Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/20/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/20/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Daniel finish racing each other in the town square. Chad joins them and they joke with Chad about their race. Chad says it's nice to see a family getting along so well since not everyone is so lucky. Melanie asks Chad about Abigail.

Abigail and Jennifer talk at home. Abigail comments on Jennifer's look and assumes she has a date with Daniel but Jack arrives. Abigail wonders why Jack is there and hopes Jennifer isn't going out with him.

Roman gives Sami a new portfolio at her home for her new job. Roman tells her that he's proud of her. Sami tells him that she loves her new job and her new boss. Sami tells Roman about Madison. Sami wants to write him a thank you note. Roman tells her that she has other things to do and brings up John and Marlena. Sami says she's been busy with her job and kids so Roman asks what's going on.

Rafe talks on the phone at the station to Carrie about wanting to prove John's innocence. Austin walks by and hears Rafe. Austin comes in and asks Rafe if that was Carrie on the phone. Rafe tells him that she was just checking in on her trip. Austin asks Rafe why Carrie is calling him instead of her husband.

Sami tells Roman how busy she has been. Roman understands but thinks she should make time to see her mom. Sami says Marlena and John are going through heavy things. Roman says that Marlena could use her support and she should let them know that she believes John is innocent. Sami says she knows John would never embezzle money and Rafe believes he's innocent but every time new evidence comes in it makes her wonder. Sami brings up how Stefano messed with John's mind so John could've done this and not remember doing it.

Rafe tells Austin how busy Carrie is. Austin says he knows that. Rafe tells him that John's case is her priority. Austin still wants to know why Carrie is calling Rafe since they aren't working together. Rafe tells Austin that they are both concerned with finding the truth and proving John's innocence. Austin thinks she called Rafe to thank him for the ride to the airport. Rafe starts to leave but Austin stops him wanting to know why he's involved with his wife's business. Rafe reminds Austin that a brick was thrown through John's window with a death threat so Carrie was calling to make sure he's protected. Rafe tells Austin that he's sorry that they are on opposite sides of the case and that's his advice. Austin says he didn't ask for his advice and he doesn't think quitting his job is good advice. Rafe doesn't want to argue since they are family so he exits the room. Austin comments that he doesn't want to do this either.

Chad tells Melanie that Abigail is just upset and confused after what Jack did. Melanie comments that Jack isn't Stefano at least. Chad explains how Jack was her hero when she was little but then he disappeared. Melanie wishes they could make Abigail feel better and she hopes one day she's okay with Jack being back but she's not sure she ever will after what he did to Daniel.

Abigail demands to know what's going on and hopes Jennifer isn't getting back with Jack. Abigail asks about Daniel and if Jennifer is going to give it all up for someone that broke her heart. Abigail reminds Jack that she never wanted to see him again.

Chad tells Melanie that he hopes she's right and Abigail ends up okay. Chad says he wishes he could make things easier too. Daniel tells him to just be supportive and be there for her. Daniel talks about Abigail hating Jack and how he doesn't know what he'd do if Melanie felt that way towards him. Chad starts to leave but Melanie tells him that he can stay. Melanie says she and Daniel are going Halloween shopping. They both invite Chad to come along. Chad hesitates but eventually agrees to go with them.

Roman and Sami sit at the Brady Pub and talk about John's case. Sami thinks Roman has to see the other side of things. Roman states that he knows John is an honest man and didn't do this. Roman tells her that no matter how conflicted she is, she needs to be there for Marlena. Sami agrees to call her now then. Roman gets a call as Austin arrives. Roman tells Sami that he has to go and so he exits. Austin greets Sami. Sami brings up not seeing him and Carrie for a couple of days. Austin informs Sami that Carrie is out of town and he's not sure where she went. Austin tells her that she can ask Rafe if she wants to know more.

Jack tells Abigail that he knows he hurt her. Abigail says hurt doesn't begin to describe what he's done to their family. Abigail says Jack disgusts her. Jennifer tells Abigail to stop it before she says something she regrets. Abigail says Jack should be the one full of regret. Jack says he would go back if he could but he can't. Jack tells her that he doesn't know what he can do to make it up to her. Jennifer tells Jack to give them a minute so he steps away. Abigail starts to leave. Jennifer asks her to sit with her. Abigail says she knows what Jennifer is going to say and she's not going to just forgive and forget. Jennifer isn't asking her to forget. Jennifer reminds her that Jack is her father and they are a family. Abigail says he isn't in their family and she can't believe Jennifer would take him back. Jennifer tells Abigail that she needs to work out her issues with her father. Jennifer says she has a life too and has to do what's best for her.

Sami asks Austin what he means or is suggesting. Austin sits with her and apologizes for saying it that way. Austin explains that Carrie went to Europe without telling him any details and he hasn't heard from her since she left. Sami asks how Rafe is involved. Austin says he isn't exactly sure since he gave her a ride but he overheard him talking to her on the phone. Sami thinks they just want to prove John innocent. Austin points out that Rafe and Carrie work for different departments. Austin says it won't be good if Rafe is working for the defense since he's a cop. Austin states that if the prosecuting attorney finds out that Rafe is helping John's defense, he's toast.

Rafe sits at his desk on the phone. Roman walks up and tells him to hang up so he does. Roman tells Rafe that they need to talk about his job.

Sami talks to Austin about how she's sure Rafe is doing everything for John but she hates when he takes risks. Austin talks about how much he and Carrie have been fighting about John's case.

