Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/19/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/19/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer goes walking in the town square and walks into Daniel. Jack then arrives right after. Jennifer thanks them both for coming and wishes there was a better way to do this. Jennifer says she wasn't even sure that this was worth pursuing because the thought of dating both of them is absurd and pointless if they aren't all on board. Jack and Daniel both agree to be involved. Daniel asks Jennifer how she feels and she says she's made her decision too.

EJ talks at the DiMera Mansion recording himself talking about his class action lawsuit. Nicole watches as he talks into the computer. EJ says he will make sure everyone gets their money back from John Black.

Abe and Lexie talk with John at his home. Abe talks to John about his interview with EJ. Abe hopes he didn't come off unsupportive. Marlena joins them as John suggests Abe distance himself since if he's found guilty, Abe's campaign will be shot.

Hope, Bo, and Victor talk to Maggie about having another child at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie says she has so many questions. Maggie wants to know if her child is okay and asks them to help her find her child. Bo says they are here to do that. Hope calls it their first priority. Victor says he will help however he can too. Maggie thanks them and says it's so hard knowing she has a child out there. Maggie talks about wishing she and Mickey had a child together. Maggie says she never gave up hope of using her eggs some day. Maggie recalls being told that the clinic was sold and she had a choice of what to do with the eggs so she chose to keep them in another clinic. Maggie remembers the name of the facility and then realizes she has the papers so she runs upstairs to go get them.

Jennifer says it's crazy but if they are both on board and sure then she's willing to give this a try. Daniel says he's sure that he wants her to be happy. Jack adds that he'll do whatever it takes. Jennifer can't believe she's going through with it but can't figure out what else to do. Daniel admits it's a very unusual situation. Jennifer tells Jack that they were so in love but everything changed and she's not sure that they will get back the trust they had. Jack refuses to give up the chance to prove that they can. Jennifer tells Daniel that they were just starting to find out what's ahead and she loves him. Jennifer says he's been so good to her and never hurt her which is why this doesn't seem fair. Daniel refuses to walk away from the woman he loves even if he has to share her. Jack states that sooner or later, one of them will end up with a broken heart.

EJ continues recording his speech from home. He adds in that he has some good news.

Abe tells John that his friends will not desert him. Abe states that they are all in this together. Lexie still can't believe that EJ is exploiting John for politics. They turn on the TV as the news is covering the story. The news reveals that EJ has issued a statement saying his clients will receive 100% of any judgment made in their favor. Abe declares that if the people didn't believe in EJ before, they will now.

Nicole shows EJ the preliminary polls and his approval rating has gone up. Nicole points out which demographics that EJ is trending with. EJ questions why he isn't with certain groups. Nicole says it's just politics. Nicole tells EJ that there are still a lot of people in Salem that associate EJ's name with crime and he can't win every vote. EJ tells Nicole to never say never to him.

Abe tells John that they can't lose hope because people won't easily forget what John has done for the town. Abe thinks it's still early in his campaign for him to fight back. John doesn't think it will do anything for the people that already lost everything. John calls himself an easy target. Marlena points out how good of a man is. John says the people have every right to be angry with him since they lost their money.

Jennifer tells Jack that he's right about someone ending up hurt which is why she had to think long and hard about this. Jennifer says it isn't simple because when either one of them get hurt, she will too. Jack and Daniel note that everyone is on board. Jack states that it will be very difficult for him to think of his wife out with another guy. Daniel points out that she's his ex-wife. Jennifer says they can't have all the resentment and suspicion so they need ground rules.

Maggie returns downstairs with a box and finds the papers. Maggie wants to make the call. Hope calls the number but finds out that it's been disconnected. Maggie wonders what they do now.

Jack and Daniel ask Jennifer what she means by ground rules. Jack thinks she means a system. Jennifer says it's not a system as it's crazy. Daniel suggests they split the week up. Jack tells him they can't since it would be uneven. Daniel suggests they can alternate. Jack asks Jennifer what she thinks. Daniel wants to figure things out and see if it will work first. Jack wants to determine how much time they get together in a day. Jennifer tells them to stop since it's all ridiculous. Jack apologizes. Jennifer says to just stop because it's insane.

Victor asks Maggie if she's okay. Hope assures her that they will track down her child. Bo looks it up on the computer and tries to find out why they can't find the clinic. Hope points out that the address has been a vacant lot since before the date so it's starting to look like the company never existed and the whole thing was a sham. Maggie worries about what happened to her eggs then.

Nicole shows EJ the voter's response when Abe voiced his support for John. EJ calls it abstract art. Nicole thinks it's ironic since Abe thought he was doing the right thing. EJ points out that people obviously aren't admiring his integrity. EJ hopes Abe stays loyal to John and it costs him his job.

