him his job. Sami gets in between them and asks what's wrong with Rafe. Sami tells Rafe to calm down and tell her what happened. Rafe informs Sami that Roman fired him and he thinks it's because of Austin. Rafe asks Austin what else he wants from him. Austin swears he didn't know Rafe was fired. Sami wonders why Roman fired Rafe. Rafe says it's because he wanted to make John's case a fair deal with Carrie. Rafe accuses Austin of turning him in. Sami asks Austin if it's true that he got Rafe fired.

Bo explains to Marlena how Roman fired Rafe due to a breach of etiquette. John blames himself for it. Bo says it would've been worse if it came out during the trial. John calls it a disaster. Bo informs them that he will be the one taking over the investigation.

Maggie sits with Melanie and explains what all she found out about the eggs she had harvested from Alice's letter. Melanie asks Maggie if she knows who her child is.

Jack tells Jennifer that they are going to transform the cookies into works of art and deliver them to sick children that are stuck at the hospital on Halloween. Jennifer is impressed by the idea. Jack tells her that he wants it to feel like a first date for them again. Jennifer doesn't think it's realistic to pretend that they don't have a history. Jack understands and just wants her to humor him tonight by looking at him in a whole new way. Jack talks about being grateful to be with her. Jack feels like this moment is like a second life and he wants to do better. Jack tells her that he will do whatever he can to be a better man.

Bo says he's taking over Rafe but doesn't have much to investigate since the FBI were thorough. Bo tells John and Marlena that he saw the evidence. Marlena says they all know Stefano is behind it but they don't have anything concrete. Marlena tells Bo that he knows John would never do this. John tells Marlena that they shouldn't discuss their feelings on the case after what happened to Rafe. John says they will all have to be careful. Bo agrees that's how it has to be. Bo tells them that he's just a cop looking at the facts but he'll never turn against John. Bo shakes hands with John and hugs him.

Austin tells Rafe that he didn't tell anyone about him and Carrie. Rafe thinks it had to be him since no one else knew about it. Austin says Carrie didn't share anything with him. Rafe accuses Austin of going into Carrie's files and taking it to the FBI. Austin tells Rafe to get real. Austin says the FBI had to have been keeping a close eye on everyone. Rafe thinks Austin is just trying to win the case. Rafe brings up John being Carrie's father. Austin asks Rafe why he's so concerned with Carrie. Sami adds in that she wants to know the answer to that too.

Jennifer asks Jack if there is something more to this than just a first date. Jack tells her it has to do with her and someone else.

Melanie asks Maggie how she's feeling and she says she's overwhelmed. Hope says they need to get going so they aren't late to meet with Alice's lawyer. Melanie tells Maggie that whoever her child is will be lucky to have her as a mother and hugs her. Maggie then decides to bring Melanie with them.

Carrie talks to Marlena and John through video chat on the computer. Carrie is shocked to hear that Rafe got fired. Carrie tells them that she does have a meeting with someone that was at the clinic that can confirm John was there when he said he was. Carrie tells them that she will let them know what happens and tells them to hang in. Marlena tells John that the nightmare is almost over. John calls it a nice glimmer of hope.

Rafe tells Sami that this isn't about Carrie but helping John. Austin brings up the system. Rafe tells Austin that he knows it would've been too late if he didn't give Carrie the information. Rafe says he's just trying to help John prove his innocence. Austin tells him that there's a right way and a wrong way. Rafe says family comes first to him. Austin tells Rafe that it has nothing to do with family. Rafe accuses Austin of not caring what happens to John, Marlena, or Carrie. Austin assures Rafe that he hasn't turned against anyone. Austin says it's not about being on sides but how they do their jobs. Austin tells Rafe to take responsibility for his actions. Rafe calls him smug and goes after him but Sami stops him. Sami believes Austin and says he's not trying to hurt Carrie or John. Rafe can't believe Sami is on Austin's side. Sami says she's not taking sides but thinks Austin is just doing his job. Rafe thinks Austin put his job over everything else. Sami tells Rafe that at least Austin still has a job.

Hope, Maggie, Bo and Melanie meet with Erin Hewitt. Maggie wants to know about her child. Erin apologizes and says she can't breach her attorney-client privilege. Maggie knows Alice would have wanted her to know and not be in agony.

Jack tells Jennifer a story about being in Afghanistan and seeing a boy that was younger than JJ that was injured and couldn't move. Jack explains how he spent time with the boy and he had no family or future. Jack talks about wanting to surprise the boy with a photo but he was gone. Jennifer says she's sorry and suggests he talk to someone about his time there. Jack says he feels better after talking to her about it. Jennifer thinks he should write down his experiences. Jack doesn't know about putting it into words but Jennifer thinks he did a good job. Jack doesn't want to turn it into a story. Jack says he can tell Jennifer what happened to the people in Afghanistan but he could never write it down. Jack starts talking about Abigail needing him when she was sick but Jennifer reminds him that this is a fresh start and they don't have to go to the past. Jack blames himself for Abigail's sickness. They talk about not knowing what to do back then. Jack tells Jennifer that he picked up reading stories to sick kids while he was gone. Jack says he was doing it to try and feel closer to her.

Hope explains to Erin that Alice wanted Maggie to know everything. Erin apologizes and says she can't tell them anything but leaves them the files to look through.

John sets up strawberries and whipped cream for him and Marlena. John says now might not be a good time but Marlena thinks it's a perfect time then John kisses her. Marlena brings up their first time together. John states that they haven't been together in so long and he's missed being with her. John starts kissing her again.

Hope and Bo say the files are mostly everything they already knew as they look through them all. Maggie hopes it's not another dead end. Melanie assures her that it won't be. Hope comes across something new and she thinks it's exactly what they have been looking for.

Sami apologizes to Rafe and says she knows it's not his fault that he lost his job. Rafe doesn't answer her and instead just walks past her and leaves as Sami sits down upset.

Jack and Jennifer walk through the town square after visiting sick kids. Jennifer talks about how fun it was. Jennifer talks about wanting to start visiting the hospital more often. Jennifer talks about Jack being good with the kids. Jack wishes it was that easy to win Jennifer over.


Hope gives Maggie the file with the name of the clinic. Hope promises they will find her child.

John and Marlena go to the bedroom as John lights a candle. They kiss again as John undresses her. Marlena says she's missed him as they kiss onto the bed and begin to make love.


Rafe sits at the Brady Pub by himself when Sami arrives. Sami apologizes to him again and says she shouldn't have said that to him. She wishes she could take it back. Rafe says he knows and apologizes to her as well. Rafe says it's been a crappy day. Sami insists they will be okay. Rafe says it's good that Sami still has her job so they can still pay some of the bills. Sami assures him that he'll find another job. Sami tells Rafe not to worry about Austin. They hold hands and then Austin arrives. Sami greets him. Austin says he went back to the hotel but the room's no longer available. Austin says he didn't know they were there and he'll go to the Cheatin' Heart instead. Sami asks him what his next move is. Austin admits he doesn't have one. Austin says Carrie will be coming back and staying with Sami and Rafe might be their only option.

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