Roman takes Rafe into the interrogation room and says they have a real problem. Roman tells Rafe that he got a call from the FBI Agent in charge of John's case, who said Rafe is helping the defense and giving tips to Carrie. Roman says he's on John's side and Carrie's his daughter but Rafe isn't doing John any favors by not playing by the book. Roman tells Rafe to be honest with him now and asks if he's slipping Carrie information. Rafe admits that he is.

Sami talks to Austin about how she talked to Roman about John's case earlier. Sami brings up the party at Town Square when they first came back. Sami recalls how everyone was celebrating but Marlena still seemed upset and said she was still concerned about John. Sami worries that there is a chance that John could've done it and not even remember doing it.

Chad, Daniel, and Melanie finish Halloween shopping. Melanie refuses to show what costume she got and calls it a surprise. Daniel and Chad joke with each other about Halloween. Melanie hugs Daniel and assures him that Jennifer will come to her senses. Melanie jokes with Chad about being afraid of Frankenstein and chases him as Daniel watches on.

Abigail asks Jennifer about her and JJ. Jennifer wants her to sit down. Jennifer tells her that she and JJ are the most important people in her life so that's why she has to do this and wants Abigail to understand. Jennifer explains how they thought they lost Jack forever but he's back so she feels like it's a second chance to fix their family. Abigail asks about Daniel and if Jennifer is just going to let him walk away. Jennifer says she will not and wants Abigail to understand that she's going to see Jack and Daniel. Abigail questions seeing them at the same time. Jennifer says she has to see what's right since that's the only thing that makes sense. Abigail thinks none of it makes sense and Jennifer has lost her mind. Abigail accuses Jennifer of stringing Daniel along while she figures things out with Jack. Abigail asks what Jack has ever done and Jennifer responds that Jack gave her life. Jennifer states that this is the best she can do right now. Abigail tells her that if her best involves Jack being back then she wants no part of it. Abigail thinks Jack will just make more promises that he can't keep. Jennifer says they are lucky that Jack came back. Abigail yells that she wishes Jack never came back and that he was still stuck in a cave as Jack re-enters the room and hears her. Jennifer insists that Abigail didn't mean it. Jack understands since Abigail has a right to feel that way. Jack says he saw how much he hurt everyone and thought maybe it would be best if he left and never came back but if he did, he'd never see Abigail again. Jack says Abigail might hate him forever and never forgive him but he's here and not leaving his family again because that was worse than anything that ever happened to him. Abigail tells him that he always means it in the moment until another story comes around. Jennifer asks Abigail to give Jack another chance. Abigail feels she has given Jack enough chances. Abigail knows Jack will say he's sorry and he's changed but nothing ever changes so she's not sticking around to see what happens because Jack has lost her. Abigail tells Jennifer that if she can't see it then she deserves what's coming. Abigail then takes her things and storms out.

Austin apologizes to Sami for stressing her out and suggests they not talk about the case. They then conclude that they have nothing else to talk about. Austin talks about not being able to sleep without Carrie. Sami suggests Austin come stay with them. Austin finds it ridiculous since she has four kids. Sami thinks they would love it and hopes he will stay with them. Austin asks about Carrie. Sami says when she gets back, they can figure out where they want to stay. Austin wonders what Rafe will say to it.

Rafe tells Roman that he was doing what it took to help John. Roman tells him that they have to remain impartial. Rafe says he can't be impartial since John is his family so he has to do what he has to do. Roman reminds him that it isn't his job. Rafe says his job is to prove John innocent. Roman tells him that he will follow the rules. Rafe refuses to back down because he wants to prove that it's a set up. Roman tells Rafe that he reports to him and not Carrie. Roman says he will not let a member of his team damage the integrity of the force. Rafe asks Roman if he's going to let John rot in jail. Roman says they won't reach an agreement. Roman tells Rafe that he needs officers that he can trust so he asks for his badge and fires him.

Austin tells Sami that even if Rafe was okay with him staying there, he's not sure Carrie would be. They exit the Brady Pub together and Sami thinks it's a great idea for Austin to stay with them. Austin admits he'd like to see the kids more often and then agrees to stay with them.

Melanie and Chad continue joking around with their Halloween costumes as Abigail arrives looking angry. Abigail asks Daniel how he could let this happen as she thought he loved Jennifer.

Jennifer and Jack sit together and talk about Abigail. Jennifer feels she betrayed Abigail's trust. Jack promises to make things up to her.

Abigail questions Daniel about Jennifer dating Daniel and Jack. Daniel says he is giving her space so she can figure everything out. Abigail wants Daniel to make her understand and asks if he's ok with what is going on. Daniel says he isn't but he's in love with Jennifer. Daniel says he has enough confidence to ride this out. Abigail worries that Daniel could lose Jennifer. Daniel says he just wants Jennifer to be happy even if it means going back to Jack, he will risk it.

Jennifer tells Jack that she can't do this and didn't think it through. Jennifer tells Jack that she doesn't think they should see each other anymore.

Abigail apologizes to Daniel. Daniel knows it's complicated. Abigail says she came here for a distraction and not to be the distraction. Abigail asks about their shopping bags. Chad tells her it's their Halloween costumes for the party. Chad and Melanie start joking around with each other again as Abigail watches looking uncomfortable.

Jack tells Jennifer not to give up on him. Jennifer says she has to do everything for her kids. Jack says they all need their family and they need to heal together. Jack says it might be hard now and it will be hard but they can push through. Jack thinks they can remember what it's like to be happy. Jack thinks they all miss that. Jack asks her to give it a shot for her family.

Austin and Sami head to Sami's place. Sami opens the door and greets Rafe who is sitting alone inside. Sami informs Rafe that Austin is there and will be staying with them. Rafe gets up and accuses Austin of telling on him to Roman. Rafe punches Austin in the face and tells him that's for getting him fired.

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