John and Marlena sit with Lexie and Abe eating dessert and drinking wine. They talk about the food and how much they enjoyed it. Abe toasts to spending more times like this with friends. John says he appreciates his friends and kisses Marlena. Abe and Lexie say that life is good. John toasts to optimism when suddenly a brick is thrown through the window with a note attached. John picks it up and reads that the note says "Die Thief!" John and Abe talk about it as John steps out of the room. Marlena worries about John and Lexie talks with her. Marlena talks about the sleepless nights and nightmares that John has.

Nicole gets a call from Patti the matchmaker that went with EJ to the town square party. Patti tells Nicole that she has great news and asks if Nicole is in charge of EJ's PR campaign. Patti tells her that she just fixed EJ up with the perfect girl and she bets that she'll become the first lady of Salem. Nicole sarcastically agrees that it's great news. Patti says she has to get EJ in immediately and get this started then thanks her and hangs up. EJ returns and asks what he missed. Nicole tells him it was nothing much and claims the call was just about the poll results. Nicole tells EJ it's amazing how he's staying on top of the news. EJ says they need to keep their momentum going moving forward. EJ says Abe gave them this incredible opportunity by backing John and now they can use it. EJ says the possibilities are endless and his poll numbers will soar.

Jennifer asks Jack and Daniel if they realize how crazy this all sounds. Daniel calls Jennifer a prize. Jack points out that no one is thinking of her as an object, they just both want her. Jennifer says they have barely started and it already feels like a competition. Jack says that is because it is.

Maggie thinks this makes no sense and the address must be wrong or the facility used a different name. Hope thinks there's an angle that they aren't exploring and brings up the lawyer Erin Hewitt. Hope and Bo think she must know something so they are going to visit her for answers. Maggie hugs Hope and thanks her as Hope promises to get to the bottom of this.

Abe talks with John about what to do next. John refuses to run and says he won't hide his head in shame. John wants to make a statement to the public.

Jack continues to talk about competing for Jennifer. Daniel adds that he's not helping. Jack says they know that Jennifer hates being in the middle but it won't be so overwhelming when they figure it out. Jack talks about rules in a handbook but she tells him not to call it a handbook. Jack states that they just don't want to face the bigger issue of sex.

Victor tells Maggie that he's sorry that she has to go through all this. Maggie says she's blindsided and numb but trusts Bo and Hope. She believes they will find something. Maggie says it's too much to take in with all the secrets and now the mystery company. Maggie talks about wanting to find something out but she hates not knowing. Maggie says she can't describe how she feels and cries as Victor hugs her.

Hope and Bo meet with Erin Hewitt. Hope tells Erin about the documents and the facility that doesn't exist. Hope says they want answers and most importantly they want to find Maggie's child but they don't know where to begin looking. Hope asks Erin to help them and tell them what happened to Maggie's child.

Jennifer asks if they're really going to do this. Jack says she wanted to and Daniel points out that Jennifer did say they needed ground rules. Daniel and Jack talk about Jennifer and Daniel is uncomfortable with the idea and Jack says the same about Daniel with his wife. Jennifer says she's committed but isn't sure about this. Jennifer declares that she won't be intimate with two men.

Maggie tells Victor that she wants to go through records at her home and find some information. Victor tells her that he will have someone drive her since she's too emotional to drive. Victor tells Maggie that a child is always a good thing. Maggie calls it so unbelievable. Victor wishes her luck. Maggie thanks him and says she'll need it. Maggie hugs him then exits. Victor then picks up documents and begins to make a call. Victor says on the phone that they have a situation.

EJ asks Nicole how his statement is going to play in the press. Nicole tells EJ that it looks like John is about to make a live statement. EJ wonders what he could have to say.

Abe asks Marlena if John is acting a bit impulsive. Marlena suggests John step back and consider his options. John says he has and this is all he has left. Marlena asks if he's sure. John says ever since his arrest he's been a prisoner and has had no control over anything. John declares that he's going to tell the people the truth.

Daniel and Jack tell Jennifer that they both get it. Daniel says they'll scrap everything and just figure out on the fly. Jack tells her that what's important is making Jennifer feel that there's no pressure on her because they want what's best for her. Jennifer thanks them. Jack shakes hands with Daniel and says may the best man win. Jack states that he doesn't mean to put any pressure but they still need to figure out who gets the first date.

Victor talks on the phone saying Maggie is in full detective mode about their company. Victor tells the person to make sure that his name cannot come up in any of these dealings.

Hope says they need to know what's going on with Maggie. Erin says its complicated. Hope and Bo want the answers since a child is involved. They demand to know where Maggie's baby is.

Marlena tells John that the network is ready for him and wishes him luck saying they'll be right there. John hugs her.

EJ and Nicole watch as the network goes live to John. John begins his statement and says people have heard many things about what he may or may not have done but he's going on the record tonight to tell everyone that he's innocent of all charges. John says he would never and could never do what he's accused of doing. John states that anyone who really knows him, knows for a fact that he could never hurt his family.

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