Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/18/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/18/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami talks on the phone at home trying to find out why the school bus hasn't come. Rafe comes in looking for his wallet while Sami is trying to clean. Sami is surprised to learn there's no school today. Sami apologizes and hangs up. Rafe is also surprised to hear that there's no school. Rafe mentions that Will does have school so he can't babysit. Rafe has to go work on John's case. Sami tells him that Madison is on her way over. Rafe tells her she's the best and not to worry. Rafe says he'll make some calls for a babysitter on the way to work. Rafe kisses Sami and tells her to relax as they'll do what they need to do. They say their I love yous and wish each other luck as Rafe exits. Sami starts hurrying to make coffee as Johnny runs in and spills orange juice. Madison arrives and Sami worries because she's early as Madison asks if it's a bad time after seeing Johnny.

Austin and Carrie wake up in bed. Austin greets her and asks if she slept well. Carrie says she doesn't remember sleeping much at all and then they kiss.

Gabi sits at the Brady Pub with her laptop as Will joins her. Gabi tells him about all the hits they are getting on their web site. Will looks at the message board comments and all the praise they are getting. Sonny enters as Will and Gabi worry about something they saw on the message board. Sonny wonders what they are talking about and what they are trying to hide.

John sits at home as Marlena returns with groceries. Marlena asks John if he's okay. He informs her that he lost his appetite and she didn't wake him when she got home last night. John tells Marlena that he thinks he knows where she went last night and he's not down with it.

Chad approaches Melanie at the town square. Melanie says she's doing better and he doesn't have to worry about her. Chad brings up how they danced together at the party and starts dancing with her. Melanie laughs and wonders what he's doing as Abigail arrives and wants to know what they are doing as well.

Austin and Carrie get out of bed as Carrie has to go. Carrie tells him that last night was the best they had in a long time. Austin says they were themselves again. Carrie tells him that's how it will stay. They kiss again and then Carrie exits.

John tells Marlena that he knows she snuck out to see Stefano. Marlena says she wanted to put him on notice. John worries that Marlena could've been killed. Marlena points out that it's not Stefano's style. John reminds her that Stefano is obsessed with her. Marlena says John would do the same for her. John tells her he would never forgive himself if something happened to her because of him.

Will and Gabi start to hurry off to class but Sonny stops them and wants to know what they were talking about. They try to claim it's just a website problem but Sonny wants to look at it himself. Sonny sits down with the laptop and sees that some people want to boycott the site because they say who wants to visit a sports site run by a bunch of gays.

Sami invites Madison in. Sami sends Johnny to go play. Sami offers to make Madison coffee but she says it's ok since she ate and they can just go over the reports. Sami then sees the reports also got orange juice all over them. Sami hears the kids crying and she rushes off to go check on them as Madison sits down uncomfortably.

Rafe talks on his phone at the station about getting someone's statement. Austin arrives as Rafe finishes the call with the cafe that John was spotted at. Rafe informs Austin that a waiter remembers seeing John that day so the picture was not fake. Austin states that it means John is lying. Rafe wants to cover all the bases still. Austin thinks he's wasting his time since John is guilty. Rafe thinks it's too easy like it was set up. Austin asks if he thinks it's Stefano and Rafe responds that he won't stop looking until he finds out.

Marlena tells John that Stefano is not invincible. John wants her to promise him that she won't go against Stefano again. Marlena can't promise that as she wants to be there for him. Marlena says she'll do whatever she can to help him. Carrie arrives and greets them with a box of FBI evidence. Carrie tells them that they are going to prove John is innocent.

Chad tells Abigail that they were just messing around. Abigail jokes with him about his dance moves. Abigail then dances with Melanie. Chad calls it hot to watch. Chad offers to buy her some coffee and goes to get it. Melanie asks Abigail about Jennifer. Abigail tells her that she's trying to cover but is a wreck. Abigail asks Melanie about Daniel and she calls him a wreck too. Abigail says it's just like Jack to come back like this. Abigail tells Melanie about how Jack flipped out after finding out she was with Chad. Abigail tells Melanie that she told Jack she never wants to talk to him again. Melanie asks if she really means that. Abigail says she can't compare Daniel to Jack since Jack is not her father.

Madison cleans off the coffee table as Sami returns from the kids and tells her that she did not have to do that. Sami tells Madison that a babysitter is coming so they can have some peace and quiet. Sami tries to cover up for not being prepared but Madison says it's her fault for not having the office ready. Madison explains that some of their office fabric has been delayed. They talk about Kate and Sami informs her that Kate is her ex-mother in law. Madison calls hiring Sami brilliant.

Carrie sits with John and asks if he remembers making a large transfer on a certain date with his personal computer. John states that he didn't do it and no one else had access to his computer. John says he would be smart enough not to use his own computer and make sure that his transfers couldn't be traced. Carrie just wants to make sure and isn't questioning his honesty since they need more than just his word. Carrie worries that they are running out of time.

Austin asks Rafe if he found out anything more. Rafe says he came up empty. Austin isn't surprised and walks off. Rafe then makes a phone call to Carrie. Carrie informs him that she's meeting with John and Marlena. Rafe tells her not to say anything but he may have found something that could be a big help in her case and may even clear John completely.

Madison asks Sami if she thinks Kate would try to sabotage her before she even starts. Sami thinks they can't put anything past Kate. Johnny comes back and tells Sami that he's bored. Madison introduces herself to Johnny. Madison talks to Johnny about being best friends with Sami when they were his age. Madison shows Johnny some different scents for him to pick which one he likes better.

Gabi and Will want to put a stop to people talking about Sonny. Will wants to post about not accepting cyber bullying and locking the thread. Sonny thinks they will just find another way to say that stuff. Gabi wants them to know Sonny has friends. Will doesn't want their site to be a gay bashing site. Sonny doesn't want the spotlight on him and tells them that he's bowing out of the site.

Carrie sits with John and shows him the list of transactions and wants him to cross out ones that he knows he didn't make. Marlena offers to help but John thinks she's done enough. Rafe arrives and greets them. Rafe says he came to have a word with Carrie so Marlena and John go to the kitchen. Carrie asks Rafe what he found out. Rafe tells her the bad news is that the waiter in the cafe says John was really there but the good news is he just got off the phone with an orderly at the clinic that says John was there the same day. Rafe thinks the waiter must be lying since the orderly took a leave of absence after John left so nobody could have gotten to him. Carrie wants to go interview the orderly at the clinic. Carrie thanks Rafe for taking the risk. Rafe says it all came together to easily and he wasn't going to let an innocent man go to prison. Rafe tells her that nobody knows about this. Carrie hugs him and says she owes him. Rafe tells her that she doesn't owe anything, just to prove John innocent. Rafe offers to give her a ride to the airport and says he will pick her up at their hotel room as he exits. Carrie calls John and Marlena back into the room and announces that she thinks they may have finally caught a break.

Sami gets Johnny to go to his room and read stories then goes back to sit with Madison. They talk about not keeping secrets. Sami comments on how great Madison was with Johnny and asks if she has kids of her own. Madison says she doesn't right now as her company is her baby. Sami talks about starting really young and having hard times. Madison tells her it's nice how she lights up when talking about her family. Sami talks about how lucky she has to have her health, her husband, and her children. Sami hears a scream and the kids crying again so she goes again to check on them.

Melanie starts to leave and Abigail asks if she upset her by saying she doesn't have a dad anymore. Melanie recalls wishing she had a dad when she was younger. Abigail says she had those times too and can't allow herself to trust him again after what he did with Chad. Melanie thinks it shows that Jack cares. Chad returns to them and Abigail tells him to tell Melanie how Jack reacted. Melanie suggests letting Jack get to know Chad but they don't think it will help. Melanie insists that Jack loves Abigail but Abigail says she doesn't know that.

Will says he's not going to let Sonny quit because of their opinions. Sonny doesn't want to wake up every morning and read this. Will reminds him of what he said when he came to Salem about how being gay is not a sickness but a part of who he is. Gabi adds in that people on the site think that way too since people are on there telling the other people off. Gabi and Will show Sonny some of the good comments on the site which surprises Sonny. Will asks Sonny if he's not going to quit now.

Carrie explains to John and Marlena that Rafe has taken a big chance so she can't share anymore with them. Marlena wants to know more but John says Carrie is right. Carrie tells them that she just wanted them to know that there's hope but can't say anything. John warns Carrie to be careful. Carrie says she will be. Carrie mentions that she can't tell Austin or anyone and he understands. Carrie tells them to stay focused. Carrie says she'll have to be out of town for a little while but will talk to them soon. Carrie tells John not to take any chances and then exits. John and Marlena talk about having hope and then they hug.

Madison gets a message on her phone that Kate is launching a new anti-wrinkle cream product. Madison says she had already found out about it and had her own product ready to go. Sami can't wait to hear Kate's reaction. Madison thinks Sami is the perfect person to break the news to Kate. Madison wants Sami to head the entire launch. Sami is unsure if she's ready but Madison thinks she is.

Sonny, Will, and Gabi join Melanie, Chad, and Abigail at the town square and inform them about the anti-gay comments on the website. Chad, Abigail, and Melanie talk about wanting to put a stop to it. Sonny thinks about other kids coming out and being scared after reading things like this. Sonny says he won't quit the site for those kids.

Carrie packs her bag at her hotel room. Austin returns and says he got her text that she's going out of town. Carrie explains that it's for the case and she'll be gone a few days to a week. Austin is surprised to hear this and that she can't tell him where she's going. Austin hates not knowing where she'll be. Carrie hates not being able to tell him. Rafe arrives to pick up Carrie and is surprised to see Austin there. Austin asks Rafe what he's doing there.

Sami asks Madison if she's comfortable with her launching a new product. Madison says she'll work with her all the way and thinks she's ready. Sami thanks her for trusting her with the opportunity. Madison says she just made the decision this morning. Madison thinks Sami will be a fabulous addition to Mad World and hugs her.

Melanie and Abigail talk more about their dads. Melanie talks about feeling the same way when her mother came back into her life. Abigail asks how she forgave her. Melanie says she realized Carly did what she did because she loves her. Melanie tells Abigail is lucky to have two parents who love her and she should think it all over since family is most important.

Will kisses Gabi. She asks him what that was for. Will says he was just thinking how lucky he is to have her in his life.

Chad tells Sonny that he just looked at the site and the gay bashing isn't the only thing on the site. Chad thinks they have a big problem on their hands.

Rafe explains to Austin how he was there to give Carrie a ride to the airport. Austin offers to take her but Carrie reminds him that he's working. Carrie promises Austin that she will call as soon as she lands and kisses him. Austin tells them to take care as he leaves to go back to the office. Carrie tells Rafe that was uncomfortable. Rafe thinks it's okay since Austin understands. Carrie asks Rafe if he has any more information on the orderly. Rafe tells her that he'll fill her in on the way. Carrie says this has to work or John could be facing prison for life as they exit the room.

John sits and looks through more documents. Marlena asks him if there's anything interesting. John says if he went by the evidence, he'd send himself to prison. Marlena thinks what Rafe and Carrie found will save things. John wishes he could help them as he hates being under house arrest. John thanks her for being there with him. Marlena tells him that she will always be with him. John thanks her and kisses her.

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